Monday, December 17, 2007

Last trip with the crew

The usual group had our last trip. Our friend the vegan was late and killing all the fun as usual. I have no idea why she travels with the guys. My friends from Vermont and the Midwest are laid back. However, we did rib her about changing hotel rooms so often. Ladies, being fussy and late is a certain way to keep single. I quickly added this will be my last trip with her. I am not going on additional training for six months and I will arrange it so that she has another trip.

The trip to Disney was fun and law enforcement officials were comped. Sadly most of the rides were jam packed and three even broke down while we were on line. Miss vegan was her usual I will get wet of scared or the line is too long. I will be eating lunch with the CA crew and one Midwesterner. Sadly she has burdened my friend from the Midwest with vegan fare. I told her the GPS selected Hooters but we will sneak into a nice Thai joint nearby.

I do respect the rights of people with different diets as Rav Roov and my parents are Kosher. However, they will go to a kosher resturant with a full menu and certainly never impose. I did purchase a Beaker at the muppet section in Disney. Amazingly Beaker resonates with tourists who can not speak a single word of English. I had some amazing laughs as Brazilians and Japanese said "Mi Me Meep" at the sight of Beaker.

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Always On Watch said...

Sadly most of the rides were jam packed and three even broke down while we were on line.

This time of year is more crowded--holiday season and all.

But breakdowns? I've never encountered one at a Disney park!

What's happening to the world when Disney rides don't work properly? ARRRGGGHHHH!!!

I prefer Disney Anaheim to Disney World. I guess that I'm partial to originals.