Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Did 167 write Ahmadinejad's responses

I am hardly surprised by the off the wall comments of Ahmadinejad. Over a year ago Gay Communist Antisemite 167 made similar claims about Saudi Arabia and Iran amd gays on Rob Bayn's blog. According to the rabid Communist Anti-semite all gays who were executed in Iran and Saudi Arabia were guilty of pedophelia and were fairly tried before sharia courts.

167 went on a comedic tangent that the execution of Tookie Williams proved the USA was evil because it was racist. He went on to describe Iran as homosexual friendly place that he was an expert in because he lived there six months.

Other odd tangents from 167 were Jews stole the Holocaust. Allegedly 167 quotes a number of 25,000 gay victims but doesn't quote a source. In reality professional researchers have a hard time naming 1,000. However, 25,000 is probably a fraction of the gay community of Berlin. He is also fond of a tangent about Jews making up stories about soap and this is proof in his demented mind the Holocaust was exagerated.

Rob and Justin did not put up with that garbage. Sadly as Rob frequently deletes his blog that classic exchange is lost. It was Justin's shining moment and the end of 167.

Update: If you place recidivistjournals.blogspot.com into a site called the way back machine you
can view the hysterical response to the above described exchange. Sadly, the service does not include comments.

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i bet rob changes his blogs as often as he changes underwear!

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