Friday, May 11, 2007

Communists and Domestic animals. No insults to Farmer John

The ugly truth about Communists is that they are totalitarian, mentally inbred and prone to follow the herd. However, as herd annimals they constantly fall over the same cliffs like the bison in the familiar Native American hunting technique. Like herd animals they read the same books, repeat the same slogans and have a deluded notion of self righteouness.

Over the last few weeks I have been giving the sons of treason a taste of their own medecine. Commies are quite fond of the Howard Zinn game indict America or Israel by its history. However, they do not know how to respond when I reverse this technique on Communist and Muslim History. They do not know how to respond to my imitation of Chomsky's techniques, except I pull genuine comparisons. For example I reminded outraged Commies who wanted to extradite a man to Cuba about Joanne Chesimard. The mere mention of the Black Panthers drug dealing almost gave the commies a nervous breakdown.

Most regular folk treat commies with kid gloves wrongly. They do not go on offense and they allow commies to run amok. Commies are experts at selective outrage. The USA is a terrible country because we put panties on Muslims heads. Meanwhile genuine torture goes on in places like Cuba and every Muslim country. A mere disparity in Capatalism means we need to toss out the system. When Socialism or Communism fails it has " good intentions".

Commuists are cultist who depend on a party line. However, the rest of us are free to draw our own opinions. Communists lead wasted lives being told what to think, what to read and live in denial of the consequences of their actions.

Domestic animals belong on farms and so do commies. We should herd them into a "collective farm" like GITMO. They can reapat worn out sloans like "Cuba is the Workers Paradise, The Rosenbergs had a different definition of patriotism, Gaza is the Warsaw Ghetto redux, Zionist media and a neocon cabal led the idiot Bush into Iraq, 9-11 was a hoax ad nauseum. In reality Communists are mental health defectives who lack individuality and critical thinking. Sadly, the mental health profession has become politicized and does not medicate people who clearly need professional help.

Sadly Communists have created such a farm in our Universities. I have spent the last three weeks looking at foreign University transcripts. The reality is our graduates take more political classes than Iranians, Chinese and even those from the former Soviet Union. A typical Indian Commerce degree has almost twice the business classes of our business grads. Indi produces high quality grads devoid of Marx, Marcuse and Menchu. These grads are being hired in droves by big business. It would seem the Commie Farm is in the process of making an American College degree worthless.

Beamish in 08.

Blowing up Fort Dix sounds familiar. That was Billy boy Ayers idea, and look where he is today thanks to the Old Bolshevik network.


Ducky's here said...

"Most regular folk treat commies with kid gloves wrongly."

I'm sorry Beak, the diction police are patrolling your site today.

How should commies be treated "rightly" with kid gloves.

Ducky's here said...

"Commies are quite fond of the Howard Zinn game indict America or Israel by its history."

Way to go, Beak. You didn't conflate the two in your first paragraph. Your discipline is improving.

Ducky's here said...

"Gaza is the Warsaw Ghetto redux"

Beak, I'm surprised that you admit that the Israeli Apartheid Regime is practicing Nazi tactics in Gaza.

Ducky's here said...

"These grads are being hired in droves by big business."

Big business and advertising companies are also hiring film school grads in droves and paying very serious money.

Farmer's daughter made a smart choice by going to NYU film school.

beakerkin said...

Ducky the correct way to handle Commies is to take out the brass knuckles and pummel them. We do not spare your Nazi allies and you deserve similar treatment.

Lets see anti-semitism is quite passe. The Commies had an unusual interest in spying on Jewish groups in WW2, then there is the doctors plot, Slansky killings as well as paranioa about Zionism for seven decades. The fake Palestinian ethnicity along with the terror is a Soviet gift via Commie stooge Nasser. The Soviet intercepts called Jooos Rats and Blacks Polecats. Peruse the Venona project at your leisure.

The statement was an example of Commie imbecility which you embody. Kindly google the population demographics of India and Israel vs the adjacent countries and you will see actual apartheid.

The Joo-Nazi slur is quite common amongst Commies. This is more amusing because Commies frequently align themselves with actual Nazis.
Arabs have an abundance of stolen land and should have settled their refugees long ago.

As far as actual ethnic cleansing this is a commies specialty. Lets round up those Muslims and send the off to Siberia to die. Or we can invade and flood the region like the Chinese do to Tibest. We can also take helicopter gunships and Psuedostinian mercenaries and massacre Miskito Indians. Commies can use flame throwers on Montangnard villages.

The Old Bolshevik network to Hollywood runs through NYU. However the studio heads will watch the bottom line. As Commie agitators fail at the box office they will be displaced. The Farmers daughter must hold her nose and swim with the rotting Commie fish to acheive her goal.

Ducky's here said...

From today's New York Post:
"A major pharmaceutical client of Rudy Giuliani's consulting firm pleaded guilty yesterday to lying to doctors and patients about the addiction risk of the painkiller OxyContin.....federal prosecutors called it one of the nation's worst prescription-drug scandals ever.....could be a painful hit to Giuliani...... Purdue Pharma touted OxyContin as a low-risk miracle drug that relieved pain and was less addictive than other drugs. But the opposite was true.......OxyContin is derived from the opium poppy and is very addictive........ Purdue Pharma and its top officers agreed to pay $634.5 million in fines. The illegal promotions of the drug occurred 1996-2001. Giuliani Partners announced May 28, 2002, that it had been advising Purdue Pharma for four months. Giuliani left office December 2001. Giuliani aides insisted Pharma was not under criminal investigation when his firm was hired. Political observers said Giuliani's private business dealings are becoming a serious liability to his presidential campaign."

This is great, wait till Hillary starts leaking information about security contract pork that Rudy has been spreading around through his "consulting firm". Sorry Beak, this ass clown is finished.

beakerkin said...

More wishful thinking Duck. This rates as a zero on the scandal meter. Rudy leads in every poll so dream on.

American Crusader said...

If the system is morally deplete, it only makes sense that the followers are also morally deplete.
Unfortunately proving this point to them is virtually impossible, as most sane arguments usually go completely over their heads.
But..I commend your efforts.

Farmer John said...

I guess Giuliani was a "consultant" in the same sense that the Washington, DC "Madam" was a consultant...

Don't you hate it when the clients names get released to the public?

...and the Framers daughter enjoys NYU immensely. Of course, once beak finishes writing her script, I doubt mr. ducky will go and see the movie...

Steve Harkonnen said...

"Gaza is the Warsaw Ghetto redux"

Beak, I'm surprised that you admit that the Israeli Apartheid Regime is practicing Nazi tactics in Gaza.

I disagree. The palestinians, a group of animals that do not deserve a state, gave themselves that misfortune by going there - where they did not belong being there in the first place.

Beak, I liken the Commies as lemmings - all following an order that was doomed from the getgo.

Communism was so "ten minutes ago." It was a bad idea. Anyone who follows or believes in the Marxist philosophies are either retarded or they suffer from a bad case of the dumbshits.

Ducky's here said...

Speakin of Cuba, Beak. Why is the state department giving Michael Moore so much free publicity before the release of his latest film?

Man, send the feds after him and guarantee boffo box office.

American Crusader said...

Not all of them favored Giuliani. I'm hoping Thompson gets into the race.

FLORIAN said...

Beak: What do you think about Soros and his little commie agenda to turn Europe/America into his little Bolshevik empire?

Warren said...

Nostradumbass whimpered:
"Why is the state department giving Michael Moore so much free publicity before the release of his latest film?"

Jealous again dippy?

It just that fat-assed Moore is better at leftist agiprop than you. Give him a call, maybe he'll take you on as apprentice and fluffboy.