Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beakerkin and The Duke

I went to Knottsbury Parl in CA and picked up some decorations for my cubicle in NYC. There are
extensive rules over what pictures can be placed in an office. I am not allowed to place a picture of Abe Lincoln in my office as he is a political figure.

The absurdity of this rule is demontrated with the fact that I can not hang a picture of Dr Yeagley holding a Bible. I can post a picture of him holding a tomahawk.

I have a nice sized picture of John Wayne that I will hang in my office. Perhaps the huge picture of John Wayne will cause commies to twitch. I also have a nice fossilized fern for my cube.

Perhaps, I can find pictures of LT and the Fonz to add to my cube next.


Justin said...

rofl, they wont let you put up a picture of Dr Yeagley holding a Bible but they will let you have one with him holding a tomahawk.

Talk about a political incorrect picture and they will allow it.

I cant quit laughing.

beakerkin said...


Dr Yeagley is mildly amused at that himself. The idea of devout Christian
Indians bothers some of the PC police. Dr Yeagley has a PHD in theology from Yale and is a religious

Perhaps the idea of an office with Dr Yeagley and John Wayne is just too much for some of the busy bodies.

Jungle Mom said...

LOL!! I guess John Wayne is a good choice!!!
I could send you a picture of an indian holding a Bible AND a blow gun....

The Merry Widow said...

I think it would draw the 'right' kind of people and repel the rest!LOL!


Always On Watch said...

No picture of Abe Lincoln allowed? That strikes me as very odd.

Have there always been such rules for federal cubicles?

-FJ said...

Knottsberry Farm???

beakerkin said...


My bags say Knotts alone. It is an interesting park with a big selection of merchandise. They do honor veterans and DHS workers with free admission. Sea World and Disney also do not charge DHS personel.


The current mess is caused by the Hatch act. We are not allowed to place pictures of political figures in the work place. This means I can place a picture of Groucho Marx in
my cube but not Abe Lincoln.


His likeness will hang by the American flag. A negative reaction to the picture of Wayne would raise
some questions.

Jungle Mom

This may seem odd but far leftists
are very upset at any depiction of Native Americans as Christians. The
entire concept that Native Americans could embrace the message of Christ violates many of their slogans. Sadly, the far left thinks they have inherited the crimes of the Europeans.

nanc said...

what about a pig holding a koran?'s a thought...*#]

beakerkin said...

I wouldn't place such a picture up for obvious reasons. However, I am starting to wonder if my friend will
have to take down his picture of his cat. I am also wondering if pictures of dogs will be removed as Muslims see both animals as unclean.

I understand the part about respecting religion. Yet it may come to a point where pictures of pets are next.

This does remind me of the part where Bruce Bawer and his companion
are assaulted by homophobic Muslims
in Europe who press charges against Bawer. While this assault occurs the Europeans ignore it. Luckily for Bawer his partner is a big guy and needs no help.

Anonymous said...

...must be a marketing thing.

My mom would always ask us kids before we left on our 400 mile vacation journey from San Jose to LA, "Disney or Knotts Berry Farm?" Needless to say, I didn't get to Knotts until I was nearly twenty and steering by my own rudder. What do kids care about all that "jelly" and other fruit "preserves?" I doubt you can find an orchard within fifty miles, anymore.

And since you're posting about the Duke, I guess I can safely assume that they still do up gunfights in the streets of the old west pretty well. I also remember getting quite "seasick" on a "virtual" roller-coaster ride within a "domed" theater, as well. It's a fun "family" place, or at least, it was. At Halloween, it has now become a popular destination under the name "Knotts Scary Farm... and maybe that's the reason for the new marketting strategy.

Speaking of freebies... when you get back "home" you might want to check out the baseball games... they used to let anyone in uniform into Shea Stadium for free Mets games... perhaps the same rule applies to Spankee's games, too (It'll probably depend upon their "record"... one can only hope ;-) )

Jungle Mom said...

Maybe you could have a teddy bear named Mohammad????

Elmer's Brother said...

During November (Vets Day) they let military in for free along with their spouse (or significant other) and anyone else gets in on a discount

I believe Disney just gives a discount but not at the gate for military..have to get the tickets via wife was just there this weeken

sonia said...

I am not allowed to place a picture of Abe Lincoln in my office as he is a political figure.

This is insane!