Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bonus Post Booing Hillary Chapter1 Hillary's Secret War

I am looking at several books to serialize and Richard Poe's Hillary's secret war was sent to me by the author Richard Poe. I am a fan of Richard Poe who has often moved me to the right. He frames his arguments very well and places them in a historic perspective. Our favorite cartoon antisemite 167 refers to Poe as a hell bound zionista. This perplexed me because Poe seldom ever writes on the subject of Israel. Despite 167's cartoon obsessions Richard Poe is a practicing Catholic and half hispanic and half Jewish . Poe does not highlight nor hide his ethnicity when asked. Similarly, unless we are dealing with the cartoon Commie antisemites 167 or poultry we seldom post on the subject of Israel.

Hillary has an extensive PR machine scripting her moves. Most politicians do have a media strategy but they go where they have to. The logical comparison of Hillary is with her counterpart Chucky " Media Hog" Schumer. Shumer roams the state and gets as many appearances as possible. He does attend major sporting events , he visits Churches, he visits charities, he was at many 9-11 funerals and in short he moves freely throughout the state. Common sense he avoids certain radio hosts such as Mark Levin , Sean Hannity, Bob Grant who will cream him. Schumer is a New Yorker and as one he knows the ropes and is accepted by Policemen, Firemen and the average man. He does act like a jerk on the Judiciary hearings but even his critics must grant that he works tirelessly for his constituents.

Richard Poe points out Hillary was booed by firemen and police officers. The setting was Madison Square Garden just 39 days after 9-11. She took the stage and a chorus of boos greeted her. The event was carried live on VH1 and anyone watching clearly saw her reception. In rebroadcasts of the event Viacom removes the boos so the viewer gets a mistaken impression the crowd liked Hillary. The story was not reported but gathered steam on Free Republic and then on the Drudge Report and only fleetingly in the mainstream press.

The talking heads point to the fact that uniformed servicemen listen to talk radio and this explanation falls way short. Chuck Schumer does not get booed and he is just as liberal as Hillary with two differences. Poe correctly points out that Hillary has a history of anti police activism. Her far left wing supporters are the same people who carry signs that call Police pigs. The second point is that the other Senator has no such record of anti police activism and readily will help them in any manner he can. Schumer is a lifelong New Yorker and is correctly percieved as such.

Hillary was foisted upon New Yorkers despite never living or working here. Charles " Red " Rangel a far left deranged Rep from Harlem anoited Madame Hilary. Others with genuine NY connections were set to run. They range from the credible Nita Lowey to the less credible JFK Jr who at least lived in NYC and was not so liberal to the insane Barbara "Yentyl Shmental" Striesand who at least has NYC roots and family.

Hillary wore a NY Yankee hat and has attended zero games. She has attended zero 9-11 funerals other then the one of Michael Judge as there were TV Cameras. Schumer meanwhile has been everywhere and booed nowhere. President Bush was at ground zero with Rudy and both were widely loved by the crowd. President Bush and Rudy have both appeared in Yankee Stadium and were cheered . Kerry looked absurd in Fenway Park and his famous Manny Ortiz remark illustrated why he doesn't belong. The only sporting event Hillary has been seen at is the US open . The US Open is frequented by a patrician crowd less prone to booing. Hillary was at ground zero and according to Poe and contemporary sources had great dificulty getting a photo op . Similarly the NY Sun published a story in which NY state Soldiers had to be ordered to eat with Hillary.

I was at Shea Stadium with my Brother in Law ( Drum Masters Dad) and an advertisement for Hillary's book was played on the scoreboard. The ensuing boos were so loud that the ad was pulled before it was finished.

There is a point to all of this that Schumer gets but Hillary doesn't. Politics is local and Hillary is correctly seen as an interloper. Part of the greater problem is that Hillary's partisans are all far left people with zero connection to average folk like Police , Firemen and baseball fans. Hillary only plays well in Colleges, Big Media and in front of carefuly screened settings and her handlers are well aware of this. The only interview she ever sat for that may giver her an odd tough question is Tim Russert. I fell out of my chair when Larry King gave her a softball question on her moronic "vast right wing conspiracy question". How can we elect a woman to be President and deal with Osama when she is too frightened to go to Yankee Stadium or sit for an interview with Shawn Hannity ?

Beamish in 08 , Ducky to migrate and 167 to TV land Sweat Hog er Fiz Hog maybe he can replace Horseshack in an updated PC version.


MissingLink said...

I can see where Cindy Sheehan gets her PR instructions from (minus the money to support).

I read some memoirs of the security guys who had to look after Clintons during Sleek Willi's presidency.
She treated them with an open contempt.

Justin said...


Did you see where Cindy made her pilgarmage to Venezuala to worship at the feet of Hugo Chavez just as did Jesse Jackson and Harry Belefonte?

Guess that really shows its all about her son. HA

beakerkin said...

Justin I took alot of heat when I went after Sheehan as a Communist antisemite. Her actions have proved my assesment 100% correct.

The ultimate comedic irony is that 167 calls any critique of Sheehan anti American. Communists are not Americans, Jews or anything other then slaves to a cult of death and thievery. I will fight utopians and totalitarians until I am laid to rest.

Warren said...

With all of the independent accounts, how could anyone believe that Hilary is anything other that a power hungry fishwife?

MissingLink said...

"I will fight utopians and totalitarians until I am laid to rest."
Sounds good to me however I'd rather have THEM dead.