Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Large Persona??

I am quite amused by the comments of a coworker that I have a larger than life persona. This is
amusing as I never envisioned myself as such. Some voices tend to carry and for better or worse mine does even when spoken softly.

I have made efforts to spend more time than usual with the rest of the people on the trip. No matter where we go I seem to end up in the memorable moments section of any of these trips. A typical example was when we went into the haunted house at universal. A costumed actor jumped out with a knife and a blood curdling scream. I told him I was allready circumcised and to check with the folks behind. Even the actors in costume had to laugh. The laughter continued as I bumped into a wall.

The trip has been loaded with such moments. Left to my own devices I am usually quiet.

I am leaving LA for Laguna Nigel tommorow.

The interviews went well. I saw some very interesting people and only one went away unhappy
despite my best efforts. My mentors were real pros and gave me good ratings. Everyone had a
great time. The mishaps were not terrible, but I am glad they happened and they were invaluable learning experiences.

I will try and see if I can call in the Gathering Storm on Friday. It is easier to take a break with
files than with live people.


Always On Watch said...

We have a special show on Friday--a "slap down." But we'll still be taking callers.

The Merry Widow said...

Oh Lordy, Beaker! Depend upon you to try and bring the house down! You ever consider professional comedy? LOL!


Jungle Mom said...

LOL! Good one!