Monday, December 10, 2007

Christ Communists Native Americans and a Mess

Communists seem to get their ideas about Native Americans from text books. The Native Americans I encounter are not only not hostile to Christians many are devout themselves. Junglemom lived and served a community in Venezuela and was a welcome asset to her community.

Communists talk about European colonization and actually herd people onto reservations called "collectives". They create neoslavery and a neomonarchism with a new group of nobles. The notion of Commies as the inheritors of the crimes comited against Native Americans is theft of history.

Moreover, it is ignorant and racist to presume that Native Americans all think alike and can not make choices about deities without Commie clowns guidance. Commies are racist in that they think that they alone are the arbiters of ethnic authenticity. Native Americans can define themselves and own their own history.


Anonymous said...

I suspect that most of the charm of communal living is lost upon those who actually do live communally.

Jungle Mom said...

I posted a foto for you on my blog.