Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dana Point the simple side of the Beak

The hotel is amazing for the last leg of the trip. I am in Dana Point not far from the ocean. The scenery is magnificent even if the food so far has been paint by number. I had something called Calamari steak that tasted like neither steak nor squid and the Asian food was mediocre. I am still
with the vegan who drives me up a wall at times. She is a great friend but she has two personality quirks that drive me up the wall she is always late and the vegan thing. I want something dead on
my plate for 20 bucks.

Everyone underestimates the ingenuity of the Beak. The whole class was convinced I would not find LAX. Finding LAX was not the problem. I got in a cab at 5am and was on the road. The car I am issued currently is an Impala. I rented a GPS that I named after the class valedictorian and good friend. Sadly it talks with a generic female voice with no NYC attitude. The GPS calculated the trip back to the hotel. It had to recalibrate as I made two wrong turns. It did the trick and I placed the Dana Point address in the GPS. Both of my team members were late and I followed a friend to the hotel. I lost the friend whom I later found was at Disney. The GPS guided me with no mishaps. If you are on vacation in a strange area it is well worth the investment. I will be buying one before my trip to across country. I would not want to miss Cincinnati or the entire state of Indiana or a Lees Chicken location.

One of the things I have always wanted to see was pelicans. Watching pelicans dive head first is quite amazing. We were even able to see three of them resting less than ten feet away.

The trip will be over in a week. The current rumor has the chief handing out our certificates in person next Thursday. I will miss this group, but my team all works in the same area. Sadly, there will likely be more lunches with Miss Vegeterian. Perhaps the big guy upstairs will ban tofu.

I will probably get jury duty as soon as I return as well.

Beamish in 08


Always On Watch said...

In all my trips to Southern California, I've never visited Dana Point, though one year Mr. AOW and I wanted to go to Capistrano. We just didn't have time as Mr. AOW's family is based in the the LA area.

I want something dead on
my plate for 20 bucks.

A meal just isn't a meal without meat.

I've seen pelicans dive several times, at several different beaches. They are so awkward on land but do fine when hunting their food.

The Merry Widow said...

Pelicans are rather amazing birds, and proof to my thinking, that G*D does too have a sense of humor!
I was at Sebastian Inlet some years ago, and a young pelican went after a fisherman's catch and inevitibly got tangled in fishing line! About 10 people converged on the poor thing to disentangle it, it probably freaked with everyone heading it's way!
But they got it freed, the older birds watched the whole fandango from a distance...experience counts!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!