Monday, September 17, 2007


There seems to be plenty of reports that Israel knocked out a Syrian WMD facility a mere 50 miles from the Iraqi border. I am somewhat sceptical as the usual suspects have remained silent. Moreover, such a feat would require some cooperation with the USA. Our radar would have picked up such a large attack. Oddly, if this is true it would seem amazing that the Assad thugocracy (communist Baath) would not try to blame the USA.

On other subjects Victor Davis Hansen writes about the new virulent strain of anti-semitic mania. He does not point out the convivance of communists in spreading this malady. He also notes the use of neocon as a code word for Jooo.

The sanctimonious Ren has claimed he does not permit adhominem on his site. John Brown is writing under several alliases and has clearly done so multiple times. I was quite amused at listening to actual Hitler speeches and noted their familiarity with the themes posted by Brown when he writes as LWB. Lets see Hitler claimed America was controled by the Jews and Roosevelt was a Joooo. This is identical to material posted regularly by LWB minus Roosevelt. The question is why Ren who claims he is anti-Nazi lets an actual Neonazi rant unchallenged. The answer is that as long as neo nazis kiss Ren's posterior he is okay with it. Now Brown writing as Terry has added profanity, threats of violence and slurs against Christians. Ren's alleged lectures about tone are nowhere to be seen. Even Beatroot has chided Terry, this is surprising in that he excuses most of Ren's flights of fancy. Anyone with a basic familiarity with Farmer John knows he is not exactly a religious man. How the deranged Brown writing as Terry
uses Christian as an epithet is amazing. Ren the souless communist hack does not see anything wrong with the repeated use of Christian as a slur. He does get worked up if one uses the term Pseudostinian. He calls the use of such term racist, but how Pseudostinians qualify as an ethnicity much less a race is a mystery. Arabs and Muslims also do not qualify as races either. The Psuedostinian ethnicity is based upon what??? Of course if Pseudostinians are generic Arabs than what we are dealing with is "Greater Arabia". Also Jordan was created as a Judenfrei state on 80% of the land. How many ethnically cleansed states do Muslims need. They get a state in Pakistan that is ethnically cleansed and demand yet more land. We turn to the Balkans where phantom new ethnicities are created out of whole cloth Kosovars.

Bat Yeor writes of Palestinianism as a religion. The insane notion that a contrived ethnic group as the worlds official victims is a communist creation. Prior to 1967 we do not hear much about Pseudostinians. In fact the term is used to describe Joooos. Communist stooge Nasser whose policies actually made poverty worse in Egypt created the Pseudostine Liberation Organization in 1964. He placed an Egyptian in charge of this group and one could write an entire post about Arafat's false bio, theft of aid and terrorism. The reality is that any claim that Pseudostinians are
an indigenous people is an insult to indigenous people everywhere. A basic look at Basques, Kurds, Assyrians, Egyptian Copts or any African or Indian tribe shows the Psuedostinian case to be comedic in comparison. Even a comparison to Texans, Brooklynites and Quebecois shows the claim of Pseudostinians to be inferior. Lets see the reason Brooklyn is not a country is that its residents are identical to those in Queens, extend this logic.

The reality is that this contrived ethnicity has proven an obstacle to peace. Long ago Arabs should have settled their own refugees like every other group on the planet. Instead they keep their own in refugee camps and create a myth. The myth is largely a Communist creation and needs to be placed to rest with Communism itself.

I am quite amused at the list of crimes that the Communist imbeciles claim are Capatalist crimes lets see El Salvador, Turkey, Korea, Gulf War One, Colonialism, Trench Warfare, Cancer etc. This says more about Ren's stupidity and ignorance of genuine history.

Colonialism was an ancient practice that predates Capitalism. Moreover as Communists created satelite states and invaded a series of countries with genocidal results this becomes funny. Moreover Ren has continually ignored Islamocolonialism while railing about Western Colonialism. The evil Western type went home and the Islamic variety still oppresses genuine indigenous people on their lands today ooops.

Trench Warfare was a battle tactic and how a battle tactic is considered a crime remains a mystery. Perhaps Ren will complain about the use of horses and chariots next. Speaking of WWI
a certain group practiced revolutionary defeatism and colaberated with its enemy in its rise to power. Ren also list Nazism as a Capatalist crime. However Nazis aligned themselves with Commies and divided Central Europe. Ren has defended this alliance with Nazis even as he claims to be anti-Stalinist. Moreover, there are plenty of examples of Commies using identical tactics against ethnic groups including planned starvation, relocation of entire ethnicities and the use of slave labor. Communists actually created neoslavery in gulags.

The Turks who commited genocide against Christians were a far left movement. They were secularists who mandated how people should dress and persecuted minorities that did not buy into this Ottoman creation much like the false "Soviet" and "Yugoslavian" identities. Like the Bolsheviks they were aligned with Germany in WWI.

Lets see El Salvador and Nicaragua were countries where Cuba and the Soviet Union armed and fostered a genocidal unrest. When the subsidies from both ended the insurection ended. The Sandanistas were a corrupt repressive bunch of thugs who commited genocide on Indians with Pseudostinian and Eastern European mercenaries while Chomsky and Gomer Kerry sang theur praises. Where communist insurection survived it is narcotics funded. Three cheers for communist drug pushers of the people. Of course Gomer Kerry who was so concerned about alleged Contra drug smugling said nothing about decades of communist narcotics trade that includes Fidel Castro and Hugo the Cocacommie.

Gulf War One was started by Communist client Saddam Hussein of the Baath party (Arab SOCIALIST) invaded Kuwait. Saddam was a good commie who also relocated who ethnicites, funded and sheltered terrorists and used chemical weapons on his own people. The humorous G
claims Saddam was our man. We do not make T series Tanks, Mig Jets, AK-47 or Mirage Jets. Actally the Soviets also supplied Iran as well via Syria and Lybia. China and North Korea also armed Iran as well.

Cancer is a human disease and living in a communist country reduces the possibility one will die of cancer. This is because the planned starvations and executions would kill one earlier.

The comments about Korea where waves of communists Chicoms invaded are amusing. The legacy of communism is seen in the North where people starve each and every day. When commies violate the laws of the US they should be sent there.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

You know you're over the target when you start recieving flak.

Always On Watch said...

the use of neocon as a code word for Jooo

That's a new one to me. I'll have to start observing.


On History International last night, the channel ran a show called "Saddam Hussein and the Third Reich." The show aired quite a bit of footage relating to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his connections with Hitler and Himmler. The Nazis proclaimed that the mufti was actually an Aryan, not an Arab so as to use him in their efforts. The show also pointed out the the final stand of soldiers at Hitler's bunker were Arabs in SS uniform.

Communism was also mentioned on the show, including the Baath Party's ties to Communism.

The show may have been a rerun, but I'd never seen it before. The show is not scheduled to be aired again, but HERE is the link to buy the DVD.

FLORIAN said...

It would appear that it's ok to be part of a minority as long as you are part of the PC minority in some people's minds. Commies have more in common with Fascists and Nazi's then the press and "educators" are willing to admit.

troutsky said...

"combative style of showmanship" . Nice. Has Rudy ever let you actually touch him?

nanc said...

doesn't allow ad hominem on his blog?

'scuse me, but he allowed somebody to call me a "prick" the other night - no rhyme or reason! and i'm a girly-girl...

beakerkin said...


Ren is a phony.


Is that homophobia I detect? Can I add some charges to the self criticism meetings?

For what it is worth you are better than Ren as you are a genuine person for better or mostly worse.

Jungle Mom said...

ren has such a nice following doesn't he?