Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Must be the drinking Water

Sadly more children have died due to mentaly disturbed parents. The latest case is in Arkansas where an ex Bronx resident has smothered three of her own children. Paula Mendez killed Elvis 8 and twins Sammy and Samantha age 6. Closer to home three month old Jordan Coss died from injuries caused by his father Wayne Coss who shook him and threw the infant in Platsburgh.

The mother in the above case has blamed her husband. She has also blamed the crime on her inability to pass the medical exams in the United States. Mendez is a Medical doctor in Mexico but had to work in the garment trade in the United States. The NY Post articles does not state if she is an illegal or legal immigrant. She allegedly tried to commit suicide by ingesting insecticide.

Each and every time I read these stories my heart goes out to the childeren. No doubt Wayne Coss will be treated severely and rightly so. The mother in this case is leading the fight for justice. The relitively young age 19 and possible drug and alcohol abuse are no excuses for murder. If he had a problem with the child he could have dropped it off at a local hospital. Some localities have programs where parents in these situations can drop off their children with no legal questions asked. Yet Coss treated his son like an unwanted object and killed him.

I have my doubt Paula Mendez will ever get the justice she deserves. She will get an ACLU lawyer who will blame her husband who was working in NYC. She will blame the childrens death on her inability to pass the medical boards or find decent employment. Some variation of post partum depression or an insanity defense will be attempted. I just hope the jurors in Arkansas are not persuaded by psychobable. Insanity does not excuse this great evil that this woman has perpetrated . Even if your husband is a creep one does not get the right to slaughter your kids or anyone else.

I am beging to wonder if parenting while intoxicated or drugged should be a crime itself. The right of a person to get drunk is superceded by the responsability as a parent. We do jail people for driving while drugged or drunk. Is driving a car any less serious a matter then caring for children ? The Coss case involved two teenage parents living in a Motel. Is it totalitarian for a social worker or a city police officer just to say hello in such a high risk situation ? I do not like random searches but two teen parents living in a motel sounds high risk.

I wish I could say there was a silver bullet. Sadly it didn't take long for another case to make us wonder about abused children like Nixmarry Brown.

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Always On Watch said...

Are we seeing more cases of infanticide, or are just getting more news of these stories? I don't know. But there is too much of it going on.

beakerkin said...

I am glad you used that word because I was reluctant to say it.
In the original post I had a paragraph on the similarity between this and infanticide. I did not include that in the final draft.

I think that the media has been reporting it better . Sadly today there is another child that is dead in NYC. We as a socirty have to deal with this better. In the Nixmary Brown case only the school performed their task.

Mr. Ducky said...

Abstinence only education is clearly the solution here. Teach teenagers that the human will fails less often than a condom.

Not only do they end up thinking you're a fool but you get the pregnancies as a bonus.

You are reading more child abuse stories because teenage pregnancies have risen during The Dauphin's administration. You can reject the policies that lead to the increase or accept more abuse cases.

Can't have your cake and eat it.

beakerkin said...

This is a local matter and DC does not set policies. Only one of the four cases involved teens. Government can only do so much and the fault lies with the parents.

You have been granted a number 69.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I know I always used to make my choices on whether or not to use a condom during sex based on who was President, just to fuck with leftist statisticians.

elijah said...

Hard to find a good read, look forward to the poe reviews.

bum from jersey said...

I don't know beak. Crimes committed against children in this country are taken very sersiously by most Americans. I don't think she will be getting off on any technicality here.

MissingLink said...

In OZ infanticide can be clearly linked to social welfare policies.
The more kids you have the more our government pays you.
With 3 kids a single mum can leave comfortably.
The most common culprit - the last mullethead dad who is left to look after all the kids when mum enjoys a night out with her friends.
There are extraordinary cases as well (psychopatic mothers etc) but the above scenario is very common.

Warren said...

The "Madonna Kabbalah" scale, gives Ducky a

4 7/8.

Although clearly off topic, which should have given him an automaic 10 points, 10 1/8 points were deducted because it was hard to dance to.

beakerkin said...


You are more liberal then the rest but I can not put a finger on why I hesitated to use the word infanticide. When I think of infanticide I am hard pressed to believe it can happen here.

I hope you are right but I see the woman from Ark getting max four years in a mental hospital.

1 She will blame her husband
2 She will blame mental illness
3 She will describe a type of vocational problem
4 She is physically handicaped

The other problem is juries have a tendency to view a woman in her situation as punished enough. Few lawyers will describe the effort it takes to smothrer three kids to death.

Warren said...

Always asks;
Are we seeing more cases of infanticide, or are just getting more news of these stories?

More news. Just like the child abuse stories, prosecutors where hesitant to pursue these cases except for the most sensational. Newspapers might report them initially but that would be the last you heard unless you read the legal notices and trial reports.

In ancient Cherokee law, mothers were not punished for killing their children. Fathers were put to death.

This might be indicative of some type of human bias, where mothers are to be pitied but fathers looked on with scorn.

Only an observation.

elijah said...

Warren i am deeply offended by that madonna comment.
Although she has said she doesnt quite "get it"
Oh well, there is always Billy's boot camp, when she runs out of interest, half a billion dollars leaves you with so many options, the sikhs are always looking for converts, or hara krishna,
The woman is just so...diverse.

Katie Coss said...

I wish that you would have all the information before you stereo type. I am Katie Coss, the mother of Jordan Coss, and soon to be ex-wife to Wayne Coss. There is a different between actual age and maturity age. You should know me before you stereo type us as young careless parents (well at least me). Also, yes my address is at Golden Gate Motel, but I wish you would completely research what you write about before you do so. There are two sides of Golden Gate. It is right on the beach and many people stay on the left side in the summer. But the right side where I live is all one bedroom apartments, and it is a nicely kept up home. But I do appreciate your support in my fight to try and get full justice for my son, Jordan.
-Greiving mother

beakerkin said...

Mrs Coss I regret any aditional pain my post caused you. Howerver, the initial article that the post was based upon left wide gaps of information.

No doubt you will do the best you can do to get justice for your son.
Many cases where children die involve a boyfirend who is unrelated to the child.

You have suffered more then any person should have. There was no indication of any malfeasence on your part. I do hope that when you move ahead in life that the next husband you choose will be more mature.

Best of luck in your fight for justice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Beakerkin,
I am Jordan Coss's Grandmother, I am also Katie Coss's mother. As my daughter stated you did not have all of the facts. Katie in fact lives just a few hundred feet from her grandmother. And acrossed the road from 1 of her sisters. We have been at Katie and Jordan's sides since this began. Her soon to be ex-husband's family have not been anywhere to be found!!! Except to spread untrue rumors regarding Katie's side of the family. Katie was the only one in this relationship who was working and had just returned to school to pursue a degree in Accounting. Her soon to be former husband could not seem to hold down a job no mater how many he had!!!! It was always someone else's fault that he would have to quit or get fired and he was never truthfull regarding any of his work experience. Katie has a long hard road ahead of her. But rest assured she will have justice for Jordan and she will come thru this experience a much stronger, wiser person. We will never forget our little Jordan.
Thank you

ckinggod said...

There is one thing that is not spoken of. That is Katie DID KNOW of her husbands behavior but still left that poor helpless child with him. She also should be punished and no the death of her child is not enough punishment. The death of that poor baby is so upsetting to know that all she had to do was take him to a safe place. She put that child in harms way. No I do not believe she should spend years in jail. I think she needs to be taught and have to tell others never ever leave a child with someone like that. I do believe Wayne needs to get what he gets. Oh and Katie I do know all the facts. I have known Wayne for years and you a few.

Anonymous said...

Just because you, ckinggod, know myself or my soon to be former husband, doesnt mean that you know all the facts. Yes, Wayne had a temper, everyone does! Why would the thought cross my mind that I couldn't leave OUR child with his father? A normal person can control their temper no matter how bad it may be, when it comes to a child who is only 3 months old. What was he suppose to do? He was just learning to coo and roll over to his side then to his stomach, how could he defend himself against anything? Thats because he shouldnt have had to, not when he was in his own home, with his own father. AND how could I not leave Jordan at home with his father, seeing as he couldnt work, and didnt even have his GED when he had to opportunity to get it for free!!! Somebody had to work, if i would have sent jordan to daycare, then it would have resulted in me paying 3 dollars an hour for daycare, when I only make 7. I can't solely support a 3 family household on 4 dollars an hour. So see, whether you think you do or not i can guarantee that you dont know all the facts!

beakerkin said...


I would like to apologize to you for the statements of Ckinggod. A decent person would understand the situation as it was presented.

The crime was commited by Wayne Coss and there is no excuse for his actions. There also was no long term pattern of abusive behavior as in the cases in the news.

My critique has been that law enforcement should place a priority on at risk children. Would a single visit from law enforcement have helped ? We will never know the answer to that.

I am 100% behind you and your family in your fight for justice.
The statements made above were meant to cause needless pain where
there is no cause or reason.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou very much for your on going support for my son, and the truth. I appologize for bringing outside issues to your web site. I dont know who made those statements so I can't appologize for their childish behavior. There is a public hearing May 18th to determine the authentisity of Waynes SIGNED and VIDEO RECORDED statements. I am sure you can see how this will go... I will let you know the outcome as so as it decided. Thankyou again for all the support...thats what helps me get through the day. Knowing that people that don't even know my son care about him enough to support for full justice in his premature death.
-Katie Coss

beakerkin said...


A murderer has confessed a depraved crime against his own son.
Now it is 100% true that you did not see a pattern of this behavior frankly your departed son wasn't old enough.

The defense council gets paid to save his clients neck. In doing so
you will most likely have to deal with comments like that of Chkngod. The statements will be an attempt to make a sympathetic criminal.

Stick to your guns and stick with your family. Never apologize for seeking support. There will be many tough moments ahead.

The criminal gets council and you get an employee of the DA. This employee does not represent you or your family. In an ideal world they will be competant but do not count on it.

ckinggod said...


First understand that the death of poor Jordan makes my heart ache. I am sorry that this had to happen to him. Wayne needs to be put away for a life or what ever the DA sees fit. Katie needs a lot of help as well. I think Katie with some help will be ready to have a family some day. I am not a mean person. I just feel bad that Jordan had to go through this it should not have happened. I never understood how Katie married that man to begin with. She knows why. I just pray that Katie gets the help she needs.

Now I have a question if your wife had been in and out of trouble with the law because of her temper. And on probation for this. Has never been allowed to even watch her own sisters children because of that temper. Had another child that the person was scared to leave that chlid alone with him but always made sure her mom was there to help. Are you getting the pattern.

There was enough warning for everyone to know not to leave a child with Wayne. Even his own family knows it but are all in denial. He has such a temper I would never allow my 15 year old alone with him at any time. My son was twice Waynes size but I never trusted him alone with him. Wayne may have been small but he went nuts when he got angry. Katie herself knows this and needs to addmit it. She needs to do this for Jordan. Jordan is the one who paid a price he should not have. Now do you see I am not some nut who thinks Wayne needs to get his hand slapped. I just think everyone including myself let Jordan down.

beakerkin said...


Lets assume that everything you say is on the level. What did Katie Coss do but fall in love with the wrong man. Young love is a stupid thing and she is not the first nor the last to make a bad choice.

What is to be accomplished by beating up on Katie Coss. Wayne Coss was not working and how was the family suposed to support itself.

If everything you said were 100% true this would not excuse hurting a woman who in every account did the best that she could. Sadly, Jordan is dead and I am certain Katie would have done everything in her power to protect her child.
There was just no way for her to know or predict. Are we going to play Monday morning Quarterback for the rest of her life ? Anything you have brought up Katie will have to deal with for the rest of her life. She has most likely questioned everyone of her choices 1001 times.

Show some consideration and humanity and stop kicking people when they are down.

There is no point to adding to a burden that Katie Coss will carry for the remainder of her days.

ckinggod said...

I am sorry that, that you really do not know the situation. I think if you were there it would have been different. I do not doubt for one minute that Katie is hurting. Any thing I have said to you is public information and is at the Plattsburgh record office. I have no reason to lie.

I am the person who at one time was in Katies shoes and I have lost a child the same way. Instead going around feeling sorry for myself I did something for my child and that is go around and teach young foolish girls like Katie to NOT get in that situation and I would love for Katie to do the same. The more of us out there the less this will happen.

I only wish that I could have gotten to Katie sooner so none of this would have happened. Please understand I am not by any means a cruel person.

And yes if she choose to marry such a man then yes she needed to protect that baby at all cost. Do you not see, yes she is hurting but Jordan is the one who died. I guess that people only see what they want. All I can do is pray for her. I just wish you could see I am not a heartless b--ch. Wayne is a very angry young man ever since he lost his first child four years ago. I really think he lost it. And yes those who know him did predict this to happen the only thing is all thought it was going to be Katie. Not a wonderful thing to think about. However she did not want to listen and yes I agree this was a very bad choice on her part and young "love" has a lot to do with it. All I can say is God be with her and tell her to please face the truth and set out to help others. She would make a good spoke person right now. Do it for Jordan. God Bless you Beakskin you have a huge heart and there needs to be more like you out there.

beakerkin said...


Every single person has made foolish choices in our life. Young love or Love is not rational and sometimes we see what we want people to be rather then what they really are.

No doubt you have made similar bad choices but sadly this is what life is about. Human's myself included are not rational when love is involved. If love were rational then we would all be computers.

People make mistakes and Katie's choice of Wayne Coss was a huge mistake. There is no way that she or anyone could have predicted the tragedy that followed.

You need to forgive yourself and understand that love is not easy to understand. It obscures our judgement and Katie Coss will not be the last person to use poor judgement in her choice of partners.

ckinggod said...

You are so true. I just want you to know that rather you realize it or not you have helped me in a lot of ways. I can not thank you enough. You are a wonderful person and I am grateful that you have talked to me. Take care and you will always be on my mind as the person who took the time to enlighten me. You are a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, yes, I made a bad decision marrying wayne, but I was pregnant with his child. And i figured that if i married him then he wouldnt be able to deny Jordan like he did many of his other children. And yes, I knew wayne was angry, but what was to show me that he would take that anger out on him own flesh and blood. Especially after he lost one child already, i though that would make him cherish this relationship with Jordan even more. I mean, come on! Everybody is angry! Yes, wayne was VERY angry, but what else could I do? I had to provide for my family some how, cause everyone knows he wasnt going to. I had no way of knowing this would happen! If I did i would have left in a heart beat, and if you really knew me as well as you like to think you do then you would know that. You know us somehow, and I am not sure how that is yet. But by the way you are talking it appears that you know wayne more than myself. So talk about his problems, not mine. And yes, the loss of my son is still not clear to me, and for the rest of my life i will have to deal with the fact that my husband killed our child. He had already shook Jordan once per the evidence at the hospital in burlington, why didn't he tell me then that there was a problem. Even the doctors and all the officials said that I had no way of seeing the future. There were no signs that he would have done this act against Jordan. Why would I just randomly think it up because he was angry? And yes, I would like to speak to people, about not putting themselves in the same situation as I did, but Im not ready yet. And why exactly should I be punnished?? That is still very unclear to me. I've realized that I left my son with his killer, but he was also his father. I wanted wayne to understand responsibility, and not leave it all to me, like he did everything else. What is the harm in that. I'm sorry but I didnt want to live off the state forever. Unlike wayne, I was raised to work for what you have, not live off the state. I was trying to make a life for us, isnt that the resposible thing to do? Daycare was just not feesable seeing as i was the only working person in the household. So, yes eventually I will be speaking with people so they don't suffer like I have, but as of right now, I don't quite understand why my child had to die. It's weird..I feel like he still alive, but I know he's not. But I don't know how to go on without him, so I keep him alive in my mind, and he will live as long as I do. I just hope and pray that he knew how much his mommy loves him. He was so little, he never got to say Mommy, or reach for me when i went to pick him up, i wish he could have said "I love you mommy"...just once. How do you think that makes me feel. I don't even know if my own child knew me, or if he knew i loved him. That gives me nightmares at night, and frankly you're not helping that out any! So please unless you have something to say that is credible, and not hurtful, I'm asking you to keep your words to yourself. I'm not out to please the public I'm out to get justice for the murder of my only child. And don't you think that if i was at fault too, that I would be in clinton county jail along with wayne? Please deeply consider what I have said.
-Katie Beebie (coss)

beakerkin said...


I think Ckngd realizes that we are all human. Nothing she nor any of your critics can ever say will be worse then the second guessing you will do for the remainder of your days.

All I can say is try and get justice and excersize better judgement the next time you select a partner. There are larger issues beyond passion and attraction but this insight may be in your future.

You are not the first nor last to make bad choices ( Wayne). We are all human and make mistakes but it is not a crime to fall down. It is a crime not to dust yourself off and get back up.

ckinggod said...

It sounds like to me Katie that you see what I was saying all along and now it has hit you. I do not believe and never did believe you needed to be in jail. I just think that it is better to admit your guilt in the part that you played now instead of holding on to it forever. I really hope you keep Jordan alive in your heart forever and that when you think of him it will bring a much needed smile to your face. Katie I will admit that I was angry at you for not seeing what is in front of your eyes, but I am not so sure it was in front of just your eyes. Katie do not allow his (Wayne's) family to take any thing away from Jordans memory. You and your friends like Tara Steele and your family do what you need to to keep his memory alive and never and I mean never turn down the support that may come your way. I can see now that you will come to terms with this some day and I can see that you will be a great advocate for children someday. You can do it Katie I know you can you are strong and young what ever you do bring that baby alive in everyone you meet. Remember Jordan did not say mommy on earth but he is saying in Heaven. God Bless you Katie

Anonymous said...

If you know Wayne Coss so well why don't you get ahold of an anothority and tell them why you wouldn't leave your kids alone with him.

keesal6 said...

Enough is enough. Katie could have left jordan with Grandma or her sister across the street. And as far as the Coss family is concerned they wanted to be involved, but Katie's family wouldn't allow it. I know this for a fact because my sister is married into their family. Stupid is as stupid does.....and not all the Cosses are bad people because my brother-in-law is one of the best.

Diane said...

Katie, I would like to say how very sorry I feel for you and what you have gone through. I am sure Wayne feels bad too. After all, he is the one who has to live with what he did for the rest of his life. I just hope he gets the help he need while he is in prison. He is just like his father, very hot headed. Yes Katie, I do know his family. I am his Aunt. After Wayne's father and mother got divorced we lost contact with the family. I am lucky if I have seen him twice sense we have been back home. The first time I met you was in the e.r. And that was 13 years now that we have been here. My husband was in the Marines and is now a Corr. Officer. He has worked very hard to get where he is at. And is a very smart man. It is really bothering me that you and your family can run down all the Coss family. You also don't have all your facts. T.T did keep in touch with us how ever. And I also know what T.T. has been doing to you, from a friend at the bowling alley, I have spoke with T.T. about this before and told her to lay off, so to speak. But if she does or not is up to her. Again not responsable for what she does. She is not my child. Katie, I do know what you are going through. I lost three children. Although I lost them while I was carrying them, the twins were developed and my girls. I could not go through what you did. Having a child for a few months and losing it. I do need to ask you something though. When I saw you at the hospital that day, you said you were coming back from school; not from work. Where is it you were coming home from? I have a few other questions, but would never ask them over the computer. I have to much class for that. Any how Katie, I really do feel bad for you. Just because I am a Coss does not mean I don't care. Please take care. And God Bless you and your family for everything you have all went through.

Anonymous said...

Katie..I have known you for quite a few years and I have known Wayne my entire life.. ive seen his anger but just like you would have NEVER in a million years thought his anger would take over him like it had. I pray for Jordan everyday and even though he didnt get to say those things to you, or reach for you Katie..he knows who his mommy is, he always had..ever since the 1st day you held him in your arms..and I know that beautiful baby boy is in Heaven watching over you making sure you and your family are safe! I wish you well... Katie, i love you girl and i hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I just came across this while doing some research. I am close to Wayne Coss and family because I am in fact a family member. I have so many things to say here so I am going to say it as nicely as possible. I will NOT sit here and defend anyone who I believe is guilty, nor will I sit here and defend him because he is family, I will defend him because he is innocent in this case and the fact is the odds were stacked against him, when he thought he was "protecting his wife" by pleading guilty to something he personally did not do. Now I will state this, Katie as well as Wayne BOTH had drug problems, and from what I saw, Katie was a neglectful mother on more than one occasion to that child, and I bared witness to this and reported this, but because of her family the reports never got the concideration that they should have had. Now that brings me to today, where my family member sits in a prison cell, for doing something that Katie did. I will say that him taking the blame for this is wrong of him, and does make him look guilty in the eyes of everyone else, but to know Wayne and to know that he is NOT mentally unstable is where I am coming from. There are so many that sit here and praise Katie for being strong when here she is, the one that did her share of drugs, neglected poor young Jordan, and everyone views her as the victim. People forget that the true victim in this is Jordan, and the true villian in this is actually BOTH parents. Wayne is guilty for taking the blame for something he didn't do, and Katie is guilty for neglect as well as abuse. They are BOTH guilty of drug abuse. Now here is it years down the road and Katie has another child. I wish her well and hope that she has grown from this, but I do have to say that the truth will come out eventually and we will all be suprized on what we hear and or read.