Sunday, December 02, 2007

Two Part Post

I want to acknowledge an error in an earlier post. My information about Zero Mostel being on the fringes of Communist lunacy were 100% wrong. He was a lunatic without a clue. Those who doubt
this should listen to his rants on the subject of the black list.

The video is short but the bitter and incoherent Mostel oddly claims anti-semitism on the part of the HUAC. His point about not going after Kosher butchers and anti-communism as a way to supress Jewish artists is amusing. Mostel must have forgotten his beloved Communists butchered Jewish artists some of whom Mostel may have known or met. Mostel's incoherent rant about anti-communism being "the final solution" is signs of idiocy.

More amusing is the homophobia towards Jerry Robins. He also calls Robbins an opportunist and this is very amusing. The entire history of Communism shows itself to be a means used by a self appointed deluded lazy elite to steal property and set themselves up as God on earth. Moreover, who decided that some idiots in a party should tell people to suspend independent thought. Commies rail about ditto heads and talk radio listeners but have far less independent thought than either.

Oddly, Mostel probably would never allow himself to work with genuine Nazis like the usual suspects. The greatest source of contemporary anti-semitism is the far left. Mostel, unlike the usual suspects did have lines he would likely not cross. Mostel's insane anti logic is largely echoed by Joel "insane" Kovel.

The reality is that Communists are not Americans, Jews, Aussies or Catholics. They are beholden to a semi religious conspiracy. All other ties are irrelevant and secondary to promoting
their utopia even if it kills you, for your own good.


Ducky's here said...

Who the hell is Jerry Robins?

beakerkin said...

You would have to ask the homophobic
Zero Mostel about that. If anything his career was advanced by his Communist connections. His comments leave zero doubt he was a commie and off his rocker,

Ducky's here said...

Of course Beak, Mostel was never demonstrated to be a Communist.

He just wouldn't rat out his friends. He showed character, something lacking today.

beakerkin said...


Mostel clearly was a communist. I challenge anyone to watch the tapes and read the interviews. Moreover, he mysteriously also appears in several Commie youth camps listed in Radosh memoirs.

The myth of him not wanting to rat out friends has no basis in fact. His words and where he spent his time leave no reasonable doubt.

Ducky's here said...

Wow, Radosh. Have you stopped to consider that when you let your stream of information become a single source which most consider inaccurate that you may be wrong more often than not?

I bet you have pictures of Martin Luther King in a Communist training camp. Those were popular among your Fascist crowd in the 60's.