Monday, December 24, 2007

Random Thoughts

I was wandering around the web and a few oddities popped up. I have read some Saudi blogs in English. Some of them are predictable or what we would expect. Others are surprisingly more moderate than expected. One was a communist site, perhaps I will have to send a note to the Saudi religious police. It is obvious they are not fluent in English or this commie would be getting a well deserved lashing. Then again he had a cartoon of zionist as cocaroaches. He sounds like a perfect fit for a guest post at the blog of the usual suspects.

I also read about the odd Odin's cross that is seen at racial power sites like Stormfront. One should visit Stormfront if only to notice the comments are identical to those found on Renegade Eye's communist site. I had no idea how wide spread this racial power foolishness is in Europe. I have seen version of this symbol of hate in several nations


Always On Watch said...

I had no idea how wide spread this racial power foolishness is in Europe.

I started finding out a few months ago. The term "ethnic" is substituted for "racial," but it's the same old white-supremacist stuff.

Europeans claim not to be racist. Clearly, some are. They seem unable to identify culture except by race (ethnicity).

Justin said...

Racisim and Anti Semitism is not only on the Rise in Europe but this country as well. Since they are not intellegent enough to think for themselves they glom on to mythological and religious symbols to try and shore up their hatred.

A good site to go to, to just see how far ranging these hate groups are would be:

There is a old saying that goes:

You know you have successfully created God in your own image when he hates the same people you do.

Have a wonderful christmas day.

Warren said...

I don't believe that its odd the comments sound the same on the WN sites and the socialist/communist/progressive, (whatever they are calling themselves these days), sites.

The commies, having abandoned "class struggle" as a means of fomenting revolution, by needs must resort to victim-hood politics.

Many say that Nazism displaces class struggle onto racial struggle. In the same fashion, modern communism, has displaced "class" struggle with racial, ethnic or religious struggle masked as racial struggle.

Nazism is communism for Caucasians and communism, in its different flavors, seems to be Nazism for Caucasians with a guilt complex.

beakerkin said...


I have been reading Bruce Walker's article on the American Thinker. It is clear Mr Beamish was 100% correct.
Communists and Nazis have much in common. Walker's article blows up the communist myth about Nazi's and Commies being polar opposites.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

It all goes back to Robespierre. Leftists want to be the ones in charge of the guillotine.

Warren said...

Cuz said:
"Leftists want to be the ones in charge of the guillotine."

Their only redeming feature is that they eat their own as I'm sure that even Robespierre would have admitted before he was shortened.