Monday, January 27, 2014

The Legend

Sometimes if you hold to your values it isn't always popular. The one thing I learned is that 1/3 will do as they are told, 1/3 will do the right thing and the other 1/3 are up in the air. For better or worse, I know where I stand and so do the stakeholders.

Along my way, I held to my values and fought tooth and nail for a different approach. I find it odd that the so called elite are trying so desperately to reinvent themselves. I remind them of their roles in the debacle and keep them at a distance.

Among my peers, my stance became almost legendary. I stood up and held my ground when it wasn't cool. Now the winds have shifted towards the values I held. It wasn't that I was ahead of my time, but I stood up against people that made themselves bigger than the process. Numbers are great, but they must mean something. Generating numbers that are meaningless for self promotion is lower than prostitution in my book.
Yet the guilty still hold themselves up to be heroes long after I and others have had to fix their folly.

The techniques of working fast and efficiently date back to my days in the fashion industry. A logistics man must be decisive or find another trade. The answers need not be optimal, but effective and move on. The techniques in the clerical phase were indeed influenced by passing through sweatshops. The last phase combined psychology and Borscht Belt humor all into a blender.

Anyone can be a victim, but turning misfortune into something unique is novel.

My job was in many ways more fun when I was the cool rebel fighting the system. Now that I am very much a part of the system it is not as cool but being a mentor and a role model are new challenges. I remind the students that the story is greater than I am or ever could be. However, when working with losers, incompetents and jerks competence stands out. I also remind the students that there are many great examples here. They don't need to advertise like the old incompetent crew. They just do their job quietly day after day. Oddly the bullying of the old guard and the insane behavior only made my legend grow when the storm passed. Had I been left alone, my achievements would have been overlooked.

One of the things I remind my charges is to never brag. When you brag or feign expertise you literally set yourself up to fail. As I never tell anyone about my expertise and sing the praises of others any error I might make seems small. However, when the old guard makes multiple mistakes they have a long way to fall.

Also it is never acceptable to bully a peer. You should always have your hand out to lift your peers up. If their heart is not into it let the appropriate people deal with the issue. I was asked to train many and I could not reach a certain student. I pointed out my approach did not work perhaps their is another way. However, when a person is seldom there and shows no desire to learn this is beyond my ability. 90% of being great is being there and having the desire to improve. When neither is there it might be that the task is above my abilities despite multiple attempts.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Obama Follies

The Obama apologists have missed a couple of classic nuggets from the incredably stupid Obama. The latest classic is Israel is encouraging anti-Obama backlash. Funny, but given the stupid policies of this administration Americans of all stripes are upset at the circus clown President who blames others for his failings. This line of thinking is clearly antisemitic. Obviously Jews are incapable of having their own opinions about the failed policies of the circus clown President.

Obama has deluded himself into thinking he knows more about Jewish history then actual Jews because he has read a few books and had a few deranged radical friends. No doubt a person making such idiotic pronouncements because he read about Malcolm X and hung out with P Diddy would be correctly called a moron.

The sooner Obama goes into retirement the better this country will be.

Do not coddle idiots

There is an imbecile from the far left who has taken to commenting here. Communists as a rule deny they are communists and use other terms to hide their history. The results of this madness has been pointless deaths and other then that they excel in excuses.

The historical record speaks quite loudly when the far left decides to promote a new death cult. Communism despite its claims is a religion albeit one with no redeeming qualities. Actual Christians build orphanages and hospitals and communists build gulags and fill cemeteries.

We do not play the game most people play with Communists. I do not wish to understand them or debate them any more then I would attempt to reason with a rabid dog, Sorry, but at least a rabid dog was once a loved family pet and thus deserves more respect than a Communist.

Mistake number one is attempting dialogue with people who frankly are too ignorant to have an independent thought. They are exponents of a failed criminal ideology that has proven deadly in every application. They pretend that their verbiage blights the historical record, but it does not. When I speak with fellow Americans
we disagree on a series of topics. Communists are not American in spirit or substance. They are a cult and if we had rational people running our mental health industry it would be treated as a mental health defect.

Now there are those who say Communists are entitled to free speech. I agree that they are entitled to free speech and that the rest of us should react to their speech with laughter and ridicule. They are exponentially more prone to treason and terrorism then the general public and should be subject to 24/7 security scrutiny and prosecuted for their crimes without mercy. The government should also not protect them when they involve themselves in foreign policy. The local governments should handle the matter with no lectures from Washington.

Sorry Cumwads, you will not be tolerated here.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fish Molestation is an actual crime

One can google the term Fish molestation to find this is an actual crime. This does not involve sleeping with the fishes in urban English nor any libidinous proclivity towards fish. However, as fish can not assent to such activity this should fall into some form of deviant behavior.

Our Webolutionary imbecile friend should stop exploiting fish for his wealthy Capitalist patrons. Also he wouldn't have a single customer if he stopped playing a faux commoner. Sorry but paying customers won't endure Marxist jargon and baboonery.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DiBlassio Fails

This was a minor storm and the circus clown Mayor failed the test. It just so happens that enclaves that did not vote for the freak did not get snow removed and had long commutes. Of course the New York Clinton Times never gets around to looking at anything that reflects negatively on anything far left.

Of course one could imagine what Mayor Shaggy will do when a 9-11 or Sandy hits. He probably will call for Scooby and go out for some snacks.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Stretching s meal

I went to the butcher store and purchased 7lbs of lamb. I intended to boil it with barley, potatoes and onions for the cold. The Tranquil Sea Curried it and stretched it into several meals. Maybe, I don't get much but I don't think about less. For me lamb and odd goat meat are not luxury items. I can not cook beef or pork as my Hindu family objects. I would eat much more fish but the daughter is difficult there. That pretty much leaves Chicken and Lamb.

The dogs prefer the lamb but that is mainly for the bones.

Not a Victim

The experiences I endured are a clear case of work place bullying. While these experiences are regrettable they were an accepted and condoned behavior by management. There was always the feigned, but I did not know from those in the chain of command. Those in the chain knew and the veiled face saving apologies were just plausible deniability.

For whatever it is worth it took the Miami Dolphins story to really bring this problem home. The notion of condoning this sophomoric behavior became abhorrent. No longer was it acceptable to mistreat subordinates.

In the end, I survived and my experiences made me a better mentor to those that came after me. I spent my time helping newer officer adjust to the hectic pace. I spent my days doing what I like best serving the public. I did my time and emerged from it albeit with a few bumps and scrapes, but more determined then ever to be an assert to my peers and the community. 

My abuser is quite miserable in the rubber room. It has been years and she still has not learned anything from her experience. She remains just as hateful and twisted as the day she entered. Her henchmen sought power and glory and they are in the same place I am. The dreams of power and glory are lost for now. Promotions are good if they are earned. However, being a toady for an unfit manager does not qualify one for bigger and better things. 

I remind those that came after me the best among us need never speak it. You see it in word and or deed each and every day. If a person brags how good they are and makes themselves an expert you are likely dealing with a clown. Even when times were bad I let others sing my praises and I praised those around me.
The saddest part lost in all of this is the most important person is the one across the desk. When public servants forget that we are here to serve the public they are missing the key point of the job.

I am neither a victim nor a survivor, just a public servant. My job is one of the few where I get to share special moments and get a thank you that comes from the heart. Anyone who has walked in my shoes for a moment or two would understand this.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Does Bob Morgenthau come with a laugh track

Bob Morgenthau wants to know if ICE Attorneys jail people to meet quotas. If District Attorneys did their jobs instead of turnstile justice no discussion about these numbers would be necessary. It is common for anyone involved with immigration to see people with multiple arrests that should have lead to deportation reduced to disorderly conduct.

I know plenty of dedicated ICE professionals who want to do their jobs and protect the public. They could do their jobs quite fine if political cartoons like Morgenthau would stop the turnstile justice and prosecute alien criminals and allow ICE and the Immigration judges to do their jobs.

This point is not aimed at Morgenthau specifically as many people in the criminal justice system have failed to protect the public. While the individual stories of hardship make great reading for the folks at the Times no press ever seems to get around to the victims of the crimes committed by Aliens. There is no attention to the aliens who played by the rules who obeyed the law while others knowingly broke the law.

Statistics and You

Most people do not know a thing about statistics. Lefties like Duncy are forever talking about statistics when expedient and feign ignorance when they are in the way of their pet projects. It turns out that Communists and Anarchists who make up less than 2% of the population are exponentially over represented on University hires.

This is a classic case of adverse impact. Lefties like to delude themselves that they are more intelligent then the rest of the society. In fact it takes little intelligence to repeat idiotic failed philosophers and be a classroom yes man. Our President is a classic example of a campus Yes man. There is claims his position on the Harvard Law Review is proof of intelligence. In fact, it was an elected position and he published all of one article. This was one more article than he published as an academic. How he maintained his job in spite of the lack of published articles is a mystery.

Those of us at any job can point to the Yes men. These are the baboons who kiss the rear of any leader and
get unearned promotions and accolades. No matter how bad an idea they scream yes sir and toady all day.
In my case, when given a difficult task I altered the technology and techniques to meet the goals. It wasn't that I was looking for favor, but I work smart not hard. I also mentored new employees and stressed these techniques. Eventually, our technicians learned to duplicate some minor alterations and everyone shared in the bounty. The boss only learned of one innovation when I changed offices in the morning with a peer. Why did you and X switch offices? She is using my computer for half an hour because it is configured differently. Our technicians were then charged with replicating the innovations as requested.

Thus there are statistics that Blacks are incarcerated at higher rates than whites. All of these factors come with other variables including income level, family structure and so forth. These discrepancies are not as pronounced as the exponential over representation of Communists and anarchists in University faculty. The failure of Universities to address this problem requires outside intervention. Student loans for anything not related to business or the sciences should be halted.

Lefties like the Duck scream academic freedom. Okay where are the anticommunists and conservatives on faculty. Are people discouraged from entering these professions by a hostile work atmosphere. Maybe when the faculty is intellectually diverse we can get actual scholarship.

We are going to do an experiment. We are going to use the same excuses the Duck provides for this disparity and see if it would pass his own racial standards.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Unexpected Class

The top boss who is retiring this week visited me a few times. He pointed out his regret at the sequence of events that had me enduring workplace bullying. I had no idea you were this good. The problem is that managers do not take enough time to review the work of their subordinates. In my case he knew that his subordinate was noisy and unstable. Sadly, he never really took the time to evaluate the situation himself.

A younger man might have been bitter. The scary part is that the absurd novel disciplinary actions should have set off an investigation but didn't. The sad part about workplace bullying is the utter lack of accountability that managers have. This behavior was tolerated long before I got here. I did stand around and see it end. Oddly the person responsible for my ordeal has spent more than three years in the rubber room.
It is not sufficient punishment for behaviors that were deliberate and malicious. One key thing with bullies is their lack of comprehension of the magnitude of their crimes and they continue to blame others for their failings.

Small gestures don't seem like much but they are appreciated.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Retirement of a boss

One of the bosses is leaving after close to 40 years on the job. He represents another era in our agencies past. He was promoted up the ranks, but his big break came when his father in law lobbied for him to get a position in management. He was less educated then those he supervised and seldom had vision. 

His quirks have damaged my career. Yet in the end he did something that showed class. He apologized for some of his actions and inaction. It showed class and believe it or not it means plenty. I will attend his retirement party and wish him well.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is Bill DiBlassio Shaggy from Scooby Doo

The reality impaired and intellectually lazy Bill DiBlassio has another hidden secret. If you look closely at his earlier photos he does appear to be Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Unlike DiBlassio, Shaggy does get things done in the end.

When his poll numbers drop watch him adopt a dog and name him Scooby. Then he will bring out Velma and Daphne. He will bring out the Mystery Van on election day.

A Crock of Crap from the Feds

The Feds are continuing to be a joke in their blatant partisanship. The latest load of rubbish is accusing a genuine leader, Chris Christie, of misappropriating, Hurricane Sandy relief funds to promote himself in commercials.

Lets see the face of NJ is Chris Christie. The ads were to promote tourism and not Chris Christie. This is a highly partisan abuse of authority by the administration. Funny, where is the actual investigation of government money spent on line dancing or Star trek parodies at the IRS.

The growing list of Obama scandals that have not been investigated is staggering. Terming the misuse of the IRS to punish and harass Obama opponents "phony scandals" and then appointing an Obama donor to investigate the matter does not pass the ethics smell test.

Actually, on the topic of ethics the US government really does need serious reforms. The notion that close relatives should be allowed to work in the same agency is something that needs to really be looked at in many agencies. Sons and daughters have plenty of Federal agencies to work in without setting up shop in the same agency.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Reduce Funding for the IRS

The United States Citizens should demand that the IRS budget be frozen and no bonus or travel expenses be paid until an actual investigation produces the culprits who targeted political foes of Obama. The administration has not made any effort to ascertain the facts and indict the guilty. Let all the members of the agency suffer until the agency cleans house.

The ethical lapses at the IRS are inexcusable and criminal. There are no excuses or rationalizations of this type of severe ethical lapse. Those in management responsible deserve termination and forfeiture of  pensions and time in the Federal Penitentiary. Employees who conducted this should be offered immunity provided they testify against their superiors.

Turning up the financial pressure on the entire agency will force people to co-operate or find other jobs. An immediate hiring freeze should also be imposed on the IRS.

There is no place in the government for abuse of authority for strictly partisan purposes. Those who do not understand the basic concepts of ethics have no place in government. The government exists to serve the people. It is unfortunate that pro Obama clowns forgot about the Constitution and wanted to create Diet Hugo Chavez in the USA

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mission Altered

I am doing more mentor ship and relief work. Previously, I had been assigned to a large docket and assisted others with their docket. I am being held in reserve due to my reliability. It is easier to have the guy who always shows up plug holes.I will be spending time with Congressional inquiries. However, working with this boss is amazing. A top boss asked about one case that was over\due and I told them three days. I explained the drafts were done but it is in the editing phase. The second document was important because I was working with a style that could shave hours off the most complicated high profile cases. The top boss told me to let my supervisor have a crack at it. The case was resolved in less than an hour. More importantly, the innovation I was working on became a reality. It will save around one hundred hours minimum on subsequent cases. Instead of these cases taking days they will now take about two hours. My idea was viable but it took collaboration to make it viable.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christie shows leadership and Obama shows ineptness

The Christie matter in reality was a minor scandal. Yes people were inconvenienced, but in the course of the year it is one stupid experience in a series of many. Christie found out acted and terminated the employee.

I contrast this with cowardly Obama who feigns ignorance of every scandal. The IRS scandal alone exceeds anything in the Watergate scandal. The administration feigns ignorance and lies and we have not gotten to the bottom of the IRS scandal. Despite the NYT claim, Benghazi was not a spontaneous demonstration over a video. That whole story reeks of protect Hillary 2016.

Bottom line is Christie can lead and is a man of action. Obama is a spineless political clown whose every action is suspect. He irritates allies and has our enemies laughing at us. The economy is a disaster and full time jobs are becoming about as rare as Bigfoot directly tied to Obamacare.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Wimping Out

The record cold in the region has altered my work schedule. As stated before I was on a special project working cold cases. I had a hunch a few coworkers would not show up. I dressed for interviews and took the early bus. I got the call about an emergency. I told the chief that I can convert my office back for interviews in under ten minutes and toss on a tie.

For the record about extreme cold.

1) wear two pairs of dress socks under sweat socks.
2) wear gloves seriously
3) Cover head with a hood
4) Turn face away from wind
5) minimize bus waits by knowing the schedule
6) stop at stores along the way to buy items. The ten minutes out of the elements makes a difference.
7) Keep moving
8) go to the bathroom right before leaving home or work
9) If possible skip shaving
10) wrap face in scarf.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

The First Amendment and uniforms and leftist hypocrisy

There are those on the left who want to punish people for speech they don't like. The rather stupid comments of the Duck dynasty moron were a classic example of offensive speech. The speech was made by a private citizen and those offended by it have the right to react and boycott. I don't watch Sean Penn films and will walk out of a room where Streisand music or films are played.

Once again we revisit the limits of free speech. In the case of Chris Kluwe whose speech I agree with lines were crossed. When one is a visible member of a public organization one should stay out of the public fray.
In this case Kluwe's job is to kick a football and if he wants to be a pundit he should do so after his career is over. He may be correct that his speech cost him his job. However, those who are cheering loudest for this matter to be investigated speak entirely differently when a lunatic at DHS ran a racist web site calling for racial war. The lunatic who ran that site never identified himself as a federal employee and the views expressed there are repugnant.

Lefties seem to forget this point frequently. Noam Chomsky and other leftist imbeciles trumpet their positions when playing activist 24/7. The fact that the University and the Alumni may not share his off the wall political idiocy is not considered. We had this with the hate group known as OWS where a low IQ Marine and an Ex Philly Cop paraded their uniforms for self promotion reasons. Perhaps if these two clowns found an Indian, a Cowboy and a Construction worker they could sing YMCA next.

When I attend a political rally I do so as a private citizen. I do not wear my work uniform or speak out on behalf of the organization. The media is quite fond of trying to place microphones in people's faces. We actually have a public relations office for that function. I am quite adept at telling members of the media please seek out the office.

Behind closed doors, is a separate matter. Officers do engage themselves on a variety of work related topics and the conversations are not always amicable. While I do not deny the rhetoric is sometimes heated describing this would violate internal ethics. I will say my positions are close to Kluwe's, but who I engaged in these conversations with is a private matter. Those attorneys and coworkers who work with me closely know exactly where my sentiments lie. In fact the attorneys had a better idea then top management.

Friday, January 03, 2014

RIP Bob Grant

I have been a fan of Bob Grant who is an institution in local NYC talk radio. Many of the top names in the business from Rush Limbaugh to Howard Stern have paid tribute to a poineer. Grant died at age 84. Somewhere in the afterlife he is probably saying to fans Get off my phone and Straight Ahead.