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Exposing The Real Che Guevara by Fontonova

When one deals with Communist dolts one has the myth of Che. However, the myth of Che was created by Fidel who created the myth after he sent the bumbling idiot to die. In a similar vein Farrakhan now claims to venerate Macolm X who reviled and threatened in life, some have alluded to a role in the assasination.

The Fontonova book is funny and it does not aim to be. The antics of those who venerate Che are so absurd that they defy sanity. Idiot musicians who pay homage to a man that persecuted rock fans. Several prisoners whose sole crime was listening to Beatles music tell their story. Among the persecuted is Guevara's grandson who is an Anarchistt and fled to Mexico. I would have appreciated the author expounding on American hippie traitors being mistaken for Cuban hippies and being beaten.

Che was never a doctor and his medical degree has never been produced. The author compares Che to Ringo Star who was merely in the right place. Che like John Kerry makes a huge production of a scratch only to be told by a real doctor quit crying. Che shoots himself in the head with his own weapon in combat.

His combat prowess was a myth and the Batista troops he allegedy fought were bribed.
Much of the guerilla myth was a PR campaign in the media. He was more Gomer Che than the legendary rebel leader. His rag tag bunch in Boliva frequently was lost and he left documents for his enemies to find.

Che also planned several terrorist attacks in the United States including attacks planned for the Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Washington Monument and the Herald Square Department Stores. However as Guevara was a bumbling fool these lans were thwarted.

Guevara was very brave only when facing people who were bound and unarmed. In a typical scene of dementia NYC notables venerate Che who is planning to blow up the city they reside in. Of course the NYPD arrest a woman who was raped and imprisoned in one of Che's gulags and send her for mental health evaluations.

Che also lived in a mansion with a waterfall for "health reasons". He also had a yacht, rolex watch and big screen TV's for the same illness. Guevara thought of himself as an Argentinian Aristocrat. In one encounter he asks a person who he sent off to jail if he read a certain work by Kafka. The book describes the well known brutal treatment of homosexuals in Cuba who were sent to a labor camp with an Aushwitz like slogan at the top. Nazis proclaimed work will set you free and the Commies placed Work will make men out of you at their labor camp for gays.

The book alludes to a T-Shirt that reads "Che is dead deal with it". I would like to
have my own version of Gomer Che or Che Gump.

I am amazed at the contortions of Commies who rail about Gitmo. The prisoners have air condition, unrestricted use of libraries and better food than Cubans. If Cubans ever learned how well the prisoners are treated at Gitmo they would storm the place looking to get in. The idiots deny genuine political prisoners exist who live in conditions far worse than Gitmo. The idiots deny Cuba is a police state with an army of finks that has meddled in the affairs of nations far removed as Eithiopia. Lastly,
the dolts cling to the myth of a workers paradise that does not allow people to leave.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

Che Guevara... the Dulcinante of Don "Fidel" Quixote's fevered dreams

Ducky's here said...

Big screen TV? Considering he died in '67 and lived the last few years of his life in the jungle I don't see how that's possible.

Those first Bose projection systems came out after his death.

Please explain Beak, it's not that I think you blow smoke out of your rear but sometimes you blow smoke out of your rear.

Why are you so fixated on Che?

Anyway if you have a Netflix account or something similar, take out Mikheil Kalatoz's "I am Cuba". Great film that Scorcese discovered a few years ago after it was banned in the U.S. and suppresed in Cuba and the U.S.S.R. Scorcese spent quite a while trying to figure out how the early travel shot up the side of a building, through the crowd at a rooftop party and into a swimming pool was done. Just brilliant.
The "sugar cane" segment was done with infra-red film. That explained how he was able to get those contrasts.
It's a good break from "Shreck" or whatever's popular with the right these days.

Oh, they managed to pull off the swimming pool sequence by coating the lens with the same material used on submarine periscopes. Really brilliant. You can also see how the sequence influenced a lot of the restaurant blocking in "Goodfellas".

Ducky's here said...

By the way, Beak, his name is spelled Fontova and he's one of those pathetic little clowns who thinks that he's going to get all his stuff back when Castro dies and you dickheads bring back the good 'ol Batista days.

beakerkin said...

Considering the house was from a super wealthy person it is probable that the luxuries were present. Moreover, it is described in multiple sources.

Lets see under Batista Cuba was a destination people imigrated to. It also had a standard of living close to that of Spain. Now it is closer to Haiti.

Those Cubans that had their property stolen should be compensated. Moreover, those who ran the Cuban death squads should be executed.

Lets see apologizing for a police state, but fixating on the USA and Israel. It sounds like a Commie it apologizes for Commie excesses but claims not to be a Communist, not.

FJ The real Che was more Gomer Plye or Gorilla rather than rebel. Even Gomer Kerry did not shoot himself in the head with his own side arm. In Che's case a bullet to the brain would be genuine social justice.

beakerkin said...

Lets see Cubans who object to theft
of their land and totalitarian misrule are pathetic clowns.

It would seem that you are a couch potato Bolshevik. If you advocate a police state and apologize and rationalize its actions go live there or North Korea.

Jason_Pappas said...

Ringo Starr? Gomer? He sounds more like a Cuban Al Sharpton.

It sounds like Che invented "radical chic" before Wolfe had the idea. Che would be welcomed on the NYC party circuit.

beakerkin said...

Jason the real Che was hosted by the Socialites of NYC as he was plotting to blow it up. The author does mention the idiocy of radical Chic.

Sharpton may have alot of problems but he has never shot himself in the head or gotten lost. Guevara was more of a laughing stock than a serious rebel. He was tough in front of disarmed people but that is about it.

The notion of NYPD protecting Che from a 24 year old woman is surreal. The woman was rabed and tortured in Guevara's prisons and sent for mental health evaluation.

We need to worry about panties on the head from people who appologize for Cuba.

Steve Harkonnen said...

WOW! Case in point here! I am just now back from having lunch at the Indian restaurant called Milan over on 29. I spotted a guy in a red "Che" T-shirt:

Me: Hey, who is that guy on your shirt? (I already knew, just asking to start up a conversation).

He: Che.

Me: Che? Who's he, what did he do?

He: Che was a revolutionary.

Me: Revolutionary, for what? What's his last name?

He: Um, I dunno. Some kinda hero, I guess. Why are you asking me this?

Me: He was a fucking communist from Argentina and liked killing innocent people. Are you a liberal, per chance?

He: Well, yeah, but what does that have to do with anything? Why are you being a jerk?

Me: Your sort is against war, right?

He: Well, yeah, I guess.

Me: Well, if you knew more about the guy on your shirt, you'd be wiping your ass with it!

He: (sereaming in the parking lot back at me)- GO FUCK YOURSELF, MAN!!!! (at that point, his friend pulls him away from me. I am gesturing for him to bring it on, but he backs off). My buddy, Jason, is laughing.

Me (yelling back): Typical libtard response, buddy!

So off we went in our different directions. Interesting you blog on this same clown on that guy's T-shirt, but it brings two questions:

1. Why do libtards support this guy, who reveled in murdering people, and didn't go a goddamn thing to help anyone, except commies?

2. Why do libtards have a bumpersticker that says "FREE TIBET" and when you ask them what are they doing to actually FREE TIBET, they look at you like they're retarded?

Ducky's here said...

Agreed Beak, Che wasn't much of a soldier. Reminds folks of an IDF pussy.

beakerkin said...

The real Che is almost more cartoonish in the Hanna Barbera mode ala Dick Dastardly.

Ducky still in anti-semitic mode. Lend me your jaw bone so I can smite all the Code Pink and ANSWER traitors.

What happened to the twenty Pseudostinians guarding Tom Fox. I guess they sold him out for a beheading. CPT members never use their heads anyway so he was improved.

Ducky's here said...

How does making fun of the IDF (who fell flat on their faces in Lebanon) become anti-semitic?

See Beak, you're from that school of jackasses who cheapen the serious idea of anti-semitism by using it to deflect all criticism. You really are quite contemptible in that regard.

beakerkin said...

Lets see the Israelis faced an entrenched Iranian trained narco terrorist outfit. Moreover, Israel
killed Iranian intelligence officers.

The notion that Israel has to eliminate Hezbollah as an entity is absurd. It also lost zero land in the exchange.

The reports of Israel's under performance are exagerated.

Comparison of an executioner to the Israelis army is anti-semitic.

beakerkin said...


One more thing most of the Cubans in the USA have immediate family that still lives in Fidel's gulag.
It is extreemly ignorant to think you know more about a country than people whose relatives still reside there. I use the word ignorant as well as arrogant.

How long are you going to cling to the Batista myth. Funny Batista did not create swarms of boat people.

Ducky's here said...

"One more thing most of the Cubans in the USA have immediate family that still lives in Fidel's gulag."

Prove it. You're blowing smoke out of your ass once again.

Prove it.

beakerkin said...


Cuba is very dependent on remitances from the USA. Moreover, I have many friends in the Cuban community. Every last one has immediate relatives and regularly sends money. Some of them are Mareilitos and others were from Castro's reign of error.

My driver fought in Angola and supports his mother and siblings. I could list my Cuban American friends and coworkers every single one has family still there.

Moreover, it is exceedingly stupid to pretend you know more about Cuba than people whose family still reside there. My driver's mother doesn't reside in your Potemikin tourist trap.

I guess you have declared yourself more informed than people who have lived there for decades and left. Sorry but visiting a show village and reading Counterpunch doesn't mean diddly.

Jason_Pappas said...

Here's a review of an interesting book with a theme familiar to readers of this blog.

"Indeed, as Hollander notes in his introduction, 'it is difficult to identify a single American scholar specializing in Communist political violence, either as a comparative endeavor or as one focused on a particular Communist system.' ... Communist crimes are less known than fascist ones. ... Soviet atrocities are practically ignored."

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Man, Ducky's latest mail order ideology update must be late again. Now he wants to rail against the IDF in response to a post about Castro's favorite terrorist.

If you can't imagine having nothing to say until the magazine comes with talking points and pretty pictures, there's no way you'll ever "live the life of the mind" ::cough cough:: as a leftist.

beakerkin said...

I reviewed End of Commitment and it is an excellent book. It is one of those books that will never be read by those who should read it like Duncy.

Mr B

More objectionable is Guevara was an executioner. He should be compared with Nazis and fellow Communists. Commies rail about death squads and venerate Che.

Ducky's here said...

"My driver fought in Angola and supports his mother and siblings."

Are they in prison?

Care to go with any more straw man bull?

Ducky's here said...

"... Soviet atrocities are practically ignored."

Absolutely, just ask Beak. He deny's the Ukrainian famine because it was on a scope with the Holocaust as ethnic genocide.

The Merry Widow said...

Ducky-Walk down the street in Miami and ask at some of the cuban sandwich shops, I'm sure they could enlighten you as to the status of their families in Cuba.
And this time of year is better than later, it's too hot.
And yes I went to school with Cubans, and they were VERY concerned with their families!


beakerkin said...

My driver is but one of many coworkers who sent money home. My contacts with the Cuban American community in NJ are quite extensive and every one of them send money home on a regular basis.

I am perplexed as to how ignorant you are of the Cuban American community.

Ducky AOW and Jason have gone over this idiotic claim. I do not deny Soviet attrocities and the one you mention was one my family is quite familiar with as they survived it.
Why an aniti communist would deny a Soviet attrocity that his own family survived is insane and I have never done it. This falls into the insane range.

Always On Watch Two said...

I once asked one of my piano students--a young man whose mother worked for the CIA--why he was wearing a Che shirt. His response: "He was a rebel who fought for the rights of the little people."

Beyond that, the young man knew zero. When I told him that Che was a Communist, he gave me a blank stare. Could it be that a high schooler (in the GT program, no less) had never heard of Communism?

BTW, the young man was black and lived in one helluva mansion, with hi-tech stuff in every room. I wonder how Che would've felt about that mansion?

Warren said...

Kind of a paraphrase, but; Duckys retorts, (such as they are), are saturated with the strong stink of despair mixed with the suggestion of old urine.

He always seems to know better than the people with first hand experience.

Ducky, you're such an ass.

Steve Harkonnen said...

AOW, how true. It all goes back to the FREE TIBET stickers. None of them are doing a damn thing to actually FREE TIBET. Good question to ask them is this: So, where, geographically speaking, is Tibet? They don't know.

They also believe that Che was Cuban.

Same ilk that believe the St. Louis Cardinals were appointed by the pope.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Che's last words were "Arrrrrgh!"

One of the greatest tragedies of history is that you can't watch his execution on YouTube any time you want.

jams o donnell said...

How would che have felt about the mansione etc? At home perhaps?

Guevara was an utter failure as a revolutionary. but posthumously a big sucess as a marketing device. This success s down to the Korda photograph.

If it weren't for that, thousands of middle class kids (who put the social into socialist) would have to find a different image for their t shirts

beakerkin said...


The real Che was more of a clown than rebel.


You are 100% right. Ducky knows more than my driver who supports his mother. He knows more than twenty plus coworkers who send money home every month. He knows more than trusted friends with family in Cuba. How he gets this knowledge in MA or by taking the Potemkin Village tour.

Steve Harkonnen said...

It just now dawned on me why liberals adore Che Guevara.

He was a loser too.

Russet Shadows said...

Just about anyone who lives in Florida has heard plenty of Cuba/Castro stories. Ducky's ignorance is truly remarkable.

beakerkin said...


The Duck hasn't figured out that Cuba has more prostitutes today than under Batista. His Euroweenie
leftist friends use Cuba as a brothel.

Antioxident said...

I read Fontova's book and it is excellent. One of the funniest parts is when Santana confronts a kid wearing an anti-Che T-shirt and spews a bunch of outdated hippie catchphrases. The kid informs Santana of the atrocities perpetrated by Che to which he replies "you're getting hung up on facts, man" - classic! What else are we supposed to 'get hung up on"? Lies? Reading this book just reinforces how little intellectual or moral integrity the left has.

I was speaking to a lady I know in the street a few days ago and I told her about the book and she claimed it must be all lies, because she's been to Cuba and it's a "paradise". She looked genuinely shocked when I mentioned Che's atrocities, didn't want to believe me and then finally admitted "well you don't make an omelette without breaking eggs".

To which my reply was: "that's all very well and good for eggs, but what are we to do?", a la Rod and Todd in the Simpsons.

I've heard a lot of leftists make this statement regarding Communism's atrocities. The terrorist-helping scum-lawyer Lynne Stewart once said in an interview that she thought the political jailings and Gulags in the Soviet Union were necessary and justified to protect a workers revolution.

If anything like a Communist Revolution happens in this country, people like this are the ones we should keep our eyes on. The kind of people who turned out to be capable of committing mass slaughter in Communist countries, if they lived in America, would be the very same latte-sipping Mac-owning Marxists you see in Starbucks today. These are the people who are capable of writing themselves moral blank checks in times of revolution. Watch out for them.

ஐயன் காளி said...

@ Steve Harkonnen

Dear Steve,

The Indian with Che on his T-shirt is a typical example of the state of India today. All the institutions, especially the academic institutions are under the control of commies. So, our educational system only creates morons like your acquaintance. Reason: There are more marxists in Indian academia and media than all put together in China and Cuba and America.

As everything is controlled by the communists no facts about people like Che or Mao will be published or shown in India. To test it, you can write a set of letters to any or all of the Indian English newspapers - one praising Che or Mao and another with cruel facts about them. See for yourself what get published.

Only exception is the internet where the reality is still not controlled. How long, no one knows.

So everybody in India believes that Che is almost a divine hero who fought for the downtrodden. They know not the facts.

Your observation about Tibet is awesome. These so-called liberals, especially the Indians, show-off the "Free Tibet" slogan, but when it comes to the historical betrayal of Tibetians by the Nehru-led pro-communists they will only remain mum or show ignorance. The fact is they do not give a damn about their country or humanity.

I know it better for I am from India.

ஐயன் காளி said...


Star Movies channel in India showed yesterday a documentary called "Sicko".

I am surprised to find a documentary in a primarily cinema channel and still more surprised to know that the American health care is cruel to its people. Is it true?

The documentary also showed that the Cuba offers better quality health care for a very very low cost. Any idea about how Cuba manages that (or how the director of the documentary manages to show that)?

ஐயன் காளி said...

If you respond to my previous two comments, please let me know.

My email ID is:

beakerkin said...

I am an H1-B officer and interview grads from various Indian Univenrsities. The people I speak to are from Osmania, Madras, Pune INOU and every other University. Perhaps Engineering majors are spared the Marxist rhetoric that you endure. I do ask about the situation in passing.

The movie Sicko was a hatchet job by a Communist agitator. The truth is more fiction than presented. Actually ours prisoners in GITMO get better medical care, food and freedoms than actual Cubans. If the news of the actual food that the prisoners were eating including fresh Baklava and poultry made its way into the Cuban media there would be a stampede of people demanding to get in.

The American system is a mixed bag as all things are. If one lives in a border town one frequently sees Canadians going to American doctors and visa versa.

Feel free to ask my friend Henry at about Cuban medical care. He is a Cuban American who blogs on this subject and is very knowledgeable.

ஐயன் காளி said...

Dear Beakerin,

Thanks for the response.

Your observation about the engineering major is correct. They actually know nothing about politics and give a damn about it. But, it is the Humanities departments such as Sociology, History, Economy, Journalism and massmedia (and to a minimum extent Psychology departments) are controlled by Marxists.

I can even say that almost all the Head of these Departments are Marxists. And they make sure that no alternative thinking arise in their department.

Many of the educated Western friends of mine get shocked when I had showed our textbooks that have material enough to be considered as racism. Actually our history lessons always start with Aryan invasion theory that has been proved false in the Western academia.

And, thanks for your recommendation. I will contact Mr. Henry with the same request for more clarity.

I am planning to write an article on the real Che Guevara, and require as much as reliable and authentic facts about him as possible.

In the meantime, if I get reliable facts about Che, that will greatly help me reveal the monster.

Anonymous said...

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