Sunday, January 19, 2014

Statistics and You

Most people do not know a thing about statistics. Lefties like Duncy are forever talking about statistics when expedient and feign ignorance when they are in the way of their pet projects. It turns out that Communists and Anarchists who make up less than 2% of the population are exponentially over represented on University hires.

This is a classic case of adverse impact. Lefties like to delude themselves that they are more intelligent then the rest of the society. In fact it takes little intelligence to repeat idiotic failed philosophers and be a classroom yes man. Our President is a classic example of a campus Yes man. There is claims his position on the Harvard Law Review is proof of intelligence. In fact, it was an elected position and he published all of one article. This was one more article than he published as an academic. How he maintained his job in spite of the lack of published articles is a mystery.

Those of us at any job can point to the Yes men. These are the baboons who kiss the rear of any leader and
get unearned promotions and accolades. No matter how bad an idea they scream yes sir and toady all day.
In my case, when given a difficult task I altered the technology and techniques to meet the goals. It wasn't that I was looking for favor, but I work smart not hard. I also mentored new employees and stressed these techniques. Eventually, our technicians learned to duplicate some minor alterations and everyone shared in the bounty. The boss only learned of one innovation when I changed offices in the morning with a peer. Why did you and X switch offices? She is using my computer for half an hour because it is configured differently. Our technicians were then charged with replicating the innovations as requested.

Thus there are statistics that Blacks are incarcerated at higher rates than whites. All of these factors come with other variables including income level, family structure and so forth. These discrepancies are not as pronounced as the exponential over representation of Communists and anarchists in University faculty. The failure of Universities to address this problem requires outside intervention. Student loans for anything not related to business or the sciences should be halted.

Lefties like the Duck scream academic freedom. Okay where are the anticommunists and conservatives on faculty. Are people discouraged from entering these professions by a hostile work atmosphere. Maybe when the faculty is intellectually diverse we can get actual scholarship.

We are going to do an experiment. We are going to use the same excuses the Duck provides for this disparity and see if it would pass his own racial standards.


Duckys here said...

You made unauthorized hardware/software changes?

No wonder you're always on the bad boy list.

beakerkin said...

Actually, those changes have been replicated. If an officer saves 45 minutes a day with exponentially increased accuracy it is a good thing. I also found unintended ways of using that adjustment in other areas.

Productivity is a good thing. Now our technicians can replicate my idea in under 15 minutes. When I did it though it was only theory