Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sensitive Antisemites Ohhhh don't hurt my wittle feelings

The truth about those on the far left is that they are intellectualy lazy and obtuse.
They may hyperventilate about bigotry and foam around the mouth in a rabid self righteous delusional sense of moral superiority . However, they are the last people who should lecture anyone about anything given a look at their sordid sanguinary history that this blog is fond of recounting.

The favorite game on the far left is to claim that anything they are against is racist. Muslims do not constitute a racial group and come in all racial categories like Jews. Arabs are not a racial group in any definition. Assyrians, Copts and Maronites will readily tell you they are not Arabs. Palestinians are a fake ethnic group with zero claim to a genuine ethnicity. There is zero connection between biblical Phillistines ( invaders from the Agean) and Palestinians. A simple look at the PLO charter has numerous references to Arab unity and Palestinian Arabs. Arabs invaded the general area and imposed a series of Jim Crowe like Dhimmi laws on the real indigenous Jews and Christians.

The far left hysteria and genuine bigotry of the far left is comical. The truth is that they are intellectualy lazy and inbred. They may call themselves Socialists but any real look at their words reveals Communism. They rant and rave about Israel and the USA but never say a word about the rampant human rights violations in Communist and Muslim countries.

A typical example of this occured on a friend Rob Bayn's blog. Rob is a gay activist and he is a patriotic liberal who disagrees with the war. Rob calls them as he sees them thus he is as likely to go off on the Iranians for killing gays as Falwell for foot in mouth disease. Justin Morris who is more to the right but somewhat mercurial in his views also posts their. Morris is a retired Army Chaplain and I always include him among the veterans I salute.

The gay apologists for Islam are living in a fantasy world equivalent to Tibetians for Chinese hegemony over Tibet. 167 calls Israel a deeply homophobic society while defending Iran a state that kills gays as state policy. He will hyperventilate and get worked up into a comical self absorbed all righteous frenzy. The truth is he is never challenged because those on the far left are seldom challenged about their bigotries, lies or history.

His wittle weee accolyte little Andy Carr posted a disgraceful hit piece on Israel. When challenged well I didn't read any of that. When challenged again "you are a paranoid jooooo" . Justin Morris may have been onto something when he accused little Andy Carr of being 167 because "paranoid jooooo" is exactly out of the 167 playbook of stupidity. I do not think wittle wee Andy is 167. However 167 who now calls himself Fizzhog ( we always knew he was some sort of swine) has been caught posting here under the name Low Loader by myself and Warren.

When the Commie antisemites who are quite fond of their own labels get called onto the carpet to defend their statements they go into circular logic.

1 If you don't agree with me then you are a Joooo
2 If you are not a Jooooo then you are a Neocon
3 If you are not a Neocon then you are brainwashed by joooish media.

Then when called upon to defend their leaps of logic including a monofocused obsession on Israel and the USA while saying zero about Commie, Islamo and third world human rights violations they bawl McCarthyism. This is even more comedic given some of the text book statements. On the Disturbed Chemist defending Marx to a bewildered Jason Papas and John Brown the classic ..." true Communism has never been tried yet. " Or this classic said while trying to deny his own Communism " I will defend Communism against those who see nothing but evil" said to a perplexed Justin Morris. Morris then creamed 167 over the insane statement.

Lastly when Communists are challenged they wail about being victims of McCartyism.
Sadly my copy of Vennona secrets has yet to arrive so when the Poe series ends we could have picked up on that. The next series is likely to be more VS Naipul. I will examine the other book Mr Poe sent Hillary's Secret War the Clinton Conspiracy to muzzle internet Journalsim tommorow. I am leaning towards the second Poe book as I am a great fan of Richard Poe who has moved me to the right on the Second Amendment.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Peking to serve mankind and 167 to move permanently to Iran


Justin said...


I really think you need to cover the Secret war on the internet.
I think the two following statements show just exactly where Hillary stands and it is very scary.

"Comrades, we must abolish the cult of the individual decisively, once and for all." . . . Nikita Khrushchev

"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society." . . . Hillary Clinton

I think her quote exposed just who and what she is and has always been. She has always been in the front to form what she calls a Gateway (Government Control) over the internet.

beakerkin said...


I am leaning in that direction as well. That book is not one likely to get covered elsewhere.

Warren this week is the Drumasters birthday . He has two blogs and out
does his ancient Uncle. He was the first investor in Long Range Blogshare and about the third or fourth in this blog. I think he owned some Liberty and Culture and Mr Beamish shares as well. Now I own all 5000 shares of this blog.

167 loves this blog sooooo much he bought all the shares. I have all of them back.

Elmer's Brother said...

They rant and rave about Israel and the USA but never say a word about the rampant human rights violations in Communist and Muslim countries.

Funny how their compassion will only go so far as to accuse peacemakers of ill will.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Someone should buy all the shares to my blog.

beakerkin said...


I am an owner along with blog Cruiser who will not sell your shares.

beakerkin said...


My Nephew owns 50 Beamish shares
I own 1700
Mr Beamish owns 100
Blog Cruiser owns the balance.
The 100 shares you own is worth much more then I started out with.

sambitch said...

Allah says, "Welcome". I have done a search of my inner soul and feel that I have been living a lie.
To all I might have offended, please forgive me as I let Satan into my life.
Being a born-again Muslim allows me to explore my sexuality to its fullest extent. Beastiality, homosexuality and child molestation are now paths I choose to explore. If it's good enough for Michael Jackson, it's good enough for me.

samwich said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beakerkin said...


My best friend on the internet Warren is also a Cherokee and Beamish is a distant cousin. My neice is also a Cherokee albiet much more removed.

Craigy B said...

Good to see that Beakernazi is still hyperventilating out of his big fat bigoted fascist arse. It gives us all something to laugh at :)

samwich said...

Beaker honest to pete, why would you drag your niece in to this?

beamish's anti mormon BS is a hate crime. His vendetta against me is motivated by his hatred of my religion.
That law was intended to protect him (non caucasians) from bigoted caucasians. He stepped into his own shit but good.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


My mother who is 1/4 Cherokee, my grandfather who was 1/2 Cherokee, and my great-grandfather who was full Cherokee can all vouch for me being 1/8 Cherokee.

Can you find anyone who will vouch for you not falling for the cult of a racist con artist, besides your fellow idiot Mormons?

Face it, moron. Joseph Smith was busted when the Rosetta Stone translations proved his "Book of Abraham" papyrus hoax was nothing more than a funeral prayer and that Joseph Smith couldn't translate anything, much less translate anything correctly. The Kinderhook Plates, a joke contrived by farmers to catch Joseph Smith in a lie was sucessful. They made these metal engravings with meaningless doodles on them and gave them to Jospeh Smith for "translation," and sure enough he went on a tizzy preaching about how these engravings back up the Book of Mormon and all of his idiot followers lapped it up like kool-aid drinking dumbasses until the Kinderhook farmers came out and told how they had planned and executed this prank on Joseph Smith. And even after that Joseph Smith was still trying to translate this "important archaeological find" for the jackasses who swallowed his "prophecies" hook, line, and sinker.

Mormonism is based on a bullshit story made up by a con artist who was run out of every place he lived for counterfeiting money, ripping off idiots, and inciting violence against people who were on to his schemes.

When you die, and get to the part of Hell reserved for homosexual racists that think they'll one day be a god, maybe you can ask Jospeh Smith why he lied to you.

I'm sure his answer will be "because you were stupid enough to fall for it."

beakerkin said...


Still a slave to the unmanly brain impaired 167. Run along to your little Commie Cabal . I hear it is
dress up day and 167 gets to play Commisar in Gulag role playing for the insane. Comparing Joooooz to Nazis is the oldest anti semitic trick in the book.


I do not think Mr Beamish is motivated by religious hatred. This seems to be more personal then religious. I have stated several times I have no problem with the Mormon faith. In NYC I placed myself between Commies and Mormon missionaries. This is something that does not reflect my personal views in any description.

My niece is part Cherokee and my nephew Drummaster is a big Mr Beamish fan. Mr Beamish is beloved for his sense of humor and irreverent wit.

Sam I have always made it clear that you are a friend as well. I do not know the details of this fight . I do not buy into conspiracies like Mr Beamish but I know your heart is always in the right place.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Please sue me for hate crimes against Morons. Take me to court. Please!

Do you need my address?

beakerkin said...

Oh Craigy

Tell Warthog I mean er Fizzhog to see if he is man enough to step to the plate. Is he going to run the second he hears the name Jason Papas again.

Let him bring his bathroom musings down to the Beaker's house of Hell.
He only gets ratings when I slap him around and he plays victim. Maybe he will cry again when Justin rips him a new backside over his Communism and blatant lies.

He must like getting slapped around
it happens alot. He loves this blog soooo much he went through great length to buy all the shares in blog shares.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I am motivated by intellectual hatred. I am offended by people who consider the racist cult of Mormonism a sect of Christianity, when it in fact has absolutely nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus, and everything to do with the racism of Jospeh Smith.

samwich said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
samwich said...

Beaker can you look up the law I cited?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution states that I can label you a fucking faggot racist moron all day long, even in front of a judge.

Get your S&H Green Stamps together and sue me if you think differently.

I need the laugh.

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish

Okay you don't like Mormonism and the first Amendment does give you that right. Mormons do not bother anyone and I never heard a cross word from a Mormon and I've known Sam for about two years.

Does Sam have the privacy of his own faith just like you do. Lets say the racist part is 100% true I never heard any type of bigotry from Sam ever. Can't we judge people as individuals. I do grant that the Mormon Church had some issues with Blacks and some controversy over its origins but what is freedom of faith about.

samwich said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Samwich's membership in the racist Mormon cult is but a symptom of his stupidity, just as his intimate knowledge of prison sex is but a symptom of his homosexuality.

I just calls 'em as I see's them.

I mean, he's threatening me with a lawsuit under "Domestic Violence Against Women" laws for expressing my opinion.

I don't know what's more telling, that he's dumb enough to confuse words with domestic violence, or gay enough to feel like a woman.


beakerkin said...


Mr Beamish is clearly not in prison
and a friend just as you are. My family loves the wit and wisdom of Mr Beamish. I wish you would knock off the Gay nonsense. Being Gay has nothing to do with how well adjusted one is.

167 would be almost as insane if he were heterosexual. The comedic value of a clown making a people who readidly kill his own as state policy is priceless. It brings new meaning to the term useless idiot.

As far as the Duck is conerned I would steer clear of him when all hell breaks loose. If an emergency breaks out he will be in one of three places Gitmo, a coffin or deported. Commies are a menace and in a Civil Emergency should be sent to Cuba.

beakerkin said...

Sammy if you didn't write the Sambitch material it was brilliant satire. It is so close in style to your last post that I can not stop laughing.

Mr Beamish there were some problems in the past with racism in the Mormon faith. They have gone through a reformation process.
Much of your anti Mormon material was backed in a piece that I read recently in US News and World Report. Smith was a polarizing figure that was despised by many and revered by many.

Still I am disturbed by blatant hostility to a peaceful faith. Sam has said some odd things but has never posted anything bigoted. I find it odd that a Vietnam veteran who has seen the mayhem of Communism would even joke with Ducky . The Duck belongs in Gitmo boring the Jihadists with idiotic Marx quotes .

samwich said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
samwich said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
samwich said...

Beaker, Ducky and the Democrats:
Again, I know who will do my dirty work for me. My public service announcements and strategy has won elections for them in Washington state since 1988 and Utah in 2004.
Rethugs lost and lost and lost and lost.

Sec 113 please look it up. DHS can do that. Aaybe your advice can save your stupid hate filled bigoted friend some grief. But I doubt it.

I don't give a shit how Ducky votes, he's only worth one vote. I own an ad agency and I am worth thousands and thousands of votes on election day. My ads produce results at the ballot box or cash register, just like advertsing is supposed to do.


beakerkin said...


You are an annonymous name on a blog and do not have the protection accorded a private citizen. It is just a frivolous lawsuit that will be laughed out of court.

This is almost as odd as 167 getting worked up about being ridiculed by a number. Let him explain how he has been given a label that has stuck. He even answers to the slur and it has become accepted outside this blog.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Your faggot ass has been stalking me since I deleted your "Rapeublican" gay post on my blog where you asked me to email you pictures of my dick. The IP addresses match. (Samwich and Rapeublican use the same computer, if they aren't in fact the same faggot.)

I busted you as a faggot and you can't stand it.

Who told you to run over to AOW's or here at Beak's and talk trash, knowing I frequent here and AOW's site.

Bring your lawsuit, bitch. Stop throwing tantrums like a fairy-ass little cock-swallowing doo-doo diver and make a move. Fag.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

On a side note, its funny that Sambitch the Mormon racist brings up Timothy McVeigh, a guy linked to Elohim City, the white supremacist "Christian Identity" faggots that descend ideologically from the Mormon cult's "Tribe of Dan" terrorists in southwest Missouri.

Timothy McVeigh could have taken out more than just a building with his fertilizer bomb if his help wasn't illiterate splinter Mormons.

Warren said...

Jeez, I wish you guys would quit shitting on Beaks Blog! Can't you meet at dawn with drawn pistols, or something?

We got commie ass to kick here and you're both interrupting the flow!

I'm not sure who's pulling whose crank here, but there's an awful lot of crank pulling going on. You're both getting on my last nerve!

Normally, I don't use language like this on a friends blog, but its invisible next to some of the crap I've been reading.

Sam, I'll vouch for Beamish's Cherokee ancestry and I'll vouch for your bonafides if you give me more to go on. That is, if it matters to either of you.

Here we have, Craigy, the Nazi wannabe, sowing palm leaves for his master and your vendetta will distract from my witty riposte.

Craigy, go bugger yourself with a barbed wire dildo!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You know my modus operandi. If Samwich was smart enough to realize that he's a moron, I wouldn't have to constantly remind him.

samwich said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Don't tell Warren, tell the judge. Tell him that the guy you keep calling a "shitstain" and making homosexual advances towards needs to go to jail for calling you on your bullshit faster than you can come up with it.

Jesus, you're pathetic, Mr. Prestwich.

MissingLink said...

"They rant and rave about Israel and the USA but never say a word about the rampant human rights violations in Communist and Muslim countries."

This part comes directly from a deep feelings of superiority towards "primitive" cultures.
The noble savage complex in the 21st Century.

It's OK for the savages to kill each other - it is "their rich" culture and we should not interfere.
The same feeling of superiority makes them despise democracy as despite all their great wisdom they still have to discuss things and issues with primitives, who should be working for them in the GULAGS.

BTW, it would be nice if we respect our hosts and particioate in the discussion topics proposed by them.
I digress.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I agree, Felis.

Samwich, feel free to come by my blog to be made a fool of.

samwich said...

beamish your blog is not worth wasting my time on.

I will fuck up some Congressman's reelection if it does not happen.

The investigators print those out too.

You are very stupid.

samwich said...

Beaker, your gun control blogs are great.

What Congress has done is make so many piddly laws justification to bar from possession of a firearm.
All kinds of minor crap shit.

beamish's time would be better spent asking his dumb representatives why Clinton's laws are still on the books and when will those laws be repealed.

If and when he does that he will find himself labled as a "subversive" and he better be able to swing an election or they will crush him. But it is too late, he has given an anti gun government lawyer a case and it will be persued specifically to disarm the fool car bomber by way of a conviction.

Too bad he was too stupid to read the hate crimes laws which were passed to protect him from "whitey".

And the slurp at the public trough contention monger for profit parasite scumbag lawyer who is a judge will not focus on me. He will focus on the car bomber with a gun.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I think you should worry more about the paper trail you leave behind you on the internet.

I'm looking at a satellite photo of your little house in Renton. And just one phone line too.

Want to borrow some money to get your shingles fixed?

samwich said...

beamish I haven't lived in Renton for 21 years. You are getting very old information.

samwich said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I know. Nasty divorce, huh?

You shouldn't smile in your driver's license photos. It makes you look like a jackass.

samwich said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
samwich said...

beamish I'm not at AOW, You just posted a lie over there and got caught.
You should have used your internet to look up Section 113 of the Domestic Violence Against Women and Justice Department Reauthorization Act. Effective Jan 10, 2006. Enjoy Jail.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Good luck proving you're a woman in court, Ricky.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

(a) IN GENERAL.—Paragraph (1) of section 223(h) of the Communications
Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 223(h)(1)) is amended—
(1) in subparagraph (A), by striking ‘‘and’’ at the end;
(2) in subparagraph (B), by striking the period at the
end and inserting ‘‘; and’’; and
(3) by adding at the end the following new subparagraph:
‘‘(C) in the case of subparagraph (C) of subsection
(a)(1), includes any device or software that can be used
to originate telecommunications or other types of communications
that are transmitted, in whole or in part, by
the Internet (as such term is defined in section 1104 of
the Internet Tax Freedom Act (47 U.S.C. 151 note)).’’.
(b) RULE OF CONSTRUCTION.—This section and the amendment
made by this section may not be construed to affect the meaning
given the term ‘‘telecommunications device’’ in section 223(h)(1)
of the Communications Act of 1934, as in effect before the date
of the enactment of this section.


You're grasping at straws, you racist faggot.

samwich said...

Laws that protect women must protect men also. Gender discrimination is unconstitutional.
The investigator who emailed me the copy of the law pointed that out. I am busted for leaving your blog. You are busted for felony cyber stalking me over to AOW.
Now pay your taxes, my $8429 per month is due into my checking account by direct deposit by Tuesday.

I'm rich now, you are poor and going to get poorer. My ex can have that dumpy chicken coop she lost to foreclosure a year ago December.

You are going to be an income opportunity for lawyers for the rest of your life.

You don't know shit about government lawyers and I've stuck it to several of them too. Many of them are gay and will rip you a new one you hate filled homophobe.
Government lawyers only need a straw beamish, their main purpose in life is to disarm the populace with chicken shit laws and that is the straw that will disarm you.

Have a good laugh fool, I'm still rich and you are poor and about to get poorer.


samwich said...

Beaker, thanks for the abuse of your blog. beamish does not seem to have much in the way of respect for his friends. Pity


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


There's only one way this can end. You're just going to have to 'fess up to being a useless moron. You can't even lie worth a shit, "sniper."

samwich said...

beamish tell me about the family member who is a Federal Prosecutor.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Why don't we talk about the day your car got repossessed instead, "rich man."

samwich said...

beamish you are looking at old information which occured during litigation against Boeing Aircraft. They lost. I won. BIG.
Child Support had the priority, that's the law. That was finished three years ago.

Boeing tried economic warfare too. It cost them $70,000,000 into the public till. I got 3&1/2 of it. My car helped substantiate my claim of economic war by Boeing against me by placing me on temporary disability leave when there was no valid medical reason.
I wish I knew who called security and lied about me having a gun in my car at work. He made me rich.
I owe him a thank you card.
$8429 net every month for the rest of my life just after my 55th birthday. It comes out of your hide. That's the fascism Ducky bitches about. Corporate control of government.

My new Chev Suburban cost $63,000
the payments are $1100 per month.It's a pretty nice cruise.
Leather, DVD player, every whistle and bell imaginable. It's pretty blue over teal.

I beat Multi Billion Dollar Boeing.
I beat Millionaire Government Lawyer Norm Maleng.
I beat Millionaire Government Lawyer Ken Eikenberry.
I beat Millionaire Senator Slade Gorton.

You have beaten yourself with your obsessive stalking and invasion of privacy over the internet.
Sec 113 is just a starter.
The wrong social security number in your computer will get you nailed for identity theft. Your ISP is all over the place too.
Your posts are evidence. You have no escape.

You are like Wesely Snipes in White Men Can't Jump. You have to be the Hot Shot. I just go for the win. You set yourself up.
You were easy because you are so filled with hate. You have beaten yourself for me.

Before I went after slurp at the public trough lawyers I read up on the laws of mass communications about slander and libel, just like my cousin lawyer told me to do.
Rapeublican got sent packing for his stupidity, just like the lawyer told me to do.

You should have read those laws also.
You were warned. You did it too yourself.

Post away, the government will disarm the populace for The new World Order. All these chickenshit straw laws were made felonies rather than misdemeanors to bar possession of firearms to dorks like you.

Government of the lawyers by the lawyers for the benefit of lawyers.
Once those blood suckers get hold of you they bleed you dry.

Your attorney fees will probaly be about $10,000.
Your fines will be about $10,000.
You won't get jail unless you keep it up. you will be barred from possession of a firearm and if you get caught with one after that you get five years.


beakerkin said...


The question is what should you do with all that extra loot. How about going into your collection and buying Ducky a wooden playmate ? He has been so depressed lately ever since Ernie ditched him. He lost his job with AFLAC by saying Progressive.

samwich said...

beaker my loot is in my retirements and my trading accounts. I turned in my T-bills and ordered Gold. It will probably hit $700 or better by year's end.

If you have been reading my trade reports and looking at the price charts you see what I'm doing. You see the money. This year's Soybean play will make me over $400,000 on the way up on 50 contracts and $780,000 on the way down on 135 contracts from February to September. It's called reinvesting (pyramiding) your profits. And my forecasters are good. They peg it 95% of the time.
They pegged the meltdown in 2000 and the melt down must have read the script. I've doubled my wife's 401K just moving it in and out of the S&P in two years.

Crude oil is going to skyrocket.
China has us over a barrel with Iran. Iran will be the gas pedal driving the economy into the ground and China will be the brake pedal and blackmail the hell out of Washington over the US Dollars it has. Tiawan will be absorbed into China very soon. Bush will get an option, protect Tiawan or Los Angeles. China does not want to louse up the 2008 Olympics but after that all economic hell will really break loose. I look for major war around 2012-2014.

I'm hoping I don't take a bath on the bean position I'm in now but somebody outside the US spent last week buying up beans as soon as Chavez announced Venezuela would buy from Bolivia instead of the US. What ever I lose I'll make back. Sugar, Coffee and Cocoa prices are shooting up along with oil and natural gas.
China is the big bidder and can bid the markets up with impunity because we spent worthless funny money with impunity and Chna bought it.

I do recall telling you I got 100% Washington State Disability, Veterans Disability, Social Security Disability and my Boeing retirement some time back. And I've played the markets for years. It took me a long time to figure it out but after I did I hit it big. I pulled $10,000 up to $140,000 in grains last year 05, I'll get to keep $80k. That's why I started the trade report. IT WORKS!

And you bet I'm gonna rub noses in it, especially hatemonger liars.

I'm in the 15% donation bracket and get to keep 55% of what I pull out of commodities.

Ducky doesn't need my money, he's got the markets pegged too.

I'm going to resend the soybean strategy to you. Show it to beamish. Let the hate filled bigot see what he could have had if he's smart enough to pull up a commodities price chart and look.

Duck will come out of the crash in great shape because he knows the markets and how to beat them.

I really want my friends to have as much as I have and to know how easy it is to get. That's why I send the report. If you will paper trade for six months you will see for yourself. Pay your taxes so my disability checks don't bounce.

AOW gets the report too. She deserves more money for being a teacher. Society has undervalued them enough.

Duck will run the Gulag.


beakerkin said...


If and when the shit hits the fan I assure you Communists like Ducky will run nothing. In a state of emergency his kind will be rounded up in short order. If the country is charitable a short stint in an internment camp is all. You might delude yourself that you can buy your way out but it doesn't always work.

My advice stand far away from the Duck in a National emergency.

samwich said...

Beaker, Duck and I are a continent apart. He is well read and well educated. So is Farmer John.
I enjoy his wit and benefit from his perspective.

beamish broke several laws last night and the credit reporting companies logged his intrusions.
His hatred has sunk his boat.
I can't stand 95% of Mormons myself
but he should not have used AOW's blog to conduct his vendetta. I called my wife's cousin at home this morning and asked him to forward everything to the appropriate agency. He agreed it was attempted identity theft and cyberstalking. He will run it and print it Monday. I'm going after beamish with the same vengeance he has for mormons.
I used to be poor and it sucks shit right out of a whales ass but I paid every dime of my support and paid more than the court could enforce so my kids could go to school.
The back support was from 1983 while I was laid off and it got paid after I got called back to work. I did let my Subaru go back to keep my support paid when Boeing put me on leave after that moron called security and lied about me having a gun in my car at work just before the 9-11 attacks. That made me rich. It took Boeing 3 years to play it out.
I wish you had as much as I have now. I wish a lot of people did.

Thanks for the abuse of your blog.


beakerkin said...


I do not support the bigotry against Mormons but I support Mr Beamish. A weblog is a cyberbar and he was never asked to cease and desist by the owner. His first amendment rights are guarenteed as are yours.

I certainly do get my share of pests some of whom are quite threatening in ways you can not imagine. However in any attempt to go after Mr Beamish your own history of such long term fueds would be open to inspection.

I am certainly no angel in that regard but you do have a long history of these fueds. Now Boeing has a chestful of money and by the time legal fees are finished you will have less then you started with.

I certainly had zero to do with Rapepublican who ended up here. However I run an open bar as has always been my policy. We treat people like your friend the Duck as comedic material.

If you open the pandoras box Sammy every action and fued you have started on the net will be fair game. No doubt Mr Beamish is far smarter then you have given him credit for and he seems to have done his homework and then some.

Word to the wise Sammy there isn't enough money there and you have alot to loose. This is not a threat Sammy just the advice of a friend. Your odd alliances with Ducky, Uptown Steve and the ultimate evil Socrates are noted.
However I have never questioned if your heart was in the right place until now.

My advice to both you and Mr Beamish drop it and move ahead.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


I thought you said you didn't know who Rapeublican was and couldn't explain why he was posting from your shitty low-speed connection from your rundown shack in Washington. Now he's your cousin and a lawyer that's going to take me to court for finding out that even your story of being a sniper in Vietnam is a figment of your deluded imagination.

You don't even know how to play the game I've beaten you at. Finding out you're an unemployed, divorced deadbeat dad and spousal abuser wasn't even difficult.

Now get a job and learn some respect for your betters, loser.

samwich said...

Beaker, Boeing won't let me get into court because Boeing broke so many laws. They would have gone down. They have already settled. The state got $70,000,000 (seventy million). I got a slice. When Boeing called me from Chicago and told me I was retired, I called my lawyer and he said I get $8500 don't bitch. I went to his office and signed and the several disabilities began to pay. I didn't know it was four different payouts. But it's mine and I get COST OF LIVING. Inflation will hurt me less than a private wage earner. MUCH less.

beamish needs to keep his hate
fest off AOW's blog.

I was never an ally of socrates. Neither was I the "primary aggressor".
beamish got played and let his arrogance ge the bgetter of his good judgement last night when he intruded into my credit history.
That is a crime. Annonymous cyberstalking is a crime. He peeked at a new $63,000 Suburban, two boats, a 94 Ford f350 4wd and a Toyota mini van. That van was bought for my sister as my share of caring for my mother. My sister is a low income widow with two sons she raised without child support help.

The divorce was nasty, she took $9000 out of the checking account and let $9000 in checks I signed bounce. I had to pay it off on Chapter 13 wage earner plan.
I quit claimed the house to her when we split up and she lost it two months after Boeing settled with me. I rubbed her nose in my $9000 gross per month but good. I think the way the numbers worked out was funny as hell.

beamish may be smart but he is not smarter than government lawyers. I've got one in the family. He's the poor bastard who has to monitor me if the investigators hand him anything.

All he has to do is keep his hate fest off AOW's blog and not break laws. Why is that asking too much?

Did you look at the Season Soy Bean Play report?

Use $4000 margin per contract. Do not use less, it is too risky.
I will buy at forecast $5.80 in February. Forecast sell price is $7.40. Forecast gross profit is
$8000 per contract. All funds at sell will remain on deposit and be used for margin to sell short a greater number of contracts. The forecast gross profit is about $120,000. I did it last year and I'll do it in 2006. I hope you can do it. I hope Bubba can do it. I hope AOW can do it. I hope G can do it. I'd help just about anybody do it. Even beamish if he weren't such a hate filled bigot. I'd help Duck do it but he has his own strategy. Mixing strategies will bust him flat.

you want a cease, desist OK. beamish cease desist. Ask for the report I'll send it to him too.
he's in the same boat you are, too busy making a living to make any money. I'd rather he has as much as I have than his hate fest BUT HE HAS TO CHOOSE PEACE. He and I have the same game, Now I Got you You SOB. I played it for keeps in Nam.
And you know damned well how I stick it to Mormon Hatch and Bennett (R)'s Utah. It was Bennett who sicced the feds on me in 2004 and Swallow lost by 16,000 votes as opposed to lost by 800 in 2002.

I have two talents Beaker, pissing people off and beating the markets. I prefer to piss voters off at politicians when I'm pissing people off and I get about half politicians and half me.
But mostly after spending my life paying child support to two hateful vicious ex wives and being poor I'd prefer rakin' it in and helping my friends rake it in.

Your call.

beamish I just saw your post. You are a liar. Rapeublican was the meat trader and he's gone. The lawyer is not him. you need to keep your story straight.

You are guilty of attempted Identity theft and annonymous cyber stalking. You obviosly want more trouble.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Spin, spin, spin.

Give me all the trouble your imagination can offer, dweebie.

You know how the big, bad, government can peek in on anything and everything about you without a trace?

I'm the government you pay for, "sniper."

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Oh no, I just got a call from my superiors.

They told me to leave that "poor bald-faced lying deadbeat dad" alone before he starts whining about how unfair life is and shoves a pistol in his mouth.

Don't do it Samwich! There's hope! Burger King is hiring!

beakerkin said...


If AOW asked Mr Beamish to leave you might have a case. AOW has often descibed Mr Beamish as part of a beloved blog community. Warren, AOW, Mr Beamish , Esther and Jason Papas are all part of a blog family and Mr Beamish is a universally beloved member.

No doubt anything Mr Beamish has done was also done to you by Big Bubba and an odd fight I never understood . People asked both of you to knock it off . Both you and Bubba were beloved FPM posters .

Now Mr Beamish has his own views on Mormonism which do not remotely approximate mine. I have always expressed concern about Mormon bashing mostly from the far left.
In fact when I asked you to post when the term was applied to my brother Warren you shrugged your shoulders. I have been consistent in my views in the matter. Now even you must concede that there certainly were racial issues in the past. That being said I will honestly vouch for having never heard a racist word from you. The charges leveled by Mr Beamish about Joe Smith were in US News and world report.

My advice is to ask AOW how she wishes to handle it. There isn't enough money to make this worthwile . This is just a frivolous lawsuit that is best settled by walking away. Mr Beamish is a beloved friend and I do not sign off each and every post with Beamish in 08 by accident. You are also a friend Sammy but the matter is rather silly.

However it does not even approach the absurdity of 167 who has accused me of trolling my own blog.
I would love him to explain how he became represented by a number. It has even spread beyond this blog and I hear he twitches every time the number is said.

samwich said...

beaker beamish made the call.

I've sent it to Eric

samwich said...

Beaker I sent you an email about the term "Mormon" when you asked for it.

The term was an insult like the "n" word but the early Mormons let it stay.


samwich said...

well beamish abuse of authority and official misconduct huh.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Check under your bed for cameras cleverly disguised as roaches. It's a conspiracy!