Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why don't most of you know the name Ana Montes

Communist antisemites like to bandy the name Johnathan Pollard and play up minor cases of spying for Israel. We can name the usual suspects largely because Commies repeat the absurd charge that Jews who support Israel have dual loyalty issues.

This is quite amusing comming from Communists who have no such concerns. Communists have no loyalty to the USA and the well documented cases such as Hiss, Rosenbergs and so forth are part of a series of traitors communists knowingly lied about for decades.

Ana Montes betrayed her country and served as a spy for Cuba. Her crime was motivated by her inane beliefs in Communism. Montes serves as yet another reminder of the governments failure and refusal to eliminate Communists from positions where they can endanger security. The lawyer culture of the far left would lead one to believe that one has a right to work in sensitive areas. Common sense dictaters we do not employ pedophiles in day care centers nor do we employ bank robbers in banks.

Communists should be barred from all governmental employment, especially those that deal with national security.

The reality is that Cuba has had several spy rings broken up in this country. The media seems to down play Cuban espionage.


Always On Watch said...

The Cuban delegation stalked out of the UN yesterday in reaction to a negative comment which GWB made about Fidel Castro.

Apparently, Fidel is a hero to some.

American Crusader said...

Maybe they were worried about a lawsuit based on discrimination of a political party.
No... they cannot be that stupid(?).

On a little side note, I recall you pointing out that when oil reached $70 a barrel that it would become economical for increased shale production. I did a little research and apparently environmentalist concerned about CO2 emissions effectively put a halt on any increased production. I guess they would rather be held hostage by Iran.
Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world — more than 2 Trillion barrels.
Oh well.

The Merry Widow said...

That may be why some saudi's are buying land there...
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

Long time AC, hope you are doing well!

American Crusader said...

AOW stated "
Apparently, Fidel is a hero to some."

Yes but not to his own people. Sort of similar to Hugo Chavez.

I'm waiting for Danny Glover and Susan Sarandon... plus quite a few other Hollywood celebrities to move to one of these socialist paradises.

nanc said...

it'll never happen, a.c. - they may not be as equal as some others...