Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Fox Crack Up

Fox seems intent on antagonizing its viewers. The bizarre antics over at the network include the firing of Greta Van Sustern. In the end the idiots over there are tearing up the place and creating a mediocre dump. For mow I will extend the Kelly boycott to the rest of the programming with one or two exceptions. Bill Orielly has been a bore for years.

The only way to appease the core fox viewers is to fire the airhead Kelly. She is a no talent amatauer and it is not like there aren't a range of competent options. I found her unwatchable before the Ailes bit. Furthermore as I am anti Trump the ire aimed at her is unrelated to the pompous egomaniac.

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Mike's America said...

I disagree. Megan kelly is smart and has a sense of humor.

I liked Greta but also like Brit Hume.