Monday, May 07, 2007

Normal Populations and Riots

Far lefties fail to understand the impact of prolonged lawlessness. They dream of co-opting the riots and being swept into power. The sad part is that lefties honestly believe this idiocy.

The vast majority of people are law abiding and seek to be left alone. Riots and criminal activities hurt the quality of life. While a Commie may wail about Tookie Williams meeting his maker, the inner city resident sees Tookie differently. The inner city resident is well aware of crime and the impact of the gangs founded Williams. They also know Williams crimes impact them directly.

The great myth is that Communists care about blacks. While Charlie Rangel speaks up for Fidel, he spits on the fate of Cuban Blacks who make up around 3/4 of those in jail. Blacks are also excluded from the power structure in Cuba. Many of the longest serving political prisoners in Cuba are Black. I only hope that Rangel is still around when Cuba falls and hears from those he turned his back on.

When one looks at the freak shows photographed by UI very few of the radicals are Latino and even fewer are Black. The radicals are mostly a lily white cult that claims to speak for Black people but the only Blacks in their lives are normally cleaning people. The exception is Lynne Stewart who makes freqent comments on her husband's race as a badge of authenticity.

France did the unthinkable and elected a President with Jewish heritage. His election should make France less of a pariah nation. Anti- Americanism has its limits when riots go on for months. You may not like George Bush but having your property burned or being assaulted is much more personal. There are limits to how far rabid anti-Americanism can mobilize the electorate. Sarkozy will be tested early
on with either a riot or terrorist act or both.

The problem with the French is that they honestly thought by aping Muslim's peeves about Israel and Bush that Mustafa will forget he is unemployed and on welfare. The reality is that it is more important to provide jobs so that Mustafa can own a home.
People who work for a living do not riot and are less inclined towards criminal behavior.

Just as Rudy Guliani was swept into the Mayors office by the Crown Heights riots, Sarkozy was swept in by the Muslim riots. However, merely being swept into office does not ensure he will remain there. How he responds to the challenges and if he appoints people with a can do attitude will determine his legacy. However, governing NYC is an easier task than governing France.

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Graeme said...

The French need to produce more jobs, that's for sure.

Hey, maybe the French could imprison people at the same rate the US does? That would create a lot of new jobs! They would have to build more prisons and all these prisons would have to have prison guards. Wait, even better, they could put all the non-French French (you know the ones that play soccer for them every World Cup) in jail and the real French could have the jobs! Perfect. I smell the return of 40 hour work weeks!

beakerkin said...


Better yet they can imprison them at he rate of Cuba. Cuba also has longer work weeks than the USA.

France is trying a novel approach in not taxing those five hours. The rate of taxation is confiscatory 60% and is being lowered.

The real crime rate in France is unknown as there are no go sections where the French do not enforce their own laws. The best quote from the riots was to end the police presence in the occupied territories in FRANCE.

In a normal population, riots produce a backlash and law and order candidates. People who are employed and own property tend not to riot. A job is far more humane than the paternalistic pat on the head and a welfare check.

American Crusader said...

I wonder if the French media will come up with a better name for those involved in the Paris riots.
"Disenfranchised youths" doesn't quite tell the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Sarkozy needs to re-open Devil's Island. The anarchists in France are not going to give his policies any chance of succeeding. They will be attempting to destroy and/or denounce everything he does starting Day 1. Devil's Island is the perfect solution. Give the anarchists the anarchy they pray for. Let them found their own criminal colony. Given a few decades of brutal lawlessness, perhaps they'll learn to appreciate the benefits of law and order and become responsible citizens again... like Australia! ;-)

Always On Watch Two said...

Just as Rudy Guliani was swept into the Mayors office by the Crown Heights riots, Sarkozy was swept in by the Muslim riots.

Maybe I've missed it, but in all the media coverage on Sarkozy's elections, I haven't heard mention of those Muslim riots.

Ducky's here said...

AOW, I know that I'm peeing against the wind, but I will reiterate in the hope that you wish to understand. The riots in France were not "muslim riots".

A lot of gallic french, south european immigrant descendants and look like the dreaded muslims on the street. Besides second and third generation immigrants from "arab countries" are NOT religious generally. They take the streets because they don't have a job, money or hope but generally not for religious reasons.

The real question is if France, or any other country, will ever solve the problem of labor in the world of automation and cybernets?

What do we do with excess people, given that half of any random population will fall on the left side of the bell curve? Damned if I know, but SOMEBODY has to figure it out. Makework projects that mean nothing but give them a sense of purpose? Govt supported marijuana sales along with lots of free TV and housing? Promote lots and lots of sex videos, and hire them all to do that work?

We have serious issues facing us and actually trying to maximize religious conflict as the American religious right (just as surely as CAIR) is trying to do is very counter productive.

beakerkin said...

Ducky the prolonged riots were indeed Muslim riots. There are plenty of Asians and Caribs who seem to have remained at home.

If there is a lack of jobs in France it is because of Socialist rot that needs to be removed like cancer. Sarkozy has an impossible job but a can do attitude goes a long way.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, I'm curious how you came to that conclusion. I say that you don't have any more idea than a freakin' bag of hammers that riots in Paris have been going on for twenty years and that last years were nothing exceptional.

... but you may not be blowing smoke out of your rear as usual. What sources do you use other than Frontpage?

beakerkin said...

Ducky the events were covered by the mainstream press. Moreover, Zinla spends part of her year in France and would be happy to inform you. In fact she has told you this before.


I will take Front Page over Chimpanzee or Counter Punch but that is just me.

beakerkin said...


On CNN the trouble has allready started.

Ducky's here said...

Beak, don't be a freakin' moron. Of course the riots were covered. However, I want to know why you go with the minority in believing they were religious riots.

Put up or shut up. If you live by a steady diet of L'il Davy Ho'boy's dogfood then defend it.

beakerkin said...


The MSM noted the rioters were Muslim. Even the wacky Burlington Free Press covered it that way. The current riots are not being covered that way yet. This may be Commies throwing a collective temper tantrum. However, the usual suspects are to blame.

Again I will stick with Horowitz vs Chimpanzee or Counterpunch.

American Crusader said...

ducky...try pissing on the leeward side and stop missing the obvious. Those rioting were mostly second-generation Algerians(Muslims). If you want to argue that the riots were economic and not religious you might have a leg to stand on but even that is tenuous.

Ducky's here said...

Now, let's have a logic class, American Crusader.

Do you know the definition of a descriptive variable. Okay, now, why are you attributing causation to a descriptive variable? That's a fallacy.

Many of the rioters were muslims. Were the riots provoked by religion or by issues of economics and police brutality?

There have been riots in these areas outside Paris for twenty years. Long before the world could even spell muslim. And a large number of rioters were non muslim Africans.

Steve Harkonnen said...

They take the streets because they don't have a job, money or hope but generally not for religious reasons.

Well, first and foremost: what moron in their right mind would immigrate to a place where they couldn't find a job? This is why I wonder even about the mentalities of bonehead Mexicans that are in my state of Virginia, wandering about, looking for jobs. THEY DON'T DESERVE TO BE HERE IF THEY CAN'T FIND WORK. Hell, if my dad came over from Scotland with us without a job back in 1970, they'd send him packing. Nowadays, our government is kow-towing to the immigrants. This needs to stop.

Now, as for the French and European riots, I'd call the riots as being religious driven. My ex-wife can vouch for actually hearing the calls for Jihad on antenne 2 coverage. She lives over in Belgium.

The French were, in fact, covering these riots as being religiously motivated. The sad thing is, Duck, our media deliberately, at all costs and as much as humanly possible, want to cover up the fact that these riots are religiously driven and they are in fact being fueled by Fundamentalist Islam. But for some yet unknown reason, they are afraid to even mention that word called "Muslim" on the air.

My ex's words are true. Even my 20 yo daughter vouched for it, because I wanted to make sure.

As for the Algerians, true, very true indeed. But the masses of these so-called "disenfranchised youth" are of Algerian and also Moroccan descent, and yes indeed, a lot of them were wearing Kufiyeh during those riots that supposedly were "not religious driven." Now, they might not be as fundamentalist or as organized as al-Qaida, but they are driving home the clear-cut message that their religion is driving them toward violence.

To top that off, it is European backing down and pandering of Islam that is driving the enemy even closer to our own shores. I blame Europe's blunderings in not deporting lazy, no good jobless Muslims in the first place. Look what happened to Germany in the mid-eighties when they opened up the floodgates of the masses. And what does Germany have to show for it?

beakerkin said...


Lets have a reality class your logic is insane. Following your logic there was no racial angle towards the vandalism of Koreatown in the LA riots. The rioters were merely motivated by police brutality were incedental. The Crown Heights rioters were motivated by a traffic accident.

Sorry Duck but this might work on the labotomized. The riots in Malmo
and elswehere all have the same denominator. The rioters chant Allah Ahkbar and target non-Muslims. If you see any chanting Col Mustard did it in the Library with the rope let me know.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I see its "the Iraq War has made us less safe from the Islamic threat that doesn't exist" Tuesday again at the Ducky household.

Sad to see your monthly leftist mail order ideology update hasn't gotten to Ducky yet. He's been awful languished for a thought for a while. But it's abnormal, even for Ducky, to emphasize and reiterate his cluelessness.

I wonder if the evil Jewish trailer park manager hocked his news channel sattelite dish for back pad rent again?

Ducky's here said...

Oh Oh, Beak, bad news A new CNN poll has Rudy the cross-dresser 25%, his lowest point all year. John McSuckass remains in second place at 23%, with Fred Thompson, who's not even in the race yet, at 13%

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Duck has a obsession with Rudy dressing as a woman for a theatrical production or is perhaps alluding to Rudy's gay friends. It would seem that you are not as evolved as you think you are.

Homophobia is quite common amongst commies like Castro, Maoists, Mugabe. The Soviet Union had a history of these slurs against J Edgar Hoover, Scoop Jackson and his assistant Richard Perle. Even those brave reds portrayed Whitaker Chambers, Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn as gays, only Cohn was gay.

It seems that you are more homophobic than the religious Christians you rail about. Spare me the Marcuse victims replaces Marxism jazz.

How long have you been a homophobe?

For the record there are zero allegations Rudy is gay or a transvestite. I

Anonymous said...

Fopr starters, ducky, I would...

0) Limit the power of government to "international" relations
1) Limit the life of corporations
2) Limit the charters of corporations
3) Can free-market merchantilism
4) Close the borders
5) Encourage a country to country land market that enables one country to purchase the lands of another through an exchange of resources.

Anonymous said...

Pat Buchanan on steroids. ;-)

Always On Watch Two said...

Duck is objecting to and/or ridiculing Rudy's dressing up as a woman in a spoof?


Oh, and Duck, many of those rioters are indeed Muslims. Get a clue.

I didn't say that Islam was causing them to riot. Although....

I wonder if Duck will come along and say that Islam has nothing to do with the terrorist attack just foiled. Hmmmmm?

Always On Watch Two said...

Poverty wasn't the cause here:

The Duka brothers had been popular in school, said Jonathon, of Cherry Hill. Shain drove a Cadillac Escalade SUV.

Ducky's here said...

AOW, let's review. Descriptive variables.

Many of the rioters were muslim. Agreed. Nobody disagrees.

They rioted because they are muslim. If you think that follows from the first statement then I feel sorry for your students.

beakerkin said...

Sure Ducky

Muslims are the only group that ever encounters police brutality.
What is the cause in Malmo and all the other cities.

They demand police out of the occupied territories in France. How do the French police occupy France?

Always On Watch Two said...

Once again, the leftist-Islamist alliance. They feed off one another.

Meanwhile, the riots and car-burnings in France in continue.

Russet Shadows said...

I think we should come up with a graphic and christen it "The Duck Award" and give it to anyone who epitomizes Ducky's relentless and perpetual inability to see beyond his nose.

Urban Infidel said...

Rioting is for the weak. Those idiots in France are not fit to govern anything.

Democracy does not mean trash and burn everything in your path if your party loses.

Speaking of Freaks. The Code Pinkos are have a Mother's Day outing on the steps of the Natural History Museum on Sunday. Pics to follow.

Urban Infidel said...

I think for sleeping with Lynne Stewart, her husband deserves a badge of some kind.

beakerkin said...

I may be on hand for that protest.

Urban Infidel said...

Hey Beak,
If you're going to be around for the Code Pinkos on Mother's Day, let me know. Would love to say 'hello.' If you email me, I'll send you the time and place info.