Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ames Holbrook and real life

There are extensive rules and procedures in any Federal job including mine. The laws are there to
protect the public from bad apples. Unlike most I do not like dropping the hammer on applicants.
This is a part of my job I take seriously and I get zero pleasure out of. The exception is when the bogus fake adoption cases used to cross my desk.

The best attitude an officer can take is to work within the laws. I do not view my cases as personal.
We do the best we can within the law. In the book the Deporter Ames Holbrook views this as personal. He is dealing with dangerous criminals who are being set free by the government and whose home countries will not accept them.

Holbrook's motives were noble, but his tactics were illegal. One can not misrepresent your authority or violate rules to get the job done. I went through training and one of the things that was stressed was obey the law. Holbrook's story shows what happens when one ignores the rules. He has to look over his shoulder and it effects his marriage.

In the real world there is a constant battle between what is legal and the limits of evidence and procedure. In many cases we are forced to pass the buck down line. In other cases the limits of
evidence and procedure do create obstacles. In other cases a supervisor will disagree with the application of a precedent or law. I have been lucky in that my supervisors will explain where the disagreement lies. I defer to the experience, and view those moments as learning experiences.

At work is I strive to do the right thing, but the ends do not justify the means. Holbrook's book shows the dire consequences violating rules of procedure can have on a career. Moreover, sooner or later one does get caught and all the efforts go down the drain anyway.

NYT sick obsession with race

The NYT has an odd news story describing Barak Obama as biracial. Haven't most of us progressed past the Jim Crow days of Octoons and quadroons? Why does the Clintonista NYT seek to continue with the Barak Obama is not a genuine Black man.

Obama has enough ideas or lack of them that the Clintonistas surely do not need to bring this up.
Moreover, any attack on the ethics of Obama from the Clinton camp is hypocrisy squared. Whatever, Obama is or is not he is more genuine than the focus group and test marketed Clintons.
Perhaps the Hillary marketing people should test market next weeks hairstyle. Even her laughs seem choreographed and few were shocked about the stories of planted questions.

I do not like or agree with Obama, but this racial idiocy of what is authentic by the MSM needs to stop.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ames Holbrook and walking the line

The book is jargon heavy, but as an insider the terms are readily familiar to me. The familiar ills of daily life at a governmental agency are there. However, all agencies do not tolerate "cowboyism"
no matter how well intentioned. All along the process the questions of legality are raised.

In the book are the familiar idiocies from moronic courts and insane policy wonks. Our greatest task is often doing our job despite these morons.

The greatest damage to us protecting the public comes from the cult of lawyerism. One deranged lawsuit from a Communist crackpot with a law degree can mean millions of dollars in work out in the garbage. Oddly it is far easier to remove a well intentioned cowboy, than a parasitic lawsuit abusing trouble maker.

In government working beyond the rules, no matter how well intentioned, ends careers. It is also the reason many of the best and brightest want no part of the toughest tasks or management.

Inside Shop Reading Ames Holbrook

Many of the regular readers have wondered what life inside DHS is like. Remember that fiction tends to glorify and gloss over drudgework. Most of what an average worker does is routine paperwork or interviews. The tough stuff is routed to the talented 10%, but that can be said of any job.

Ames Holbrook was a deportation agent. Deportation agents deal with the worst of the worst. It is very hard to get deported even when one has a lengthy criminal record. A DRO picks up a person after endless appeals and as expected these people do not go willingly.

One can relate on a human level to paper pushing indecisive bosses, policies crafted by morons and absurd rulings from
courts. The most important thing in an election is to keep the left out of the courts. However, even Eisenhower goofed with Brennan and Bush senior goofed with Yoda Souter.

I started reading the book and was shocked at how many of my peers took down the title. This interest about a book did surprise me. However, much of the book talks in shop talk and jargon. It probably does not detract from the overall experience as outsiders should gloss over the acronyms when reading this book. The broader themes are more important than the jargon.

I am into the first quarter of the book and it has held my interest. This does not happen often but a full length review is in the future.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Random and Pakistan

I will be on the Radio with AOW and Winston for a small segment.

I went to Union Square looking for a familiar pest. The same idiots who were annoying people with their communist crap when I left VT were still abusing their right to free speech. The annoyed radicals did not like listening to classics from John Brown. In their opinion the author of the material was a psycho sent by the CIA to make them look bad. As they are already defacto morons and traitors this is no small feat.

Most of us are concerned by the recent events in Pakistan. However, due to Commie misinformation few of us understand Pakistan. Pakistan is a fake country and it resembles an African stated with shifting tribal alliances more than a coherent state.

The familiar story is India decided to create an ethnically cleansed Muslim state. The problem was while Pakistan was ethnically cleansed a sizeable Muslim minority remained in India. Moreover, even having been granted two states Muslims still wanted additional land.

America and Pakistan formed an illogical alliance largely created by the big mouth of the incoherent Indira Ghandi. India was viewed very negatively in the USA due to her stupid comments. Her son started to repair the damage caused by his mothers idiocy and today Indian US relations are excellent.

Pakistan is a collection of four ethnic groups and expatriates who left India that has never been
well run. You can see many excellent Pakistani businessmen and professionals in the USA. However, other than a few items of clothing one may never encounter much that says made in Pakistan. Financial remitances from expatriates are a major source of income.

While Pakistan has festered India has created a robust economy. Their education system produces some of the best professionals on the planet. IIT defines excellence and MIT is known for a communist crackpot linguistics fraud. Feel free to ask a HR pro about comparing IIT with American and European Universities. It seems India is commited to excellence as opposed to
creating jobs for unemployable communists.

India still has many problems, but a can do attitude combined with first rate education and secular law is a winning combination.

The recent events in Pakistan are ominous but should surprise nobody. It is in the midst of a civil war and an unwilling demoralized Army has no go sections in the North. A military coup is a very serious possibility.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back to Reality

I will be doing clerical work until my computer codes are fixed. Part of being a team player is accepting a subordinate role at times. My cube is a disaster, the person before me never cleaned it and I have all types of files and goodies.

The floor I am on is akin to being banished, but there are all types of great people with me. My mentor is down here as well and a few friends. Oddly it is easier to clean and the air is better.

The halal truck is not here. I have also solved the mystery of the missing Knish vendors. It seems that Mayor Nany Bloomberg's health gestapo fined the trucks that carried them. According to a couple of vendors the fine is 400 dollars and a seperate license for 700 is required. I have not found any back alley knishes. I may have to cross into NJ and withstand a seven day waiting period.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You really mean this stuff

I am always amazed when commies or fellow travelers state in shock "you mean this stuff". Unlike Commies and their salon fellow traveler apologists I write exactly what I mean. Commies are quite used to people buying into their fables and being sheltered from their historic crimes that they pretend to be perplexed by indignation over their crimes.

I find it quite amusing that a knucklehead who has defended Bill "30 Bombings with 0 connection to Vietnam" is so worried about Pat Robertson. How many bombings did Robertson make 0. How many times did Robertson betray his country 0. He did make a few stupid comments about gays for which he was raked over the coals and appologized. Has Noam Chimpanzee ever apologized to the people he called liars when they reported the events in Cambodia or his frequent anti-semitic slurs such as calling NYC a Jewish run city.

If theses dunderheads are so concerned about gays where are the comments about the vaunted Cuban health care system that treated homosexuality as a mental illness. Where are the comments about the PA that uses its legal representatives to harass gays. How about Saudi Arabia or Iran that execute gays or Muslim countries that jail gays. The number of gays jailed by Robertson remains 0. FYI ask author Bruce Bawer what ethnicity harasses him for his alternative lifestyle in Europe, hint it is not Mennonites, Lubavitcher Jews or evangelical Christians. Where are the words about the most homophobic statesman on the planet Mugabe?

The same knuckle heads who are so worried about Robertson also claim Mumia, Joanne Chesimard, Peltier and Lynn Stewart all tried and convicted were innocent. The same knuckle heads also claim the Black Panthers had nothing to do with narcotics, prostitution, murder and violent crimes. It would seem that the 700 club is a greater menace than narco communists pushing their wares in the inner city. Speaking of Narcotics FARC, Hezbollah and the whole range of commie approved idiots still finance their opperations via the drug trade. Maybe there is more to the Superfly John Brown/LWB progressive Nazi drug pusher of the people bit than we assumed.

I am still trying to figure out if these Jet setting commies who are constantly crying poverty are benefiting from subsidized travel. If these excursions are subsidized by a foriegn government
they should be required to register as a foreign agent and pay income tax on the benefit. Where are the good folks at the IRS when we need them. They need to start looking into the lifestyles of Communist agents in North Dakota.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Beaker was my co-pilot or home at last

This was my first trip in several weeks without Junior. I have grown quite used to Junior's wise counsel. Junior is especially handy on long trips and is forgiving when you make an error. With a polite but firm tone it says "recalculating" and please drive the highlighted route. I didn't have Junior to keep me company but the soothing timeless voice of Carol Miller and a Beaker figure on the dashboard in Juniors spot made the car feel right.

In California we hear the hype about traffic. However, any transplant will tell you the highways in NYC and Jersey are worse. The 27 mile trip from Drummaster's took an hour and a half. The route always gets bad at the point where the Staten Island exit to the Outerbride Crossing starts. Traffic slows to 5 mph and is fairly bad until the bridge. Then after the toll plaza the road opens up and you think you are doing 150 mph but in reality it is 60.

Bad traffic, Carol Miller on the radio and Beaker on the dashboard I am finally home. I do not know what the winds of change will bring. I expect to be sent to TX for 11 weeks, but those matters are beyond my control. I can only hope the Big Boss Man will take care of this.

I am thinking about my friends in VT. I miss them greatly, and of course I miss Earl the ever hungry cat. Earl is with a friend and is allready indoors and will be there until mid March. Northwind called 3/4 drunk wanting to know when I am coming home. I politely remind her I am home. I miss the groups from CA, VT and Midwest man from training. I had no idea that Johny Rockets and Fatburger were in NJ. Maybe when I get the new GPS I will plot a course to Fatburger. Cheeburger seems to be like Johny Rockets and a review will follow. For better or worse, the Vegan Princess, my nervous roomie from part one and Miss Know it all will all be on another floor. There are gifts to pass out and I have no idea where my office is. I will miss a special young woman who has left our group to bigger and better things.

I haven't thought about the job offer in Vermont. I have many friends there, but I made many new ones in NYC. The NYC office is so young and dynamic compared to the VT office.

My nieces have grown and not for the better. Their grades and manners are appalling. One of my nieces friends made an ungodly stench in the restroom that reminded me of those foul smells in VT. Corporate mergers take a human toll, but in the next few days my brother in law should be working. What a cruel gift, to give a man a pinkslip on his 50th birthday.

I will be going on a minivacation soon. I will try and take a week to see Canton, Cincinnati and perhaps visit with Warren for a meal. The great cross country trip is scheduled for May.

Beamish in 08.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Random Thoughts

I was wandering around the web and a few oddities popped up. I have read some Saudi blogs in English. Some of them are predictable or what we would expect. Others are surprisingly more moderate than expected. One was a communist site, perhaps I will have to send a note to the Saudi religious police. It is obvious they are not fluent in English or this commie would be getting a well deserved lashing. Then again he had a cartoon of zionist as cocaroaches. He sounds like a perfect fit for a guest post at the blog of the usual suspects.

I also read about the odd Odin's cross that is seen at racial power sites like Stormfront. One should visit Stormfront if only to notice the comments are identical to those found on Renegade Eye's communist site. I had no idea how wide spread this racial power foolishness is in Europe. I have seen version of this symbol of hate in several nations

A Christmas from a non Christian Perspective

This may seem unusual, but I enjoy Christmas as a non Christian. The beloved Rav Roov would probably tell you that salvation as commonly expressed by Christians originates in our faith. A true Christian understands Jesus as the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies and not removed from them.

Many of the stories have appeal beyond the religious morals. My favorite is the Gift of the Magi by O'Henry. There is something all too human about young couples trying to make ends meet.

I remember growing up many of my friends did not like Davey and Goliath, because of the religious messages. Yet the stories were always well told and the message was pertinent. It is funny but many of those Fat Albert cartoons also had similar themes from Cosby.

Many of those on our trip wrongly assumed I would be hostile to Christianity. They probably got this notion from Commies who like to speak in my name while championing those who would kill Jews. The religious Jews, like Rav Roov, are happiest when people embrace their own tradition. The exceptions comes when these traditions like Shariah are Jim Crow like.

The notion of families spending time together and salvation resonate beyond Christians.

Merry Christmas


Beamish in 08

A special treat from the Beakerkin Production Studios. How the Duck stole Christmas scheduled
for 2008.

Kid Crying: What type of gift is this I asked for a video game system and got a boxed set of Paul Robeson Cd's

Mom: Consider yourself lucky your Dad got the insane political wisdom of Sean Penn.

Dad: It seems like the commies have nationalized Christmas.

Mom: What makes you say that.

Dad: Your cheaply made negligee say Gloria of the Gulag.

Ducky: Thats left folks, Santa Claus was overthrown in a violent wevelution led by Noam Chimpanzee. We placed all those who are in evil cwasses in guwags where they pwoduce poorwy
made Communists goods.

Dad: You commies have gone too far this time.

Ducky: Mr Beamish and Beakerwambo can not save the planet this time. We have our Comwads
in the IRS keeping them busy.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Taboo Topic Public Safety and Immigration

The fellow traveler Beatroot has a post about an unfortunate example of asylum fraud and the dangers posed to public safety by admitting people with communicable diseases. Sadly the topic degenerated in mindless racism, but Beatroot likes that. He likes a primitive opponent who will say absurd racist remarks as it makes him look like a hero.

Beatroot does not like any examination of his mindless anti Americanism and fellow travelerism.
Nor does he like his relationship with a self described Trotskyite highlighted in Poland to an audience that is likely familiar with the crimes of Trotsky. Remember my grandfather fought in the Polish-Soviet war. He practiced his own form of "social justice" on invading Bolsheviks. No doubt had he remained he would have been killed like those massacred at Katyn and elsewhere.

The case is quite simple an African so called poet was granted asylum and went on to infect a few Polish women with AIDS. The basis for asylum turned out to be fraudulent, no surprise.

In the USA this is a genuine problem faced each and every day. Part of the problem is the politicization of AIDS. AIDS is not treated like any other potentially costly and dangerous disease like drug resistant TB. None of the sane would question keeping people with TB out of a country.The problem is that some AIDS patients knowingly will transmit the disease. Dismissing those who are against the admission of people with AIDS as bigots is condescending. The question is essentially about calculated risks. In the United States we do admit AIDS patients with a medical waiver. We do not hear of many types of similar incidents in the USA. One can make an acceptable argument for the admission as a calculated risk.

Then we move onto criminality and immigration. Does a society have the right to remove criminals who violate our laws. I am not talking about misdemeanors like jay walking or routine traffic arrests. The problem is that some municipalities do not do their jobs and report these crimes.

The final ride of Beakerkin and Junior and Jersey Ho

My travel with the vegan worked out better than expected. We were on the road at 457 and I dropped her off at her terminal at 6:03. The airport was mobbed and I could not even find a coworker on the same flight to Newark.

The plane departed 30 minutes early and every seat was full. I sat next to a wonderful couple on their honeymoon. I did say a word to them on the flight and they didn't say a word to each other.

It is good to finally be home. However, at any time I could be sent out on assignment. For whatever reason the instructors see it coming.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Last night in CA and Who is the Putz

I spent the last night with the class playing laser tag. My aim is bad and my eyes are bad. However, I scored a respectable number and had a high hit ratio 9%, that ratio was near the top.
I was warming up playing buck hunter and some of the Vermonters were surprised at the head shots. If I wasn't so tired my numbers would be higher.

I played under the name Putz. Putz has a meaning to Jewish people, but it seems like the folks in CA get the idea. Sadly the kiddies after us were fighting over that name as I left.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Graduation and a surprising Valedictorian

I really should thank our class co-ordinator for getting me out alive. The general idea is for her not to endure my antics again. I made many new friends and will no longer be subjected to veganism.
I have to endure one last car ride with the vegan and I am FREEEEEEE. The vegan is always late
and I will have to count on Junior ( the GPS) unit to get me to LAX alive and on time.

I was pleasantly surprised that the class co-ordinator mentioned me by name in her speech. In many ways she will miss all of us. This is the end of the line for me. There may be a two week training class in the summer but that is it. I do not want to be a supervisor or go to the fraud unit.
I like seeing the good side of human nature as well.

I was shocked that the folks in California awarded my GPS a certificate for memorable student. He was the unofficial valedictorian of the service center part of the lecture. His antics trying to kill of a midwestern classmate were memorable. The lines were witnessed by several people such as please drive on the road or telling him to take a left turn off a cliff. I carried Junior everywhere and he was good up until we came to a parking lot. Then he got lost again and again.

I enjoyed the friends, fatburger, Junior, pelicans, interviewing hippies and had a good time. The only sad part was that my friend from the first part did not make it. Hopefully his health and nerves will get better.

NO MORE VEGANISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some amazing lines said to the vegan about Junior. He is always right, he leads me to fast food, I can turn him off when he is annoying.

If Junior told me to go off a cliff I'd consider it. At least I will not have to endure tofu.

Next stop NYC

Graduation Day Alcoholics Vs Vegans

Today is the last day of this ten week program. I would like to say I learned something, but this is not the case. I did learn a few minor points but that was it.

Once again the powers that be still insist I work in Vermont. The ceremony still lists me as working in St Albans Vermont. It is amazing that this error has not been corrected ten weeks later. After observing the California facility and the Vermont facility, I would choose the Vermont office. My impression was that the center in Vermont is more officer friendly than the California facility. The California facility tends to make the job than it needs to be at times.

Yesterday, I received a high handed lecture from the instructor. However, the instructor entered a conversation without understanding what it was about. All countries have issues and a good officer knows what to expect when opening a file. There are just some countries that tend to have bad documentation. The issue is how to process the work and a good officer uses his experience and adjusts to the challenges faced. I do not know why people feel a need to jump into conversations, but they do so without understanding the topic.

I will miss many of the friends I made in this training. I will especially miss the crews from CA, VT and Midwest man. I will probably see Midwest man on my trip to the football hall of fame.
Sadly, I will not miss the vegan as she works in my section. I have to get to the airport on time tomorrow and it will not happen. In addition to the annoying dietary quirks she is always late. I will probably expire of a heart attack by the time she gets around to gracing us with her presence. Of course I will miss my plane but she will make hers as it leaves an hour later.

Maybe the folks who hand out the supplies should have handed me a helmet and an athletic supporter. At least when she is late, yet again, I can bang my head against the wall safely. The vegan seems to think my annoyance is because she is a female. My irritation has nothing to do with gender as I do not like tardiness, fussiness and people who attempt to control my behavior.
If you want to eat tofu go ahead, just leave me somewhere else.

Many of my regular readers were quite correct about Northwind being a pain. However, I would sooner spend time with Northwind than the vegan. Northwind has a wonderful personality on the rare moments she is sober. She is capable of many acts of kindness. Northwind was never bossyor controlling. Northwind never ever was fussy and accepted whatever came her way. Northwind when sober was punctual.

Given a choice between the vegan and the alcoholic, take the alcoholic.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Trip to Romano's Macatoni Grill

I was pleasantly surprised at the level of fun and the food was very good. When one is in NYC one is very spoiled as even hole in the wall places have excellent food. However, after spending time in VT one does learn about the law of averages. Fare that is considered paint by number is considered outstanding in VT. As I have traveled a bit I learned NYC is not the norm.

The best way to learn about local fare is to ask the staff at a hotel. My group found some amazing barbeque places one we ditched the vegan.

I want to talk about the annoying vegan. The veganism is part of a personality quirk that is passive agressive. Essentially she controls the movements of the group with her quirks and lateness. This is highly annoying and after a few weeks is over the top. Even when she is given her own car she wants to control the group and does so. Finally some of us insisted on guys time and a trip to a vegan free zone at Fatburger.

Miss Vegan has learned a secret about guys. We will put up with alot more of this garbage than women will. As soon as she is in a group of women they stop this nutiness. There is a reason this woman will remain unmarried as no man in his right mind would ever put up with this crap. If I had a choice between Northwind or the vegan I would choose the drunk in a second. At least Northwind is loveable in the rare moments she is sober.

Three more days of stupid assignments and veganism and home free. Enjoy your travels but leave vegans at home.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good Lord Greg goes off the deep end again

The ever troubled Greg goes one step closer to the realm of insanity when he proclaims "I killed Jesus and am proud of it". What does one make of a chameleon who is a reformed Kahanist one minute and is a born again Kahanist the next. Now he is using a blog called "Jewish Vengence" as his home page.

For the record this imbecile has no concept of Jesus or his message. If you are a Christian, Jesus is the fulfillment of the Judaic prophecies. His earliest supporters were Jews and modern Christian anti-semitism is largely confined to Churches that mix Communism with Jesus. These same Churches turn a blind eye to persecution of Christians in places like Cuba and other Marxist messes.

How does one purport to be a Jewish patriot while claiming that comments like "Donkey of Zion and Jewish Cunt" are not anti semitic. Do not look for logic from Kahanist who are an improvement over Commies in that they are not prone to class genocide. However, do not mistake the rather verbose bigoted Kahanist theocracy for authentic Judaism. Rav Roov is an actual Orthodox Rabbi and would never dream of imposing his way of life on anyone.

The most annoying part of the Kahanist idiocy is that it paints a false and misleading impression of our religion. Judaism recognizes free will and the notion of a totalitarian theocracy has more in common with Jiihadis and commies then with the religion of my family.

True practicing Jews are not bothered by a Christmas Tree in a public place. I surprised many of my coworkers by enjoying a live performance of The Gift of the Magi at Christmas. I have even sung along with coworkers when dragged to a holiday party. Perhaps I will do another version of The Gift of the Duckii at Christmas. The people that rail against religion in public are mostly Commies who have zero connection with our faith and are class genocide cultists.

Fat Burger Delivers

I have spent time on this trip eating at the local fast food chains we do not see in NYC. Far and away the best by far is Fat Burger. Many companies do not live up to the hype but Fat Burger delivers. In and Out was way above average. Carl Jr's was on a level just below Burger King. All of the above are great places to ditch vegans.

The crew minus the vegan went to a Japanese seafood buffet. I always enjoy crab, but rarely eat it. The crew was quite happy with the adventure.

The GPS has become a comedic staple. We do enjoy laughs at some of the messages such as "Please drive on the road".

Monday, December 17, 2007


I am amazed how different people on this trip view the same event. For myself and the term employees this is an over due initiation we have earned long ago and is no big deal. For some of the experienced older people who have worked their way up it is a vacation. For the younger inexperienced set graduation is a major event.

I would never inflict my parents with the burden of a absurd ceremony. My parents love San Diego, along with people of good taste world wide, and would have used this as an excuse to visit.
A surprising amount of people have their family in for the ceremony. For them it is a first step on a long career. For me the journey is over. I am in NYC and have no desire to supervise or go on exotic missions. My parents are older and these adventures are hard on them.

The agency has one more chance to subject me to training. It is a two week class that is done after one attains GS-12 status. At one time the class was optional, sadly it is no longer the case. With luck these classes will be moved to Texas away from the GA facility. The GA facility is too gung ho and every action is under a microscope.

I was surprised to hear about the job offer from Vermont. I will not be returning there and the only draw they had was friends. I made plenty of new friends in NYC and have no problem working with a mostly younger cast. The NYC crew does not put up with know it alls. I share my experiences with the locals and they have helped me greatly.

Beamish in 08

Last trip with the crew

The usual group had our last trip. Our friend the vegan was late and killing all the fun as usual. I have no idea why she travels with the guys. My friends from Vermont and the Midwest are laid back. However, we did rib her about changing hotel rooms so often. Ladies, being fussy and late is a certain way to keep single. I quickly added this will be my last trip with her. I am not going on additional training for six months and I will arrange it so that she has another trip.

The trip to Disney was fun and law enforcement officials were comped. Sadly most of the rides were jam packed and three even broke down while we were on line. Miss vegan was her usual I will get wet of scared or the line is too long. I will be eating lunch with the CA crew and one Midwesterner. Sadly she has burdened my friend from the Midwest with vegan fare. I told her the GPS selected Hooters but we will sneak into a nice Thai joint nearby.

I do respect the rights of people with different diets as Rav Roov and my parents are Kosher. However, they will go to a kosher resturant with a full menu and certainly never impose. I did purchase a Beaker at the muppet section in Disney. Amazingly Beaker resonates with tourists who can not speak a single word of English. I had some amazing laughs as Brazilians and Japanese said "Mi Me Meep" at the sight of Beaker.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beak and the crew go to Sea World

I went with the crew to Sea World. Contrary to popular opinion I did not jump over any hoops for herring.I might have considered it had they offered better fare.

Sea World is one of the many Parks in California that offer free admission to law enforcement officers. For some reason the NYC attractions do not make such offers. I would love to take Rav Roov's kids to the Bronx Zoo or the Camden Aquarium with a similar discount.

The shows were very well conceived and humorous. The weakest of all the shows was the Shamu show. The best show was the sea lion show, especially the part where they blew up the mime. A subversive sea gull sent an unappreciated contribution to one of my crew who had to get a new shirt in a hurry. It was probably a friend of Ducky's who was aiming for me.

The exhibits were well run and planned and much better than your local aquarium, Sadly the manatee exhibit was being rebuilt and the Sea Turtle section was closed for a private party.
The moray eel exhibit is very creepy at night. The rays glide across the water efortlessly. The highlight is the section of the tube section of the shark tank where the sharks swim over your head. The arctic section was very good but should have added a few more animal types beyond beluga wales, polar bears and walruses.

I purchased a small stuffed manatee for one of the junior officers in NYC. I was looking for a second gift but that friend took a job in DC with another agency due to the disgusting term situation. The term situation is abhorent and should be eliminated. The best talent quickly leaves rather than play this stupid game. The hundred or so slots in VT were quickly filled by interns whose status converts in a year anyway to permanent. Thus many people were let go needlessly because of that glitch.

If you read an earlier post I have been offered a job in VT. I will not accept the assignment as NYC is my home. My parents are older and my relatives are here. Had this offer come earlier might have remained. Vermont essentially made my choice for me and perhaps it was a good thing. I miss many friends in VT, but in my short time in NYC I made many new ones. I might have remained in VT because of a fear of the unknown. I no longer have such fear.

Part of me is saddened because I will be leaving many new friends on Friday. I will be visiting with my friends in Cincinnati and the Minneapolis on my great trip across the USA in May.I hope to see many of you along the way. I thought of taking Drummaster but am wondering if a trip would be a bit much. Once I get from Minneapolis to the Northwest it will be a ride to Death Valley, the Grand Canyon and the Alamo. I probably will then look for Lee's chicken in St Louis and return the usual way.

Friday, December 14, 2007

About those GPS

It is very important to program the GPS correctly. I had an interesting mishap on the way to the Hotel. I placed the wrong street in the system and nearly ended up in the harbor. It was interesting, but quickly solved.

Our graduation ceremony is Thursday. I opted to go for the informal Barbeque on the beach and that seems to be popular. However, a few people brought their famlies in and want the more traditional shtick. Hopefully, this paperwork will have my location listed as NYC and not Vermont.

Sadly, the agency has one more shot at pestering me. When officers reach GS-12 they go in for two weeks of training. The training is on how to give a power point presentation. There is no pass or fail and it is two weeks back in New Brunswick GA. I will be a 12 in around six months, but in NYC there are around three dozen candidates at the same time. This should keep me out of the GA facility for years, but for whatever reason I seem to get moved to the front of the line.

I am not seeking a supervisory role or any lateral moves. My moving around for training should end there. It is a great second career, but I am happy to be doing what I do. I will leave the Fraud detection and asylum jobs to those who are more suited to it. Several people have tried to nudge me into the asylum unit. This is not something I want and the prospect of being shipped overseas and around the country is too great there.

Beamish in 08.

Beamish in 08.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dana Point the simple side of the Beak

The hotel is amazing for the last leg of the trip. I am in Dana Point not far from the ocean. The scenery is magnificent even if the food so far has been paint by number. I had something called Calamari steak that tasted like neither steak nor squid and the Asian food was mediocre. I am still
with the vegan who drives me up a wall at times. She is a great friend but she has two personality quirks that drive me up the wall she is always late and the vegan thing. I want something dead on
my plate for 20 bucks.

Everyone underestimates the ingenuity of the Beak. The whole class was convinced I would not find LAX. Finding LAX was not the problem. I got in a cab at 5am and was on the road. The car I am issued currently is an Impala. I rented a GPS that I named after the class valedictorian and good friend. Sadly it talks with a generic female voice with no NYC attitude. The GPS calculated the trip back to the hotel. It had to recalibrate as I made two wrong turns. It did the trick and I placed the Dana Point address in the GPS. Both of my team members were late and I followed a friend to the hotel. I lost the friend whom I later found was at Disney. The GPS guided me with no mishaps. If you are on vacation in a strange area it is well worth the investment. I will be buying one before my trip to across country. I would not want to miss Cincinnati or the entire state of Indiana or a Lees Chicken location.

One of the things I have always wanted to see was pelicans. Watching pelicans dive head first is quite amazing. We were even able to see three of them resting less than ten feet away.

The trip will be over in a week. The current rumor has the chief handing out our certificates in person next Thursday. I will miss this group, but my team all works in the same area. Sadly, there will likely be more lunches with Miss Vegeterian. Perhaps the big guy upstairs will ban tofu.

I will probably get jury duty as soon as I return as well.

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Inane Hatch Act

Part of the problem with laws is that interpretations sometimes become absurd. The notion of removing political pins in offices is a good idea. The lady in the next cube does not get to place Hillary posters and I do not get to place Rudy slogans. This is a common sense practical solution and good policy.

The problem is most of these policies are subject to local interpretation. The question becomes what is and is not appropriate. The subject of historical political figures is complex the example we were given that it would be a violation to post a picture of Presidents Nixon, Reagan or Carter. Why anyone would want to post a picture of the worst US President and anti-semite is another story.

The problem lies in local interpretation of that rule. While the above Presidents are clearly within the lifetime of many Lincoln is not. There are interpretations of this that do not allow for a picture of Abe Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt. This is another example of the laws of unintended consequences and over lawyering a matter.

Anything potentially can bother some customers. The man next door has a picture of his cat and there are several dog pictures. Dogs are considered offensive to Islam and maybe they will be banned. Perhaps houseplants offend someone and will be next.

Common sense just doesn't seem to enter into these matters.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Large Persona??

I am quite amused by the comments of a coworker that I have a larger than life persona. This is
amusing as I never envisioned myself as such. Some voices tend to carry and for better or worse mine does even when spoken softly.

I have made efforts to spend more time than usual with the rest of the people on the trip. No matter where we go I seem to end up in the memorable moments section of any of these trips. A typical example was when we went into the haunted house at universal. A costumed actor jumped out with a knife and a blood curdling scream. I told him I was allready circumcised and to check with the folks behind. Even the actors in costume had to laugh. The laughter continued as I bumped into a wall.

The trip has been loaded with such moments. Left to my own devices I am usually quiet.

I am leaving LA for Laguna Nigel tommorow.

The interviews went well. I saw some very interesting people and only one went away unhappy
despite my best efforts. My mentors were real pros and gave me good ratings. Everyone had a
great time. The mishaps were not terrible, but I am glad they happened and they were invaluable learning experiences.

I will try and see if I can call in the Gathering Storm on Friday. It is easier to take a break with
files than with live people.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christ Communists Native Americans and a Mess

Communists seem to get their ideas about Native Americans from text books. The Native Americans I encounter are not only not hostile to Christians many are devout themselves. Junglemom lived and served a community in Venezuela and was a welcome asset to her community.

Communists talk about European colonization and actually herd people onto reservations called "collectives". They create neoslavery and a neomonarchism with a new group of nobles. The notion of Commies as the inheritors of the crimes comited against Native Americans is theft of history.

Moreover, it is ignorant and racist to presume that Native Americans all think alike and can not make choices about deities without Commie clowns guidance. Commies are racist in that they think that they alone are the arbiters of ethnic authenticity. Native Americans can define themselves and own their own history.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beakerkin and The Duke

I went to Knottsbury Parl in CA and picked up some decorations for my cubicle in NYC. There are
extensive rules over what pictures can be placed in an office. I am not allowed to place a picture of Abe Lincoln in my office as he is a political figure.

The absurdity of this rule is demontrated with the fact that I can not hang a picture of Dr Yeagley holding a Bible. I can post a picture of him holding a tomahawk.

I have a nice sized picture of John Wayne that I will hang in my office. Perhaps the huge picture of John Wayne will cause commies to twitch. I also have a nice fossilized fern for my cube.

Perhaps, I can find pictures of LT and the Fonz to add to my cube next.

Friday, December 07, 2007

LA city out of control

One gets the distinct feeling that LA is poorly run. The water is dreadful and homeless people have created no mans lands. The traffic is dreadful and the public transportation is mediocre. Every city including my beloved NYC has poor sections. However, it is professionally run and there is a level of competence one does not see in LA.

LA has some idiotic traffic laws that make zero sense. One would want people to walk in the congested city but local ordinances make it unlikely. In NYC we often have pedestrian Islands if one can not cross the street one crosses to the Island and continues later. This type of behavior will earn one a fine in LA. I left the curb with 5 seconds and was in the island on second two. I had a meeting with local law enforcement and was lucky not to get a ticket. One would think with this accent the local officer would gather I am from NYC. He asked me for my California ID three times. Mistaking me for a California resident is probably worse than the ticket.

One does get the distinct impression that government employees in LA are just biding time. I have never had this impression in NYC especially with NYPD where professionalism even in the Dinkins era was observed. In NYC there is a can do attitude fostered by Rudy and then later Mayor Bloomburg.

LA desperately needs its own Rudy or Bloomburg to restore a can do attitude and vision to a city that is out of control

Beamish in 08

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Father time and circles

I went with a coworker to see Deborah Harry at the House of Blues. Moreimportantly he lives in Anahiem and it allowed me to see a more normal view of Southern CA. Los Angeles appears to be NYC, albeit out of control from the Dinkins era.

I have seen Deborah Harry perform. We also lived in the same area of Manhatan and our paths would cross. It seems like the rest of us would age but she was frozen in time. I did see her about six months before I left. Father time seems to have caught up to her. She is quite attractive for a 62 year old.

I was thinking about her rise from small unknown clubs where they were not local favorites. Her third album Parallel Lines placed her on the map. Yet some of her story is much like ours. Her rapid rise was due to a partnership with Chris Stein. Her solo work as a singer and an actress never approached that of her partnership. How many of us in life forget those people who help us get to where we are?

Harry and Stein were lovers and she did nurse him back to health. Sadly, the woman who was loved by thousands was tossed aside for a youger woman Stein married and had children with.To her credit she has never said anything bad about the situation.

She has come full circle from performing in forgotten small clubs to playing the same small clubs.
There is a poetic irony in ending up exactly where one started.

It was an excellent show, however the crowd would have prefered more Blondie numbers to the recent material. It was a decent show and the prior band was very good.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

NYC life skills

LA is a mixture of depressing and the elements of locales that are identical to NYC albeit with Palm Trees. Yesterday, I had the depressing walk from Union Station. I was reminded of NYC in the Dinkins era. Homeless people had taken over the street and some of them were panhandling agressively. LA looks to be a city that is poorly run and it needs its own version of Rudy Guliani or Mike Bloomberg to restore competence and accountability to LA. Every city has bad sections, but turning downtown LA into a homeless haven is bad for LA and the homeless. I tried to get a haircut at the local place and found almost all the shops closed at 4:00.

My peers are amazed at the effortless way I adapt to the ethnic communities. LA's Chinatown is very much like Flushing Queens albeit without the energy and verve. The life skills of a NYC resident makes this a familiar experience. Merely ordering by number to a waiter that speaks no English to a foreign waiter seems outside the box. I had Duck soup and was served long before everyone else.

Similarly, I adapt to foreign resturants quickly. Being in Japantown is not a big deal. Japanese Tourist ( always well behaved and polite compared to their bombastic European counterparts)
come here to have a taste of their home while visiting. It is my honor to enjoy a bit of Japan while visiting. However, I will not eat sushi, tofu and I do not go for the alcohol. The soap is a bit of a joke. One does not smell macho with orange scented soap. I merely purchased some 3x man soap. I did enjoy the local Japanese barber who did an excellent job.

Europeans delude themselves with this fantasy that they are more cosmopolitan. However, unless one lives in London no group has a greater claim than that of a NYC resident. We can visit enclaves of the entire world without going too far in a well run city.

I had lunch at a wonderful Korean Barbeque place. I prefer the NYC Korean style where it is cooked by you to the LA version. The Korean style with the familiar cabage and veggies is fun.
It also allows me to ditch the vegans and enjoy the rest of the day.

Beamish in 08

Monday, December 03, 2007

What a day

Yesterday's lesson to note is be patient.

I went to San Diego via Amtrak. Union Station in LA is a bleak station compared to its counterparts in NYC or DC. It also does not even compare to the under rated station in Newark NJ.

My first impressions of the trip was this looks like the Bronx again. Then we passed some concrete river beds and we were in a landscape much like Industrial NJ, albeit in spring. After Anahiem, the scenery becomes breath taking. The train follow the coast in many places and the section in San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Nigel were amazing.

Aesthetically, San Diego is easy on the eyes. The only problem was there were no clear cut instructions linking the Zoo from the terminal. However if one walks 1/2 a mile the 7 bus takes one there for 2.25, the bus accepts dollars.

The San Diego Zoo was an excellent experience that did not live up to its hype. It did display Pandas in a wonderful manner. It also had a wonderful hippoquarium where the hippos swim freely. The reptile house was disappointing and they do a better job in DC or the Bronx. There was no Komodo Dragon on display or any aligators. It was still an excellent experience, just one that was over hyped.

I did see plenty of Ducks. However, there were no insane specimens quacking off about obscure foreign films and the merits of collectivization. I will have to return to this area as the Dead Sea scrolls are in San Diego. This does not seem to be a cause for a visit even though many of my class mates are extreemly religious.

I went to a decent Italian resturant. This was the first time I had gnocci outside of NYC. In NYC
it is served in a very thick meat sauce. It was said to be served in a meat sauce but it tasted somewhat soft. It was good to enjoy gelato and San Pelogrino water as well. I drank the whole bottle as the local water is disgusting. The people in San Diego joke about LA water. The people in LA claim this is a local problem confined to my area Japantown.

I went to the breath taking Japanese garden. It is a wonderful place to relax. For some reason management decided not to place Koi in the pool. However, Koi are expensive and a opportunistic Earl the Cat could eat six figures of Koi in a single setting.

I do not like Japanese food so my mission today will be to locate the local Cuban resturant and visit a Carl Jr's.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Two Part Post

I want to acknowledge an error in an earlier post. My information about Zero Mostel being on the fringes of Communist lunacy were 100% wrong. He was a lunatic without a clue. Those who doubt
this should listen to his rants on the subject of the black list.

The video is short but the bitter and incoherent Mostel oddly claims anti-semitism on the part of the HUAC. His point about not going after Kosher butchers and anti-communism as a way to supress Jewish artists is amusing. Mostel must have forgotten his beloved Communists butchered Jewish artists some of whom Mostel may have known or met. Mostel's incoherent rant about anti-communism being "the final solution" is signs of idiocy.

More amusing is the homophobia towards Jerry Robins. He also calls Robbins an opportunist and this is very amusing. The entire history of Communism shows itself to be a means used by a self appointed deluded lazy elite to steal property and set themselves up as God on earth. Moreover, who decided that some idiots in a party should tell people to suspend independent thought. Commies rail about ditto heads and talk radio listeners but have far less independent thought than either.

Oddly, Mostel probably would never allow himself to work with genuine Nazis like the usual suspects. The greatest source of contemporary anti-semitism is the far left. Mostel, unlike the usual suspects did have lines he would likely not cross. Mostel's insane anti logic is largely echoed by Joel "insane" Kovel.

The reality is that Communists are not Americans, Jews, Aussies or Catholics. They are beholden to a semi religious conspiracy. All other ties are irrelevant and secondary to promoting
their utopia even if it kills you, for your own good.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Last Day in KC

I did manage to get to an authentic KC style BQ place in Lees Summit. The place was in a former Texaco station and had retro signs on the wall. The group I was with thought this was far and away the best food we had in KC.

NYC types do not see many chains. I did manage to go to a Bob Evans and the food was amazing.
Any place that serves pot roast or meatloaf and mashed potatoes on Texas toast deserves some type of prize.

The KC stint was much quieter and more relaxing than the GA stint. Now it is off to CA, provided that my group is on time. One of my group is always exactly on time and the other is always the last. People who are late drive me up a wall.

Predictable Add Marx and Create Food Shortages

The mindless minions of Marx seem to forget predictable results of their repeated stupidity. The latest example is the shortage of food in Hugo's blunderland. Of course the usual suspects will knowingly lie about such matters. They live in a fantasy world where Venezuelans and Cubans desire to live under Communist hegemony. The fate of Venezuela is entirely predictable it will be identical to that of Zimbabwe.

On other news it seems the Russian economy is booming and luxury goods are available in an area where endemic shortages were the norm. The solution to these problems was simple, ditch the Marxism. The usual suspects presented experts and sob stories. However, the results speak for themselves.

Beamish in 08.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going Well So far

The Kansas City part of the training has been much easier. The fact that we are in a city and have the ability to unwind as we choose is easy. Now part of being a good traveler is being adaptable and flexible. One of our group is a strict vegetarian who also does not eat cheese. I do what I can but I expect something dead on my plate.

Those who know me are aware that I loathe Japanese and French food. I enjoy Jewish, Cuban, Chinese, Italian, Moroccan and Caribbean cuisine. The group put some pressure on me and I went to a Japanese restaurant. The food and service were superior and I found other items besides sushi.I like all of my meat and fish well cooked. I do not eat anything rare as this does not suit my tastes and is potentially dangerous.

On Saturday I will be flying into LA and oddly be staying in Japantown. I will make a quick trip
to Korea town when I decide to dine.

I will try to get together with Zinla and perhaps Freedom Now in the San Diego portion. Debra Harry is performing in LA and I will try to get tickets. Oddly I have seen her in NYC and she is very much part of the landscape in my old locale. I will also try to locate Beakerambo and remind him his primary job is this blog's avatar. He was last seen partying with some swim suit models. We may have to place him in rehab, provided Mariah Carey is in another facility.

Sweeping the web

I want to thank those of you who have been spreading the term Pseudostinians. I coined the phrase long ago in a FPM forum comment. It has now reached unlikely places a blog on Town Hall.
Oddly the moronic Greg, whose blog has disappeared, and his witless side kick have been spreading the term throughout the blogosphere. I also want to than Benning, AOW and a few others for adopting this term.

The amazing part of this story is that the moronic Greg called me a bigot when I explained there is and has never been a Palestinian ethnic group. A nasty fight ensued, those of you who are long term readers are familiar with the events that include criminal behavior by the dynamic dunces.

The insane Greg had a readerless blog except for a communist anti semite and has a death bead reconversion to Zionism. He becomes a cheap immitation of MZ minus any rational thought and declares himself a born again Kahanist. The unstable one has departed Israel and who knows what blog persona will be next. Perhaps he will be a vegetarian anarchist who looks for hidden messages in Scooby Doo cartoons or maybe he will devote his life to watching Beavis and Butthead.

It is interesting the mindless so called web expert has been helping to spread the term he detests. If this blog were a for profit business we would owe him a commision. He should be commited, but that is another story. Maybe I should start making T-shirts, hats and coffee mugs? Maybe the folks in Paris will demand a Parisastan next week. Mr Beamish's idea of New Algeria is amusing.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paris Burns

Once again Paris is having another of a series of riots. The prime culprit is always unemployment as whenever rioters are arrested they seldom have steady jobs. This is true for Crown Heights, LA and wherever else disorder happens.

Ultimately, the real culprit is that of the Eurosocialist paternalism. The elitist far left thinks Abdul
wants a pat on the head and a welfare check in perpetuity. These same mindless types co-opt and facilitate the most obnoxious Islamic grievances as a means to power. Sadly, the French are learning that Abdul like the rest of us needs a decent job and will not be satisfied with a welfare check and obnoxious Anti Americanism and Anti Israel mania.

Ultimately, the low growth is caused by the public largess with cradle to grave welfare. Cradle to grave welfare is not the true measure of a society. The measure of a society is how few people need such programs. Sarkozy was elected in the aftermath of these absurd riots and if they continue it may be the impetus for the well needed Social Saftey net, immigration and fiscal reforms needed by France.

Beamish in 08

An apology to Mah29001

I owe Mah29001 an apology because I forgot she is the only person on the planet more anti communist than myself. I recommend those of us click the link on the left to the commie crusher.
The commie crusher takes no prisoners and tells it like it is.

I want to relate some personal history. Communists are the enemy of every person on the planet.
However, this is doubly true for Americans and squared for real Jews. Communists are genocidal sociopaths who will kill, steal and deliberately lie to create their false utopia over your dead body.

Many of you seem to forget that Communists are the personification of evil. They pretend you do not know history or logic. When presented with evidence they rant about noble motives. They talk out of both sides of their mouth much like John Kerry. They attempt to put a smiley face on genocide by repackaging it.

Most people would never dream of telling an African American to lay off the KKK. In fact I have had plenty of my own cyber battles with KKK types. Commies are the Jewish equivalent of the KKK. Their history of persecution of Jews is by no means limited to the USSR and continues into the present era. Any comparison of Commies to KKK types is an actual insult to KKK types. KKK types are disgusting and vile, but they have no similar record of whole sale genocide.

Beamish in 08

Obey the Law

Those on the left seem to forget that immigration is not a divine right. The right to immigrate to the US or most other countries is predicated on being an asset and obeying the laws. The idea is simple that if you are going to come here get a job, respect others and obey the laws.

The government tends to frown on any financial transaction without receipts. All commercial financial transactions should be documented. The practice of Hawalla is not illegal but all the transactions should be documented and taxed. Illegal currency trading is a serious problem and needs to be ended. This problem exists in other communities as well. Realistically, one is not concerned with Uncle Claude bringing back a few dollars when he returns to Haiti. Uncle Claude
is not running a business and is not in any way similar to unregulated businesses.

In the NYT a lady from Liberia claims it is her right to eat monkey meat as part of her religion.
She can do this in Liberia and should be encouraged to do so. The consumption of monkey meat poses huge potential problems with disease and unregulated meat products are properly excluded for public safety. She was well aware of these rules when she emigrated. If she can not respect our laws she needs to depart.

Our criminal justice system needs to do a better job identifing and removing criminal aliens. Remaining in the USA is predicated on good behavior and existing policies need to be enforced.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Blog Ownership and Responsability

When one owns a blog one has certain obligations and duties. The owner somewhat caters to a reader base. Sometimes bigoted comments come into a blog. The owner does not have to respond to every such comment. However, when the comments become an avalanche then one should say something.

John Brown's latest alias is LWB. Renegade Eye has allowed Brown to play a bait and switch game.Brown has used other names such as Anum Muhktar. He is probably not Slave Revolt. However, threatening a person's children is never waranted and is probably in line with Brown behavior. Ren is especially stupid, even by low communist standards. He actually thought that I created the Mullah Beak blog including the gay lampooning of Mummia Jammal and John Brown. This is amazing considering that my position on gays is well known. I have always advocated tolerance and respect for gays. The only gays that get satired are those who absurdly claim that Islam is gay friendly. The issue there is really not about gays, it is about being out for lunch.

I want to place the comments by LWB/ John Brown in perspective. The following comments do not represent my opinions. Black Americans are simply Americans. They are my friends, coworkers, serve in the US military and are very much part of the American family.

These are variations of comments of LWB and some of the cyber Nazis found at Renegade Eye's site and many of those on the far left. Troutsky who is incoherent typically ignores the racist drivel. G who is naive also does not interact with actual Nazi drivel espoused by LWB. Ren does interact and encourage the most insane expressions of racism.

1 Askenazi Jews are Khazars and have no connection to the Jews in the Bible. The Nazi part is often highlighted.

A KKK variant of same theme. American Blacks are mongrel mixtures of poor whites and Native Americans. They have no culture and are unrelated to Africans.

B Mindless Moronic Bigot Gays are genetic mutants.

Most of us would know how to react to A. We would probably take the person who said A or B into the cyber woodshed for a beating. I certainly would never cater to an audience that made comments A or B. Above all, I would state my own positions clearly.

2 American Jews who support Israel are traitors.

Oddly no group has as clear a record of being actual traitors as Communists. This treason also
involed espionage and terrorism against the US government. The maximum leader has started to defend Bill Ayers on lack of skill.

A Black Americans have dual loyalty and are more concerned with Haiti than the USA.

B Gays want to convert everyone into homosexuals.

A is absurd and there is zero reason why Blacks should not have an affinity for Haiti. I have an affinity for Haiti, Guyana, India and the Philipinnes.

B is even more insane. The more acceptable criticism of the gay community is the in your face element. These sentiments are also those of many gays themselves. Those few people who walk around in absurd outfits such as clown shoes deserve a chuckle.

I could bore you with more examples. However, the point is made and demonstated. Almost all of us know what to do with a series of bigoted remarks. Moreover, this is exacerbated when the poster himself becomes a kazoo and comments on no other issue.

The truth is that anti-semitism is and has always been central to being a Communist. Communists have always obsessed about Jews and wanted to erase our culture with a failed utopia. Many times these obsessions are veiled in code words like neocon, capitalist, corporate media, zionist and financiers. The obsession with zionism started in Russia as Commies viewed it as a competitor.

Orwell was correct "some animals are more equal than others"

Beamish in 08

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sounds to good to be true

I was reading about a new technology that allows one to place their avatars into movies. If this is true Beakerambo will have to leave Hollywood and resume his earlier contract. He was last seen
on the set of the next Spiderman film playing a confused member of the Kingpin's gang.

Enjoying MO

I am enjoying being in Middle America. Some of the food items are not seen in NYC. I have no idea what Big Red soda is supposed to be but it should be avoided.

The experience here is much more relaxed than the attmosphere in GA. However, they are very strict about the basic rules here. It is mostly minor matters such is make sure you go through door x and not y and your ID should be worn here. It is a pleasant surprise so far and not related to the nasty hype.

Beamish in 08

Friday, November 23, 2007

Just Strange

I had to drive into a facility in a cave. Driving a car into a cave is an unusual experience and I expected to see Alfred the butler somewhere. The cave is 65 degrees year round with low humidity. However, such an attmosphere without water does preserve documents.

I expected to feel cramped but the cave was quite comfortable and spacious. However, I will still take the NYC office and street vendors any day of the week.

I learned a valuable lesson. Most of my fellow trainees are very religious. I went to the local Hooters for dinner. It is obvious that one does not go there for the food. There was a rather strange item on the menu fried pickles. Most NYC types enjoy a barrel pickle and I was curious.
The item did have an interesting taste but I have been sick for the rest of the night.

One of my coworkers was upset that I decided to eat there. However, I am a generic heterosexual man with ordinary proclivities. The old adage is what would a dog ever do with a car if he caught it rings true. As a NYer we are always cool with all type of unusual places. I reminded everyone that a cool type would never be caught dead in bowling shoes or plaid pants.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Who let the freaks into the GOP?

I am amazed that the GOP has not encouraged the Ron Paul freak show to leave. There should be no place in a noble party for 9-11 conspiracy nuts, Stormfront racists or political freaks. These sorts belong in the Democratic party with the Soros crowd.

I am proud that Rudy ridiculed Paul in the first debate. I am even prouder that Mark Levin derides Paul for his general stupidity.

There are those of you who will point out that Paul is a liberterian. My good friend Jason Pappas is a Liberterian and in no way endorses this type of lunacy. There are freaks that call themselves Anarcho Liberterians who are basically unhindged types to read the inane writings of Murray Rothbard in the same manner the moron from MN reads Trotsky. These freaks should not be confused with Jason Pappas or Pam of Atlas.

I am not a religious conservative but I respect their membership and values in the big GOP tent. I loathe the idea of litmus tests, but the Paul crowd does not belong in the GOP. The two qualifications for the GOP should be commitment to Capitalism and being reality based. Paul is not reality based and the bigots belong in the Democratic party.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Beaker has Landed

I arrived in Lees Summit without major problems except I forgot to take my cell phone charger.
It is off to find toiletries, I forgot them as well.

Beamish in 08

Preparing for flight

I returned to my office and had found that everyone has been moved all over the place. I did expect a move to the lower floor. I do not think that I will have to interview. My role will likely be support of the other officers. For now it is easier to have me read a file and tab it than to kill it myself. There are many parts of a team and for now I am in a supporting role.

It was good to see so many friends again and my mentor has been moved to the new area along with a few friends. I have a cramped cube but it is easier to keep clean. I will have to earn tougher assignments and that will come with time. For now I can relax and enjoy climbing the mountain.
Often it is more fun climbing the mountain than being on the top. One can appreciate the rewards of hard work only by gradual advancement.

Beamish in 08

Monday, November 19, 2007

Onto KC

My brief return home will end tommorow . I will be leaving Newark Airport for a trip to KC. On December 01 I arrive in LA.

This blog will be more active from the road as all the future stops are in real hotels.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bittersweet Return

I am in NJ with Drumaster. My trip out of Jacksonville was a pain in the behind. The bus to the airport left at 5:30 AM. Many of my classmates were late and loading eighteen sets of bags onto a bus was not easy.

Continental moved my departure up by an hour. Sadly, I was on a plane with four infants who seemed intent on crying and stinking up the cabin in order. The smell in the cabin brought back memories of Vermont.

I did not enjoy the classes, but at least they are over. I was issued a shield and retook the oath of office. It was a nice end to a sad event.

Those of you who are long term readers know that I was a manager in the private sector prior to working in government. My style is called the Israeli method. In other words I lead from the front and tell my workers follow me. Administrative functions are delegated to an assistant or a senior workers. This style keeps everyone on the same page and does not allow a manager to hide behind their desk. It also does not allow individual failures. The unit achieves or it fails as a team. The approach has always worked in repeated applications. Sadly, this approach did not work this time.

For whatever reason studying has always been easy for me. I read the material once at high speed and walk away with a B plus. Many people have to work harder to get the same result. In some ways this is a curse as I sometimes forget this. I also have a desire to overcome whatever is out there and get the job done despite overwhelming odds. I also insist upon going down fighting even if the odds are long.

The bottom line was I did my best. Yet sometimes your best is not good enough.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ballgame Over

I scored a 90 on test three and for all intents and purpose I have passed the class. The score required to pass is 70 and I have currently earned 75.9 points before the final exam. I was surprised my grade was so high. However, even a 50 would have placed me near passing.

The next leg of my trip is on Saturday. I return home before flying into Kansas City on Tuesday.
I will try to take the Greyhound to visit Mr B in St Louis to find out where Lee's Chicken is.

Onto more mundane topics.

When one lives in NYC, one does not get to partake in many middle America experiences. I had a chance to eat at a Golden Corral and this is not a NYC experience. It was my honor to sit in with so many Veterans enjoying a free meal and listening to the assorted Vets. I was one of the few that paid full price.

Beamish in 08.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

One week to go

I will be home in NYC this time next week. Drummaster will be picking me up at the airport. My first trip will be to a genuine Greek Diner. I will enjoy the amazing food the breath taking waitresses and the family drama all at a decent price.

The next test is for 25% of my grade. I have 53.6 in the bank a score of 50 would place me at 66.1 with a final test of 15% on Friday. I am aiming to finnish it out on Monday and a score of 70 would make it a done deal.

I am trying to figure a way to meet Mr B in St. Louis. I will be arriving on next Tuesday. I will be looking for this Lee's Chicken and small critters barbequed. I will be moving from there to CA in two weeks. I am planning a few trips to San Diego. Now some of you are under the ipression I will be jumping through some hoops for herring in Sea World. I will not do this for anything less than lox.

I will try to meet with my friend Zinla in LA. I am quite curious as to what a Fatburger??? or a fish Taco is about???

A true NYer does not wear a Hawain shirt on vacation. I will be wearing khakis and a shirt from the LL Beamish Too Cool for the rest of you line.

I will also try to visit with Beakerambo who is allegedly working on another movie. The movie is a remake of Born in East LA. Beakerambo gets picked up in an immigration raid and ends up in Gitmo. Apparently my coworkers in LA mistake his speech impediment for an Al Queda code.
While at Gitmo Beakerambo annoys the rest of the inmates an staff by butchering Air Supply songs and refusing to convert to Islam. Beakerambo beats up the rest of the internees and is sent for amora therapy and anger management.

After he demands Hebrew National products and NY Deli mustard the staff realizes he has a learning disability.

Friday, November 09, 2007

More Commie Hypocrisy

Commies like to cry about Abu Gharib, but scream at the top of their lungs about Posada Cariles. The logic of knowingly seeking to send a person to certain torture while screaming incoherently about panties on the head of Muslim prisoners eludes me. Moreover, the same people who cry about Posada rationalize the actions of Bill Ayers and Cuba providing santctuary to Joanne Chesimard who was tried and convicted.

What we all should learn is that Commies are hypocrites who never seem to hold anyone up to any standards except the USA and Israel. Civilized people do not advocate sending people to be tortured. Communists by definition are clearly not civilized and are likely certified.

Onto the facts about the case. Posada was subjected to an abnormally long interview that was 16 times longer than average. He was not provided with an interpreter. Moreover, the evidence used by the government is routinely tossed out in similar cases. The section he applied under merely requires him to have served for one year in the US military at a time of war. Posada clearly met these conditions.

The question of his culpability in the bombing of the airliner was tried in a pre-Chavez Venezuelan court that ruled he had no responsability. The Cuban government also prevented the government of Barbados from raising the plane for an investigation. One may draw whatever conclusion one likes from that fact.

More to the point Posada is a Cuban who has a tyranical government. All actions taken by civilians againt the Cuban military are 100% warranted. People have a right to fight back against communist tyranny. Moreover, the usual suspects forget that the Argeninian imbecile Che ordered an American sexual offender and confirmed Communist Herman Marks to execute many a Cuban chanting Christ is the King, Cuba Libre and Down with Communism without trials.

Commies also forget Dr Biscet served more time in Cuban jails than Nelson Mandela.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The final stretch

The next section will be especially hairy. However there are only two tests left. The first one on Monday is for another 25 points. I have 53.6 points allready and the last test is 15 points. It is possible that I could be very close to the required 70 on Monday.

In other news Ren is crying victim once again. He certainly does cry frequently and needs to grow up. Any basic inspection of the comments and content does reveal Ren does tolerate anti-semites. The insane comments he permits including frequent off topic Jewish bashing leaves no room for doubt. Many of the comments do resemble the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and are identical to that found on Stormfront.

It would be one thing if Ren would state his disagreement with these repeated comments. However, Ren has never stated his opinions on Neocon/Jooish cabals and the other fare. In fact the normally verbose Ren suddenly gets very quiet except to cry victim. He has been asked to state his own opinions many times and has failed to do so.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Time to get rid of the Chicken Collectivists

People who continue to advocate communism should be required to live under it. It is highly hypocritical for the usual suspects to praise a system they have never lived under. Scores of Venezuelans and Cubans are prevented from fleeing the madness endorsed by Commies. It is hypocritical to endorse a philosophy for others unless one is willing to endure it yourself.

Commies have no loyalty to America and or the Constitution. They frequently claim to be "citizens of the world". They need to make this claim in a US consulate after turning in their Passports.

Remember Comwads Kim Jong Mentally Ill needs you. Should you become a victim of yet another example of class genocide it would be the planets gain. Communists produce nothing except death and needless human misery. Be a good commie and follow Jim Jone's superior example and practice class genocide on yourself.

Beamish in 08

Monday, November 05, 2007


The second exam is done and I scored a 90. My average is 89 going into the last week and two tests. The first two tests are 60% of the grade so I am in good shape.

Beamish in 08.

Friday, November 02, 2007


I am a fortunate man to have so many wonderful friends. I was quite ready to throw in the towel as this is a dreadful place with insane rules. People are thrown together 24/7 and one needs solaceand privacy.

I have three tests more and with a bit more luck I will be free of this pest hole. ain a normal place I would be with my family and could unwind. There is no peace except that one creates for yourself.

Keep me in your prayers. I have three more till freedom.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Status Report

The first of four tests is over. I scored an 88 and am somewhat disapointed with that number.
My room mate was lost and I spent six hours minimum going over chapters that I was strong on. I was too tired to go back on the weaker areas. Four people did fail but three of the scores were close 68, (2) 64. The passing grade is 70.

I have three exams left and now need to average 64.

Beamish in 08.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Status Report

I want to thank those of you who sent a word to the man upstairs on my behalf. Things have quieted down somewhat, but I am laying low. The HQ types are lethal and I want to avoid them at all costs.

The courses are more interesting and relevant. I finished the section on asylum and refugees. Asylum is spelled with one s except when addressing Weazie who is the ass in the assylum in Helsinki. The instructor did try to recruit me to the asylum section. This is the latest of many recomendations for me to switch vocations. I would have to return for another five weeks of training. These officers frequently are sent abroad and that is not something I am interested in. Local marriage fraud is more interesting.

I am going to barbeque on Sunday. I would rather cook my own food than waste the time on base. I will make tail gaiting food before the NFL games Kielbasa and every type of meat covered in Stubbs Barbeque Sauce. I refuse to foul a grill with a Tofu burger.

Beamish in 08.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Notes from GA

I am on a semi military base with highly restricted acsess to email. I did get this correspondence off by hauling my laptop 2 miles in the rain. My book bag is over 50 lbs with a lap top.

A few classes do train with gasmasks. I thought it was a Mr Beamish in 08 rally but it was just the class from the department of prisons. An amazing group of them sat near me and my class mates were chiding me about not asking one of them out. Asking out a babe who has just qualified with an M-16 is best attempted by Mr B himself.

There are some amazing herps on campus. Students have been feeding these turtles for years so they swim up to you looking for food. There are three species on my walk Softshelled, Mobile (similar to the familiar Red Eared Slider) and a couple of massive snapping turtles.

My classmates are great people. I am in a suite but the person I share it likes the heat at 88.

Keep me in your prayers, but things are going much smoother after a rocky start.

I will detail some amusing misadventures when I leave in a spoof called Beakerkin Privates.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Next Stop Jacksonville or Follow that Dream

I am enroute to law enforcement training in GA. My path started on 9-11 and was mostly loaded with obstacles. Over time I remained focused and achieved my dream. I went to Vermont hundreds of miles from my family and my beloved home. There were many nice people I met along the path who helped me. There were some who tried to kill all hope along the way. There was also my time spent with Earl the always hungry cat.

The next phase of the dream begins today. I want to thank my many wonderful friends my brother Warren, Mr B, AOW, TMW, Nanc, Justin, Rob, Farmer John, Russet , Zinla, Jason Pappas, Urban Infidel and oddly the Duck.

This blog will continue on location in Brunswick GA.

Beamish in 08.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beak's Road Reading List

Those of you familiar with this blog are aware I am going on a long road trip. I consider it an honor to serve my country. Five weeks in Brunswick GA will not be so bad. Perhaps, I may run into Florian or Russet. Remember, that I am on a military base with classes 6 days a week.

It is rare that I recomend a book so early into reading. However this quote from Why I left Jihad by Walid Shoebat should be a reminder to those who deal with Commies.

"Today, I see so many Westerners who, on the far left side of politics, demonize Israel and exonerate Islamic-Arab terror. And Americans love to psychoanalyze everything, trying to understand evil. You can not understand evil. You can not psychoanalyze evil. Why do these people think the way they do? They are steeped in hate. Finally, we must acknowledge the reality of Satan, of evil in this world."

That profound quote is worth the price of the book alone. The author and the rest of us should extend this to commies as well. Commies are evil even when personable and naive like G, well intentioned but clueless like Troutsky or the souless Renegade Eye.

Religion of Peace by Robert Spencer. Many of us need to know the difference between Islam and Christianity. The best book on this topic is the Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt.

I am also bringing two authors who have fallen on hard times. Ann Coulter's statements on Judaism were silly. The traditional view of Judaism by Christianity is that it is the fulfillment of the Judaic scriptures. When the statements are viewed from that tradition they are not offensive. The interviewer did try and bait Coulter into the anti-semitic comments. These comments should never be confused with the rabid anti-semitism of Norman Finkelstein, Chomsky or any mindless far left dimwit.

I will make my own version of Coulter's faux pas. The Jewish people would be better of if MZ converted to Christianity. His hateful version of the religion of our people, including the beloved Rav Roov, bears no resemblence to Judaism whatsoever. His calls for the assasination of elected Israeli leaders and advocacy of a totalitarian theocratic Israel are insane. If he embraced Christianity he would not be so off the wall and learn to value life and be less hateful. Moreover, I would no longer support Israel is by some accident if it ever morphed into a theocracy with religious police much like a Jewish Saudi Arabia. No doubt MZ could form his own Cuban style block patrol with KL and hunt out dangerous Onanists or gays. In fairness MZ has never endorsed beating or jailing gays, just placing them back in the closet. The larger questions of the in your face expressions of sexuality favored by a militant minority of gays needs to be discussed in another post.

My stance toward the over the top expressions of hypersexuality as seen in gay parades is somewhat different. Everyone deserves respect except commies, Jihadis, Nazis and racial power nuts. However, do not ask or expect me to respect you if you walk around in a clown suit or leather underwear and angel wings. My persective is one of respect based upon reasonable behavior.

I will also be reading Dinesh D'Sousa's What is So Great About Christianity. I am a fan of genuine Christianity as opposed to the dolts of Liberation Theology, Progressive Dispensationalism or politically correct Churches. I sit in amazement at the many wonderful Christians who read this blog and I interact with every day such as TMW, Junglemom, Elmer, AOW, Justin and of course Warren my brother. We ( Americans) sometimes take for granted that Christians do serve the poor without Utopian political theft based schemes and set a priority on valuing human life.

The anti Christian attacks by a deluded elite are represented by the naive G who calls missionaries "the worst people on earth because they tell them how to think". This comes from a person who advocates a philosophy that rounds people up at gunpoint and forces them onto collectives.

I would have added Dr Yeagley's book but it will arrive after I return. I made a generous donation to Bad Eagle in return for an autographed book. I will also see if Dr Yeagley can send a picture of himself reading the Bible for my office. I have no idea where commies get this insane idea that Indians hate Christianity. It is certainly not reflective of any of the Indians I know, most of whom are very religious Christians. Even those who opt for traditional Indian religion do not loathe Christians.

I am still looking for an appropriate picture of Beakerambo for my office. The idea of having him wear a bow tie was not to popular. It was a sad reminder of his days as a low rent sex object at Chipendales before he was given a job as this blogs mascot and star in parodies. Maybe a picture of Beakerambo herding cats will prove more suitable.

Beamish in 08

Friday, October 12, 2007

Columbia Follies

The recent debacle at Columbia shows that there are offensive types of speech that go beyond the limits of acceptance. The noose placed on the door of a faculty member was disgusting. Yet we should not jump to conclusions as there have been some incedents where professors have vandalized their own cars to gain publicity. The incedent needs to be investigated and any claims about Columbia being compared to Jena is sophomoric.

Yet would anyone have noticed if a commie or jihadi burned our flag. Would the harassment of Jewish students by faculty have made page one. Would a KKK type advocating idiocy be granted a forum in the name of free speech.

The placement of a noose was a vile act. Yet certain vile acts seem acceptable so long as the targets are not on the Marcuse official victims pyramid.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Now Departing Beakerkin

I will be leaving my family for around 11 weeks. This blog will continue to drive Commies and Jihadis batty from New Brunswick GA. I will be on a military base with restricted movement. Those of you who need to contact me off line can leave an email address. As I am in moderation it will not be published.

When I left Vermont I questioned what we are doing. However, district life is much tougher and public saftey is a top priority. The job is clearly not for everyone. On the front lines one's first and foremost duty is to the law we are sworn to uphold. You are the last person in the chain and you better be ready for the challenges. Ultimately our job is to protect public safety and uphold the law.

I am quite amused at the inane desperate comments of an insane Trotskyite that claims I am a killer. In actuality I am a law and order type bound by the Constitution alone. We do not send people to gulags and liquidate class enemies in the USA. Communism is the subversion of law, logic and morality to the arbitrary whins of a self deluded totalitarian elite who feel they are gods and are entitled to kill and steal accordingly. The record of Communism as a genocidal movement is overwhelming. Trotsky was a war criminal who met his justice mafia style from his fellow criminals.

Those who want to liberate themselves from Communist stupidity have our own symbol the Beamish style gasmask.

Beamish in 08.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Book Review The Siege of Mecca Trofimov

This is an amazing book on many levels. One begins to comprehend how inept Jimmy Carter was. One can only speculate about a failed President who weakness encouraged radical muslims to attack the US embassies with impunity. His weakness is also shown to have encouraged the Soviets to expand across the globe.

We also get an inside look into the history and workings of Saudi Arabia. We also see the Saudi brutal response to a Shia rebellion. Commie's tend to ignore Arabs killing each other while hyperventilating about any Israeli actions.

The author's attempts to tie the rise of Al Queda to the Islamonazis who took over Mecca are tenuous. More interesting is Saudi attempts to blame the Mecca revolt on Jews, Shiites and Commies. Oddly the religious nuts pushed the country into a more draconian version of Sharia and accomplished some of their goals.

Beamish in 08

Monday, October 08, 2007

The burning of the US Embassy In Pakistan in 1979

Many of us are under the delusion that anti American mania in Pakistan is something new. This is most often a delusion of far left commies who are clueless about actual history.

Around the same time of the American Hostage crisis in Iran, Islamic nuts tried to seize Mecca and the US embassy in Pakistan was stormed and burned by a violent mob. A US soldier named Crowley bled to death in a vault and a second was gunned down as he slept. The Pakistani military did nothing to disperse the crowd and was on hand. Calls to Zia Al Huq from Jimmy Carter were ignored.

Amazingly Jimmy Peanut credits Al Huq with a swift response to the crisis in his memoirs. There seems to be a consistent pattern of deception in the writings of Carter. Obviously, this crisis that is noted in the book lThe Siege of Mecca is described as taking place for the better part of the day. The folks who survived did so because the Islamofascists tired and went home and there was no Pakistani military action.

Nore interestingly the rioters believed the seige of Mecca was a US-Israeli invasion. The mindless Commies seem to think that idiotic Jewish American conspiracies in the Arab and Muslim world start on 9-11. This is clearly not the case.

Beamish in 08 !!!!!!!!

The Misguided G and more Commie Lies about Posada Carriles

I seldom talk about the nuts and bolts of immigration law. One of the very principles of Asylum is the question of is this person likely to be tortured if returned to the country of origin. In the case of Posada Carriles the answer is yes.

Thus we have unhinged commies who rail about Abu Gharib knowingly clamoring to send a person back to where he will be tortured. This proves that feigned commies self righteousness
is a second rate act. No doubt even if the charges were true to send a person back to face real torture, not to be confused with panties on the head of Muslims, is inhuman.

The US judge affirmed the basic principle's of asylum law. Commie wail and hold up very suspect cases of commie colaborators in El Salvador on far less certain stories than this. Perhaps Jams will explain the UK variation of asylum law. The fundamental basics are likely similar.

I might consider a swap for Joanne Chesimard provided Chesimard talks about those who aided
her flight to Cuba. The guilty parties should be given the maximum sentence under US law. I would prefer to see the guilty parties denaturalized and deported to Cuba even if born in tghe USA.

Ren adds a bit where he bets that I have commited murder. What the basis of this insane charge is remains unknown? This sounds like more insane commentary from a deranged dolt who venerates a war criminal Trotsky and celebrates Communist lawlessness in the USA even as he claims to be against such behavior.

I want to draw a comparison between Posada Carriles and Bill Ayers. Ayers was tried before an independent jury and not subjected to torture. Ren feigns ignorance of the thirty bombings Ayers was involved with. Moreover he presents him as an incompetant terrorist. The law does not provide mercy for such unprofessional types. Ayers also was in a country that allowed him the ability to participate in the political process and his crimes had zero to do with Vietnam. Oddly, previously Ren claimed to be opposed to Ayers. When and where this opposition is remains a mystery.

Unlike Ayers, a spoiled middle class couch potato Commie, Posada Carriles did not have the ability to participate in the political process. I do have a problem if his targets were civilian. However, I do not accept any evidence presented by Cuba or Hugo the Cocacommie. The evidence is not a slam dunk either. According to the Fontova article he has served time allready
and other sources say he has not.

This definition of what is terrorism according to Ren would have Tito's partisans and the French Resistance fighting Nazis as terrorists. Commies also called Nicaraguan Indians defending themselves from genocide at the hands of Eastern European and Pseudostinian mercenaries terrorists. The term as used by commies like Ren means anyone who opposes Marxist tyranny
is a terrorist.

My sole disagreement with Posada Carriles is choice of targets. Miliary and infrastructure targets are fair game. This is not to be confused with shooting school kids in the back and blowing up Jewish houses of worship in Argentina and Turkey and elswhere.

Beamish in 08

Jury Duty

Amazingly as it seems I will be on jury duty on the eve of my trip to GA. Of course it would not be my life if some curveball from the man upstairs were not tossed my way. I will bring Ann Coulter's new book and they will get rid of me in a hurry.

What attorney would put a man reading Coulter on a jury?

Beamish in 08

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Watching Mostel on TCM

Regular readers know my familiarity with Broadway shows. There are some actors who perform their role so well they become linked with the role for ever Anthony Quinn is forever linked to Zorba and Yul is linked to the King in the King and I. Zero Mostel is unique in the he is linked to two such roles as the lead in Fidler on the Roof (which I saw him perform on stage) and in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Amazingly, I had not bothered to sit and watch his film work. I saw the recent disasterous adaptation on Broadway with the untalented Alfred Molina who botched the role. The producer also toned down the despicable Communist son in law. I was spared the even more disasterous casting of Harvey Firestein and Rosie O"Donnel in the leads.

I want to point out that he was an amazing talent who often made his material better than it was with his skill. The Producers is largely remembered for his performance and to a far lesser degree Gene Wilder. I did fall out of my chair laughing when he attempts to bully Wilder by using a classic commie phrase "enemy of the people". Many people died with that very charge and my laugh was how clueless the recently blacklisted Mostel was.

Mostel was a communist sympathiser whose career benefited from the myth. I want to address
the disasterous film the Front. Woody Allen playing an inept bookie is a stretch. How is this dolt going to get someone to pay the interest (vig) by thumb wresting or bad satire? The movie presents the victims of the Blacklist without addressing who and what Communists were.

The movie starts with a shot of the Rosenberg traitors. Commie's have elevated them to among other things martyrs to US government anti-semitism. In fact Radosh and Venona have proven beyond any doubt they were guilty as charged. Had they co-operated, they were given several chances, they would have been spared. They decided the "cause" (Stalinism) was more important than their own children and chose to become martyr. Amazingly the Rosenberg's master (Stalin) was murdering Jews on the most imbecilic charges of Zionist or Titoist conspiracies. The usual suspects claim to be Trotskyites but seem to forget this anti-zionist mania preceeded Stalin.

The movie never addresses that Communists did spy and commit espionage in the USA for a hostile power. The move also never deals with the fact that these idiots were agents for a hostile foreign power whose totalitarian governance resulted in genocide. Nor does the movie mention CSPA was funded and subservient to Moscow.

The movie also does not present the fact that these people went through great lengths to disguise their affiliations. They often formed front groups without explicitly stating who they were to get others to serve their goals. This tactic is repeated today as the leaders of ANSWER, UPJ and Code Pink do not tell their members about Communist afiliations of their leaders.

Mostel gives an excellent performance in a blatantly dishonest film. The best part is when Mostel jumps out the window. Sadly he does not take his fellow communists with him. Allen is presented as an apolitical nebbish, but the reality is that the rest of America loathed Commies.The thought of an apolitical type being outraged by the blacklist, much less telling them F-you is far fetched. Moreover, the movie perpetuates the myth that the goverment persecuted apolitical innocent people like Allen's charachter.

Mostel does a great job in a Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum. The play is far better than the movie. If you have the ability to listen to the original cast on CD it is worth while.
The movie does star Buster Keaton in one of his last roles. Phil Silvers and Jack Gilford are also in the film as well. Gilford's role as Hysterium is underated with all the larger names around him.

Many of us seem to think that artistic skill confers wisdom or insight into other areas. The fact is it does not. Paul Robeson was an outspoken advocate of Communism even as the movement restricted artistic freedom of his peers and killed a friend or two. Mostel and the other Stalinists were at best indifferent to the genuine suffering caused by Stalin and others.

Mostel was a great performer with disasterous ideas.The usual suspects wail about blacklists and forget that Mostel would have found himself in a gulag or dead like his peers in the Soviet Union.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Interesting Note From Trofimov's Siege of Mecca

Most of us including very well read coworkers assumed that the original violence in 1979 was an Iranian plot. This is entirely false, but given the chaos of the time remember that the first reports of major events are often not accurate. Holocaust deniers and 9-11 conspiracy cranks often take these first reports and build conspiracies based largely upon their bigotries.

Most of us are familiar with the theme of the hidden Imam and asume it is a Shiite theme. However, this utopian theme was behind the plot to take over Mecca by a band of disgruntled young adults who were under employed.

There are some examples of messianism that most typically is accompanied by some sort of extreeme persecution. Examples of this are Shabetai Zevi and the Ghost Dance were false Utopian expressions of highly persecuted people.

The key actors in Saudi Arabia in the plot to take over Mecca have more in common with Communists than the above examples. They were certainly not persecuted for their religious beliefs. They were self righteous intollerant know it all twenty somethings who felt with some justification that their leadership was corrupt. Their revolution was because they felt that their leadership was not Islamic enough. Amazingly these youthful firebrands felt Saudi Society was too permissive and that Shia were apostate.

They were convinced that one of their group was the hidden Mahdi based upon a physical resemblence between on of the members of the group and Mohammed. As they were convinced God would deliver them they fought against overwhelming odds and are forgotten in time.

Normal religious faith is a wonderful thing. We are very familiar with the wonderful work of Christians like Junglemom, TMW and other. Yet we should note they are commanded by Christ to serve the poor and the needy. Utopia for them, as well as the sane, is a concept for the next world.

All people who seek Utopia in this world are fools and many are dangerous.

Beamish in 08