Saturday, January 07, 2006

Flynn on WEB Dubois more airbrushed history

Flynn recounts another historical figure who has been sanitized WEB Dubois. Dubois was a segregationist and for a time advocated sending blacks back to Africa. Liberia
is still a mess today largely based on this wacky idea. In a twist of irony I have seen the paperwork of several Liberians who joined the US military and served honorably in Iraq. Thus years after the lets send blacks back to Africa idiocy the imagined utopia never was and the connection to the USA was stronger then percieved at the time of Dubois.

Dubois was a devoted Communist who belived in Stalin or Mao. Amazingly on a visit to China he was surprised the Chinese were more hostile towards Japan then the UK, Germany and France. The notion that non whites could be just as brutal as the worst whites must have eluded the Deluded Dubois. Dubois also ignored the ethnic brutalities in the Soviet Union and rampant bloodshed in China. He also was an apologist for Nazi Germany and commented favorably on race relations there. Dubois was an anti Semite and paroted Nazi lines in addition to his own musings.

Dubois started the mantra that people who disagree with him and his Commie blather were not real blacks. Thus we see echoes today in the attacks on Clarence Thomas, Condoleza Rice, Thomas Sowell and Walter E "the man" Williams. In truth we have learned the reverse is correct Communists readily betray their country or ethnicities
in pursuit of the odd death cult Utopia.

The question is why historians waste time with idiocy such as Gay , Manic depressive and other imagined elements of Abe Lincoln but ignore obvious shortcomings of Sanger and Dubois. They also ignore the criminal behavior of Kinsey and gloss over shoddy scolarship. Sadly this is what happens when we create universities with zero intellectual diversity.

The next post will be on popular culture and this post is an appropriate lead in


Kyle said...

You can throw Margaret Mead and Upton Sinclair to the list of twentieth century left wing liars.

Always On Watch said...

I got a library copy of Flynn's book the other day. I haven't had a chance to read much yet, but the bit I've delved into tells me why you think this book is such a good find.

I may have to buy my own copy and try to cram one more "reference" book onto the shelves here. Flynn's book is very well indexed, a feature I always look for.

beakerkin said...

The book minus the Kinsey and Sanger sections is very good. Too much history is airbrushed.


I have a book by Stephen Schwarts on Upton Sinclair and the California red lit crowd from West to East.

Anonymous said...

"Devoted communist"
Sounds a tad antiquated doesnt it.
Amazing really how much the whole asian community despises each other, Koreans hate the chinese, who hate the japanese etc..

Anonymous said...

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