Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Poe exposes the ultimate hypocrisy by the Clintonistas this can not be right

The Clinton administration authorized a series of illegal searches without warrants or probable cause. Apparently in 1994 the Clinton administration okayed a series of appartment searches for drugs in Housing Projects in 1994. The searches were stopped by court order in 1995. Page 56 " The most important right we have in this country is the freedom from fear" Bill Clinton in Chicago.

At the time our country was not at war. We were under a terorist threat but not from the residents of public housing. The media and left wing accademics said absolutely zero about this program. This is a classic example of invasion of privacy.

Now the far left wants to hyperventilate about spying on terror suspects after 9-11. Some on the far left want to spin fairy tales about a new Pearl Harbor or Riechstag fire while handcuffing the governments ability to protect the citizens. There was even some critique of external radiation sweeps of Mosques.

Her royal majesty Hillary Clinton has never been asked about this farce. I am sure she will spin a yarn aboust vast right wing conspiracies and duck. Where were all these left wing clowns when the Clinton administration was shredding the Constitution. The first black President seemed to care less about the Civil Rights of Black people in housing projects.

The argument that people have a right to safety is a valid argument. Extending this Clintonism would allow the government to search the homes of Muslims and far left types without warrants. The vast preponderance of terrorist acts in the USA and the world are perpetrated by those two groups . No Republican has proposed something so illogical yet. However, to ignore those same realities in this day and age would be negligence and deriliction of duty . Muslims and far left types should be placed under scrutiny in this age of terrorism. If the government finds probable cause such as communication with terrorists watched and dealt with acordingly. External searches of Mosques and any other place for radioactivity are reasonable.


Justin said...

Dont you know that the cockroach left does not want anyone knowing what it did. Like cockroaches when you turn the light on they run for cover and use defamatory slurs for your exposure of them.

The great (sarcasim) thinks anyone who does not believe their way are simply.. **)(xxx morons. When challenged the revert to their true gutter verbage.

What they did is perfectly fine after all like Leninist and Stalinist that they are they still hold fast to the belief that the ends justify the means.

Justin said...

(sarcasim) left,

beakerkin said...


I had forgotten about this episode but searching appartments without warrants in Housing Projects did occur under Clinton. I thought this was a joke at first but was mortified to find it true. Do my friends who live in housing projects and are more likely to be crime victims have a right to defend themselves.

I guess the nobler cause of removing guns from law abiding people trumps, safety and the Constitution. It is wrong to spy on people communicating with terrorists but fine to invade their homes looking for guns.

I will post the total crime picture tommorow.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, could you post the article in question? There are a couple of red flags here.

1. Poe is normally associated with the Washington Times so corroboration is a must.

2. If this did happen apparently it was out in the open and corrected by the courts.

3. You seem to be on the side of due process when Clinton is involved but not when Bush is the culprit. Who's your logic mentor, Jason the Libertarian Sand Box Boy?

4. You will be glad to know that I am being illegaly eavesdropped upon at the Catholic Worker house. We haven't sued as the Quakers have since this is a routine matter.

So let me know if you have any information on the Poe accusation. I'd be curious. But anyway, it is nice to see the Bush Administration getting butt fucked, isn't it?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As we all know Ducky enjoys a good butt-fucking.

You will be glad to know that I am being illegaly eavesdropped upon at the Catholic Worker house.

Seeing men-in-black are ya, Ducky?


Anonymous said...

'click...'click...'bzzzz... 'sprrrt

How do you know mr. ducky?


beakerkin said...

I will posts Poe's source tonight but I have a hard time with this
as when I did a google search Lew Rockwell pops up.

Ducky be careful when talking to your Cuban handlers and remember houseplants have ears.

Warren said...

Most charitable flop houses don't allow drugs or booze on the premises. They're probably looking under his mattress when they think he's passed out on the cot. :^P

beakerkin said...


Poe's source is the Chicago Sun Times and the NYT 04-08-94 pg 12.
This was not a top secret event.

haroldmarks5101 said...

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samwich said...

Duck, Bush said it is not illegal to eavesdrop on blog trolls.
He is still pissed at me for making a liar out of him in 2004 in Utah over Democrat Congressman Jim Matheson's house seat when Chimp called it "America's Most Winnable House Seat" and Matheson's win margin went from 850+ votes in 2002 to 16,000+ votes in 2004.

Now that the Federal Protective Service and Homeland Security investigators are making money off my trade report the bastartds will never stop snooping, but they will also not pester me for fear I will cut off their side income forecasts. They know I publish it to get away with being a legit news service and skirt the Campaign Finance law which prohibits naming a candidate 60 days prior to the election.

Beaker are you looking the report over? Are you getting any benefit?


beakerkin said...


I do read the reports but I am a stock market type. Unfortunately being in Vermont deprives me of the insights of that crowd. Comodities are not my investment vehicle of choice I prefer P&G .

Storm said...

again you try to approach 2 different situations and proscribe the same response

"You seem to be on the side of due process when Clinton is involved but not when Bush is the culprit"

Clinton was spying on ordinary criminal avctivity here in the US thereby using the Federal Government as a policing agency. Bush is legitimate wire tapping laws to discern why people are repeating contacting foreigners suggested of being terrorists.

Storm said...


agreed this is biggest piece of legislation enacted by Congress to erode civil rights "Campaign Finance law which prohibits naming a candidate 60 days prior to the election". This is a true tradegy of liberals politics and the result was no real change in how campaigns are financed by dirty politics.

The only thing worse was the Supreme Court decision effectively ending the right to private property