Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Father time and circles

I went with a coworker to see Deborah Harry at the House of Blues. Moreimportantly he lives in Anahiem and it allowed me to see a more normal view of Southern CA. Los Angeles appears to be NYC, albeit out of control from the Dinkins era.

I have seen Deborah Harry perform. We also lived in the same area of Manhatan and our paths would cross. It seems like the rest of us would age but she was frozen in time. I did see her about six months before I left. Father time seems to have caught up to her. She is quite attractive for a 62 year old.

I was thinking about her rise from small unknown clubs where they were not local favorites. Her third album Parallel Lines placed her on the map. Yet some of her story is much like ours. Her rapid rise was due to a partnership with Chris Stein. Her solo work as a singer and an actress never approached that of her partnership. How many of us in life forget those people who help us get to where we are?

Harry and Stein were lovers and she did nurse him back to health. Sadly, the woman who was loved by thousands was tossed aside for a youger woman Stein married and had children with.To her credit she has never said anything bad about the situation.

She has come full circle from performing in forgotten small clubs to playing the same small clubs.
There is a poetic irony in ending up exactly where one started.

It was an excellent show, however the crowd would have prefered more Blondie numbers to the recent material. It was a decent show and the prior band was very good.

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I am old fan, myself...