Sunday, September 25, 2016

Funny but true

I went to visit my mother in the nursing home. I refuse to eat that slop and headed to an Albanian place down the hill. They made me an eggplant dish and I gave most of it to my folks. I guess the food really is bad because when I went down a few days later they asked again. I got them eggplant and had spinach pie. I cut off some spinach pie. I brought too much but had no difficulty getting thankful neighbors who desperately wanted spinach.

My mother enjoyed the break from the food at the facility. Strange my siblings didn't remember how much they like eggplant.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Media malfeasence

NYC has been bombed again. Suspects include various far left groups, Muslim radical, BLM and OWS. Any major terrorist event this close to an election gets votes for Trump. The placing of a second device nearby is consistent with Boston
and other similar attacks.

We are lucky that more people were not injured and the second device was located.

In Europe the locals and the government forced refugees have clashed violently. Expect more of this from residents who have had enough. Of course any anti immigrant protests are denounced as Nazi in the arrogant leftist elite media.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fifteen years ago

I blundered into history. 9-11 is the touchstone event of my generation. It belongs to the deceased, those of us who were there and the rest of the country.

I want to talk about the disgusting behaviors of the far left. My country had been attacked by a bunch of religious lunatics acting in the name of Islam. This does not infer that all Muslims are guilty of a hate crime. That being said the nauseating Muslims are victims has to go. There is no excuse or rationalization for 9-11 or any other of these hate crimes.

We have a problem in the USA. There is a traitorous bunch of lunatics who will side with any enemy of civilization. They populate our Universities and elite media. Much of the far left is so blinded by hatred of Jews that they share conspiracy theories with Nazis and Jihadis. Oddly Al Queda never denied its handiwork.

It is time to treat truthers like Holocaust deniers. They have no value other than comedic props.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Don't really get this one

I live in a house filled with women and I don't really understand them at all. Now I am stern and when people cross a
Certain lines with me I cut them off. Now this does not bother guys. We have one psycho nerd that I haven't spoken to in years. The mere mention of my name causes a terrible temper tantrum with this person. After years of his stupidity I cut him off. I do not talk to the person and leave the room if he is in it. I am just tired of second rate Hamlet and the Big Bang Theory. In general I despise nerds who are 24/7 into whatever obsession. That being said I avoid Drama queens.

When certain lines are crossed I end conversation. It almost always involves some really crass behavior like snitching or undermining a fellow employee to get a promotion. Congrats you got the promotion but you knifed three peers in the back. You are now a pariah. I will not talk or acknowledge you. Anything you say better be work related or you will get a bizarre look.

One very clever female was the only person in history to ever get this act to stop dead in its tracts. Beak that was really mean of me and It won't happen again. Besides who is going to keep us laughing when things get nasty. She just
Ended the silence.

The behavior drives females insane because they are really more social and have a greater need for attention. They are even happier if you fight with then, but silence and the silent groan look drive them totally bonkers. A former boss started an argument. I reminded her arguments require two people and I am not playing that game. I just sat back
And endured a thirty minute tirade that wasn't work related. We are done here. I might be required to listen and follow directions. Beyond that we are in union rep and EEO territory.

The silent treatment really drives females insane. A younger coworker who I have a daughter type relationship got me to end the act with two people as it was really bothering them. The one that knifed three peers in the back to get an unearned promotion was not so lucky. My response was enjoy the money you will find it wasn't worth it.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Fox Crack Up

Fox seems intent on antagonizing its viewers. The bizarre antics over at the network include the firing of Greta Van Sustern. In the end the idiots over there are tearing up the place and creating a mediocre dump. For mow I will extend the Kelly boycott to the rest of the programming with one or two exceptions. Bill Orielly has been a bore for years.

The only way to appease the core fox viewers is to fire the airhead Kelly. She is a no talent amatauer and it is not like there aren't a range of competent options. I found her unwatchable before the Ailes bit. Furthermore as I am anti Trump the ire aimed at her is unrelated to the pompous egomaniac.

Monday, September 05, 2016


Why does the idiotic Obama need to involve himself in every stupid racial idiocy. Our joke of a President put himself in the Kapernick stupidity. Obama like Kapernick is biracial. Oddly you will frequently see biricial tupes being more vocal with the left wing dogma. The reason for that is lefties raise these odd cases to icons. Lani Guineer is another example.

Kapernick is a well compensated athlete and the sporting event is not the place for this political garbage. This divisive behavior is an unnecessary diatraction on a marginal team. His talent has always been a sick joke. He has a strong arm and fast legs with a Woolworth brain. He isn't a leader and this behavior shows exactly why one should not let him run anything.

A Quarterback is a leader. There is zero evidence Kapernick has ever led anyone. Despite all of the romance of the cannon arm one can point to Jeff Georges or a Jay Cutler who couldn't lead. There is no reason to compare him to a legendary leader like a Staubach or Peyton Manning. It is shocking that teams forget this when they invest in a Jamarcus Russell.

Now there are some of you that talk about a drug addicted White QB. Now that was a character risk. Kapernick has no leadership ability. He is a waste of time and should be cut.

Obama similarly has no leadership ability.He was elected on mythology and does not belong in any elected office. The next President will have to deal with Obamacare and Iran.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

They Don't Shoot Officers with Bum Legs

My leg is not healing. A desk closer to the waiting room wouldn't hurt.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Enemy is Us

My basic criticism of Collin Kapermick was million dollar legs, million dollar arm with a Woolworth brain. His recent behavior when coming off an injury has made that joke spot on. There are plenty of legitimate ways to protest without inflaming the nation. Had he spoken out about a specific case none of this happens. Despite the idiocy at ESPN, the NFL is a middle American game. Bashing the USA is not a way for a marginal talent to endear himself. At this point, I would cut him and spare a lousy team headaches. How does Jerry Jones who needs a QB call himself Americas team with this headache. Maybe the Vikings give him a chance.

Anthony Weiner is a tragic figure. He behaved stupidly, but his behavior is angelic by clintoniam standards. There was never any genuine sex and the talk was tame. Supposedly, the Clintons are outraged. This is the biggest bunch of bs coming from that crew. Ask NYC residents if they would vote for Wiener over DiBlassio.

I want to contrast the matter de Wiener with the serial ethical gaffes and stupid comments of Charlie Rangel. Did he pretend he was a Native American to get a job he was unqualified for. Did his wife run a joke of a college where graduates earned less than HS dropouts or spend time on a Stalinist commune.

Okay Weiner did plenty of stupid stuff. He is an angel compared to his peers.