Friday, May 04, 2007

Che strives for Equality

The real Che is a true icon of Progressive values. No values are more crucial than the right to an abortion. Even deranged media slatterns have offered to provide a service to Bill Clintoon just for keeping the procedure legal. Even from the perspective of a pro-Abortion type as myself the end of the world hysteria over the right to abort is inane. If Osama ever bombs an abortion clinic than some of these nuts might see things differently.

Che was all for equality for women. They were equally apt to be killed if they were old, young, pregnant or employed as nuns. Killing pregnant women was Che's way of advocating late term abortions. The Commieknoll disorder never got aroud to dealing with nuns killed by Che or religious people sent to "rehabilitation" camps.

Che was quite fond of the boys as well. Some of the people he killed were as young as 14, including one boy who tried to protect his father. Che's henchman was an American rapist Herman Marks. Yet we never see Che presented as the executioner or bumbling clod.

Che was into recycling and drained many of his victims blood before they were shot.
The blood was sold to North Vietnam and this practice was noted as far back as 1967
in a OAS Commission report. Che was merely ahead of his time and did not like to waste resources. Many victins died while being drained, but lets worry about Tookie or Mummia.

Not even family pets were safe from the sadistic clown like butcher. This is hardly surprising as serial killers often start torturing animals as kids. Yet this is Che's version of interspecies equality. Why should farm animals, mans best friend be treated any better than the people he slaughtered.

Che had special camps for Homosexuals that people like 167 feign ignorance of. The current regime has AIDS gulags, and records of gays being placed in mental health facilities in Cuba are also numerous. However, 167 never says a peep about this or Zimbabwe's treatment of homosexuals. 167 also assures us that Gays executed in Saudi Arabia and Iran were all given fair trials and were convicted of pedophelia. The insane left wants to rail about idiotic comments of Falwell while saying zero about Cuban and Muslim abuses of Gays.

Che was also fond of rounding up people who were too religious. Practicing Christians might devote their attention and resources to the poor. Yet the apologists
for class genocide want you to be worried about born again Christians or Zionists.
The record of Communists slaughtering Christians is repeated in several countries including Cuba. The study of Hebrew was outlawed in several countries and people went to jail for it. Amazingly, we still have people like the Duck worried about born again Christians and Zionists. Christians if left alone might actually serve the poor without Marxist rhetoric. Communists railing about anyone is mildly amusing
but the Elmer Fudd fixation on zionism is pathological. The frequent alleged Zionist/Nazi comparisons are mildly amusing considered Communists were actual allies.

On deck Che burns books and bumbles his way into mythology. While his victims often died chanting down with Communism, Christ is the King and Free Cuba Che begged. He also surrendered with a loaded weapon. However, when facts are not there venerate a myth. Create and venerate fake indigenous people while spitting on genuine ones. Create heroic saints out of bumbling clowns who make Gomer Kerry look like Sargent York. Communists do not study history, they rewrite it into a fiction that is edited to suit their needs.

I do disagree with the author about the Taco Bell ads. Placing the Taco Bell macott
in the familiar Che beret is a suitable treatment for the contrived butcher/clown
of communist stupidity. I am still trying to figure out how the idiots who wrote Evita placed Che in the musical. Che's idea of helping the poor was Malthusian at best and he did little of his dirty work in Argentina. Most of the far left artist get their knowledge at cocktail parties and Potemkin Village tours.

How does the Duck pretend to have more insight into Cuba than people whose family still lives there? It would seem that the laws of sanity do not apply when they go against Comunist fables.

Commies burning books where have we seen those images Berlin, Cairo.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

Che fue un pendejo!

beakerkin said...


The Duck is going to pull a Linda Blair act.

The real Che was a brutal killer and an imbecile. Getting shot in the head with your own weapon is F Troop material.

Urban Infidel said...

Che is the new Mickey Mouse. He's the new 'Jesus'. He's a plastic-fantastic-be-anything-you-want-him-to-be-idol. He's Rick James and the Beach Boys. I see his face everywhere I go these days.

beakerkin said...


I think the Rick James bit may have upset the faithful more than the farmer.

I look at Che and he reminds me of Rasputin. I do not understand how a brutal killer who was an imbecile and a clown in combat becomes an icon.

Maybe our response to the Che Icon should be to create the Mr Beamish logo shirts. The concept could catch on and it has marketing possibilities.

Anonymous said...

We'ah the Heckowee?

beakerkin said...

Can you imagine the uproar if a movie portrayed Che as a bumbling
idiot? A rebel leader who is always lost and shoots himself with his own weapon.

You have the origin of Hikawee correct.

Ducky's here said...

What uproar? Beamish and every other 85 I.Q. Tarantino maven would be lined up for blocks.

Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, how about a story on the segregated buses in Jerusalem?

...some say "society that is democratic and where the buses are subsidised by the government, a minority's concerns should not override those of the majority."

But Shlomo Rosenstein disagrees. He is a city councillor in Jerusalem where a large proportion of Israel's segregation lines operate.

"This really is about positive discrimination, in women's favour. Our religion says there should be no public contact between men and women, this modesty barrier must not be broken."

Uphill struggle

Opponents of the separation buses face an uphill struggle. Orthodox Jewish leaders are a powerful minority in Israel.

Naomi Ragen says the buses are just part of a wider menacing pattern of behaviour towards women in parts of the orthodox Jewish community.

"They've already cancelled higher education in the ultra-orthodox world for women. They have packed the religious courts with ultra-orthodox judges.

"In some places there are separate sides of the street women have to walk on."

She says that there are signs all over some religious neighbourhoods demanding that women dress modestly.

"They throw paint and bleach at women who aren't dressed modestly and if we don't draw a line in the sand here with this seat on a bus, then I don't know what this country and this religion is going to look like in 20 years," Ms Ragen said.

beakerkin said...

Yes it is far better to be like Che and kill everyone young, old, pregnant and even man's best friend.

Do note this is providing a service
outside an institution. This is unlike the Jim Crow bathroom situation being advocated by some in the USA.

Remember, Mr Beamish is your superior. Nobody can market your likeness, but the Beamish logo on shirts would sell.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Can you imagine the uproar if a movie portrayed Che as a bumbling

You didn't see The Motorcycle Diaries?

beakerkin said...

Mr B

I missed that one.

Always On Watch Two said...

I look at Che and he reminds me of Rasputin.

I knew that Che reminded me of someone else. That's it!

Always On Watch Two said...

My husband, disinterested in politics, thought that Che t-shirts we saw on March 17 were depictions of Charles Manson. Hmmmm....

beakerkin said...


He does remind me of Manson.

Justin said...

How does the Duck pretend to have more insight into Cuba than people whose family still lives there?

Beak, Beak dont you remember the Communist Mantra.

"Who you gonna believe me or your lying eyes?"

Of course Duck knows more than some one who actually lives there. He read about it once. So therefore anyone who actually, really lives there has no clue as to how they are living.

beakerkin said...


This Ducky comment is more absurd than the usual. He knows more about Cubans than people whose family still live there. How long is Batista gone forty plus years of excuses and continual human rights abuses do not rate.

Moreover leave it for the far left to celebrate an Argentinian mass murdering mercenary imbecile whose advisors were Spanish and Russian with an American Marxist rapist triggerman Herman Marks. What are all the foreigners doing in Cuba other than murdering Cubans? What was an Argentinian imbecile doing in Bolivia and the Congo?

Warren said...

Once again, Ducky, shows his moral retardation.

Justin said...

Wonder what Bird brains hang up with discrimination against women in Jerusalem is.

But, then I remembered its discrimination against women in Jerusalem. I guess he and Ms. Regan havent heard of the women being arrested in Iran for having to much hair showing from under their little religous head scarfs.

Or the women in Iran being aresseted because their coats are to tight and show to much figure.

Or, any of the other discriminatory acts against women in the psuedostanian and Arab worlds.

Ducky me thinks your seemingly overiding concern for the women of Jerusalem is a little bit genuine and a little bit more race baiting.

Perhaps Ducky would like to go to Iran and write a book on the discrimination against women in a truely Arab sense.

Oh by the way Ducky when you go. Just remember that your little male chauvinist buddy who runs the country has now issued an edict that men cannt have western hair cuts or have their eye brows plucked. Hmmmmm Eye Brows plucked now that makes one wonder doesnt it.

I think the eyebrow plucking thing would get you a NYT best seller for sure Ducky. I really think you should go and then report.

Elmer's Brother said...

shot himself with his own gun?

and he's a hero?

one can't blame Che for taking his own life....they're equal opportunity killlers.