Friday, September 09, 2016

Don't really get this one

I live in a house filled with women and I don't really understand them at all. Now I am stern and when people cross a
Certain lines with me I cut them off. Now this does not bother guys. We have one psycho nerd that I haven't spoken to in years. The mere mention of my name causes a terrible temper tantrum with this person. After years of his stupidity I cut him off. I do not talk to the person and leave the room if he is in it. I am just tired of second rate Hamlet and the Big Bang Theory. In general I despise nerds who are 24/7 into whatever obsession. That being said I avoid Drama queens.

When certain lines are crossed I end conversation. It almost always involves some really crass behavior like snitching or undermining a fellow employee to get a promotion. Congrats you got the promotion but you knifed three peers in the back. You are now a pariah. I will not talk or acknowledge you. Anything you say better be work related or you will get a bizarre look.

One very clever female was the only person in history to ever get this act to stop dead in its tracts. Beak that was really mean of me and It won't happen again. Besides who is going to keep us laughing when things get nasty. She just
Ended the silence.

The behavior drives females insane because they are really more social and have a greater need for attention. They are even happier if you fight with then, but silence and the silent groan look drive them totally bonkers. A former boss started an argument. I reminded her arguments require two people and I am not playing that game. I just sat back
And endured a thirty minute tirade that wasn't work related. We are done here. I might be required to listen and follow directions. Beyond that we are in union rep and EEO territory.

The silent treatment really drives females insane. A younger coworker who I have a daughter type relationship got me to end the act with two people as it was really bothering them. The one that knifed three peers in the back to get an unearned promotion was not so lucky. My response was enjoy the money you will find it wasn't worth it.

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