Monday, January 30, 2006

Hillary's Secret War on the internet

Poe's book does not lend itself to serialization as do other books. However in an odd twist of fate the ad nauseum plethora of Clinton scandals may have fostered the sites we know and love on the web.

Big media such as the NYT and the alphabet chanels had grown arrogant. By the eighties the first hint of a counter culture had emerged. NYC was abuz with the legendary talk show host Bob Grant and there was a new upstart that all the students were talking about his name was Limbaugh. There was the NY Post that was a real paper featuring Breindel, Podhoretz, Kerison and many others. Our 60's radical professors railed against these new voices. They recalled their youthful days of fighting the system. The young students response was you are the system and your glory days were more about free sex and pot then coherent politics. Our professors vilified Reagan in almost the same manner that the current President is vilified. Sharon was not even Prime Minister and the deranged leftists were comparing him to Hitler. The darlings of the left were the Sandanistas who were held up as victims of Reagan.

Somehow I ended up in the cool hip underground and didn't even know it. My friends and I didn't have visions of changing the world . We were college students enjoying life while the new voices were slaying the sacred cows of the Left. The left became increasingly shrill and even Liberals like my late friend Saul were noticing an authoritarian streak on the far left. A group of friends were eating in the cafeteria when an agitated professor demanded we get rid of hate litteratue. The litterature she was refering to was the NY Post and rather then fight we gave up our copies and laughed at the incedent. The irony was the more agitated the professors became the cooler reading the Post or listening to Grant became. Grant and not Limbaugh was the big man in NYC. In the early days of Limbaugh he had the caller abortion segment where NYC callers would ask to be aborted. That segment and the homeless updates drove the professors nuts.

Poes book doccuments how big media malfeasance with regards to the Clinton scandals
led to the plethora of sites we love today. Hillary's vast right wing conspiracy was actually true in reverse. The media negligence with a series of Clinton scandals and Hillary's draconian behavior directly led to the birth of a cottage industry underground news. The Clinton administration clearly abused its authority and used the IRS and the FBI to harass Clinton critics.

The left hyperventilates about invasion of privacy for terrorists. Yet the left sat silent as Hillay's henchman Livingstone aquired FBI files on Conservatives and reporters who dared dig into the Clinton scandals. The bigest thorn in the side of the Clintons was Chris Ruddy who pursued the strange deaths of Vince Foster and Ron Brown. The NY Post fired Ruddy due to pressure from the Clinton machine. Ruddy continued his work for Joseph Farrah. Farrahs organization was targeted by the IRS and had a series of mysterious burglaries. Identical burglaries also hit the American Spectator who were covering Troopergate . Troopergate was more then the sexual hijinks of Bill Clinton it also involved drug running at the Mena airport . The origin of the story was from the far left claiming the CIA was trading drugs to fund the Contras.

Farrah who went onto survive the Clinton harassment founded World Net Daily. Ruddy went on to build Newsmax a thorn in the side of the Clintons. Matt Drudge was propelled to new heights due to the media protection of the Clintons. The founding of Free Republic has its genesis on the prodigy Whitewater page. Even figures briefly passing the Clinton machine became stars in the new internet medium such as Lucianne Goldberg. My personal favorite Mark Levin was even involved in the defense of Joseph Farrah. Mark Levin has the best radio show and is newly syndicated and on the air in NYC , Detroit and Dallas. If you like Combative Constitutional Scholars Levin is the best. He also is acerbicaly comedic and has me in stitches every show.

Hillary was 100% wrong about the vast right wing conspiracy. However her authoritarian abuses and the neglect of her toadies in big media created business opportunities for people who were way smarter then the Clintons. Bill Clinton saved his bacon in the short run but he crippled the Democratic party nationaly and gave rise to voices that changed the old media arrogance forever.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to the smoke house and 167 to be fitted with a strait jacket.


Anonymous said...

Generation from opposites. I see you're waxing philosophical this morning! Keep up the good work.


beakerkin said...

Hillary helped create a series of companies enjoyed by millions with
her totalitarian tactics. World Net Daily, Free Republic, Lucianne , Drudge Report , News Max and Front Page Magazine have benefited from her boorishness. The Clintons won a battle but lost the war.

Warren said...

I would say that Rush Limbaugh did more for the awakening of Conservative consciousness than the rest put together. Not that he is smarter, more eloquent or even that he has a better vision. But his marketing skills surpass even the very best of intellectual Conservatives and made us realize we are not alone, or contrary to what Liberals would have us believe, that we are a minority.

How many would never be exposed to the works of Bill Buckley or Thomas Sowell, how would never have heard of David Horowitz or Walter Williams. Who would have represented the Conservative Ideology to a National audience?

In a very real way, he has reshaped the political landscape.

People need to know that the way they live their everyday lives is not abnormal or representative of a fringe element. They need to know how the newspeak of the MSM translates into everyday English.

Who would let us know about those items burred on page 23 in the back section the NY Times.

beakerkin said...

Rush has promoted all of those sites and does deserve a large share of the credit. Rush has credited Bill Buckley and Bob Grant for laying the foundation for his huge sucsess. Howard Stern and Sean Hannity have also credited Grant with paving the way.Rush is fairly modest about the others who came before him.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As many of you know, never in the history of the United States as a nation has there been a Democrat smarter than the average bowl of potato soup. It is no accident that electoral reform and a crackdown on voter fraud has driven Democrats from power. Without people paid in crack rocks voting multiple times in the names of the dead, pets, and cartoon characters, there just aren't enough stupid people in America to legally vote for them.

MissingLink said...

"Not that he is smarter, more eloquent or even that he has a better vision."

Do we have to be smarter and more eloquent?
Just being able to express common sense and resolve would immediately get you a label like:
- conservative (and what's wrong with that?)
- fascist
- neo-nazi
- primitive
- not sensitive etc.

This trend still exists but many "normal" people don't think there's anything wrong with being normal anymore.

Others started to realize that using buzz words and phrases doesn't automatically means - sophistication and progress.

elijah said...

"He also is acerbicaly comedic and has me in stitches every show."
How can i listen to this show, my cup of tea, ascerbic was the word for my last post, about N.Y comedians.
Who is this Poe?

Robert Bayn said...

I would not put much stock in Rush. The Conservative agenda that is focus on Hillary is comical.

Sorry but conservatives do not own a monopoly on Common sense, i see as many idiots on the Conservative side as on the democratic side, starting in the white house.

Warren said...

Nice para noids you got there, Robert.

[needle]It seems to me, the "common sense" of Democrats is very much of an after the fact, 20/20 hindsight, type.[/needle]

Rush gave Conservatives a nation platform in a "new" media, he represented a sea change in the politics of America.

Whether you like it or not, he is still there.

Beak said:
"Rush is fairly modest about the others who came before him."

I would agree with that

You had NYC and vastly more Conservatives, if not by percentage, by number. Out here in the heart lands, we had nothing like a Bob Grant and the Internet was a wasteland of newsgroups and message boards with nothing like the news and commentary we have now.

Today we have 1,000,000 fact checkers and people who will bring out those stories that get burred in the back section or don't even run at all. Our news isn't limited by the prejudices of a single editor who owes political favors.

And that's a good thing, a very good thing!

elijah said...

Once again, having so little knowledge of that which "you people" speak of...i guess you could call it a genuine interest and rather deep knowledge of your country's politics, I must acknowledge warrens initial ascerbic and hilarious opening..."para noids", it's the best I can do.Knowing jack squat about Rush or Grant.

Warren said...

All you need to know is they bring/brought forward the hidden. Just as the Canadian bloggers brought forth the news of corruption that toppled the Canadian "Liberal Democrat" party from absolute power.

Esther said...

The world has changed. Sadly, few democrats seem to have noticed it.

beakerkin said...


You were blog visitor 10,000.

Mark Levin can be found on the internet at His show is comedic genius and I schedule my work week around his show.

Richard Poe is a brilliant author who has his own site He has been exceedingly generous to me and is a brilliant author.

elijah said...

Hurrah! Blog visitor 10,000...lady luck has struck. I will be expecting my check in the mail, or is it a gift package{steak knives}.I will certainly check out this poe, then i may be able to respond sensibly to these posts.
Warren...canadian politics are my reason for living, dont even go there....LMAO, because chances are...i just wont get.

elijah said...


Warren said...


RE, "it..."

Beak signs all the checks and I cook er... keep the books. Unfortunately; recently, an ink pen exploded, (damned ink was everywhere!) and he hasn't been able to approach the check book without having a flashback.

Do they still allow steak knives in Canada?

Beak, Bob Grant was on Sean Hannity's program today. Unfortunately, I missed most of it.

Always On Watch said...
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Always On Watch said...

I deleted my comment because I posted to the wrong article. Damn! I'll move it now.

elijah said...

Waren where were you three years ago when i needed my books, I will soon be on the run from revenue canada[does the CSIS monitor this nonsense}..
No steak knives, no guns, no pen knives, no tazers,...only kevlar allowed.
Someone breaks into my house i have to take him down with politeness.

Poster said...

You may remember two of Bob Grant's more famous callers to his show, Frank from Queens and John of Staten Island.

They have been doing their own talk radio show for the past 7 years, "The Right Perspective." It is now heard on shortwave WWCR 3.215 Mhz every Friday night at 10pm EST.

You can also hear the show over the Internet at and catch full archives of the show at