Monday, December 17, 2007


I am amazed how different people on this trip view the same event. For myself and the term employees this is an over due initiation we have earned long ago and is no big deal. For some of the experienced older people who have worked their way up it is a vacation. For the younger inexperienced set graduation is a major event.

I would never inflict my parents with the burden of a absurd ceremony. My parents love San Diego, along with people of good taste world wide, and would have used this as an excuse to visit.
A surprising amount of people have their family in for the ceremony. For them it is a first step on a long career. For me the journey is over. I am in NYC and have no desire to supervise or go on exotic missions. My parents are older and these adventures are hard on them.

The agency has one more chance to subject me to training. It is a two week class that is done after one attains GS-12 status. At one time the class was optional, sadly it is no longer the case. With luck these classes will be moved to Texas away from the GA facility. The GA facility is too gung ho and every action is under a microscope.

I was surprised to hear about the job offer from Vermont. I will not be returning there and the only draw they had was friends. I made plenty of new friends in NYC and have no problem working with a mostly younger cast. The NYC crew does not put up with know it alls. I share my experiences with the locals and they have helped me greatly.

Beamish in 08

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