Friday, September 28, 2007

The Protocols and Communists

Communists who readily betray America and have a history of deception lies and revolutionary defeatism, now think they are the arbiters of who is an American. The irony of warped political cultist advocating the overthrow of the United States government deciding who is a patriot is amusing.

The game that commies play is the standard dual loyalty bit. Aerican Jews are deemed suspect unless they advance Communist positions. Thus the usual suspects often play up their ethnicity in a vain attept to gain authenticity from their peers and deflect charges of anti-semitism.

The history of this dual loyalty canard go back thousands of years and is standard anti-semitic jargon that has become a cliche. We do not place Italians, Poles or Irish under similar standards and to do so would be bigoted.

There is also the standard talk of cabals and too much influence in the media that is also a cliche.
The comments from Walt about silencing critics of Israel on campus are quite amusing. How long has Noam Chomsky, Joel ( Insane) Kovel and many others been on campus decades. If anything there is a cabal of Communists and fellow travelers who have excluded conservetives from faculty positions. Will Walt explain how 1% of the population is exponentially over represented and the 30% that are Conservatives are not there at all. Over representation is only a problem when Asians, Whites or Jews are slightly statistically over represnted.

The real question for Walt is how did a clown at MIT get away with admitting making up Truman quotes, making up mythical US-Nazi alliances, back Holocaust deniers, call eyewitnesses to Pol Pot's commie Killing Fields liars and remain employed. How did Norman Finkelstein get four jobs with zero peer reviewed articles and a decades long history of mental instability. How do fake Indians become Indians in Colorado State? How has Joel Kovel held a job for decades when it is apparent the man has never held a coherent thought in his life. The answer is if you toe the communist party line all your mediocrity gets ignored.

The proof of this is Walt himself. Before he presented this Protocols of the Elders of Zion who heard of this clown. Now Walt feigns distress as he counts in the dollars from book sales and basks in the adulation of the clique of comunist peers in higher ed. Walt is now a household name
and has his own little fan club of anti-semitic groupies.

Norman Finkelstein, noted crank and mental case, has parlayed hiself into an icon for this crowd. Perhaps Finkelstein should market Finky brand toilet paper and consumer products.
If you are irregular take Finky brand dietary suplements and you will no longer be constipated.

Walt imagines a cabal of Israel supporters while ignoring reality in higher ed and got fame and a fist full of dollars in the process.


Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, I've been invited to the reception at this year's Palestinian Film Festival at the Museum of Fine Arts.

I'll write a review for you.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading it, mr. ducky!

jams o donnell said...

Are people still taken in by the Protocols, apart from the likes of David Irving?