Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mission Altered

I am doing more mentor ship and relief work. Previously, I had been assigned to a large docket and assisted others with their docket. I am being held in reserve due to my reliability. It is easier to have the guy who always shows up plug holes.I will be spending time with Congressional inquiries. However, working with this boss is amazing. A top boss asked about one case that was over\due and I told them three days. I explained the drafts were done but it is in the editing phase. The second document was important because I was working with a style that could shave hours off the most complicated high profile cases. The top boss told me to let my supervisor have a crack at it. The case was resolved in less than an hour. More importantly, the innovation I was working on became a reality. It will save around one hundred hours minimum on subsequent cases. Instead of these cases taking days they will now take about two hours. My idea was viable but it took collaboration to make it viable.

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