Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Are American Communists Culpable for Crimes of Communism

Many of those who are familiar with this blog know I respect Sonia. However, I disagree with her strongly on the culpability of foreign Communists who knowingly continue to advocate this idiocy.

A typical example is the refusal to deal with the realities of the messes created by continued advocacy of this idiocy. The Duck thinks he knows more about Cuba than people who resided there for decades and whose family still resides there. Potemkin village visits accompanied by security goons is not a genuine experience. This is the same tactic employed by Nazis who created Theresenstadt to dupe foreign visitors. The truth about Cuba is easy to find in nearby Union City. Do ask the veterans of the Cuban Army about the use of poison gas and massacres of civilians in Africa.

The history of Communism provides ample examples of the disaster in progress. As the people of Venezuela flee the usual suspects sing Chavez praises. The usual suspects still lie about Cuba while being hyperconcerned about GITMO. It seems commies hold Israel and the USA to lofty standards while holding the rest of the world to none.

There is an exodus of Venezuelans in progress. Communists are still making excuses for disaster after disaster and enabling future disasters in progress. More to the point the record of Communist use of terror is clear and evident. The sad part is that people like Ayers and Dorn were not executed for their crimes. Renegade and the Duck share the same philosophy with the commie terrorists.

A responsable government understands that the Duck is more prone to treason and terrorism than the general population. If Commies break the law they should be stripped of their citizenship and dumped in North Korea.

Monday, May 28, 2007

The Beak on the Sopranos

As the series winds down, lets talk of our favorite side Charachters

5 Richie Aprile A psycho who gets whacked by Janice

4 Ralph Ciforeto complette psycho who beat a girl to death with a golf club

3 Big Pussy I loved the fat vascilating fink. Great charachter in flashbacks.

2 Tony B. Steve Buschemi rocks and his part was well written. The loyalty over a friend getting wacked and making a fast buck was classic. The ending was predictable

1 Bobby Bacalla his charachter is quite funny. You feel sorry for him as the jokes fly at his expense. The poor guy has to sleep with Janice and that is worse than getting wacked.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A short interview with Rav Roov

The beloved Rav Roov is an actual orthodox Rabbi and my younger brother. My pen name is a variation of his his nick name.

1 Explain the difference between Ashkenzazi and Sephardi Jews for lay people.

2 Do you want to impose your religious views on the non-religious? Do you endorse the creation of a theocracy in Israel?

3 Why do Jews fast on Tisha B'Av

4 What is a Megillah?

5 Explain for non Jews what is the Talmud?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Happy 100 John Wayne

John Wayne was born 100 years ago today. His films are shown and loved even by those who were born long after his death. The Wayne roles and films are too numerous to list.
I have seen most of his films dozens of times. There were a few clunkers along the way, but many memorable moments. I do like Big Jim McClain even though it is a clunker. Any film that has the Duke punching out commies is worth one viewing.

Chain Immigration

The world has changed even if we have failed to adapt to it. Our nation has not adapted to the new realities of life. Family ties are still important, but the future belongs to skilled. In the previous era one could earn a decent living in a union manufacting job.

Immigration has failed to adapt to the new realities of the modern job market,UNTIL NOW. Lost in the debate over amnesty is the move from family based immigration to a vocational basis. Of course commies like the Duckwant to import a peasant class amenable to their nefarious plans.

I talk about anchor babies and brides and presume that many of you know this term. Many of us hear stories about people having a child. On the childs 21 st birthday they can sponsor their parents who may have remarried several times. This allows all types of half brothers to be sponsored.

It is time to end the madness and this bill is a start

Another Radio cameo

I did a cameo spot on the Gathering Storm radio show. Normally the guest are announced well in advance. I am in the first half hour and there is a guest behind me.

Friday, May 25, 2007

The long drive home

I will be leaving work late to make my way home to Staten Island. On Sunday I will run into the Beloved Rav Roov. I will try to get him to sit for a short interview. I will specifically bring up this theocracy foolishness. Many of you read MZ and assume this is the view of a typical Orthodox person. Nothing can be further removed from the truth.

I have spent over one month looking a Indian transcripts. The superior quality of the Indian student has been noticed by American companies. The Indian Universities are unhindered by Bolshevik abuse of ciriculum. Even comparing an Indian Commerce degree to a BBA is a joke as there are no political classes.

Over the weekend I may do a post on the serious potential abuse of our College system as the front door of the new immigration policy. The new formula moves from family ties to vocational, educational, English proficiency criteria. Terrorists have allready exploited the Student visa system and the new immigration focus will potentially excacerbate this as a route for terrorists.

Beamish in 08.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Opting out

The tradgedy of this immigration bill is that employers seem to want no part of American HS drop outs. The reality is that immigrants come here motivated and there are no saftey nets. HS drop outs are not motivated and have saftey nets to fall back on. Even if these wages were legal companies seem to prefer immigrants.

The question is how to get these HS dropouts baack on trak is a serious problem. Part of the fee paid by employers should go towards vocational training of dropouts.
There is no reason or shame in a person learning computer repair, welding or the various types of mechanic trade.

The other reality is that US employers are getting frustrated with US college graduates with useless degrees. The new bill makes provisions for vocational, educational ability and English proficiency. A degree in Gender studies prepares on for a job as what? The Old Bolshevik network has made a mockery of the system of higher ed.

The reality is that big business is reacting to the decline in quality in our college grads fostered by treating our Universities as a jobs program for Bolsheviks.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mixed Nuts

Many of us are ignoring the key chanes in the immigration bill. The new immigration bill ends anchor babies, chain immigration and moves to an almost entirely vocational basis for future immigration.

The reality is this will mean that one would need a vocational trade or advanced degree to get into the USA. Famiily ties will account for a mere 10% of the criteria. This means future immigrants will be better educated.


1 India, China, Iran countries with many first rate educational institutions
2 US Colleges Countries that lack excellent colleges will see an even greater influx
of foreign students than ever.
3 Evaluation services will see their business go through the roof.


1 Mail order brides will not be able to sponsor their entire family
2 Poor people both US citizens and those abroad. Unskilled workers on Y visas will compette with HS drop outs. HS drop outs sole advantage was legality.

Those abroad who are unskilled may enter on a Y visa but without education or skills their only option is via the spouse route.

3 Skilled tradesmen Now the plumber may face a legal cut rate foreign competitior.
This may force Union wages in areas such as Truck Driving down.

My vision of America

Over the last few weeks, I have been rethinking my vision of America. The comments at one of the sites I spend time at have me scratching my head. I understand that small ethnicities like my own and others seek to preserve their tradition. Intermarriage is a serious threat to these communities and I respect the traditionalist who want to preserve their heritage. Those who read this blog know I am not religious and such concerns are not at the top of my agenda.

Their has been some heat over the presence of White power nuts at Bad Eagle. Dr Yeagley like anyone who runs a blog is not at fault for the offensive comments. In fact I have had several private emails urging these offensive people not be banned on First Amendment grounds. I provided the same courtesy when the topic of banning a Commie dolt was discussed. There is a profound difference between a Native American or a Jew wanting to preserve their ethnicity and customs and the hateful white power nuts.

The reality is I am an American and as such I transcend all this petty racial power idiocy. Real Americans are united by a common set of individual values, individual rights and individual liberties. Racial power nuts of all stripes denigrate members of my American family. They are not members of my American family.

The Duck, Renegade and the rest of the commies are not part of the American family.
They are beholden to an ideaology of theft with flowery words about the working class
to mask their arrogant elitist nature. They claim to be internationalists, but the only thing they internationalize is the misery and death they leave in their wake.
Their focus is on group rights and group rights itself is a totalitarian construct. Their history of spying for hostile regimes and attempting to undermine America is abundantly clear. By nature of who and what they are they should be under constant government scrutiny. Moreover when they violate the laws, such as handing money to our enemies in Falujah they should be tried stripped of citizenship and deported to North Korea.

The reality is that as Americans we are far more international than the European elite critics. Many of us have mixed ancestry, work in jobs that are virtual UN assemblies and live in multiethnic communites. The folly of the Euroleft is that they mouth these words while herding Muslims into ghettos, menial jobs and hand them a welfare check. For good measure we will co-opt their anti Israel and anti American obsessions while keeping the status quo at home. Then they are perplexed about daily
riots and the common sense notion that employed people do not riot has not hit home yet.

Jihadis want to impose their theological Jim Crow on the world. Theocracy of any type is unamerican and a RX for economic disaster. If you want to live under sharia there are many places to do so but not my country.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Feeding the Barkig Mad Moonbats

Some of you feel that I have been too rough on Renegade Eye. However, he feigns ignorance of the anti-semitic base within his ranks. He knows that many of his readers are seriously disturbed but plays to their base anti-semitic obsessions.

The comments of LWB on Sonia's blog and that of CB are rabidly anti=semitic. I invite those who wish to look at the comments to judge for yourself. A far left type questioing the loyalty of anyone given their sordid history of treason should be considered comedic. Repeating Raimondo's tin foil hat conspiracy with Israel well aware of 9-11 and allowing it to happen are sick comments. His comments on Craig Bardo's site were just as odious.

Do not expect Ren to say a word as anti-semitism is the stock and trade of his movement. He would like to lecture Rush Libaugh about his alleged racism for the Barak Obama skit. The usual suspects also beat up on Don Imus over dreadful comments that were clearly done in an attempt at humor.

However, the usual suspects say zero on a post criticizing Don Imus when a Commie call management "Jooo Lovers". The did not say a peep when I pointed it out several
times. Do not expect Ren to say a peep about questioning the loyalty and patriotism of American Jooos. He would like to subject others to scrutiny, but has no scrutiny for the anti-semites in his ranks. Moreover, Ren knowing plays into mental pathologies of people like LWB by feeding their anti semitic fantasies.

Ren wants to criticze Rush Limbaugh as a bigot. He had zero to say about this Norman Finkelstein quote " Israeli Joooos are a parasitic class ". Lets see Finky uses classic Communist jargon in the above sentence, but who says he is a Commie. He is well aware of Finkelstein's comments calling Ellie Weisel a "Professional Jooo and a circus clown". He is well aware of Finky's ties with Holocaust deniers and actual Nazis. However, Don Imus and Rush are castigated for remarks about Blacks. Commies making venemous anti-semitic remarks get a free pass in the wacky world of Renegade Eye.

Ren's coauthor MFL is mostly incoherent and writes like an anti- Semitic version of Cousin Itt from the Adams family. Lets see everyone who disagrees with his Marxist orthodoxy is a neocon including a commenter named Happy Arab. MFL lives in a fantasy world where Tony Blair calls the shots in the Israeli government. He also blames the USA for this summers conflict with Israel. The notion of blaming Hezbollah for starting the fracas by entering Israel and kidnapping must be over his IQ level. Last we checked Israel is still an independent country.

Ren needs to clean up his own house before lecturing Imus and Limbaugh.

Beamish in 08

Beak on the Radio

I did another guest spot o blog radio. It seems that the question of the Duck and I doing a joint appearance always is joked about. Maybe someday in the future the Duck and I will have a showdown on the air.

If I were to ever do my own show if would be the B Team's Assault and Moon battery. We could interview some of the loopy lefties like LWB on Sonia's blog. Mr B and I could have all type of sound effects and theme music.

The opening theme would likely me Dirty Deeds. Taking a page from Batchelor and Alexander guests would have theme music as well. The show would only seek the most deranged guests and be punctuated with sound effects like toilets flushing, fog horns, Mule noises, gun shots and cattle calls.

Maybe in the future

Half a loaf

Those who have read this blog for a while know I am pro LEGAL immigration. However, I have been an opponent of family ties as the sole basis. In an earlier era this made sense, but in a post industrial economy it no longer does.

Most of us are familiar with the Anchor baby scenerio. A couple has the child in the USA and 21 years later legal status for their parents and siblings down the road. The system is rife with fraud particularly in the area of adoptions by Naturalized United States Citizens of Nieces grandkids and so forth.

The deal puports to limit the new categories to spouse, minor kids and the details of the modification of parents remains unclear.

As predicted the new program is modeled on the H-1b program. I am not a fan of whole sale giving away low paying jobs that should be done by people on welfare to guest workers en masse. Nor am I enamored with the prosect of eventual amnesty for law breakers.

The New point system valuing vocation and education is subjective. We already have a booming industry evaluating foreign degrees. How does one evaluate a carpenter, auto mechanic or Marble mason?

The reality is that the new system will favor highly educated people. This means that all those who are professionals who want to flee Hugo's debacle are welcomed.
This does mean a likely increase in Indians, Chinese and a reduction of African, Latinos and Caribs.

There are excellent schools in some of the South American and African countries but only the best and the brightest or most skilled will make it. As far as the Middle East there are a handful of top flight schools in Iran and Pakistan, but not much else. Students from abroad will likely flood American colleges at record pace, to get into the country.

We have been given half a loaf, but pay close attention to if and how parental visas are changed. We should also expect the Marxist accademians deal with a tidal wave of foreign students.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mixed Blessings

The changes in immigration law will assure me a position somewhere. My interview with the NYC office is today. The new fee structure alone ramped up the plans for a massive hiring.

The new laws seem to have eliminated sponsoring adult children and parents. This means the anchor baby gap is gone. A woman gives birth to a child in America and sponsors the parents twenty one years later.

The guest worker bill will be based largely along the same lines as the H-1B. The difference is unskilled workers get two year increments compared with three. Theoretically, they are supposed to be paid a wage commensurate with the job.

The new immigration will focus on a point system that includes education and job skills. Family ties will not be the sole criteria for admission. No doubt there are many who will scream racism. Yet, I expect the changes to create floods of foreign students at our Universities. It will expand the cottage industry of evaluating foreign degrees.

The winners in this new system appear to be the H1-B IT people. They now have cases
to remain in the USA. The old system of anchor babies and brides appears gone. The reward of fake marriages has been reduced somewhat. Previously a spouse waited five years and then could sponsor siblings and parents. Now you may only sponsor minor children. You could also divorce and sponsor another husband down the road.

I have advocated many of the proposals previously. Sadly, the service did not eliminate foreign adoptions. Most American couple adopting an Orphan will use the N-600 form. The N-600 costs 2000 dollars and is thoroughly checked. Those adoptions are mostly genuine and need no change. Immigrants have been abusing the form I-130 with fake adoptions of neices, grandchildren and even siblings. These adoptions take well over ten times longer to handle at my end. In the district office and conselate they take more time as well. They may be getting 20 times more man hours at the end of the process that a routine petition.

Beamish in 08.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good Lord

MZ has gone over the edge and called for the removal of Olmert via any means possible. Those of you who were under the mistaken impression that our positions were similar need to think again. The closest we have come to that is seeking the denaturalization and deportation of Communists who break the law like the people at Code Pinko. The mere fact that someone is a Communist is probable cause for scrutiny
given the history of treason and subversion in this country.

The truth is when you are dealing with MZ you are dealing with a Utopian of another stripe. He is not nearly as genocidal and dangerous as the Duck, Renegade, Troutsky and Che. MZ wants a religious utopia, how he intends to create this is by tossing away democracy. This is not the opinion of the vast majority of Orthodox Jews, including members of my own family. How does he plan on enforcing these laws? He will have to have a cadre of religious police ala a Communist block patrol. One could envision MZ and KY doing a version of Dragnet. The notion of religious goons enforcing MZ's theological whims is more comedic than ominous.

While MZ is comedic, the antics of Renegade and Company are not. The charge of Renegade was that I was off topic. This is mildly amusing because the two places I posted on the Finkelstein and Yezidi post were entirely on subject. My critique of the Yezidi post remains that framing honor killings as typified by Yezidi killing a girl for falling in love with a Muslim is bltantly dishonest. Honor killings are almost entirely a Muslim practice. Moreover, any serious discussion of these practices involves Islam. In fairness, Stephen Schwartz does claim this is a regional cultural practice and is not sanctioned by Islam itself. The continuation
of this practice is directly

Renegade and Co are apologists for a brutal police state in Cuba. While they hyperventilate about every action of the USA and Israel they are oblivious to the mess Communism aided and abetted by their Western apologists has created. Che Bob is fond of invoking Pinochet but the death toll of Pinochet is around 3000. The number of people executed in Cuba are much higher. Moreover Chileans do not get on boats
trying to flee. Where are these mythical Chilean refugees, boat people and refugee camps? Chile has a vibrant economy and calling Pinochet more corrupt than Fidel is absurd. Cuba is a police state that practices genuine torture and holds political prisoners.

The problem with Communist, Jihadis, Greens and to a much lesser degree MZ is that they seriously believe Utopia in this world is possible. In the case of the Greens this is a paradise never was probably derived from looking at far too many Mazola commercial. Native Americans lived short lives punctuated with excruciating work. The notion of a Green Eden is a pot pipe fantasy from the usual suspects.

Communists and Jihadist both seek global hegemony. As keepers of the divine truth every action is sanctioned to create their pipe dream fantasies. If Eden is attainable than Killing Fields, Gulags, perpetual war and terrorism are a means to
an end. Communists steal property and the workers work longer hours to produce a shabby product. Since the State owns the means of production it has no interest in workers rights.

Jihadis seek a global empire where infidels will have to pay for the right to breathe. These payments are called Jiyzah and function much like a classic mafia protection racket. Jihadis also want to subject everyone to live under their theological laws with Jim Crow features.

A normal religious person understands that Utopia is something beyond this world. They have their moral principles, but do not seek to impose them on others. They build and serve their communities each and every day. They want to be left alone to worship God as they see fit in peace. They do not talk of killing unbelievers and hold the door open to those who wish to join.

Those who attempt to create Utopia in this world are fools. The question is how many
people need to die and suffer for the mental pathologies of Communist and Jihadis. When does the predictable stench of death become enough? Every Communist clings to the hope that the next application will get it right, but the failure is predictable.
There is no Utopia in this world except for a town with that name in Long Island.

Beamish in 08.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

RIP Jerry Falwell

Jerry Falwell was a man of contrasts who said many dumb things. I do note his heart was in the right place, but his foot was often in his mouth.

On a practical level this mono-focused obsession with homosexuality on both extreemes is a tad over the top. As a moderate I understand what the Bible says. Yet I am a man who cherishes the notion of Civil law with Constitutional protections. The over the top rhetoric by the gay radicals is just as counter productive.

I do note his heart was in the right place. However the Linda Blair contortions of the media over his comments was a bit much. Falwell deservedly took alot of Heat for blaming 9-11 on Gays. Rosie O'Dumbell blames the government and gets no criticism.


Is my exile over ?

There is a small chance that I may be returned home to NYC to continue my career there. Long term readers know why I moved 400 miles into a foreign area. I apparently made the list of candidates for the NYC office, but the odds are very long.

Monday, May 14, 2007

How does one divorce themselves from their own history

All movements are judged by the history of its adherents. Nazism is judged by the actions of its adherents. How do we begin a discussion of Nazism without any discussion of agressive warfare, the Holocaust and eugenics. Would we permit a person who wanted to resurect Nazism without discussion of those points, of course not.

Renegade Eye is livid as I pointed out he shares a common philosophy with Stalin, Mao, Fidel, the Black Panthers, the Red Army groups and so forth. The fact is that Communists attempt to play the bait and switch game. They like to pass the history of the USA and Israel under a microscope but wail if their own philosophies are placed under similar scrutiny. For example hos does a defender of Fidel Castro whose prisons practice genuine torture pass judgement on the events of Abu Gharib? How does one demand the extradition of Posada to Cuba without acknowledging Joanne Chessimard. Moreover, how does one demand to send someone to a country without an independent judiciary that practices genuine torture.

Renegade is proving my axiom about the totalitarian nature of Communists correct. One can look at this blog or on the very blogs he is crying about and see comments directed at me "masturbates to pictures of Daniel Pipes, practices wife beater logic". He is upset because I called Troutsky a simpleton. Sorry, but one can see plenty of insults tossed at me, only I do not cry.

One can see similar remarks by Communist on this blog uncensored. We have no need to censor Communists as their remarks speak for themselves. We have never censored a single comment for a personal attack.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I almost made it home. However my car did not make the trip. I did make it within 20 miles when the alternator gave out. 107,000 miles on the altenator is peachy and I have no complaints. It broke down 50 feet from a mechanic shop and in a safe area.

Many locals offered to drive me home including the local police.

I have to talk with the locals in NYC about a transfer. Is my exodus over?

The beloved Rav Roov is fine and I will try to do an interview on my next visit.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Renegade Eye Turns Authoritarian

Renegade Eye seems to be upset with a Comment that links commies with terrorists. Lets see Commies call all who disagree with them fascists. I get that charge daily and have come to expect it.

Commies are 100% linked with a variety of terrorists including Ayers, Dorn, the Unibomber, Joanne Chesimard, the Black Panthers, Carlos the Jackal, the Red Army factions, the Shinning Path, M-19, the PLO ( a commie creation), ETA, IRA and many other groups. Commies are apologists for a Cuban police state that executes 14 year olds after draining their blood. Cuba has also exported terror beyond its borders and sent troops to Africa. The links between the Soviets and client states and the above named terrorists groups are extensive.

Renegade is "threatened" because he has been linked with Bernadine Dorn. The political leanings of Dorn just happen to be identical.

It did not take much for Renegade to turn authoritarian and ban dissent. My point has been amply proven about commies not being able to handle their own tactics.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Communists and Domestic animals. No insults to Farmer John

The ugly truth about Communists is that they are totalitarian, mentally inbred and prone to follow the herd. However, as herd annimals they constantly fall over the same cliffs like the bison in the familiar Native American hunting technique. Like herd animals they read the same books, repeat the same slogans and have a deluded notion of self righteouness.

Over the last few weeks I have been giving the sons of treason a taste of their own medecine. Commies are quite fond of the Howard Zinn game indict America or Israel by its history. However, they do not know how to respond when I reverse this technique on Communist and Muslim History. They do not know how to respond to my imitation of Chomsky's techniques, except I pull genuine comparisons. For example I reminded outraged Commies who wanted to extradite a man to Cuba about Joanne Chesimard. The mere mention of the Black Panthers drug dealing almost gave the commies a nervous breakdown.

Most regular folk treat commies with kid gloves wrongly. They do not go on offense and they allow commies to run amok. Commies are experts at selective outrage. The USA is a terrible country because we put panties on Muslims heads. Meanwhile genuine torture goes on in places like Cuba and every Muslim country. A mere disparity in Capatalism means we need to toss out the system. When Socialism or Communism fails it has " good intentions".

Commuists are cultist who depend on a party line. However, the rest of us are free to draw our own opinions. Communists lead wasted lives being told what to think, what to read and live in denial of the consequences of their actions.

Domestic animals belong on farms and so do commies. We should herd them into a "collective farm" like GITMO. They can reapat worn out sloans like "Cuba is the Workers Paradise, The Rosenbergs had a different definition of patriotism, Gaza is the Warsaw Ghetto redux, Zionist media and a neocon cabal led the idiot Bush into Iraq, 9-11 was a hoax ad nauseum. In reality Communists are mental health defectives who lack individuality and critical thinking. Sadly, the mental health profession has become politicized and does not medicate people who clearly need professional help.

Sadly Communists have created such a farm in our Universities. I have spent the last three weeks looking at foreign University transcripts. The reality is our graduates take more political classes than Iranians, Chinese and even those from the former Soviet Union. A typical Indian Commerce degree has almost twice the business classes of our business grads. Indi produces high quality grads devoid of Marx, Marcuse and Menchu. These grads are being hired in droves by big business. It would seem the Commie Farm is in the process of making an American College degree worthless.

Beamish in 08.

Blowing up Fort Dix sounds familiar. That was Billy boy Ayers idea, and look where he is today thanks to the Old Bolshevik network.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Excuses, Excuses and more excuses

The far left has had a temper tantrum over an alleged Cuban terrorist. First off Cuba does not have an independent judiciary. Screaming ranting show trials ala the Slansky fiasco are the norm. Secondly, Cuba practices genuine torture that is far more severe than panties on the head and naked twister at Abu Gharib. Sending a person back to face genuine torture is inhuman. Third of all Castro has been knowingly harboring a notorious cop killer for two decades. Lastly Fidel dumped over one thousand convicted criminals in the USA in the Marielito period. These are serious criminals facing lifetime imprisonment for crimes commited in the USA. Of course the left venerates this convicted Cop Killer and if she were returned the members of the Commie Odessa network that helped her get to Cuba would have to be tried.

We also have lefties blaming the Cuban economy on the rest of the boycott. As the entire rest of the world ignored this boycott this excuse just doesn't work. Castro has had four decades to build new tradding partners and failed. Moreover, he inherited a vibrant economy and destroyed it. Blaming Batista after four decades of authoritarian rule also doesn't cut it.

The arrogance of Commies is they seem to think Potemkin Village tours are more authentic than the experiences of people whose relatives are still in Cuba. Moreover,
the people of Union City and Miami are quite free to state their opinions unlike their relatives who live under commie block patrols.

The reality is that a GITMO prisoner enjoys more freedom and liberty and a better standard of living than the vast majority of Cubans. The prisoners in GITMO do eat better than many Americans, including our troops. The prisoners in GITMO also have accsess to legal counsel and commie lawyers. The prisoners in GITMO are in air conditioned cells. The prisoners in GITMO are free to pray, to take out books from the library and get free health care.

If Cuban were ever shown a movie about the conditions the prisoners in GITMO lived under they would demand assylum. However, as Cuba is a police state with state controlled media this is unlikely.

Communists excell only in the creation of excuses and needless suffering.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

From Our Sponsor GITMO Tours

Make America a better place and send a commie to GITMO. What better place to vent your idiocy than as a guest of the American taxpayer next door to Fidel's workers paradise, prison and collective brothel.

Call 1-888 IDI-OTIC. For those of you in MA it is 1-888 IDI-OTIC

We have a call.

Caller 1: I want to know if the film library has idiotic films that are decades old and haven't been watched in the mainstream like the Emperor Jones.

Gitmo has an extensive film library that caters to people with your mental defect.

Caller 1: Will I also be able to study caligraphy and look for the capitalist conspiratorial messages in Alhabits breakfast cereal.

Gitmo Has a full library and better cuisine than the faculty lounge at MIT.

Caller 2: I am from Tredington and I want to book my reservation for Abu Gharib role playing night. What day is naked twister?

Gitmo is not accepting reservations from the UK.

Caller 2: You are just a bigot and a tool of the zionist conspiracy.

Gitmo reservation desk.

Caller 3: I am from North Dakota and visiting Cuba and I want a decent meal in between Potemkin Village Tours.

Sorry we are only accepting long term residents. This is not a day care facility.

Caller 3: Darn Reaganomics $^%$^%^

Gitmo reservation desk.

Caller 2 Stupid Kahanist morons you are trying to get us killed

I think you have the wrong number.

Caller 2: This isn't MZ's dial a Kahanist and rant hotline.

No this is GITMO reservations.

Caller 4; I am from Mineapolis and making fun of detainess is shameful. Mentioning that on the same Island a police state with genuine political prisoners and torture is reactionary. You capatalists are shameless exploiters of the people.

GITMO; If you don't like the accomodations feel free to live with Fidel

Caller 4; Nobody wants to live with Fidel ooooops click

Remember make America a better place send a Commie to GITMO today.

Far Left Homophobia

The stereotype of the homophobe is largely a media creation. It is true that Falwell
and Robertson may say some stupid things. However, beyond the stupidity there is the genuine notion of love the sinner hate the sin. This may sound simplistic, but it is less viscious than it sounds.

The far left often praises Cuban health care. This wonderful health care treats homosexuality as a mental illness and has AIDS ghettoes. While the left has a collective temper tantrum every time Falwell says anything they make excuses for Cuba. The excuses for Cuba just seem to grow every year as the Cuban people suffer for the sick Marxist fantasies. Has Noam Chimpanzee ever said a sentence about treating homosexuality as a mental illness?

One can read the fascination if not almost pathological obsession commies have had with calling people homosexuals. From the Mitrokin Archive the KGB smeared J Edgar Hoover as a homosexual 235. On page 240 the KGB attempts to plant stories that Scoop Jackson and Richard Perle are gay lovers. Commies have been smearing Perle for well over thirty years. In fact Perle doesn't seem to be get much press except when Commies are placing him in various anti-semitic and now homophobic conspiracies.
In fact if one reads through the Mitrokin archive calling people homosexuals was a frequent tactic of the KGB.

Lets compare homosexuality and communism as alternative lifestyles. Most homosexuals do not bother people and go about their lives in peace. The exception are the far left lunatics who share the pathologies of the next group.

Communism as an alternative lifestlye is hazardous to human life. Planned starvations, frequent class genocide, constantly exporting your sick lifestyle (communism), not allowing people to leave warped workers states, political prisoners, frequent treason and sedition, gulags, Killing Fields, property theft, repression and surpression of individualism are all much more serious than homosexuality. I could care less whom the person next door sleeps with, but taking my private property is theft. Not allowing me to leave the mess Commies create is imprisonment. Stamping out individuality is the equivalent of turning humanity into cattle.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Normal Populations and Riots

Far lefties fail to understand the impact of prolonged lawlessness. They dream of co-opting the riots and being swept into power. The sad part is that lefties honestly believe this idiocy.

The vast majority of people are law abiding and seek to be left alone. Riots and criminal activities hurt the quality of life. While a Commie may wail about Tookie Williams meeting his maker, the inner city resident sees Tookie differently. The inner city resident is well aware of crime and the impact of the gangs founded Williams. They also know Williams crimes impact them directly.

The great myth is that Communists care about blacks. While Charlie Rangel speaks up for Fidel, he spits on the fate of Cuban Blacks who make up around 3/4 of those in jail. Blacks are also excluded from the power structure in Cuba. Many of the longest serving political prisoners in Cuba are Black. I only hope that Rangel is still around when Cuba falls and hears from those he turned his back on.

When one looks at the freak shows photographed by UI very few of the radicals are Latino and even fewer are Black. The radicals are mostly a lily white cult that claims to speak for Black people but the only Blacks in their lives are normally cleaning people. The exception is Lynne Stewart who makes freqent comments on her husband's race as a badge of authenticity.

France did the unthinkable and elected a President with Jewish heritage. His election should make France less of a pariah nation. Anti- Americanism has its limits when riots go on for months. You may not like George Bush but having your property burned or being assaulted is much more personal. There are limits to how far rabid anti-Americanism can mobilize the electorate. Sarkozy will be tested early
on with either a riot or terrorist act or both.

The problem with the French is that they honestly thought by aping Muslim's peeves about Israel and Bush that Mustafa will forget he is unemployed and on welfare. The reality is that it is more important to provide jobs so that Mustafa can own a home.
People who work for a living do not riot and are less inclined towards criminal behavior.

Just as Rudy Guliani was swept into the Mayors office by the Crown Heights riots, Sarkozy was swept in by the Muslim riots. However, merely being swept into office does not ensure he will remain there. How he responds to the challenges and if he appoints people with a can do attitude will determine his legacy. However, governing NYC is an easier task than governing France.

I want to invite you to my other blog B-Team HQ to view the new posts lampooning Che and the Duck. It would seem the Beamish school of art is alive and well

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fontova Final Book Review Exposing the Real Che

There are books that are must read because of their content such as the Gabriel book
or the Black Book of Communism. There are books that are fun excursions of well crafted learning with verve such as the Naipul selection. This book is fairly unique in that it deals with a serious subject, but is rip roaring funny in sections.

The real Che was a clown who was a bully to disarmed people but a coward when the odds were even. He was an ass kisser who did the tasks decent men loathed. He was a racist known for disparaging Blacks and Indians. Above all he was a bumbling fool who could not perform tasks. Even his alleged triumph in Santa Clara was aided by bribery. His column did almost nothing and his later exploits were cartoonish.

His time in the Congo was a disaster. He was known there as Tatu, maybe this is where the Fantasy Island midget got his name. However Herve Vilecheze was not known as a bumbling dolt. He was routinely routed by Mad Mike Hoare who was a professional.
In reality Che and Hoare were both mercenaries, except Hoare was open and served the almighty dollar and Che was on a Marxist ego trip seeking power. Hoare was above all knew what he was doing, unlike the clownish Che.

Commies suffer from a delusion that they are entitled to interfere in other nations
affairs. What was the son of a failed Argentinian business man ( who was a Commie)
doing in Cuba, Congo and Bolivia. We hear the familiar cries about the USA, but Commies seem to ignore medling of their own. The book notes Che's foreign advisors
Spanish and Russian and his American Communist trigger man Herman Marks a convicted rapist in the USA. Almost all that Che slew in his notorious prison were Cubans. There were a few odd Americans.

There is also the myth that the Batista years are an excuse for the depredations of Casto. Cuba was a devoloped country with a higher standard of living than some European countries. Now thanks to Communists its people are closer to Haiti than Spain, but still the faithful make excuses. There are more prostitutes servicing Euroleftisa appologists than under Batista. A Cuban has three choicesif they want a decent meal in Cuba, join the Communist party, become a prostitue or demand to be placed in GITMO. American prisoners in Gitmo sit in air conditioned cells eating Baklava while Cubans live near starvation, thanks to Marx. We also hear excuses about boycotts. Cuba has the rest of the world to trade with and no excuses.

Typical of the excuse makers is the Duck who claims not to be a Communist, he merely repeats their talking points and excuses the Cuban abomination of Fidel. Ducky is ignorant that Cuban Americans are constantly sending money to family left behind. Moreover, the Duck and the other clueless Commies seem to dismiss Cuban Americans as all Batista supporters. Many of those Cubans have had family members executed by Commie goons squads. Meanwhile American Commies say Cuba has "problems" and venerate the Cuban hangman on shirts. Do note that Lee Harvey Oswald was a big Castoite, much like the Duck. We have also heard excuses about 50,000 Cuban mercenaries in Angola commiting Mai Lai massacres over alleged South African predations. Savimbi was an ex communist who took aid where he could find it. No such excuses exist in Eithiopia or amongst the Miskito Indians. The latter were moved down with helicopters, Cuban and Pseudostinian mercenaries. Nor is there any excuse for the aid of Communist rebels who vanish as soon as the Soviet largess goes up in smoke. M-19 survives on narcotics and uncle Hugo's purse. Where is Gomer Kerry talking about drug running of Hezbollah or M-19?

The real Che was a laughing stock as a rebel. Kabila soon deduced he was useless and ignored him as Mike Hoare defeated him with ease. Che goes to Bolivia studies the wrong Indian language and is constantly lost in the Jungle. He is eating armadillos, condors and possums and splits his force in two when his cumare gets a cold. In sheer comedy the two groups shoot at each other but fail to recognize each other. The group including Guevara's cumare is mowed down to the man except for a Maoist kept under false promises of a Cuban education and held by force.

Guevara's last stand was with a Bolivian miner Willy. They were surounded by all of Two Bolivian rangers and surendered with loaded weapons. As Willy was also executed where the legends of Che fighting to the last bullet are from remains a mystery written in Havana. " Don't shoot I am Che Guevara and am worth more to you alive than dead". The author contrasts this with the bravado of Che's victims who chanted down with Communism, Christ is the king or told them to aim at the crotch. The author contrasts this with the Bay of Pigs dead who fought to the last bullet against long odds sold out by JFK. Four waepons were involved in the whole fracas that was Che's last stand. We have fights over the last bottle of beer in Vermont that have more weapons than that.

In captivity Che tried to suck up to his captors. His men died fighting and three escaped to Cuba. Much of the book is based upon the testimony of Dariel Alarcorn who defected to France in 1996. Che never wore the famous black beret in Bolivia with the bullet hole he probably made himself until after he was captured. While they are starving in Bolivia Che poses for publicity shots. Fidel told the local Bolivian communists not to lift a finger to help Che. Yet after Che was dead Fidel raises a clown to an icon. The rebel who shoots himself in the head with his own side arm and is always lost in the jungle is an icon to Marxist imbecility.

Readers will note that a familiar name was invited to be be Che's publicist. Che sent for Regis Dubray to handle his publicity in the same manner the NYT glossed over Castro's communist depravity. Readers of Flynn will recognize the name as Dubray's wife perpetrated the Rigoberta Menchu hoax years later. Readers of Radosh may recall the meeting of short meeting of Radosh and Dubray where the Dubray is still perptrating the Che myth and serving Castro.

The real Che was a cold blooded killer of defnseless people. His imbecility, vanity
and uselessness make him an appropriate icon for todays lefties who share these attributes. Most of these far left types are unemployed lawyers and clueless univeristy faculty and demented students. As my friend Jerome is fond of saying "I never heard class or struggle in the same sentence in Harlem."

The book is an excellent trip behind the far left fantasies and myths. If it is funny in places it is because the real Che was more cartoon material than rebel

Beamish in 08.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Another Radio event

On May 20, I will be appearing on Rob Bayn's radio show. We will be discssing why the NY Knicks are worse than the Detroit Lions. We may also revist the silence of the progressives about persecution of homosexuals under Sharia, Cuba and Zimbabwe while railing about every utterance of Pat Robertson.

Bring your humor.

Che strives for Equality

The real Che is a true icon of Progressive values. No values are more crucial than the right to an abortion. Even deranged media slatterns have offered to provide a service to Bill Clintoon just for keeping the procedure legal. Even from the perspective of a pro-Abortion type as myself the end of the world hysteria over the right to abort is inane. If Osama ever bombs an abortion clinic than some of these nuts might see things differently.

Che was all for equality for women. They were equally apt to be killed if they were old, young, pregnant or employed as nuns. Killing pregnant women was Che's way of advocating late term abortions. The Commieknoll disorder never got aroud to dealing with nuns killed by Che or religious people sent to "rehabilitation" camps.

Che was quite fond of the boys as well. Some of the people he killed were as young as 14, including one boy who tried to protect his father. Che's henchman was an American rapist Herman Marks. Yet we never see Che presented as the executioner or bumbling clod.

Che was into recycling and drained many of his victims blood before they were shot.
The blood was sold to North Vietnam and this practice was noted as far back as 1967
in a OAS Commission report. Che was merely ahead of his time and did not like to waste resources. Many victins died while being drained, but lets worry about Tookie or Mummia.

Not even family pets were safe from the sadistic clown like butcher. This is hardly surprising as serial killers often start torturing animals as kids. Yet this is Che's version of interspecies equality. Why should farm animals, mans best friend be treated any better than the people he slaughtered.

Che had special camps for Homosexuals that people like 167 feign ignorance of. The current regime has AIDS gulags, and records of gays being placed in mental health facilities in Cuba are also numerous. However, 167 never says a peep about this or Zimbabwe's treatment of homosexuals. 167 also assures us that Gays executed in Saudi Arabia and Iran were all given fair trials and were convicted of pedophelia. The insane left wants to rail about idiotic comments of Falwell while saying zero about Cuban and Muslim abuses of Gays.

Che was also fond of rounding up people who were too religious. Practicing Christians might devote their attention and resources to the poor. Yet the apologists
for class genocide want you to be worried about born again Christians or Zionists.
The record of Communists slaughtering Christians is repeated in several countries including Cuba. The study of Hebrew was outlawed in several countries and people went to jail for it. Amazingly, we still have people like the Duck worried about born again Christians and Zionists. Christians if left alone might actually serve the poor without Marxist rhetoric. Communists railing about anyone is mildly amusing
but the Elmer Fudd fixation on zionism is pathological. The frequent alleged Zionist/Nazi comparisons are mildly amusing considered Communists were actual allies.

On deck Che burns books and bumbles his way into mythology. While his victims often died chanting down with Communism, Christ is the King and Free Cuba Che begged. He also surrendered with a loaded weapon. However, when facts are not there venerate a myth. Create and venerate fake indigenous people while spitting on genuine ones. Create heroic saints out of bumbling clowns who make Gomer Kerry look like Sargent York. Communists do not study history, they rewrite it into a fiction that is edited to suit their needs.

I do disagree with the author about the Taco Bell ads. Placing the Taco Bell macott
in the familiar Che beret is a suitable treatment for the contrived butcher/clown
of communist stupidity. I am still trying to figure out how the idiots who wrote Evita placed Che in the musical. Che's idea of helping the poor was Malthusian at best and he did little of his dirty work in Argentina. Most of the far left artist get their knowledge at cocktail parties and Potemkin Village tours.

How does the Duck pretend to have more insight into Cuba than people whose family still lives there? It would seem that the laws of sanity do not apply when they go against Comunist fables.

Commies burning books where have we seen those images Berlin, Cairo.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Exposing The Real Che Guevara by Fontonova

When one deals with Communist dolts one has the myth of Che. However, the myth of Che was created by Fidel who created the myth after he sent the bumbling idiot to die. In a similar vein Farrakhan now claims to venerate Macolm X who reviled and threatened in life, some have alluded to a role in the assasination.

The Fontonova book is funny and it does not aim to be. The antics of those who venerate Che are so absurd that they defy sanity. Idiot musicians who pay homage to a man that persecuted rock fans. Several prisoners whose sole crime was listening to Beatles music tell their story. Among the persecuted is Guevara's grandson who is an Anarchistt and fled to Mexico. I would have appreciated the author expounding on American hippie traitors being mistaken for Cuban hippies and being beaten.

Che was never a doctor and his medical degree has never been produced. The author compares Che to Ringo Star who was merely in the right place. Che like John Kerry makes a huge production of a scratch only to be told by a real doctor quit crying. Che shoots himself in the head with his own weapon in combat.

His combat prowess was a myth and the Batista troops he allegedy fought were bribed.
Much of the guerilla myth was a PR campaign in the media. He was more Gomer Che than the legendary rebel leader. His rag tag bunch in Boliva frequently was lost and he left documents for his enemies to find.

Che also planned several terrorist attacks in the United States including attacks planned for the Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Washington Monument and the Herald Square Department Stores. However as Guevara was a bumbling fool these lans were thwarted.

Guevara was very brave only when facing people who were bound and unarmed. In a typical scene of dementia NYC notables venerate Che who is planning to blow up the city they reside in. Of course the NYPD arrest a woman who was raped and imprisoned in one of Che's gulags and send her for mental health evaluations.

Che also lived in a mansion with a waterfall for "health reasons". He also had a yacht, rolex watch and big screen TV's for the same illness. Guevara thought of himself as an Argentinian Aristocrat. In one encounter he asks a person who he sent off to jail if he read a certain work by Kafka. The book describes the well known brutal treatment of homosexuals in Cuba who were sent to a labor camp with an Aushwitz like slogan at the top. Nazis proclaimed work will set you free and the Commies placed Work will make men out of you at their labor camp for gays.

The book alludes to a T-Shirt that reads "Che is dead deal with it". I would like to
have my own version of Gomer Che or Che Gump.

I am amazed at the contortions of Commies who rail about Gitmo. The prisoners have air condition, unrestricted use of libraries and better food than Cubans. If Cubans ever learned how well the prisoners are treated at Gitmo they would storm the place looking to get in. The idiots deny genuine political prisoners exist who live in conditions far worse than Gitmo. The idiots deny Cuba is a police state with an army of finks that has meddled in the affairs of nations far removed as Eithiopia. Lastly,
the dolts cling to the myth of a workers paradise that does not allow people to leave.

Beamish in 08

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Ponzi Model crumbles

Far lefties cling to the myth that Sweden is Valhala. The reality is that the huge social welfare state comes with a crushing tax burden of 66%. Imagine working until the end of August just to pay taxes. This tax bill is amazing because Swedes pay almost nothing for defense. In real terms defense from whom is a better question.

Much of the Eurotrash arrogant rhetoric has been debunked. Europeans would come to NYC and give a leacture about Harlem and the South Bronx. However, the problems of the inner cities was always about jobs and services. The seperatist movement in the black comunity is small and somewhat larger in the Mexican community.

Europe clings to the myth that they can do a better job of assimilation than the USA.
Their immigrants want to live under seperate sharia laws and police themselves. Crime is increasing and riots are fairly common. The European riots have zero to do with Israel or the United States. They do reflect the inability of an elitist far left society to create jobs. The idiotic notion of the far left is that by attempting to co-opt the Hitlerian type of anti-semitic rhetoric advocated by Norman Finkelstein or obsessions about zionisms Muslims will identify with them. The reality is that the left is embracing a theocracy replette with Jim Crow elements. More to the point Christians are fleeing the middle east.

The failure of the Europeans to create jobs and growth is fostering the problem. People who work and own their own property do not riot. The Europeans are faced with
rising crime that does have an ethnic component. As in America the component may have more of a connection to class.

Oddly Turkey may fare better in the long run than Sweden or France. Turkey has an Army that provides a guarantee of secularism. The situation reminds one of Chile where Commies took an electoral victory with 35% of the vote as a mandate to create a second Cuba. The Army was not going to sit around and wait for Katayn style massacres and corrected the situation. Of course Muslim radicals can simply emigrate to Sweden or France to live under local sharia. The notion of going to Pakistan is absurd as they do not provide welfare.

One of the amazing things is how commies become fiscal conservatives only when defense and aid to Israel are involved. There seems to be no limits to their largess
on any other matters. College professors working in the teens with tenured jobs in University gulags making six figures are subsidized by the taxpayer. Pay 15 dollars to hear Noam Chimpanzee talk, pay thirty for his speeches in book or CD form and maybe he will market his image on toilet paper next. There is something obscene about the creation of a cottage industry with a minor fortune lecturing the idiotic sheeple about Marx. Chomsky is the poster boy for the corruption of the US university

Oddly my current assignment has me reviewing transcripts from arount the world. It is amazing but one sees almost no political garbage in an Iranian degree. Students have two classes on Islam and go to their major. One can compare the transcripts of IIT and MIT in the same majors and the IIT students are better prepared. How is it that IIT can develop fine professionals without Marx, Menchu, Marcuse and idiotic Social science courses that have become job programs for communists?

We also witnessed the Communist organization of the illegal alien protests. Police should have immediately started round ups. The Communists may be arrested for the advocacy of law breaking. Moreover participants in Communist protests can be barred under current law. Under law members of Communist parties may be barred. More to the point the commies should be placed with violent criminals. The notion of Civil disobedience requires jail time for law breaking and what better way to demonstrate
your fealty to Marx than becoming a prison bitch and getting beaten or killed in the name of Marx.

The myth of the Socialist Ponzi scheeme is dying as it can not compette. The growth required to fund these endless saftey nets isn't there. Moreover immigration is stretching the systems to the limits. Cities are burning as the myth of Eurosocialism crumbles. Normal societies would find law and order types and perhaps France will elect Sarkozy in a vain attempt to buy time. Decades of socialist sloth have created sheeple who are led to the slaughter.

One can see the writings of Fjordman or Bruce Bawer witnessing the Weimar type debacle festering. The notion of telling immigrants to obey laws, respect others and find a job is out moded. The new version of we owe you a welfare check and your problems are all due to Americans and Zionists is failing. Evem in laid back Vermont this type of behavior would result in rioters havong to be protected by police. More to the point the police know who is whom and woldn't allow a situation to develop.
A perfect example was a local cop who saw a pregnant woman in a bar drinking. He politely told the woman she needed a lift home and gave the woman a ride home. I guess that doesn't show up in a newspaper but that is an example of community policing.

Communists cling to the most Eurocentric of fantasies while railing about Western Civ. The reality is that many of us are mullti ethnic. We work in multi ethnic companies and live in multi ethnic communities. The reality is that while commies talk about internationalism Americans transcend the concept. The Americans who object to multi ethnic unions are few and far between.

Sorry there Comwads your schemes have failed and produced disasters. The only thing you excell at is the creation of death and human misery.

Beamish and Bargholtz in 08 and 12.

Limits of Sanity

I am always amused when Communists don't seem to understand why people deduce that they are anti-semites. I want to start this by stating that anyone who glosses over the record of Communism is a defacto moron. Yesterdays dumbass communist comment was a moron who wanted to compare the record of Richard Nixon to Pol Pot.

A typical post bashes the NYC Post as an openly Zionist paper. The centrality of evaluating an excellent newspaper based upon its position on Israel speaks vollumes about the obsessive anti-semitism of the Nation and the person who wrote the post. Communists who have a history of treason, deception and sedition have had their own organs including Mother Jones, the Millitant, various Indy Media platforms and yes the Nation. The NY Sun unlike the others is a comercial venture that does not need donations. One can question if organs that get money from George Soros will report the antics of George Soros honestly.

The NY Sun is an excellent paper with readable book and theatre reviews. The paper has a small but high quality sports section. It is far and away the highest quality Newspaper in NYC and is the paper of choice of young Conservatives. It has recaptured the essence of the Breindel NY Post of the 1980's. The articles are well writen and fresh. The NY Sun broke many of the Gomer Kerry stories about his involvement with the VVAW.

The person in question has never picked up a copy of the paper and has zero clue about it but writes a lengthy post. This also goes along of the idiocy of advocating
a system that has proven hazardous to human life. Communism like any other movement
is based on the history of its adherents. The rantings and rhetoric of Marx and his stooges are not as relevant as actions such as planned famines, killing of Kulaks, defending sedtion and treason in the USA and celebrating criminals such as a Drug Gang known as the Black Panthers or home grown terrorists like Bill Ayers.

The mental rot and paranoia of Communists sees the hidden hand of America everywhere.
An example of this idiocy a post that blames the USA for Eithiopia's invasion of Somalia. The post in question neglects to understand that the countries have fought a
few wars. More to the point Eithiopia is reacting like a normal country does to a country that has aided and fostered rebel groups on its soil. No mention of the vast presence of foreign jihadis in the conflict is in the post. Last I checked Eithiopia is still a sovereign country, but Communists are quite clueless.

Communist embrace criminality and still venerate a drug gang that shook down prostitues. The Black Panthers were a drug gang that preyed on the community it allegedly was helping. Communists embrace American terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn whose unpunished crime spree deserves prosecution. They would be venerating the Unibomber but his mental illness and poor social skills make that an excersize in futility. You will see cop killer Mumia Abdul Jabbar at many Peace protests. Mummia was much more afiliated with MOVE than his short stint with the drug dealing Black Panthers. MOVE was not popular with local black commity in Philadelphia. In fact the city bombed its HQ and burned an entire community to get rid of them. They knowingly have lied about the Rosenbergs and Hiss for decades. They also lied about where the funding for CPUSA came from and its involvement in domestic espoinage.

Today Communists are still creating front groups and trying to conceal their agitations in the Peace and ilegal alien protests. The fact that a group was founded and led by Communists should lead people to avoid association with that group. The refusal of the peace movement to oust Communists as well as stay on topic has discredited them in the eyes of many people.

The truth is when you are talking with a Communist you are talking to a cult member.
There is no other way to describe the absurd idiocy and cult of excuses. The reality
of Cuba, China and the other horrors created by the sons of Marx is to obvious.