Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Poe Gun Myth Number 5 The Second Amendment is obsolette

Poe points out that civil disturbances are uncommon but a armed public will have to fend for itself. The LA riots are examples of where the Police could not protect the public. Korean merchants had to defend their stores with shot guns.

The Police can not protect each and every one of us 24/7. They can not even protect people whose life is seriously threatened . Self defense starts with the person in the mirror.

Poe points out that in the days of the Wild West one had to protect their homes and loved ones from Native Americans . Todays inner city faces a foe more deadly and less reasonable the urban criminal predator. The inner city predator knows the vast majority of people have been disarmed. He has zero need to fear a disarmed populace and can and will act out his depraved dreams.

Moreover we face a warrior culture and it is a matter of time till we face our own Beslan type attacks. Some will say that they have allready occured at LAX, the DC sniper and Ari Halberstam case. Yet our restrictive carry laws leave us more vulnerable. In the LAX case a trained employee averted a larger tragedy.

Coming Up Poe Gun Myth number 6 Guns should be licensed just like cars.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be reunited with Ernie and 167 stay in the cyber coffin be a good zombie.


Always On Watch said...

In Virginia, we have a carry-in-the-open law. I was well armed at all times during those horrific three weeks of the D.C. snipers. Would the gun have done me any good? Probably not, but I carried anyway. In fact, almost everyone I know carried at that time.

Moreover we face a warrior culture and it is a matter of time till we face our own Beslan type attacks.

Some Aussies have told me that the 2nd Amendment will save our bacons.

An unloaded gun is nearly useless. In fact, an unloaded handgun doesn't even make a decent club.

Of course, a gun is not a toy nor an instrument to use for bluffing. If one doesn't have the guts to pull the trigger, one shouldn't pull out the gun.

When fearing that someone had broken into her house, my unarmed neighbor called me to check things out. The police here are notoriously slow to respond.

Storm said...


I knw you to be a patient and understanding person so your expression about police response times is well placed and completely understandable.

Despite the fears of Mr. Ducky there are never enough police to serve any given city excluding special events ie new years in Times Square. We are always reactive. Our system is further handicapped by routing calls through a 911 operator before going to a dispatcher who thens attempts to deecide which calls to issue first based on number of persons on staff and severity of the call. The long and short of it the prowler call you described might take 15 minutes just to be dispatched to the offier then add however long it takes the officer to drive to the call. Your neighbor had the best idea find someone with a gun and then go buy one for yourself. Unless the suspect is walking down the street with an M16 will we in all probablity never get there.

It is with great sadness that I tell you most citizens rightly expect far more than the police can and do provide.

MissingLink said...

There are so many legal variables here that it is difficult to have a clear opinion about gun ownership in this case.

I agree with AOW when she says that you have to be prepared to squize the trigger.
MOst people don't realize what is involved here.

In Oz gun ownership was very popular until that fatefull Sunday April 28, 1996 (Port Arthur massacre)

But, in reality gun owners could not really use them in self defence without being accussed of applying excessive force.

Recently we even had a situation in Sydney where a home owner was sentenced to jail (2 year probation) for tackling a home intruder and inflicting kind of injury upon the "poor felon".

With such (criminal friendly) laws, gun ownership would get the poor crime victim even into a deeper trouble.
And so gun ownership was really meanigless.

Since the Port Arthur Massacre the gun laws in Australia are additionally very restrictive and gun ownership is vertually non-existent.
At the same time crime involving the use of handguns skyrocketed.

Additionally, illegal gun running became as popular as drug importing and pushing.
You can get 9mm piece for something like $AU 350.00.
Can you win here??

"The police here are notoriously slow to respond."
Our NSW police is used by our local government almost exclusively as revenue collecting "farse".
They do not even investigate burglaries.

beakerkin said...


I used to question myself if I ever could pull the trigger. However,I spent part of my career supervising hardened criminals from halfway houses. Most of them became friends but I always had the same respect one has for a rattle snake.


Poe has reported the situation in Ausralia. However with the exception of Alaska the states with the most homicide death per capital were those with gun control laws. Vermont has guns all over the place but a low rate of gun death. The big Urban areas have much more deadly criminals and drug gangs.

Storm defending ones own home is a different matter then the streets.
In NYC I came to the aid of local police with a well placed shoe and vanished into the crowd. I tripped a fleeing suspect and allowed the police to catch up.

Mr. Ducky said...

LAX, DC sniper and a kid in a mob.

Beak, will now explain how these events could have been diminished.

'm sure that having everyone armed at the airport will stop a nutjob from spraying the baggage line. Beak will explain how with capable backup from "Couch Warrior" Beamish.

beakerkin said...

The LAX is a great example of how a well trained employee handles the situation. The guman was sent to find his 72 virgins.

The DC sniper never faced an armed oponent but may have been more cautious if people could shoot back. The tragedy at Columbine was excacerbated because the killers had a clear playing field until the cops arrive.

Then there is democide as a Commie you are well aware that Communism has killed more people then combat.
Therefore every citizen world wide should have a gun to protect themselves from Marxists and other tyranical governments. The fact is as a card carrying Marxist you are a far greater menace then Johny Jihad.

The media glossed over LAX and Hassan Ahkbar while playing up Abu Garib.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The Police can not protect each and every one of us 24/7. They can not even protect people whose life is seriously threatened . Self defense starts with the person in the mirror.

Police departments are one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer money ever contrived by mankind. More often than not the "crime" they are out to stop involves broken turn signals or parking a car in an arbitrarily "wrong" spot, to collect profit revenues for their city beyond local taxation.

It's nice that some police actually occasionally help and protect people in need of defense, but they are not even obligated by law to do so, except when you're their prisoner.

See this.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, you're a regular Travis Bickle.

Can't wait to read about you cleaning up the cesspool.

samwich said...

beamishitstain take the blank adapter off your rifle so the barrel does not blow up in your face.

Sniper 0253

samwich said...

Beaker go look up SCOTUS Docket No 02-1412.

The Supreme Court has ruled on the Second Amendment.

Notice Gun Control is NOT among the subjects Roberts or Alito were asked about.

There is NO Constitutional RIGHT to keep and bear arms. It is a privelidge the State CONTROLS.


beakerkin said...


Mr Beamish is our Presidental Candite and part of the B Team Beamish, Big Bubba and Beakerkin.

Gun control only plays in Red Areas
and if the rest of us have to agitate for the Second Amendment lets do so. There is no legal grounds to ignore any part of the Constitution.

elijah said...

Not sure if you know about our current gun situation, i think we have a shooting death every week. Mostly black gang warfare,our government solution, gun registry, which cost millions. Now every law abiding citizen has to register at a decent cost and go through rigorous testing, and recently he stated the complete outlaw of handguns, perfect...after all most criminals acquire thier guns through legal means...LOL.
Amazing the garbage they will say to get voted in, actually I think we called in the previous mayor of new york, sorry i forget his name, the 911 guy, to help us solve our problem.

drummaster2001 said...

felis brought up good points about reasonable and excessive force in our law.

for some reason, our courts feel that the force you can defend with needs to be relatively equal to the force you are being attacked with, unless your life is being threatened. if someone doesn't know what they are up against, it is reasonable to take excessive action, without having to fear a lawsuit. some states have enacted 'make my day' laws which allow someone to attack with excessive/deadly force in these situations, but it's time that all states had this.

Mr. Ducky said...

I'm surprised to read that you think it's a state issue, Samwich. That's Howard Dean's take also.

I've felt that Federal gun legislation has pretty consistently benn poor legislation and they ought to get out of the picture. I think they have.

Myself, I do support point-of-sale measures but otherwise knock yourself out and expect at least 10-15 if your gun gets used in a crime.

beakerkin said...

Duck as a Communist you should not be permitted near a gun. In fact Communist should wear special clothing and be subject to special taxes. They should be regularly beaten with no penalty by any Capitalist. Anyone trying to Convert from Capitalism should be killed . Wait I just described Islamic civ that the Duck is so worried about.

Duck Communism is dead and your next intelligent thought will be your first.

MissingLink said...

Communism has killed more people then combat
How very true and funny you mentioned it.
Leaving in Poland for 27 years I can tell you that there were no gun related problems among the mainstream population.
No guns were permitted (apart from elitists shooting and hunting clubs) and borders were virtually sealed so gun
The profit oriented crime was almost fully controlled by the communist militia (apart from some petty theft and small black market operations).
Communists had monopoly on crime as well and so no foot soldier criminal in his right mind would risk being executed without a trial by his "handlers".
There were cases of militia organized killings but it was all very well "justified and explained" to the public (or nobody ever learnt about it).
Having said that I must say the country suffered from most horrific crimes (usually vendettas, behaviour influenced by substance abuse etc.) commited with other weapons such as kitchen knives, knuckle dusters, chisels, screwdrivers - you name it.
Where there's a will...

for some reason, our courts feel that the force you can defend with needs to be relatively equal to the force you are being attacked with,

Exactly right.
How can you evaluate such force in potentially dangerous situation acting under under severe stress and having a split of a second to act?
In fact, gun ownership in OZ meant very little for self defence.
Most of us had guns because we belonged to shooting clubs of various flavour.
Shooting an intruder would most likely get you criminal record.

At the same time most violent crimes involving guns were committed with guns brought into Australia illegally or stolen (in some cases from private security agencies).
When the our Federal governmet restricted "alredy strict" guns laws most of us gave up our sport because it simply became too expensive.
Crimes involving shooting trippled since 1996.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Have your mom show you a tit sometime.

Storm said...

beakerkin agreed defending one's home is different than in the streets but I was under the impression the ban on guns in Australia was for everyone no exceptions including farmers who advised they needed the guns to shot animals that threatened livestock.

You need then in the street as well perhaps even more so. At least in your home, you may have an improvised weapon.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I always tell my Australian friends that a CO2 powered paintball gun loaded with 70mm steel ball bearings will shatter cinderblock at short to medium range. Never tried it on a human skull.