Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Last Flynn Chapter Betty Friedan Trophy Wife to feminist

Flynn deals with the numerous lies and omisions of Betty Friedan . Friedan was born into a super wealthy family . She married an even wealthier husband and was never the housewife she represented herself as in the media. Her home had maids and nannies so she could continue with her political activities.

Friedan was in essence a trophy wife of a man who had obviously bad taste. Why anyone making as good a living as Mr Friedan would choose such a poor trophy is beyond me. Betty Friedan in all acounts was not only unattractive but also emotionally unstable. However, the mysteries of whom some of us fall in love with are beyond the simple mind of the Beak and most mental health experts.

Friedan has gone to great lengths to conceal her Communist past. She was a Communist in college and her first professional writing jobs were for Communist papers . Freidan's unpublished early writings are sealed at Radclife Colledge.

Most people think that Rush Limbaugh and other Conservatives are exagerating about the Dominance of Lesbians and the definition of womens rights as abortion with the current Womens rights movement. Friedan herself has noted some of the same things stating she is heterosexual,never had an abortion and never felt complete without a man in her life. The sole focus of the womens rights movement has been a monofocus on abortion which borders on insane even from the eyes of this pro abortion Republican. Partial birth abortion is infanticide and the overwhelming majority of Americans want that procedure banned. Only the millitant and most heartless people can defend such an inherently practice.

Friedan joined the chorus of fashionable celebrities who claimed to have been beaten by their husbands. In her case there is a more then reasonable reason to believe she made the story up and tried to walk away from it on Good Morning America. A very reluctant Mr Friedan spoke of his ex wife's history of mental illness that was treated and medicated by professionals. He also recounted instances where his unstable wife attacked him and destroyed property. I tend to believe him as he was reluctant to speak and has shunned the limelight. Further more Friedan's flights of fancy involving the CIA attempts to aid the militant lesbian takeover of NOW prove she is not all there.

How did the media fail to note the fraud and real story of Friedan for decades ?


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

You have to take into consideration that large organizations like the League of Women Voters can never be taken as seriously as small lesbian bowling teams like the National Organization of Women, because their initials don't spell anything pronounceable.

beakerkin said...

I bet the NOW could probably field an excellent bowling team. One of the best pool players up here is a 4'10'' lesbian. I saw here win 10 games in a row . She is a nice lady
and it was fun to watch .

Robert Bayn said...
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Robert Bayn said...

I'm one of a few liberals against abortion, i'm against the murder of any human, baby or grown adult. Abortion issue however is really just another bullshit issue, people on both sides are guilty of pushing, while real issues that matter go under the rug.

Democrats are not really for killing babies, and republicans are not really against a persons right to choose what to do with their own lives (ok well maybe a few), but the majority, not the loud minority, are fair people on both sides.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The Democratic Party was formed in the early 1800s around the ideas that the Constitution is irrelevant and that forced conscription coupled with ethnic cleansing would broaden the market need for imported chattel from Africa as territorial expansion dislocated native populations, a tariff restriction the Party's founders found unconscionable.

The inherently racist principles of the Party enshrined by its founder, Andrew Jackson, are exceeded only by the Party's totalitarian ambitions.

There has never in history been an honest libertarian or even humanitarian reason to vote for a Democrat. Ever.

beakerkin said...

I am a pro choice Republican but partial birth abortion disgusts me.

I think what Friedan was refering to the arcticles and press releases of the insane womens studies department. Crap like all men are potential rapists. I am also a potential canibal but potential means nothing unless one has the desire and motivation.

Anonymous said...

Beak! every time I get to log on there are three or more posts...you are like that Neptune of tidal brain waves..nietzsche
By the way, i have always had the sneaking suspicion that you want to roast me over an open fire...canibal,lol.
I think somewhere inside you is a standup comedian dying to come out.[elijah]

beakerkin said...


There is an actual thread on Bad Eagle where I played the switchero on a commie lib. I claimed that eating dog is part of my cultural heritage. The perplexed liberal was flumoxed it is under the HEAT section under the topic Bigots revisited. It became a comedy classic that outraged and was hillarious at the same time.

I put one fresh post a day but I will have to talk with Warren . A friend needs our help and I can churn two posts a day one here and one elswehere.

Warren said...

Beak said:
"I claimed that eating dog is part of my cultural heritage."

My friend, Huang, always says, "Black dog best!"

"I put one fresh post a day but I will have to talk with Warren. A friend needs our help and I can churn two posts a day one here and one elswehere."