Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Must be the drinking Water

Sadly more children have died due to mentaly disturbed parents. The latest case is in Arkansas where an ex Bronx resident has smothered three of her own children. Paula Mendez killed Elvis 8 and twins Sammy and Samantha age 6. Closer to home three month old Jordan Coss died from injuries caused by his father Wayne Coss who shook him and threw the infant in Platsburgh.

The mother in the above case has blamed her husband. She has also blamed the crime on her inability to pass the medical exams in the United States. Mendez is a Medical doctor in Mexico but had to work in the garment trade in the United States. The NY Post articles does not state if she is an illegal or legal immigrant. She allegedly tried to commit suicide by ingesting insecticide.

Each and every time I read these stories my heart goes out to the childeren. No doubt Wayne Coss will be treated severely and rightly so. The mother in this case is leading the fight for justice. The relitively young age 19 and possible drug and alcohol abuse are no excuses for murder. If he had a problem with the child he could have dropped it off at a local hospital. Some localities have programs where parents in these situations can drop off their children with no legal questions asked. Yet Coss treated his son like an unwanted object and killed him.

I have my doubt Paula Mendez will ever get the justice she deserves. She will get an ACLU lawyer who will blame her husband who was working in NYC. She will blame the childrens death on her inability to pass the medical boards or find decent employment. Some variation of post partum depression or an insanity defense will be attempted. I just hope the jurors in Arkansas are not persuaded by psychobable. Insanity does not excuse this great evil that this woman has perpetrated . Even if your husband is a creep one does not get the right to slaughter your kids or anyone else.

I am beging to wonder if parenting while intoxicated or drugged should be a crime itself. The right of a person to get drunk is superceded by the responsability as a parent. We do jail people for driving while drugged or drunk. Is driving a car any less serious a matter then caring for children ? The Coss case involved two teenage parents living in a Motel. Is it totalitarian for a social worker or a city police officer just to say hello in such a high risk situation ? I do not like random searches but two teen parents living in a motel sounds high risk.

I wish I could say there was a silver bullet. Sadly it didn't take long for another case to make us wonder about abused children like Nixmarry Brown.

Tommorow Book Review of both Richard Poe Books

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Peking and 167 to Abu Gharib to play naked twister

Spanking Muslims, Spanking Commies, Spanking Racial Power Goons and Spanking Greens and Anarchists

I started this post as a brazen attempt to generate hits through google. Only recently I have been checking the site meter and seeing how some people end up at this site. A few days ago I got a comical hit spanking Muslims. Well I never wrote anything remotely like that. Google picked up one of my Spanking the Recidivist Posts and the Word Muslim in the Post and Voila I had a Spanking Muslims hit. Even today I got a hit for spanking Koreans from the same combination of words.

However it ocurs to me that a large portion of the Muslim world needs a spanking. Every time I turn on the TV there is some group of Muslims hollering about some minor row . The latest bit is the furor over some political cartoons in Denmark that depict Mohammed in a less then favorable light. Like spoiled brats they get worked into a lather over allegations that Korans were flushed down the toilet or pictures of Saddam in his BVDs got published.

Let me be blunt and frank with Muslims who need to look in the mirror. I see zero respect for anyone else in your culture. Some of your political cartoons seem to have lifted images of JOOOOZ from Der Sturmer. I can readily read the vilest accusations said about America and Jews in your media at the Memri website. Further more you respect nobody else's symbols at all. I can readily find pictures of Muslims burning the American flag. One can readily see the desecration of the Tomb of Joseph and the Church of the Nativity. Who can forget smacking planes into office buildings ? Lets us not forget the other Muslim practice the frequent dancing with dead bodies desecrated. Another great classic is chanting "Allah Ahkbar " while severing heads. I will not even delve into your Jim Crow Dhimmi Culture that regularly humilates Christian, Hindus, Jews and others while stealing their resources. Nor will I delve into the fact that you have 99% of the land in the Middle East and are still complaining about the other 1%. While we are at it where are the homelands for the Assyrians and Egyptian Copts whose lands YOU invaded and have occupied for 1300 years details mere details. Building your Holy sites on a variety of other religions Holy sites is another manifestation.

Much of the Muslim world would benefit from a spanking. We should create a more humane version of the beheading video. Sheik "Santa Claus" Rahman the common criminal should be spanked by Americans singing You Light Up My Life.

Communists also are overgrown self righteous children who were not spanked enough. They talk about imaginary cabals and blow up every minor incedent in America while covering the stench of their own history and denying who they are. Our favorite Commie labotomy 167 describes himself as a libertarian and at other times as a socialist. I know Libertarians and they are good friends of mine like Warren. Having a desire to legalize drugs alone does not make one a Libertarian. Socialism is also incompatible with Libertarianism. Step out of the Commie closet 167 "We are here and red lets aim for another 100,000,000 dead."

Greens , Anarchists and Racial Power Nuts ( the KKK and NOI) are all adults who would benefit from a public flogging. I do not advocate doing this for real but there is almost a forbidden Taboo in just the mental image of such an anti PC image.
This was the genius behind the comedic slap Hillary site . People could slap an animated version of Hillary while she read her famous quotes such as the famous Vast Right Wing Conspiracy line.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be plucked and 167 is exempt from spanking as he seems to get a perverse pleasure from it.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Hillary's Secret War on the internet

Poe's book does not lend itself to serialization as do other books. However in an odd twist of fate the ad nauseum plethora of Clinton scandals may have fostered the sites we know and love on the web.

Big media such as the NYT and the alphabet chanels had grown arrogant. By the eighties the first hint of a counter culture had emerged. NYC was abuz with the legendary talk show host Bob Grant and there was a new upstart that all the students were talking about his name was Limbaugh. There was the NY Post that was a real paper featuring Breindel, Podhoretz, Kerison and many others. Our 60's radical professors railed against these new voices. They recalled their youthful days of fighting the system. The young students response was you are the system and your glory days were more about free sex and pot then coherent politics. Our professors vilified Reagan in almost the same manner that the current President is vilified. Sharon was not even Prime Minister and the deranged leftists were comparing him to Hitler. The darlings of the left were the Sandanistas who were held up as victims of Reagan.

Somehow I ended up in the cool hip underground and didn't even know it. My friends and I didn't have visions of changing the world . We were college students enjoying life while the new voices were slaying the sacred cows of the Left. The left became increasingly shrill and even Liberals like my late friend Saul were noticing an authoritarian streak on the far left. A group of friends were eating in the cafeteria when an agitated professor demanded we get rid of hate litteratue. The litterature she was refering to was the NY Post and rather then fight we gave up our copies and laughed at the incedent. The irony was the more agitated the professors became the cooler reading the Post or listening to Grant became. Grant and not Limbaugh was the big man in NYC. In the early days of Limbaugh he had the caller abortion segment where NYC callers would ask to be aborted. That segment and the homeless updates drove the professors nuts.

Poes book doccuments how big media malfeasance with regards to the Clinton scandals
led to the plethora of sites we love today. Hillary's vast right wing conspiracy was actually true in reverse. The media negligence with a series of Clinton scandals and Hillary's draconian behavior directly led to the birth of a cottage industry underground news. The Clinton administration clearly abused its authority and used the IRS and the FBI to harass Clinton critics.

The left hyperventilates about invasion of privacy for terrorists. Yet the left sat silent as Hillay's henchman Livingstone aquired FBI files on Conservatives and reporters who dared dig into the Clinton scandals. The bigest thorn in the side of the Clintons was Chris Ruddy who pursued the strange deaths of Vince Foster and Ron Brown. The NY Post fired Ruddy due to pressure from the Clinton machine. Ruddy continued his work for Joseph Farrah. Farrahs organization was targeted by the IRS and had a series of mysterious burglaries. Identical burglaries also hit the American Spectator who were covering Troopergate . Troopergate was more then the sexual hijinks of Bill Clinton it also involved drug running at the Mena airport . The origin of the story was from the far left claiming the CIA was trading drugs to fund the Contras.

Farrah who went onto survive the Clinton harassment founded World Net Daily. Ruddy went on to build Newsmax a thorn in the side of the Clintons. Matt Drudge was propelled to new heights due to the media protection of the Clintons. The founding of Free Republic has its genesis on the prodigy Whitewater page. Even figures briefly passing the Clinton machine became stars in the new internet medium such as Lucianne Goldberg. My personal favorite Mark Levin was even involved in the defense of Joseph Farrah. Mark Levin has the best radio show and is newly syndicated and on the air in NYC , Detroit and Dallas. If you like Combative Constitutional Scholars Levin is the best. He also is acerbicaly comedic and has me in stitches every show.

Hillary was 100% wrong about the vast right wing conspiracy. However her authoritarian abuses and the neglect of her toadies in big media created business opportunities for people who were way smarter then the Clintons. Bill Clinton saved his bacon in the short run but he crippled the Democratic party nationaly and gave rise to voices that changed the old media arrogance forever.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to the smoke house and 167 to be fitted with a strait jacket.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Special Birthday Post

This week is my Nephew Drumaster's 18th birthday. He is already outdoing his uncle in the blog world. He has two blogs and often posts here but is generaly more Liberal then his crusty Uncle. He is frequenly found on some familiar blogs Long Range, Outside the Blogway and the Crankfiles.

Lets wish him a happy birthday.

He does have a habit of showing up in funny places on the Web. My personal favorite was the time I was at Esthers wretching about the moronic musings of a distant relative Barbara Streisand. Now some of you may have thought I was pulling your legs
but the Drummaster confirmed it causing me more comedic agony. You can choose your friends but we are stuck with some family members. No doubt there are some in my family who must say that about me.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Moscow and 167 to the funny farm for Role Playing Gulag Day yipee

Bonus Post Booing Hillary Chapter1 Hillary's Secret War

I am looking at several books to serialize and Richard Poe's Hillary's secret war was sent to me by the author Richard Poe. I am a fan of Richard Poe who has often moved me to the right. He frames his arguments very well and places them in a historic perspective. Our favorite cartoon antisemite 167 refers to Poe as a hell bound zionista. This perplexed me because Poe seldom ever writes on the subject of Israel. Despite 167's cartoon obsessions Richard Poe is a practicing Catholic and half hispanic and half Jewish . Poe does not highlight nor hide his ethnicity when asked. Similarly, unless we are dealing with the cartoon Commie antisemites 167 or poultry we seldom post on the subject of Israel.

Hillary has an extensive PR machine scripting her moves. Most politicians do have a media strategy but they go where they have to. The logical comparison of Hillary is with her counterpart Chucky " Media Hog" Schumer. Shumer roams the state and gets as many appearances as possible. He does attend major sporting events , he visits Churches, he visits charities, he was at many 9-11 funerals and in short he moves freely throughout the state. Common sense he avoids certain radio hosts such as Mark Levin , Sean Hannity, Bob Grant who will cream him. Schumer is a New Yorker and as one he knows the ropes and is accepted by Policemen, Firemen and the average man. He does act like a jerk on the Judiciary hearings but even his critics must grant that he works tirelessly for his constituents.

Richard Poe points out Hillary was booed by firemen and police officers. The setting was Madison Square Garden just 39 days after 9-11. She took the stage and a chorus of boos greeted her. The event was carried live on VH1 and anyone watching clearly saw her reception. In rebroadcasts of the event Viacom removes the boos so the viewer gets a mistaken impression the crowd liked Hillary. The story was not reported but gathered steam on Free Republic and then on the Drudge Report and only fleetingly in the mainstream press.

The talking heads point to the fact that uniformed servicemen listen to talk radio and this explanation falls way short. Chuck Schumer does not get booed and he is just as liberal as Hillary with two differences. Poe correctly points out that Hillary has a history of anti police activism. Her far left wing supporters are the same people who carry signs that call Police pigs. The second point is that the other Senator has no such record of anti police activism and readily will help them in any manner he can. Schumer is a lifelong New Yorker and is correctly percieved as such.

Hillary was foisted upon New Yorkers despite never living or working here. Charles " Red " Rangel a far left deranged Rep from Harlem anoited Madame Hilary. Others with genuine NY connections were set to run. They range from the credible Nita Lowey to the less credible JFK Jr who at least lived in NYC and was not so liberal to the insane Barbara "Yentyl Shmental" Striesand who at least has NYC roots and family.

Hillary wore a NY Yankee hat and has attended zero games. She has attended zero 9-11 funerals other then the one of Michael Judge as there were TV Cameras. Schumer meanwhile has been everywhere and booed nowhere. President Bush was at ground zero with Rudy and both were widely loved by the crowd. President Bush and Rudy have both appeared in Yankee Stadium and were cheered . Kerry looked absurd in Fenway Park and his famous Manny Ortiz remark illustrated why he doesn't belong. The only sporting event Hillary has been seen at is the US open . The US Open is frequented by a patrician crowd less prone to booing. Hillary was at ground zero and according to Poe and contemporary sources had great dificulty getting a photo op . Similarly the NY Sun published a story in which NY state Soldiers had to be ordered to eat with Hillary.

I was at Shea Stadium with my Brother in Law ( Drum Masters Dad) and an advertisement for Hillary's book was played on the scoreboard. The ensuing boos were so loud that the ad was pulled before it was finished.

There is a point to all of this that Schumer gets but Hillary doesn't. Politics is local and Hillary is correctly seen as an interloper. Part of the greater problem is that Hillary's partisans are all far left people with zero connection to average folk like Police , Firemen and baseball fans. Hillary only plays well in Colleges, Big Media and in front of carefuly screened settings and her handlers are well aware of this. The only interview she ever sat for that may giver her an odd tough question is Tim Russert. I fell out of my chair when Larry King gave her a softball question on her moronic "vast right wing conspiracy question". How can we elect a woman to be President and deal with Osama when she is too frightened to go to Yankee Stadium or sit for an interview with Shawn Hannity ?

Beamish in 08 , Ducky to migrate and 167 to TV land Sweat Hog er Fiz Hog maybe he can replace Horseshack in an updated PC version.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sensitive Antisemites Ohhhh don't hurt my wittle feelings

The truth about those on the far left is that they are intellectualy lazy and obtuse.
They may hyperventilate about bigotry and foam around the mouth in a rabid self righteous delusional sense of moral superiority . However, they are the last people who should lecture anyone about anything given a look at their sordid sanguinary history that this blog is fond of recounting.

The favorite game on the far left is to claim that anything they are against is racist. Muslims do not constitute a racial group and come in all racial categories like Jews. Arabs are not a racial group in any definition. Assyrians, Copts and Maronites will readily tell you they are not Arabs. Palestinians are a fake ethnic group with zero claim to a genuine ethnicity. There is zero connection between biblical Phillistines ( invaders from the Agean) and Palestinians. A simple look at the PLO charter has numerous references to Arab unity and Palestinian Arabs. Arabs invaded the general area and imposed a series of Jim Crowe like Dhimmi laws on the real indigenous Jews and Christians.

The far left hysteria and genuine bigotry of the far left is comical. The truth is that they are intellectualy lazy and inbred. They may call themselves Socialists but any real look at their words reveals Communism. They rant and rave about Israel and the USA but never say a word about the rampant human rights violations in Communist and Muslim countries.

A typical example of this occured on a friend Rob Bayn's blog. Rob is a gay activist and he is a patriotic liberal who disagrees with the war. Rob calls them as he sees them thus he is as likely to go off on the Iranians for killing gays as Falwell for foot in mouth disease. Justin Morris who is more to the right but somewhat mercurial in his views also posts their. Morris is a retired Army Chaplain and I always include him among the veterans I salute.

The gay apologists for Islam are living in a fantasy world equivalent to Tibetians for Chinese hegemony over Tibet. 167 calls Israel a deeply homophobic society while defending Iran a state that kills gays as state policy. He will hyperventilate and get worked up into a comical self absorbed all righteous frenzy. The truth is he is never challenged because those on the far left are seldom challenged about their bigotries, lies or history.

His wittle weee accolyte little Andy Carr posted a disgraceful hit piece on Israel. When challenged well I didn't read any of that. When challenged again "you are a paranoid jooooo" . Justin Morris may have been onto something when he accused little Andy Carr of being 167 because "paranoid jooooo" is exactly out of the 167 playbook of stupidity. I do not think wittle wee Andy is 167. However 167 who now calls himself Fizzhog ( we always knew he was some sort of swine) has been caught posting here under the name Low Loader by myself and Warren.

When the Commie antisemites who are quite fond of their own labels get called onto the carpet to defend their statements they go into circular logic.

1 If you don't agree with me then you are a Joooo
2 If you are not a Jooooo then you are a Neocon
3 If you are not a Neocon then you are brainwashed by joooish media.

Then when called upon to defend their leaps of logic including a monofocused obsession on Israel and the USA while saying zero about Commie, Islamo and third world human rights violations they bawl McCarthyism. This is even more comedic given some of the text book statements. On the Disturbed Chemist defending Marx to a bewildered Jason Papas and John Brown the classic ..." true Communism has never been tried yet. " Or this classic said while trying to deny his own Communism " I will defend Communism against those who see nothing but evil" said to a perplexed Justin Morris. Morris then creamed 167 over the insane statement.

Lastly when Communists are challenged they wail about being victims of McCartyism.
Sadly my copy of Vennona secrets has yet to arrive so when the Poe series ends we could have picked up on that. The next series is likely to be more VS Naipul. I will examine the other book Mr Poe sent Hillary's Secret War the Clinton Conspiracy to muzzle internet Journalsim tommorow. I am leaning towards the second Poe book as I am a great fan of Richard Poe who has moved me to the right on the Second Amendment.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Peking to serve mankind and 167 to move permanently to Iran

Friday, January 27, 2006

Poe Myth Number Seven Reaonabl Gun Control Laws do not harm legal gun owners

The current approach of the gun contol left is to ever slightly incrementaly restrict the rights of gun ownership. As stated numerously throughout Poe's books criminal do not respect gun contol laws. Thus any law is predicated only upon those who are law abiding.

Always on the Watch pointed out a gun tragedy involving children. The media hypes the gun aspect but fails to note the gun was not legaly aquired and owned by a felon.
Thus the desire to further restrict gun ownership is moot.

The assualt weapons ban is a moot issue. The guns in question look like assault rifles but still fire on shot at a time. Statisticaly speaking one is far more likely to die from a shot gun blast then a bullet.

I have never owned a gun but I do not like the incremental assault on the Constitution. When we ditch the Second Amendment what will be next the first Amendment. On College Campuses the Marxist far left has allready put up speech codes.
Thus the assault on the First Amendment has allready started. The familiar cry from Marxist is that anything the far left opposes is Racist. Thus the comedic hypocrisy of 167 on Robs blog hyperventilating about Tookie Williams execution while praising the justice of Sharia courts execution of Homosexuals is typical of the deranged far left. It is okay to kill scores of Gays because they are of the same race as the killers and they confessed. The fact that Muslim countries use genuine torture and threaten the loved ones of people in its criminal justice system was overlooked. The fact that Marxist themselves are the leading cause of death is also overlooked. More people die from Marxist governmental practices then armed combat, the formal name is Democide.

The final Conclusions on Poe's excellent series coming up tommorow
The Secret Cabal of 167 initiates the Duck into the Marxist, Anti American , Anti Semitic and Anti Christian cult of the insane. A comedic post for Sunday.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to the GULAG and 167 to the outhouse of History.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Poe Gun Myth Number 6 Licensing Guns

Licensing of guns has proven to be a boondogle in many locales especially NYC. The process can take many months and has a very low aproval rate unless one's last name is Trump. There are plenty of gun crimes in NYC yet the number of crimes involving licensed guns is minimal. Criminals do not apply for gun permits and attend safety classes. Thus the procedures only apply to the law abiding who need the guns to protect themselves from the urban predator. Blacks are more likely to be crime victims then whites so there is a racial element as well.

There are plenty of other examples of unsafe activities we do not license. There are plenty of deaths in the USA attributable to sex. Pehaps we should require a saftey
course and licensing of sex. This is an insane idea but when one adds up victims and the cost of veneral disease this starts to make sense. However the reason we as a society do not do this is that this would restrict a fundamental Liberty. The notion of going to a singles bar and seeing two potential partners exchange sex licenses is comedic. However in many countries prostitutes are licensed and regularly tested, for disease not vocational knowledge.

There are several cases of religious cults causing death. The more famous are the Branch Davidians and Heavens Gate. We also have a rash of Muslim terror in the USA .
Should we license religion and regulate its expression. Of course not as this also would restrict liberty. There are plenty of examples of far left types being prone to terrorism . Should Ducky have to report to his local police station as a menace to society ? In a sane country Communists like the Duck would be required to report to the local authorities. However, the notion of reasonable scrutiny should place the Duck under watch as a safety hazzard. Similarly, people who communicate with terrorists or advocate Jihad should also be placed under watch.

The argument might turn on ( psycho leftist speech impediment ) "W-ww--ell Beakerkin
those are human activities and not an object. Any object used incorrectly can cause death or bodily harm. People get electrocuted from small apliances but we do not license toasters. People die by the score in biking, boating and cooking accidents but we do not license those activities.

Licensing itself is not a terrible idea if the process does not turn out to be thinly disguised elitism as in NYC or absurd as the locales who only grant a license
to one gun that one took a safety class with. Poe correctly points out there are some people who passed their road tests in a Dodge Dart. Following this absurd logic
one should only be allowed to drive the same Dodge Dart for the next fourty years.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to good use at the Chinese resturant and 167 back in the coffin.

On Deck the Last Poe Gun Myth Reasonable laws do not restrict the rights of Gun owners. Then on Friday to be followed by Poe's conclusions.

Personal note I have decided against the creation of seperate posts for a larger site. The reason I blog is that I am having fun and I enjoy the small community of posters that are like family. I prefer to do book reviews with breaks into current events and an occasional comedy bit. We have not done a comedy post in quite a while and with Mr Beamish inactive we may have to pick up the slack. I have a few drafts Joooodoooo beats Voodoo and a couple of potential classics on the back burner.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Poe Gun Myth Number 5 The Second Amendment is obsolette

Poe points out that civil disturbances are uncommon but a armed public will have to fend for itself. The LA riots are examples of where the Police could not protect the public. Korean merchants had to defend their stores with shot guns.

The Police can not protect each and every one of us 24/7. They can not even protect people whose life is seriously threatened . Self defense starts with the person in the mirror.

Poe points out that in the days of the Wild West one had to protect their homes and loved ones from Native Americans . Todays inner city faces a foe more deadly and less reasonable the urban criminal predator. The inner city predator knows the vast majority of people have been disarmed. He has zero need to fear a disarmed populace and can and will act out his depraved dreams.

Moreover we face a warrior culture and it is a matter of time till we face our own Beslan type attacks. Some will say that they have allready occured at LAX, the DC sniper and Ari Halberstam case. Yet our restrictive carry laws leave us more vulnerable. In the LAX case a trained employee averted a larger tragedy.

Coming Up Poe Gun Myth number 6 Guns should be licensed just like cars.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be reunited with Ernie and 167 stay in the cyber coffin be a good zombie.

Beakerkin in the Militia Poe Gun Myth Number 4

The original Second Amendment post featured Beakerkin and Drummaster getting the Second Amendment wrong. The standard liberal mantra in the NE educational system is the Second Amendment refers only to the National Guard. I was corrected by Mr Beamish and perhaps Warren that apparently I am in the Militia defacto and have been so for twenty years.

The Second Amendment is the least understood Amendment in the Constitution. For much of our nations history the right to bear arms was a given. Gun control in the USA is a fairly recent event. Poe traces the genesis of the modern gun control movement to California. The Black Panthers exploited carry laws to wage a war on the police. The Black Panthers are a classic example of media malfeasence. The Black Pathers were a gang that shook down drug dealers and pimps. However even today deranged liberals talk of lunch programs. I am sure John Gotti helped a few people down on their luck but it does not erase the fact that he was a criminal.

The Second Amendment is not covered in law schools in depth . Thus few cases ever utilize a second amendment defense.

Poe traces the origin of the Second Amendment to the Anglo Saxon tradition of common defense. Englishmen were expected to defend their locale and aid law enforcement if needed. The militia system was founded in the colonies fairly early. The Pilgrims established a militia shortly after arriving, service was mandatory for free men.The role of the Militia in the Revolutionary war is well known. Poe traces the origins of the Second Amendment in the founding of the Country.

The last definition of who is a member of the militia today is Miller 1939." All males phyisically capable of acting in concert for the common defense ". The Duck is exempted as an advocate of Marxism he can not be reasonably expected to act in the common defense.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 RIP
167 launched a new blog named Fizzhog101 and the comedic possibilities are endless.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Drugs and Child Abuse RX For Disatater

I have scanned the NYC papers in the latest case of Child abuse death Nixmary Brown.
The camily consisted of six children and there are a variety of unanswered questions in the case. The media has not asked obvious questions.

1 Where are the fathers of these children ?
2 How did this huge family support itself ?
3 Was there any hint of drug abuse in the household ?

There is quite often a tie between drug abuse and severe child abuse. This was certainly the case in the Lisa Stienberg case and in several others. The case in NJ where a family starved their kids was a unique case that did not involve drugs.

The child advocates focus on guns but drug abuse is the real danger to children. This may sound draconian but case workers should be required to send parents under investigation for drug testing. This is just as important as checking for drunk drivers. Parenting under the influence of heroin is not a right. Childrens safety comes before a right to abuse drugs.

Coming up tonight
Beaker in the Militia ?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Poe on Guns and Children Myth Number 3

Rossie O'Dumbell er O'Donnel hyperventilates about an alleged 4,000 children who die each year from gunfire. The statistic is genuine as a child is defined as any unmarried person under the age of twenty one. Thus is two twenty year old drug dealers assume room temperature and one is married and the other is not the unmarried one gets counted as a child.

The number of children 14 and under who die each year from gunfire is around 200. Even this number may not tell the entire story as the number of deaths attributable to drug dealing violence is not tabulated. Thus if little Herbie dies in a cross fire between two drug dealers the cause of death is more related to drugs. Children
are more likely to die from burns 1,000, car crashes 2,900 and drowning 950. Children are also more likely to die in accidents involving bicycles.

Thus Rosie O'Dumbell and company have another agenda. The NYC variant of gun control is a form of elitism . In NYC Joan Rivers and Donald Trump can and have been issues pistol permits. However Martha Jones who lives in a crime infested area can not afford the fees and the legal help to defend her home. The obvious overtones are not racial but financial.

The left hyperventilates about the NRA Eddie the Eagle classes. Young children are instructed to leave the area if a gun is found and tell an adult. A study was shown that young children who had taken the cass avoided the gun while those who did not aimed and pointed an unloaded gun. Now if we had proper education gun safety would be part of the school ciriculum and handled in the same manner as sex ed and drivers ed. Let parents write the school if they want their children not to participate.

The hysteria about children and guns is unwarranted . Children are far more likely to suffer from abusive parents like Nixmary Brown then to be cut down by a gun. The roles of drug, alcohol abuse and fathers who are MIA are swept under the rug. Children would be far better served by prosecuting drug users and proting in tact families then by the anti gun mania .

Comming up Next Myth Number 4
Does the second amendment only grant rights to militia.
Is Mr Beamish correct that all of us are part of the militia ?
Why don't the rest of us know this ?
Hold onto your seat as the the series continues.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and RIP 167 don't call or write

Poe Myth Number Two One is more likely to Die defending themselves then protecting themselves

The standard mantra is that one is more probable to meet their maker defending themselves then fighting. Criminals are predators who select those least likely to fight back . They are not martial artists or superhumans in any description. They depend on stealth and guile in the USA. In the UK 50% of all roberies are commited while people are inside their homes compared to 13% in the United States. This number
would probably be lower if places like NYC where gun ownership is restricted and taken out of the mix. A criminal plying his trade in Vermont outside of the Burlington area would end up in a box in short order.

There is a large French population in Vermont. Most of my coworkers were perplexed about the car burnings in France. Where is the honor amongst the French ? The perplexed were of French ancestry and disgusted with the behavior of the French. Such behavior would not be tolerated in Vermont or in most parts of the USA. I live in an area where everyone knows whose car belongs to whom. They know who lives where and exactly what everyone does for a living. Much of my initial interaction with law enforcement was their attempt to figure out what this stranger is doing in their area
at four AM. I behaved in typical NYC fashion keeping to myself as much as possible and this created a mystery.

The answer lies in a disasterous conditioning and PC brainwashing amongst the Europeans . First of all any discussion of root causes is pointless. Playing into grievances of minorities is pointless at best and nutures resentment at worst. Thus we have the Europeans paternalistically placating Abdul's grivences and giving him payola while patting him on the head. The root cause argument is a dead end game that amounts to capitutation. The vermin that smacked a plane into were not motivated by anything other then a warped view of humanity fostered by jihadism. The crook that robs your house did not spend hours reading WEB Dubois or It takes a Village. Examining political motivations of criminal behavior is a waste of time . The ultimate form of rationalization was some far left types accused Leon Klighoffer of provoking terrorists in NYC. I have heard all of the haiography for convicted killer Tookie Williams. I wonder if the same people will give General Butt Naked of Liberia the same pass . They probably will not give Joshua Milton Blayhi aka General Butt Naked a free pass because he is an evangelist. The Beak does not hesitate to point out Butt Naked should be tried as a war criminal and punished accordingly.

Poe correctly points to the loss of honor in a society conditioned to be passive. This passivity is unhealthy and far left types require it to build their utopia.
This subject will be dealt with in depth as Poe describes it at length in his conclusions.

Up next Kids and Guns.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Blog rule one respect your readers

I recently had a bad experience at a blog run by a friend who will remain nameless.
When one comes to this site one knows what to expect. I also tailor my posts to what I think the readers will enjoy. For every post that you read there are three that I draft and ponder. I do not do filler post such as anniversaries and site numbers.

Each day I put up fresh material in the morning. Now that this distraction has been eliminated I am thinking about a second post at night. There are times that I gauge the audience wrong like the discussion of Strauss and Raynd. Mr Beamish pointed it out and I prepared a post that got more reaction then I had assumed.

The moral of the story is that one must remember their core readers when making decisions. Would my readers be upset if I let Ducky decide the direction of this blog? Yes they would be upset and rightfuly so as I failed to respect my readers. This blog is pro American and anti communist and Ducky serves as entertainment.

Rule one respect your readers and focus on your core readers. My friend failed this rule and it caused me to leave his site. Friends do fail and the damage is done but I will not return until he remembers rule 1

Poe on Guns Does the number of guns increase crime

Richard Poe points out that the murder rate is but one facet of the total crime picture. Burglary, rape and other crimes need to be discussed in a comprehensive discussion. Drugs and gangs also need to be addressed in a discussion as well.

The gun control zealots point to the homicide rates in comparison between the countries such as the UK , USA and Japan. This is but one part of the overall story.
In the USA guns are more common in Vermont then in New York. Vermont has a sporting tradition and hunting is a way of life. The smallest boro in New York city and my hometown Staten Island has roughly 3/4 of the population of Vermont. Contrary to popular fiction one can find drugs fairly easily in Vermont. However there is nothing remotely close to the gang warfare or turf battles. There is not enough population or money to warrant a turf war. A police officer scolded me for reading a book in the park. "What is the matter with you don't you notice the drug dealing" he said. "Officer I am from NYC and lived for years near Washington Square Park. Drug dealing in a park makes me homesick." Only Jason Pappas might appreciate that quip as he is well aquainted with the area in question.

Similarly Switzerland has a culture of gun ownership with crime rates lower or near the quasi utopian havens that the gun control nuts cite. Like Vermont Switzerland has a gun ownership tradition. Although it is known for its neutrality it has a lengthy history of militia and military participation.

Poe also describes the level of police involvement in Japan. Police visit homes twice a year and prepare lengthy reports on personal lives.There is no trial by jury in Japan and suspects may be tortured. Most on the far left seem to notice torture only when it involves panties on heads or naked twister. Sadly genuine torture is a real problem in much of the world. Leftist like 167 dismiss third world brutality while fulminating on the USA and Israel 24/7.

Contrary to popular belief one is far more likely to have their home burglarized or be held up at gun point in the UK then the USA. Poe attributes this to gun ownership
but incarceration is a factor as well. In the United States criminals avoid robing homes with people inside known as hot burglaries. Half the homes in the USA have guns
and a criminal could easily aquire a toe tag. In the UK and Canada hot burglaries account for 50% of all burglaries and a mere 13% of those in the USA. Acording to the International Crime Victims survey Australia led the world in the percentage of crime victims and England was prominently placed near the top. The USA did not even rank in the top 10 industrialized nations. Gun ownership and incarcerating criminals seems to work. The demographic trends in Europe will likely exacerbate these crime rates further. I wonder what category torching cars in France falls under.

Poe has started to alter my thinking somewhat. I was never a gun control freak but not a vocal supporter of the second amendment. He does seem to be able to formulate a convincing argument.

Comming up Tommorow Gun Myth number 2

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Poe exposes the ultimate hypocrisy by the Clintonistas this can not be right

The Clinton administration authorized a series of illegal searches without warrants or probable cause. Apparently in 1994 the Clinton administration okayed a series of appartment searches for drugs in Housing Projects in 1994. The searches were stopped by court order in 1995. Page 56 " The most important right we have in this country is the freedom from fear" Bill Clinton in Chicago.

At the time our country was not at war. We were under a terorist threat but not from the residents of public housing. The media and left wing accademics said absolutely zero about this program. This is a classic example of invasion of privacy.

Now the far left wants to hyperventilate about spying on terror suspects after 9-11. Some on the far left want to spin fairy tales about a new Pearl Harbor or Riechstag fire while handcuffing the governments ability to protect the citizens. There was even some critique of external radiation sweeps of Mosques.

Her royal majesty Hillary Clinton has never been asked about this farce. I am sure she will spin a yarn aboust vast right wing conspiracies and duck. Where were all these left wing clowns when the Clinton administration was shredding the Constitution. The first black President seemed to care less about the Civil Rights of Black people in housing projects.

The argument that people have a right to safety is a valid argument. Extending this Clintonism would allow the government to search the homes of Muslims and far left types without warrants. The vast preponderance of terrorist acts in the USA and the world are perpetrated by those two groups . No Republican has proposed something so illogical yet. However, to ignore those same realities in this day and age would be negligence and deriliction of duty . Muslims and far left types should be placed under scrutiny in this age of terrorism. If the government finds probable cause such as communication with terrorists watched and dealt with acordingly. External searches of Mosques and any other place for radioactivity are reasonable.

The Seven Myths of Gun Control by Poe

The first myth that needs to be adressed is America a particularly violent society.
The left seems to forget that crime is but one part of the source of violence. In many parts of the world violence by the state democide is a real problem.

Thus when one talks of homicide death by state should be included. Thus when a Marxist like your typical University Professor or the deranged comedic 167 or duncy start down this path everyones comon sense should be offended. Communism, Nazism and Jihadism are all elitist versions of Utopianism. The power and rights and resources are reserved for the true believers. Thus those who do not share the mass insanity end up slaughtered or in a Gulag. Every Muslim country with the exception of Turkey has religious police who function much like a Cuban block patrol. Religious minorities and dissenters are harassed and killed. One hears zero about genuine human rights violations motivated by manifesto or Koran.

Thus when one hears of the great slaughters of civilians one sees an unarmed populace. Chinese peasants did not arm themselves and this made it easy for Mao to liquidate them . A similar pattern emerges in the Soviet Union, Cambodia, Cuba and everywhere else groucho Marxism is attempted. The Holocaust was accelerated by an unarmed starving populace. On the rare ocasions Jews had arms most fought tooth and nail as in the Warsaw Ghetto.

The media does play up the rare instances of school shootings playing up the gun angle and kids. It often ignores a series of other factors that accompany the crimes.
Poe points out that the homicide rate amongst white people is similar to that of Europe or Canada. The operative variable acording to Poe is not race.

Unlike our so called worldly travelers I frequently traveled the inner city and had daily contact with hard working minorities who love their country. The problem is that the populace is disarmed due to restrictive gun laws. No American deserves to live in a war zone. The problems are drug dealing, drug usage and gangs are often concentated in inner cities. The sad reality is a poor hard working black or hispanic is far more likely to be killed then the rest of us.

The media tend not to report these stories as gang on gang violence does not sell papers. Drug dealers basting each other away is only a story if a noteable or a young kid gets caught in the crossfire. Should hardworking men like my friend Malcolm who works two jobs in addition to his military disability have the right to defend his home ? Criminals depend on an unarmed populace and will violate any law
and making hard working people like Malcolm into sitting ducks is outrageous.

The media also plays down religious ( Islamic) crime . Thus we were told Ari Halberstam was killed in a road rage. The religious beliefs and timing of the Washington sniper were not examined. The incedent at the EL AL ticket counter at LAX never widely reported. Nor was the fact that trained personel averted a larger tragedy by effective use of firearms hailed. The media examined every detail of the Columbine story but ignores the Hassan Ahkbar murder spree in Kuwait.

Poe attributes this to a media desire towards an unarmed populace. There is plenty of sentiment amongst democrats and some liberal Republicans for a move in that direction. Yet my friends in Vermont viewed the spree of car burnings in France with derision and this is despite the fact that most were descended from the French themselves. Let some yokels try to burn cars in a small American town and the Police would be needed to protect the arsonists. In the small town where I live everyone knows who owns what property. Part of my initial scrutiny from the Police in VT was that I was an outsider in a small community. I still keep to myself as much as possible as most of the Town life revolves around bars and churches places I seldom frequent.

Poe's book has too many ideas to break down by chapter. Mr Poe also was well aware of my moderation on the Second Amenment when he sent me the book. He also knows I can be shifted by a well founded argument. This promises to be the best serialization yet and certainly more lively then Levy on Burundi.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cheer up readers Poe and the second amendment

I just recieved a batch of books for my donation to Front Page Magazine. Long term readers know I am a fan of Richard Poe who has changed my opinion on a few issues. I am not as forceful on my support of the second amendment as I am on the first.

Starting tommorow morning I will serialize Richard Poe's Seven Myths of Gun Control.
In liberal Vermont gun control is the issue that annoys the locals the most. The locals were hunting and fishing for years before the ancestors of the transplants arrived. The transplants are attempting to create Manhattan North in Vermont.

My motto is let Vermonters be Vermonters and get that Maple Syrup away from me. I am still loyal to Mrs Butterworth .

Monday, January 16, 2006

Listening to the Wind

The local story in NYC is the tragic death of Nixmary Brown. Yet another child under the care of child protective services is dead. There is understandable rage at the perpetrator who should get the death penalty. There is anger at the social service agencies. However, there is anger at the mother for allowing and aiding and abeting the crime.

The truth is that this woman lacked self respect for herself and her kids. The natural instinct is that the woman has suffered enough. However, the question amongst friends and family is how can we hold the City accountable when the natural mother failed her own maternal instincts.

The child's educators did pick up and report the abuse. An NYPD investigation into the family failed. A doctor examined the child and failed to find the abuse. The Caseworker also failed to protect the child but there maybe other factors. All of the above have heavy case loads and parasitic lawyers second guessing every single act.We obsess about the Civil Rights of the parents but there are no voices to protect workers trying to do their jobs. It is easier to take a chance and do nothing as the level of scrutiny is intense.

However the mother in the case deserves criminal prosecution. She failed to protect her daughter from abuse that she readily saw. Parents are people and do make mistakes
and this is a reality. However the failure to protect ones children from serious abuse is unforgivable. No doubt this woman may have been beaten or lived in fear but there is no excuse .There are just sometimes that failure is unforgiveable and criminal prosecution needs to start.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Levy on Angola

The left was silent when Cuban and Soviet mercenaries interjected themselves into a Civil War in Angola and Eithiopa . There were no mass protests or vilificatition of hegemonic Marxism. Even today the Duck fails to note that the evil South African system did not create refugees. Nor did people starve in Rhodesia until Marxist thugs took over. The far left pretends that aparthied was less odious then its own practices.

Levy recounts the devestation almost fourty years of non stop warfare has left on the landscape. Commies are concerned with the oil revenue as the true nature of Marx has always been a mask for corruption. Savimbi holds the diamond mines and laborers are exploited.

The true aim of both groups seems monetary. UNITA and the Commies have an apparent truce in the Capital where both go openly to make money. The apparent truth is that if one wants the people to suffer the best way to do that is to let Marxist run the country. The mindless minions of the left seem to forget that refugees and starvation are just as evil as aparthied.

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Book Review of Flynn's Intellectual Morons

I am somewhat hesitant to do book reviews as they sometimes get moved to a for proffit site. I wtite my posts for the enjoyment of my readers. I am pleased if a fellow blogger links a post. However I am not pleased when a commercial site links one of my book reviews

Flynn's book is excellent and the real motto should be who needs gurus. The gurus are often laughable and adhere to comedic points. The Communist past of these gurus is swept under the rug. Sadly, the wars and real life failures are airbrushed out of history.

I am not philosophically oriented as I would rather read history then abstract tracts. Thus when I go toe to toe with a Commie the Black Book of Communism is moe effective then Rand or Aristotle. However one should read the chapter on Chomsky, Zimm and Vidal to brush up on the basics.

The book is a direct linear assault at mostly deserving targets. It is ejoyable and thought provoking even if the chapter on Kinsey is stomach turning. The chapter on Rand is a comedic example of people who need lives. Reading any book more then twice is idiocy and the slavish emulation is an example why people do not need gurus.

This book is not for everyone but if you enjoy a linear assault on the trinity of the far left and some on the right. I understand that I am not tied to any one philosophy unlike some so my reaction will be different then some.

Flynn and I share one point that it is better to be one's own person. No philosophy is a magical silver bullet solving all problems. In the case of Marx and the far left and Marx the application of the philosophy is deadly and worse then the maladies that precede the Revolutions.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

New book Serialization

I have decided to serialize Bernard Hery Levy next on the Beakerkin book section. The problem we conservatives face is that we love the same authors to death. It is important that we read other authors as well as the standards. The title of the book Is War Evil and the End of History. It takes us through a series of smaller conflicts
including Columbia, Angola and Sri Lanka.

Levy has a philosophical side and like Naipul he is a professional writer. However, I prefer the writing style of Monica Crowley who has sadly written two books. Her style is direct straight forward with a hint of elegance . The last book by Flynn was simple direct and to the point with no meandering. Coulter's books are machine gun style where the reader is machine gunned with facts punctuated with brilliant sarcastic quips. The all time best was in her last book How to talk to a Liberal if one must .A suspect from the Central Park Jogger case was found with semen and grass in his underwear. Coulters quip was he must have been fertilizing the lawn.

I was thinking about the mess in Africa in the eighties. Where were the protests from these bufoons when Cuba sent troops to Angola and Eithiopia. In fact where was the mention of Cuban aid to Marxist rebels in the Contra aid era. The left wants to gloss over the fact. China invaded and settles hundreds of people in Tibet and the left hyperventilates about Isreal on land that Jews are the indigenous people. Indigenous people are not indigenous when in conflict with Islam is the creed of the left. We heard ad nauseum about Vietnam and Iraq but scarcely a peep about Cuban and Soviet invasions. Hezbollah is an Iranian creation in Lebanon devoted entirely to terror and we hear nothing from the left.

The silence about the bigotry and hypocrisy of the far left ends at this blog.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Peking and 167 to the Gulag where he can sing "Those were the Days"

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I am returning to NYC for more mayhem and adventure . I will be posting from NJ with my Nephew Drum Master who is a big fan or Warren's and Mr Beamish. No doubt he will drag me to the movies so if he does there will be a comedic review.

Miss PC left Vermont to plauge the South. I have no doubt like a bad penny she will return. Squeaky wheels always do come back but the good ones never do. I was surprised how much street lingo she had picked up . There was a comedic classic where I was talking with a fellow NYC transplant about my doctor mistaking black fly bites for Heroin tracks. She was able to decode the entire conversation and it became a local comedic joke. Vermonters know to use bug spray but who thinks of Vermont with killer bugs.

I will be returning to Radosh's Red Star over Hollywood unless that Richard Poe mystery book arrives. No doubt some of you are secretly desiring one of his anti gun control books to be serialized. For the record I am against the insane NYC variety of gun control where Donald Trump , Joan Rivers and politicians get to carry but Sanjay Kumar who runs a business that is a frequent target of crime can not get one.
Poe has changed my mind on a few subjects and will no doubt make an effective case.
David Horowitz also is sending an older book that I have not read .

I am also starting to think about February 26, 1993 and the first time our nation was attacked blatantly. People have forgotten about that day as it was eclipsed by 9-11. The law enforcement angle was tried and was a total flop. Does anyone still remember the 1993 WTC blast ? People are forgetting 9-11 as the far left is now obsessed with civil rights for terrorists. Terrorism is not a criminal or even a political matter it is an act of asymetrical warfare. NYC and DC are not exotic locations but the far left thinks you should accept this and pay heed to the cries of a desperate people. The cycle of violence is broken only by Victory.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to the shooting range and 167 to the padded room .

Aiding a friend

I have watched with great sadness the forum of a great friend devolve into an anarchic anti American site. Author David Yeagley is a good friend to the American people and to the Jewish people.The Beaker and Yeagley are alike in many ways as we love America , our ethnic cultures and a wide array of other cultures. My deep fondness and love for Cubans, Italians, Guyanese, Philipinnos, Dominicans and the local Vermonters do not detract from my identity. Yet daily Yeagley deals with a hostile element that derides him as Uncle Tomahawk.

Long term readers know what we do here to leftists foolish enough to venture here. Even the Duck has more sense then to stay here for long as we use such trolls as comic relief. I am pretty good at working in a free for all format and contrary to popular belief Warren, Mr Beamish and Jason are much better in pitched combat then I am. However I go off into Coulter mode and then it becomes a comedy classic.

I got sick and tired of dealing with a syrupy morons posts . The final straw was when this clown put up a stupid post impling that Republicans are perverts because a minor local figure got convicted of pedophelia. Well that was the last straw and cleared house with ease. One line that this annoying woman keeps complaining about is I informed her that her IQ is below that of a houseplant. She has been repeating
this line for well over a month and proving it accurate daily. Along the way an anti American moderator stepped in and I warned him. However when he started the "America created and Armed Saddam bit" I creamed him Coulter style. I also creamed him when he veered into the Michael Moron theory of Afghanistan called blow back.

It isn't too dificult to smack around Marxists or off the map liberals. The key to the comedic mayhem is that it is impossible to be comedic when one is so self absorbed and saving the planet from itself. No we can not be funny because everyone is a victim except the people who are victimizing the most people. The other part is that some of these wacked out far left types think they are supermen. They brag about mythical IQs and have delusions about how cultured they are. I prefer the wisdom found in a truck stop or a Walmart parking lot then to the salons of Europe or Academia. The people that these leftist claim to speak for despise them. Thus the left has moved from the worker to victimization.

I will help my friend Dr Yeagley in any manner he needs . This blog is still mission number one but there will be some cross posts. Some posts we put up here will be linked to Bad Eagle. No doubt this will mean some strange types may wander in here
but I can handle them.

I want to explain the difference between a patriotic Liberal like Justin Morris or Rob Bayn. Rob and Justin have a different view of where the country should be going and that is okay. I do have problems when the far left ( Rob does not do this) goes into America is the source of all the evil in the world. The truth is that the real animus of much of the anti American and anti Israel sentiment is anti Capitalism.
It is not unpatriotic for someone to say I am against the war. It is highly unpariotic and illucid when one starts blaming America for the problems of the planet.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Last Flynn Chapter Betty Friedan Trophy Wife to feminist

Flynn deals with the numerous lies and omisions of Betty Friedan . Friedan was born into a super wealthy family . She married an even wealthier husband and was never the housewife she represented herself as in the media. Her home had maids and nannies so she could continue with her political activities.

Friedan was in essence a trophy wife of a man who had obviously bad taste. Why anyone making as good a living as Mr Friedan would choose such a poor trophy is beyond me. Betty Friedan in all acounts was not only unattractive but also emotionally unstable. However, the mysteries of whom some of us fall in love with are beyond the simple mind of the Beak and most mental health experts.

Friedan has gone to great lengths to conceal her Communist past. She was a Communist in college and her first professional writing jobs were for Communist papers . Freidan's unpublished early writings are sealed at Radclife Colledge.

Most people think that Rush Limbaugh and other Conservatives are exagerating about the Dominance of Lesbians and the definition of womens rights as abortion with the current Womens rights movement. Friedan herself has noted some of the same things stating she is heterosexual,never had an abortion and never felt complete without a man in her life. The sole focus of the womens rights movement has been a monofocus on abortion which borders on insane even from the eyes of this pro abortion Republican. Partial birth abortion is infanticide and the overwhelming majority of Americans want that procedure banned. Only the millitant and most heartless people can defend such an inherently practice.

Friedan joined the chorus of fashionable celebrities who claimed to have been beaten by their husbands. In her case there is a more then reasonable reason to believe she made the story up and tried to walk away from it on Good Morning America. A very reluctant Mr Friedan spoke of his ex wife's history of mental illness that was treated and medicated by professionals. He also recounted instances where his unstable wife attacked him and destroyed property. I tend to believe him as he was reluctant to speak and has shunned the limelight. Further more Friedan's flights of fancy involving the CIA attempts to aid the militant lesbian takeover of NOW prove she is not all there.

How did the media fail to note the fraud and real story of Friedan for decades ?

Monday, January 09, 2006

Listen to your friends

Older readers know that my closest friend on the web is Warren . Warren doesn't post much anymore and we miss him here. I have been devoting too much time at a good friends blog rather then this one. The friend is a good man whom Warren and I are fond of. However he has delegated way too much authority to an anti American clique.

I was offered the spot of moderating the Jewish forum at a much larger blog. However my place is here amongst friends and our official troll. I belong with the people I have grown fond of like Mr Beamish, Jason , Always on the Watch , Esther, Farmer John and Rob Bayn.

I would like our older posters to wish mercurial Justin Morris a speedy recovery from health concerns. I would also like our older posters to let Warren know that his style and wit are always welcome.

On a personal note my search for the phantom Essex Moose has become a local joke. I know Mr Moose is out there as I have seen the tracks and other odious evidence. I have been fooled by a couple of fake Moose calls but I will find the elusive Essex Moose.

Flynn on the Alger Hiss mess

Commies have a singularity of deception that many liberals ignore. They screamed for years that Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were innocent. The fact that all the evidence went the other way did not matter. The Commie excuses were a mix of conspiracy, conjecture and wishful thinking. While the far left rails about anti Communism they ignore the history of genuine treason . When one corners them with the facts "well aiding Communism shouldn't have been a crime anyway".

Venona and the KGB files establish what the rest of us have known for years. The Communist Party was subsidized by Moscow and its members commited extensive espionage in the USA. Yet, despite all that we know about what Communist did in the USA there are those who still cry about witch hunts. Witches were never real and did not kill 100,000,000.

Then there are those who rail about theology but see no problem with Grouchomarxism in the classroom. Communism was and always will be more of a religion with its idiotic true believers and imaginary utopia that never materializes. Even today the NYC contingent is in love with the Maoist Nepalese rebels who use child soldiers. The ultimate form of child abuse is the use of child soldiers. However, the only time one reads about child abuse is when a clergyman is the culprit or an attractive woman has a mental defect.

The question today is why are Communists, Greens and Anarchists vastly over represented in higher education ? These same wonks rail about theocracy while espousing their own brand of religion daily. The same crowd often rails about imaginary Jewish conspiracies and ignores its own history of treason.

There are some critics of this blog who claim that we descibe too many people like Duncy as Communists. Communists try to hide their true nature but as one who has battled them for well over twenty years I know the playbook. In fact I can parrot it better then the genuine article. Communism is more of a cult and apostates like David Horowitz and Ronald Radosh are given special scorn. The clueless commies assume I had once been one of them and left the faith. I have always been and will forever be an anticommunist. I am still a social liberal but there is no room for racial supremacy, Commies, Greens and Anarchist. They are mere comic props in the world of rational political thought.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo and 167 to the woodshed for a metaphorical beating.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

What is wrong with making entertaining films

Our friends in Hollywood have forgotten that they are in the entertainment business.
The problem is that they preach about the common man but have zero real connection with the common man. They Hollywood elite sit at their cocktail parties making films for each other rather then mass entertainment.

Hollywood should be run like any other business for proffit. It should also respect the customer you and I . There is an arrogance that pervades the entertainment industry . They tend to favor films like the Cider House rules over Shrek. The most important thing is for people to enjoy themselves and get value for their hard earned money.

Shrek, Monsters Inc, The Harry Potter Films and the Lord of the Rings series are the exceptions to the arrogance of Hollywood. There is alot of mediocrity out there and King Kong and Godzilla remakes are not exceptional.

The problem is that Hollywood has failed to respect the consumer. My nephew dragged me to the theatre as I am an uncle first. I have not felt there was a must see film since Shrek 2. I guess the accountants will have to tell the creative people the bottom line comes first.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Flynn on WEB Dubois more airbrushed history

Flynn recounts another historical figure who has been sanitized WEB Dubois. Dubois was a segregationist and for a time advocated sending blacks back to Africa. Liberia
is still a mess today largely based on this wacky idea. In a twist of irony I have seen the paperwork of several Liberians who joined the US military and served honorably in Iraq. Thus years after the lets send blacks back to Africa idiocy the imagined utopia never was and the connection to the USA was stronger then percieved at the time of Dubois.

Dubois was a devoted Communist who belived in Stalin or Mao. Amazingly on a visit to China he was surprised the Chinese were more hostile towards Japan then the UK, Germany and France. The notion that non whites could be just as brutal as the worst whites must have eluded the Deluded Dubois. Dubois also ignored the ethnic brutalities in the Soviet Union and rampant bloodshed in China. He also was an apologist for Nazi Germany and commented favorably on race relations there. Dubois was an anti Semite and paroted Nazi lines in addition to his own musings.

Dubois started the mantra that people who disagree with him and his Commie blather were not real blacks. Thus we see echoes today in the attacks on Clarence Thomas, Condoleza Rice, Thomas Sowell and Walter E "the man" Williams. In truth we have learned the reverse is correct Communists readily betray their country or ethnicities
in pursuit of the odd death cult Utopia.

The question is why historians waste time with idiocy such as Gay , Manic depressive and other imagined elements of Abe Lincoln but ignore obvious shortcomings of Sanger and Dubois. They also ignore the criminal behavior of Kinsey and gloss over shoddy scolarship. Sadly this is what happens when we create universities with zero intellectual diversity.

The next post will be on popular culture and this post is an appropriate lead in

Thursday, January 05, 2006

And He Wonders Why People Call Him an Anti Semite

I have had some serious disagreements amongst friends I respect but sometimes agree with > Justin Morris and Rob Bayn are friends who at times feel we are too tough on Muslims and the far left. Friends do disagree at times and if we all agreed it would be a boring world. Justin always was his own man and figuring out where he is on any issue is an educated guess. Rob is a liberal but he calls it as he sees it. We do the same here and can not ask any less of others.

That being said 167 always was and will be a anti semite. His anti Americanism and Communist views are open to anyone with eyes. He cries and bawls and complains but the truth has been obvious from day one. I will do a line by line running Beaker style commentary. 167 words will be noted and Beak: will be my response.

Beakerkin: If you do not know what is next then you do not know our favorite Brain impaired Commie Bigot who claims to have an IQ of 167. 167 divided by what has yet to be determined.

Ariel Sharon- Israel's disgustingly corpulent, corrupt, Nationalist and war criminal excuse for a Prime Minister - suffers a massive and potentially fatal stroke and undergoes a desperate eight- hour opperation.

This is interesting as someone who looks like a shaved spidermonkey should talk about anyone else's looks.

Hmmm the use of Nationalist as a negative term. I am a Natioinalist always have and will be. Most of my readers also have no trouble saying that they love our country even if their opinion differs from mine. 167 is an Internationalist this is a code word for Commie.

Justin Morris called him on his Communism . He shrieked I am not a Communist but I will defend it from those who see nothing but evil. On the Disturbed Chemist true Communism was never tried standard Commie line said to Jason Papas and John Brown.
Rational people can think of 100,000,000 million reasons Communism is a bad idea. Yet the same dunce who will defend Communism calls Sharon corrupt and a war criminal.
The blatant hypocrisy is almost comedic but none of us are brain impaired like 167 and we can't understand his utopian fantasies.

167 : If there is any justice in this world he will die; but even if he doesn't we can console ourselves with the knowledge that this almost certainly ends his political career .. and that there will be precious few tears shed in this world.

The only shame is that he gets to cheat the hangman's noose or an assasins bullet.

There you have 167 endorsing terrorism and assasination. Yet he screams about law when Israel assasinates terrorists. Let there be no doubt who is a phony.

The part about wanting to hang Sharon is odd given his diatribe about how barbaric Capital punishment is when carried out on Tookie Williams. The reason it was barbaric was because it was a racist trial. The same clown descibes Iran's elections as fairer then the US . Oddly he defends Sharia courts in Saudi Arabia and Iran in the use of Capital punishment on gays. They were given a fair trial in a Sharia court but CA courts are racist. He also forgets that both Iran and Saudi Arabia routinely use real torture in their judicial system. Torture is only bad when panties are put on heads or Korans are near toilets.

We will all die 167 including you it is a part of life. Thus Sharon's death is a fate that all of us will share. I guess wishing death is only wrong when said by Pat Robertson about Hugo Chavez.

( I wonder how many bars of soapyou can make from the 434 lbs of pork dripping that would constitute the major part of Ariel's grotesque rendered bulk )

Beakerkin : The symbolism is obvious but as he plays Concentration Camp on long weekends his Nazi pals should be able to give a good guess. His latest game is that since no Jews were turned into soap the Holocaust was exagerated. Intelligent antisemites avoid the Holocaust but it is obvious 167 is brain impaired and delusional.

No doubt his army of toadies will be along. How many of them are him using aliases is anyones guess. Warren and I already caught him once as the low loader. He will come on and use the following words Pathetic, Racist ,Fascist, Homophobe, Genocidal, Kahanist, liar, hypocrite and Zionazi. If he had a clue he would have figured out why a life long virulent anticommunist is not a neocon. However, he is cluelessand expect Doctor Sith ( Lost in Space) type complaints any second. He also complains that this blog censors people and uses profanity. This is further proof that he is illiterate as his posts are all over the place.

If the shoe fits wear it Comrade and learn to live with it.

Do not be cheap with safety

I am in an area where it snows nightly and -6 is fairly common. My windshield wipers broke on my way to work. I was to drive through a narrow visable part. Visability is no joke and your safety may depend on split second judgements. Deer, Moose and Massachutetts drivers are just some of the hazards I deal with daily.

I bought top of the line snow blades and the drive home through yet another storm was easy. If you live in areas with frequent snow spend the dough. Your life may depend on it and remember five minutes late is better then six feet under.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Media protection of Left Wing Thugs Anti Semitism

The world has deservedly focused attention on the Anti Semitic words of the Iranian President. No doubt our resident Groucho Marxists will whince and play that the words are not anti Semitic. The far left has cartoon fixations about the danger of religious zealots in the United States like Falwell. However let a religious nut hide behind the Koran and kill his own people and it is fine.

This is predictable when one has a working knowledge of the far left. Chomsky is the poster boy for the far left. Phantom US-Nazi alliances but silence over Soviet Nazi actual alliances. Fake indigenous people as martyrs and silence on real ones around the globe. Fantasies of corporate media but silence over state run media. The fact that his own books are sold in every bookstore in the USA make the man a clown. Moreover, the fact that the vast majority of his sales are due to accademic coercion make this more of a joke. How many Coulter or Sowell books are students required to read. Hate to break the news to you left wingers but Coulter uses more mainstream sources then your hero and laughs at you. Any comparison of a genuine Scholar Sowell to Chomsky is an insult to Sowell.

Yet the media is eerily silent when yet another Commie Thug Hugo Chavez brings up the blood libel and accuses Jews of ruling the world. This is no surprise as when Daniel Ortega was brutalizing Nicaragua's Jews and helping the PLO Jews like Rep Ted Wiess and Stephen Solarz were treating him like a king. I demanded an explanation from the late Wiess who waved around his ethnicity at election time and got the familiar big picture song.

The real big picture is that Communists under any garb are anti Semitic and natural traitors. Thus Chomsky, Ward Churchill and other far left goons only guiding principle is the creation of this phantom Utopia. The far left will present a Michael Lerner to soft peddle its anti semitism at the same time it sends out Norm Finklestein with a more virulently Nazi version of anti Semitism.

History has plenty of examples of Communist treason in the United States. The Vennona intercepts reveal the persistent lies of the far left and a lengthy history of treason. The greatest fool of all was Julius Rosenberg who gave his life for a cause at the same time his hero Stalin was killing Jews and planning to deport them to Siberia.

It is time for America to deal with the far left. Changing the liberal arts requirements from 64 to 42 will go a long way. There should be a core of business classes so that students would have job skills. The fact that there would be fewer jobs for Marxists is a plus. It is also time that the vast over representation of Greens and Reds be dealt with. Elimination of victims studies departments should proceed immediately.

Left Wing pc bigotry via the Marcuse victims pyramid is comedic. How does a group practice slavery, colonialism, ethnocide, genocide , sexism and become victim number one. Lets see it is peachy to hear a left wing type talk about the evils of Western Civ but a mere pointing out of the facts shows Islamic and Marxist civ have practiced the same crimes gets them flumoxed.

Chavez's statements should have gotten the same airplay that the President of Iran did. It is time to evacuate the few Jews in Venezuela . The hand writting is on the wall.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Another post you can boo Our Table

Most people who read the blog assume I am far to the right. No I am me and there is right and wrong and good and evil. I have zero patience for Communist and Jihadis as they are hostile seditious thugs . I also have no patience for racial power goons of any stripe.

I am an AMERICAN and I say that with love and pride. Each day I go to work for the greatest country in the history of the planet. I serve the country I love and yes it may seem like drudge work to some. However, no task is drudge work when its done for someone or something you love. I took my oath of office to serve the American people and that means all of us.

Thus it annoys me to no end when people start talking about how certain people built this country. This country was not built by a people but by the wisdom of our founders and adjusted over the years. Nobody has a divine right to AMERICA and no group is a less then equal partner except Commies, Jihadis and Racial Power freaks.

Every group who has citizenship is a member of my family. I am annoyed when idiots insult the members of my family by saying Blacks are inferior. Black serve in the armed forces and die for this country. Thomas Sowell and Walter E Williams are every bit the patriot that I am. I get angered by similar talk about Hispanics. I have wonderful hard working patriotic friends in many Latin American communities notably the Cuban, Dominican and Equadorian. A racial slap or denigration of these people is an insult to my family. I get just as angered as when one attacks my own Community.

We sit at the table and the sum of our communities is larger then the individual parts. Thus we have to decide who sits at our table. I have been annoyed because some idiot has been misreading this blog and I got two comments with White power links.

Let me state emphaticaly that racial superiority is evil. Moreover both my people Americans and Jews come in all races . Thus anyone who preaches racial superiority to me has got the wrong audience.

That being said Commies, Jihadis, David Duke , the NOI , Anarchists and Greens are not welcome at the table. Take your bigotry and your totalitarism and go. Do not mess with my family as I have no patience for those with no table manner.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hillary's Army

The Beak is from NYC and I have encountered Hillary's Army . This is not a spoof post but there is a group of people with an almost messianic belief in Hillary Clinton. All problems will be cured if we put Hillary in the White House. There is a odd utopian fervor amongst her followers.

Hillary's core followers are women intheir late fifties or older, never married, widowed or divorced. These are women that men have not gone near for years. They are bitter , hostile and now think sex means gender.

A typical Army member is Stella who lived about three stories up. She is an ugly widow and her husband no doubt commited suicide to get away from her even leaving scores of cash. She spends half her year in NYC and the other half in France. Her only real friend is a tiny dog she speaks to in French. She also spends a minor fortune on her dog sending it to a shrink and giving it prozac.

When Hillary was running for Senate Stella invited herself into the appartment and gave her lecture. I am a man of peace and being a Republican in the Union Square Area carries more stigma then being a Communist. I smiled but then she added up the subtle clues A NY Post, A copy of the Rosenberg File by Radosh and Radical Son by Horowitz and I was forced out of the GOP closet. " You are one of those....those evil
Republican bastards...." From that moment I was forced out of the GOP closet and stopped living a lie. Yessssss it felt so good to proclaim my Republicanism to horrified disbelievers. People stopped riding in the elevator with me and ran when I did my laundry. So much for enlightened tolerance in NYC.

Stella was convinced I was a racist and a homophobe because I was a gasp " Republican". I told her to pipe down unlike her I worked in the inner city and Blacks, Latinos and others were my friends and coworkers. I told her that if she cared about the inner city she should start by giving her cleaning woman a 50% raise and eating a meal with her. As far as Gays go I could care less who the man sleeps with next door.

I was greeted by the crones for Hillary with the usual derision. However I ran into the Stella the hag and asked her what has Hillary done. Stella talked about symbols and metaphors. What has she accomplished I asked . More symbols and metaphors but it is imperative that we get her in the White House to stop the war. Hillary voted for the War I said. "She was lied to by you evil neocon Baaastards but only Hillary can stop the war, make the Israelis grant the Palestinians a state and make the Europeans love us. Osama attacked us because of Bush and the neocons like you"

The truth is the image of Hillary amongst her followers bears zero relationship to the actual Hillaty. Hillary like her husband is a poll driven opportunist. Every opinion she has is carefuly crafted and she avoids hostile settings. Lets see we are to coronate Hillary to deal with tough adverseries but she will not even sit down with Sean Hannity or Monica Crowley. I think the stakes of dealing with North Korea and Iran are slightly tougher then Hannity. Hillary always has the fashionable PC position and when she doesn't she was fooled. If she was so wise maybe she wouldn't have been fooled in the first place.

Their Hillary is a Hillary born out of desperation lonlieness and an empty life wasted and divorced from reality.