Saturday, February 27, 2010

A day home

I am amazed at the amount of fear and paranoia the Tea Party has struck into the minds of commies. Friday was the first time I had gotten to listen to talk radio in years.
I haven't listened to Hannity since the days of Marty who has long since passed away.

The Tea Party crowd is tapping into the sentiment found on Talk radio. I do not get to listen but my favorite Bob Grant now does a weekend show on WABC. I was listening to Mark Levin who was a local NYC phenomena well before he went national. He is a genuine Constitutional scholar and knows history inside out.

The shows seem energized and focused. The problem for Obama is that as people are out of work they are tuning into Talk Radio and Fox News. The Tea Party crowd has made inroads in unlikely places. A woman I have known for thirty years told me she plans to vote GOP. There is a groundswell of anger at Obama for abandoning jobs and trying to push health care.

The best show on talk radio that you probably can not get unless you are in NYC, DC or LA is John Batchelor. He does an interview show with experts, authors and journalists. It is hands down the best show on the radio.

What commies fail to grasp that even in Vermont, Montreal or San Fransisco talk radio
is conservative. In Northern Vermont there was a local show Charlie and Ernie and a great morning show called the War Room. The war room was fun other than one hosts odd
obsession with ridding her property of squirrels. I could have lent this host the late Earl the Cat who has an aptitude for this but only eats the heads. No matter how well fed he was he kills by nature.

The best of the liberal hosts was known as Lionel and he like Levin was also a lawyer. Lionel understood that the medium requires it to be entertaining. So he would mix whimsical stories in his mix. He does not hate America and was friendly with his conservative peers notably Bob Grant and Steve Malzberg.

I do not see our economy improving. Obama is not Bill Clinton who is capable of listening to the American people. Obama seems intent on being Jimmy Carter II.

In the times

Once again the forces of evil fail to note there is a shortage of labor in China. This is pushing wages up according to the Bolshevik NYT. No doubt all of this progress occurs after ditching Marx.

The Bolshevik Times also runs a story within a story. Few of us write about the communist attempt to create a pest hole in South Yemen. In todays puff piece the NYT explains how many Southern Yemenites flocked to Afghanistan for revenge on commies who made a mess of their home.

Now if you have spent some time reading about the Baloch who make up a key segment of Al Queda. If you have read Naipul he gives a vivid description of the Baloch. Commies used them when convenient and started a rebellion. Then they invaded Afghanistan causing refugees to fill their lands. Betrayed by Commies they rush to join Al Queda.

Commies are very quiet about the Communist past of Hekmatyar. They forget that the key Taliban figure was a commie.

Commies also would like you to forget about their role in bringing the Iranian clerics to power.

The truth is found beneath the fables.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I am really not a fan of trained animal acts other than the lion tamers. I really do not find trained dolphins or Killer Whale shows to be interesting. I do like watching them in an aquarium. The jumping them through hoops is a bore.

The Pseodostinian hoodlums are in denial mode again. The cave of Rachel has zero significance to muslims. The Dome of the Rock is not an Islamic site. Its history dates back to a political rivalry where subjects were denied the pilgrimage to Mecca.
Commies also feign collective amnesia about the history of Muslims preventing Jews from worshiping at the Western Wall and Cave of the Patriarchs.

Hugo the tyrant is upset at the "human rights mafia". They must have finally figured out that there are other people in the Planet besides Arabs calling themselves Palestinians. He also was in a blackout during an anti Bush rant.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Basic Litteracy

The knuckle head known as Renegade Spleen apparently showed his lack of literacy when
reading a report about white supremacists at Tea Party events. The ADL report cited several times that the a gitators found the crowd very disinterested in race. The few positive responses were to anti semitic signs ala "No War for Israel".

These anti-Semitic signs and sentiments are present in every Communist organized and run so called peace protest in large numbers and at Ren's site. When FJ tells Ren he would have more luck recruiting Nazis at his own site he is being truthful.

I want to point out the basic 180 communist deception employed by commies. When people like myself point out so called Peace protests are communist led and organized Ren starts to cry about McCarthyism. In fact I have been to many events and confronted marchers with their being used by commies.

Now once again Commies claim the presence of a single white power type at an event makes it a KKK type rally. Sorry, but I did not see any flags other than the American flag at Tea Party events which are on message. One can go to any communist event and see Pseudostinian flags and scores of anti-semitic signs. I also saw plenty of Bush was behind 9-11 signs.

What makes Commies think they are superior to KKK types. Maybe if the KKK were true to form all of its lynchings might add up to 100,000,000 in around 5 million years or so. Sorry, but Commies and KKK types are equally repugnant.

Big Story Orca Kills Trainer

When one works with large wild animals this is bound to happen. Killer Whales are large
intelligent creastures who hunt in packs. The Animal Rights Commies predictably used this to push their agenda.

Personally, I would rather see Commies replace rodeo animals. However, commies are quite weak and a matador doing a bull style fight with a commie would be a bore. I could see the commie crying socialized medicine after being branded.

The animal rights crew is really a colossal bore. The critique is largely aimed at ending all zoos and circuses. If the critique were merely about better conditions than this would be another story. The old exhibits were rather sterile. The newer one are much better although sometimes you do not see the animals.

Animal trainers know the risks of their craft. They know the animals are dangerous and danger happens when they let their guard down. The last thing most of these types would ever want is to see their animals euthanized. The famous case of Kieko had the Killer whale retired to a cove and living with human aid for the remainder of his life.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Unease but realistic about life

The recent confession of terrorist Zazi is a great victory for the government. Yet, I wonder how the governments tactics would be portrayed in the media if this were the Bush administration.

The guilty plea was apparently coerced by the FBI explaining that it could prosecute
Zazi's mother for immigration violations. In reality we cringe and should cringe at going after family members of criminals. However, unfortunately this is part and parcel of the governments strategy in many cases. Much of our adversarial form of justice is handled via negotiation by lawyers.

The question that is unanswered is why Zazi wanted his mother to remain in a country that he sought to bomb will never be asked or answered.

A larger question that we discussed here was answered by Zazi. Zazi did directly state that the goal of his bombings was to raise publicity for his cause. This is something we have suspected all along. The origins of media marketing publicity stunts is communist. This is done by Red Army factions and by the Commie PLO. Oddly,
this concept of branding has more in common with Proctor and Gamble than Marx. It was also the desire of spoiled rich Little Lord Fauntleroy types like Bill Ayers as well.

One of the authors we highly respect is Stephen Schwartz. He has questioned the long term impact of his coreligionists aligning themselves with far left types. The truth is that when progress is made it is frequently from the right. Nixon could go to China and Begin could make peace in a way that a type like Obama can not. Obama has the burden of proving he can use decisive force and knows he is vulnerable on charges about his patriotism.

Terrorism will only end when Muslims themselves start to grasp the serious damage that it has done to Islam. Each publicity stunt marketing bombing produces a counter reaction. If Osama wanted the USA out of the region his publicity stunt has not worked. The lives of those in the PA have gotten worse with each bombing. Even the myth that lawless demonstrations in the 1970's had any impact on the end of the Vietnam War is also wrong. The end of that war had more to do with Watergate than lawless unwashed Hippie Communists and spoiled rich incompetent terrorists like Bill Ayers.

Of course nobody is ever going to sit down and write this in book form. Sad, but it is what is seriously needed most.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A word to a freak and a circus clown

The developmentally disabled Batty Ann writing under an alias has threatened to sue certain commenters at for libel. If any action is taken by her she will be sued in kind for making demonstratively false claims.

She has made claims that I am gay and a heterosexual slob that sleeps with everything.She has also claimed I at various times I am Black, worked for NYPD and so forth.

She has also claimed I am Naiche. This would make me Apache and by all means more Native American than Yeagley or Batty Ann. The real Naiche is laughing because he thinks she is calling him Jewish ala Lenny Bruce

I do not consider being mistaken for gay, Black or Apache to be an insult. i remain a NYC type of Jewish ethnicity. I am not Black and AOW who has met me in person and Mr. B amongst others who has seen my photo can attest to this. If I were Black I would state this as a matter of fact. There are Black Jews and plenty of Jews with darker complexions.

As for my personal life this is nobody's business. If I were gay I would state so and could really care less what anyone's opinion on the subject would be. The fact remains I have conventional proclivities, but this is none of anyone's business.

I am proud of my friendships with CM, the Editrix, Mac, Ray and so forth. They post here and get along well with others. I would rather have the Editrix or whomever disagree with me from their heart than be a bobble head. I may not agree with the Editrix on every subject, but I respect her intellect and integrity.

The reason I left Bad Eagle is that the site lacks integrity. How one can claim to be
a patriot without respecting the rights of all of its citizens and make a mockery
of our Constitution and our American ethos is beyond me. The political views of Dr. Yeagley are incoherent and in many cases repugnant. It is okay to disagree with the policies of Obama or dislike him personally. However, I will not accept criticism of my President ( whom I disagree with frequently) couched in racial terms. Bad policies
remain bad policies and the frequent descriptions of Obama as a "negro" detract from any credibility Yeagley has. Moreover mathematically both Yeagley and Obama are 50% white. This may be news to Yeagley who was not a math major.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ethnicity and Americanism

The recent fracas at Bad Eagle has me wondering about Jewish identity and blogging. My blog varies with the demands placed by news, personal interest and other factors. I typically do not describe this site as "Jewish" despite the fact that the author of this site is Jewish.

The tragedy of the Yeagley situation is that he is clearly not an anti semite. Yet he is promoting values that just make me queasy. When I read his repeated obsessions with miscegenation I cringe. I also cringe at the primal way he describes our President as a "Negro".

When reading this blog what one takes out of my position is more of a reflection of the audience than of me. Oddly, my Conservative friends like AOW, Mr. B and so forth do not feel a need to find out where I am coming from.

1) We respect individual rights as found in the Constitution. The notion that a person is free to seek their own oath to God is in our Constitution. The Constitution in no way advocates theocracy, but it calls for a respect for religion.
This religious freedom ends when it is forced on other people or when exhortation to criminal acts is done.

If author Stephen Schwartz of the CIP is about, I wonder what his views on a Muslim chanting Kaybar at a Jewish speaker would be. Schwartz as a man of letters understands American values and Islam. All of us should object to a person burning a cross in front of anyone.

We assume that current trends follow into the future. Islam and Rap music do not seem like a great match, but it is a fact in many parts of the world. We assume that
Muslims living in Europe and America will not get changed by the surrounding culture. However, by generation three this may not be so. We presume that the Saudi type of intolerant type will be dominant, but this may not be so. We saw fears of overpopulation now being turned to population crashes in many countries.

2) We are anti communist. I do not seek their approval or friendship. The odd friendship between myself and the Duck is largely because he is not a cartoon. He is a well rounded person in comparison to a Che Bob or Renagade Eye. Life is not all about politics and gassy philosophy.

Communists, Anarchists, Nazis are every bit the enemies of the Jewish people that the folks in Hamas and Hezbollah are. Populist antisemitism is endemic on the far left. Prof. Finkelstein, the planets foremost antisemite, omits all discussion of his advocacy of Maoism.

3) As Americans, but especially as Jewish American, we do not tolerate any efforts to marginalize people because of race. The Holocaust did not happen overnight. There were the vulgar Nuremberg laws prohibiting race mixing and the incendiary rhetoric of people like Julius Striecher. When a mindless type in the far left in the UK states that the Mossad can count on 1/12 Jews to be assassins or talk of Neocon Cabals or Zionist media we are seeing echoes of Der Shturmer.

4) Oddly, while my ethnic composition is known little is known about the non Jewish readers. Does anyone know what ethnic group Farmer John or Mr B is? We don't know because they are in reality American to the core. Americanism as described in point one is a vibrant ethnicity that is just different than any other nation. We were founded by Revolution and sought to conserve existing individual rights. This was opposed to leftist revolutions ie the French or Russian modes that wanted to redefine man. There were Torries sent packing to Canada. After the Civil War some Americans went to Brazil and some Blacks were sent to Liberia. We did not have anything resembling the reign of terror or gulags.

Now commies like to point out the history of slavery and Native Americans in our past. Slavery was a world wide practice and contrary to the opinion of a wacky Professor was practiced by hunter gather types as well. What is outrageous is people who are well known for prison labor on a large scale are very familiar with this topic. In reality Commies are neoslavers and objecting to their recent past will get scores of idiocy about "false consciousness". One can fool some of the people some of the time but commies are fools all of the time.

Our complex relationship with Native Americans is probably best understood by thinking in Jared Diamond like terms. Native Americans were neither noble savages or barbaric savages. They lived in vibrant communities that like our own had their own positives and negatives. It is true Comanches probably did not have traffic jams or
worries about zoning. However, life was short and violent. When technologically superior people meet generally the results are predictable. The exception is the Muslim and Mongol conquests were often people conquered by people with less technology than the people they conquered. The notion that indigenous people should be respected is largely a concept flowing from Christian ethos.

There are those who term Slavery or the treatment of American Indians a Holocaust. Slavery as stated earlier was a global phenomena. Moreover, those who make these absurd claims often dismiss non western slavery. We have had "Black Nationalist" Uptown Steve admit that he doesn't care about the history of Islam and Slavery or African Slavery at FPM. It is not true that Africans were the only ones taken long distances for slavery. Muslims did kidnap a much smaller number of Europeans.

What makes the Holocaust unique is the specter of eugenics and junk science. There were all types of disgusting theories of racial superiority. People were exterminated because they were considered subhuman. While an element of this was true in our history with Native Americans it was more about land and resources. The Jews posed zero threat to Germany and represented a tiny percentage of the population. The killing was industrialized and that in and of itself is also unique.

5) When I see the politicization of science to suit a radical agenda this is a deeply
offensive and dangerous path. The Global Warming Crew has ripped a page out of the Eugenics movement. There were all types of fraudulent pseudo scientific rationales for racial supremacy. In fact our militant Greens twisted lied and misrepresented data for political purposes. The science was never there and reducing pollution does not mean draconian treaties or overthrow of capitalism. It requires effective regulation at the local level.

The Green Movement is Dead in the States

The Green movement was a fraud that allowed itself to be prostituted by Communists.
The recent admissions and emails prove that the Global Warming bit was yet another scam for power.

This does not mean that saving endangered species is not important. However, the best way to do so is to ditch the anti Capitalist Marxist rhetoric and work within the existing parties.

In essence there is a disgusting trend on the left that wants to invade our personal liberties. First alcohol and tobacco was taxed in an effort to raise revenue. Now the same health fascists want to tax Mountain Dew and will be after Snickers next. This is called regressive taxation and adversely impacts lower income people.

If there is one aspect of American life out of control it is the cost of higher ed.
This can be cured by eliminating sabbaticals and ending research and publishing requirements for non Science disciplines. Of course Obama wouldn't dream of upsetting the Old Bolshevik buddy system. A coworker is paying 39000 with no room and board to send his kid to a local college. Perhaps the Farmer can give us a ball park figure for his daughters bill at NYU.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A treat

When I was in Vermont one of the things I missed was talk radio. I could listen to Mark Levin all the way near Northern Vermont from my home station in NY WABC. Now it is not politically correct to listen to talk radio on public transportation in NYC. This just is not something done although it is feasible.

I do not know why some smart program manager in Vermont does not run Mark Levin in Vermont. When Imus went off the air it was replaced with a very Conservative show called the War Room. The funny part is that show has remained in Vermont since I left and is very popular. Sadly it is not run in NYC.

One of my favorite shows was the John Batchelor show. It featured expert interviews and was very informative. One could have an author pitching a history book to the standard political analysis.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

These hard times

I want to point out many of us feel wronged by the government at times. However, the thing to grasp is that government agencies are staffed by regular folks. Most of these people are skilled professionals doing their jobs.

There are laws and rules that we are charged with enforcing. A good officer knows that just because he can doesn't necessarily mean he should.

The person who flew a plane seeking to kill IRS workers was a sick and twisted person.The IRS workers have lives and families and are doing their job. Many of us think our tax bills are excessive. If you do then the proper person to blame is the politicians who keep raising taxes and creating endless programs of pork.

It is okay to be angry at the government. It is never okay to commit criminal violent acts against innocent officials.

Left unsaid in all the Obama debacles is the outlandish cost of higher ed. It would seem that Obama has turned a bind eye to the outlandish escalation of costs. Perhaps
Universities should have some belt tightening and get back to the basics. Of course Obama does not want to discuss the salaries and hiring practices of the Old Bolshevik

A friend was hit by a car driven by what almost certainly was an illegal alien with no insurance. Her hospital bill alone for one day was $17,000. Fortunately, she has insurance but with damaged optic nerves who knows if she will be able to return to work. No doubt the incident was a tragic accident, but these are just some of the hidden costs of illegal immigration.

I was planning to do a B Team spoof called Mission Unlikely staring the B Team. Beamish, Beakerkin and Beakerambo being sent back out to Trashcanistan to assassinate
the Al Queda accountant Mohammed Salaam Feldman. Feldman was a devotee of the Marty Feldman school of Marxism and converted to radical Islam when the Soviet Union fell.
In the satire the cheapskate US government gave the B Team the passports of Brad Pitt, Dovid Wiess of the Neturai Karta and David Yeagley. Poor Beakerambo has to assume the identity of David Yeagley.

Here is a clip from the film the Airport Scene

Jihadi: So you are Brad Pitt. What is with the gasmask
Mr. Beamish: It is for the new film by Oliver Stone the Man in the Iron Gasmask
Jihadi: Oliver Stone suck
Mr. Beamish: Everyone knows that but Oliver Stone
Jihadi: Aren't you the Rabbi from the Movie the Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob. Can you do one of those dances.
Beakerkin: I am Rabbi Dovid Wiess of the Neturai Karta
Jihadi: I still think you look like the Rabbi Jacob. Then again all of you Jews look alike. However, the folks at the highest levels said not to behead you yet.

And you according to your passport you are pundit David Yeagley.
Beakerambo: Me Meep Me Meeeep Mi Mi
Jihadi: Is this some kind of Native American language.
Beakerkin: No its just an Oklahoma accent combined with a speech impediment.
Jihadi: It says that you are some sort of pundit. Our country barely survived the last visit of Ann Coulter. You look much stronger than your picture.
Mr. B; Its the steroids...........
Jihadi: Even Jihadis have heard of the evils of steroids. Hey put me down you infidel bastard.
Beakerkin: Now you've done it Beakerambo. Who told you to throw the bastard through the window.
Mr B: I don't know about that. All the coworkers are picking his pockets. Lets make for that jeep and get out of here.

RIP Alexander Haig

A true giant and great American has passed away. Alexander Haig is credited by many as organizing the airlift that saved Israel in the 1973 war. Haig had the TOW missiles transferred from Europe to Israel and turned the tide of the war in Israels favor.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Euro hypocrites

The political clods and clowns are falling over themselves condemning Israel for eliminating a terrorist in Dubai. A nations job is first and foremost to protect its own citizens. The United States send drones to kill terrorists and unfortunately some civilians get killed as well.

The same lefties have been aiding and abetting the folks at Hamas for years. Did we hear a peep when Hamas butchered their PA rivals on the leftist blogs. The Euros feign outrage and pour money into Gaza so that Hamas can reward their followers instead of building an economy.

I think the next time Israel uses fake passports it should be less creative. Create fakes of known supporters of terrorists like Norman Finkelstein, Galloway and Neturai Karta members.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Racist Conference Sacked Again

The AMREN conference is sacked and canceled likely for the last time. The opponents may have unwittingly turned a bunch of idiots and fools into victims. Now the folks at AMREN can parade as victims of the First Amendment. Their opponents would have been wiser to let the conference take place and record the speeches and mock them.

You can see an abbreviated version of what likely would have been the speech of Yeagley at the convention. When one grades such a speech one must consider the audience. This speech is shaped in part from the comments of myself and the Pagan interacting with the Dr. One can see a direct reference to a question I asked "where is Mark Levin, Hannity and so forth." One can also see direct confrontation of Nazism
on their home turf. In essence Yeagley produced a far better speech reacting to his critics than he would have preaching to the choir.

The ADL which Yeagley criticizes is not nor has never been accused of being a Communist Front group. They are charged with dealing with bigots and discrimination. As an agency, they are well aware of the historical legacy of psuedo scientific eugenic theories. Ultimately Jews as survivors of this phenomenon do not wish to see
it revived in any form. It was and remains a dreadful idea and should never be applied to anyone. The Dr. is fast to criticize the ADL and some critique is valid.
However, he does work with AIM which is and remains a communist front group when expedient.

The answer to the question of where Levin, Hannity and so forth are is not answered correctly by Yeagley. Mainstream Conservative thought is reflective of the big table
theory of Reagan who invited all to join as equals. Our Constitutional values and traditions do not allow for kook eugenic theories in a nation with no second class citizens.

The Dr. does not learn from history. Native Americans were more evolved than Yeagley.
His tribe did have a history of integrating others into its ranks. The most famous of these people was Cynthia Parker whose son became famous. The practice of raiding and taking young female captives and small children was a way of preventing inbreeding. The local population be it other Indians, Europeans or Mexicans were all used in this fashion. One could say that the talk of race itself is a foreign construct alien to Indians who understood that culture trumped DNA. Oddly many of our Latino immigrants may have more Native American DNA than Yeagley himself.

The ancients lived differently in an era where travelers were rare. The practice of sharing a spouse portrayed in the movie Savage Innocents was not limited to eskimos.
It was a vital way of preventing inbreeding and helped man survive diseases. In the modern era this is no longer needed except perhaps by communities who traditionally marry first cousins.

The message is better than expected but misses the mark on many points.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here we go again Kook convention of Lunatics on Again

After much trouble the bigots AMREN convention is back on again. The main speaker the head of the BNP has obviously decided this meeting is not worth the headache.

As an American these idiots have the right to free speech. It is wrong and odious to threaten facilities and staffers. That is criminal intimidation and just as the bigots convention is unamerican so are threats and intimidation.

No doubt Dr. Yeagley will make a speech. If he had any sense of self preservation he would have remained home. Then again if he had any sense whatsoever, he would not be Yeagley.

Yeagley has stated he will directly and in no uncertain terms address the Holocaust and Holocaust denial. This was interesting because when I proposed this his initial reaction was negative. The Pagan Temple also mentioned it as well. The Dr. is aware that this conference will potentially be ruinous of what was left of his reputation.

The sad truth is that the best way to deal with political freaks is satire. As imbeciles they do not grasps how stupid they look to the general public. This goes for Marxists like Prof. Kultur and for White Supremacists like Dr. Yeagley.

Mac asks We answer

As stated previously the best solution to protester violence 99 times out of 100 is the use of a police officers night stick. If protesters are committing acts of violence than appropriate force is warranted. If the danger warrants it in rare cases
the use of lethal force is appropriate.

The Constitution does allow the peaceful practice of free speech. This does not include looting, arson and assault of law enforcement officers. At Kent State all three conditions existed. The problem was that those who were killed were apparently
too far back to have been the instigators. The people throwing rocks at the national
guard deserved to be shot.

The problem with government is that they are willing to use law enforcement tools against unpopular protesters. The Clinton administration did use the RICO statutes against the anti abortion movement which was largely peaceful. RICO should be used to make communist and anarchist leaders responsible for the acts of violence they sanction.

I have zero sympathy for protesters who pick a fight with cops. A few rounds with a night stick typically delivers the message. In Canada the police should be encouraged to use appropriate force if they are threatened or anarchists are looting. They also should be required to pay for their own hospitalization.

The key word here is peaceful protest. This is quite different from a riot. Peaceful
protest is part of our protected rights. If law enforcement does not act decisively
these riots may go on for days. At the time of Kent State America was fed up with the violence sparked by Communist agitators. The sentiment at the time was people who throw stones at people with guns deserve their fate.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More traditional fare

I intend on putting the Bad Eagle fiasco behind me. This blog had a fun unpredictable quality before this mess. We will return to that format.

I want to close the book on Yeagley. I will not lie and pretend he was not my friend. I will also not claim that I did not try to reason with him. The problem was he said the right words, but they were empty. When I talk of patriotism and love of country and our ethos it is a very real thing I hold close to my heart. It is easy to hate a cartoon like the soulless Renegade Eye who hates those founding principles and wishes to see America turned into a Trotskyite gulag. It is harder to deal with someone who claims to share our love of country but is beholden to foul ideas.

Many of us saw the Yeagley we wished to see. Those of us wanting to see an intellectual saw that. Many of us wanted to part of a vibrant community. In the end Bad Eagle was a great idea brought to its knees by the failure to uphold the ideas he espoused.

I do not aspire to be anything other than what you read here. I am just an average man living, living a balanced average life. You never know what you find when you come here. You might get a book review, satire, commentary or a love of life post.

My grandfather lived simply. He loved his art and dedicated his life to fine carpentry, love of family, his country and his community. He was an otherwise ordinary man except for his great skill as a carpenter and a marksman. He wished to
live an average life in a country that was not too kind to him. However, when given the choice between Poland and bug eyed Bolsheviks he fought bravely for Poland and left.

He understood the big ideas and the evil of Communism. He wanted the fruits of his excellence in craftsmanship and to live life as a Jew. He understood evil where he saw it. He married a woman from a poorer family who was not the prettiest, but she had American citizenship. Together they lived a normal life and he did love her even though nobody else seemed to. While the world around him loved him, she just was not warm and fuzzy. This odd pairing did have one of those unexplainable loves where one party lights a room and the other is just there. She was task oriented and sharp. He was warm, strong and gentle. Yet they really did love each other and were best friends dying within months of each other.

My grandfather fought for Poland, but loved America. He could build a business, live as a Jew and raise his family in peace. I asked him if he ever wanted to go home. He pointed to the floor and said this is our home. This is as good as it gets.

Sometimes all the books and gassy philosophy just misses the mark. A true genius makes the abstract simple.

A good nights rest, a warm meal, someone to love and be loved by and peace of mind were all that he needed to be happy. In his own way he was the anti Yeagley. It is in this spirit of loving life and country that this blog will continue.

To the spirit of the immigrant carpenter, proud calvaryman, American patriot and devoted relative. To the spirit of my maternal grandmother who made lemonade out of lemons and was described by those who knew her as the most brilliant person they ever knew. To the beloved Rav Roov who blunders through 25000 Yeshiva traditions and a life of hard labor. To the calm sea and the gentle wave that fill my heart with love. To you the readers without whom this blog would be a bore. Yes all of you are friends even the Duck. I dedicate this blog to the spirit of a real life.

Killing the Democratic Party

Recently the latest news is Senator Bayh has chosen not to run for re-election. Even Senator Chuck Schumer is showing signs of vulnerability in NYC. Survival for Democrats means distancing themselves from the tin eared arrogant Obama.

Obama's problem is that he needs to take everything off the table and just worry about job creation. The problem is Obama was not right for the job in the first place. He was elected as a symbol with a Pepsi logo and little more than droning on about hope and change.

I am waiting for a Democrat with the onions to challenge Obama. The Pelosi and Rangel
types were too far to the left. Perhaps a blue dog Southern Democrat revolt is in order.

Obama is revitalizing the GOP with his arrogance.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Very Stupid Man

The conference of white power racial kooks has been canceled. A wise man would count his blessings that he has been spared a career killing moment. However, few people would describe this person as wise.

The First Amendment is not dead. The First Amendment grants you the right to political speech. It does not guarantee anything about my right to react to it. Groups were offended by the vile message of AMREN and phoned their objection to the hotels. Taylor being a first class dope should have opted for a lower profile spot than Washington DC.A meeting in a rural section would have attracted less attention.

Yeagley sees the cancellation of this event as a victory for Communists. This shows how little this person grasps the political spectrum. The Dr sees nothing wrong with working with Communists at AIM when it suits his purpose. The Dr. is not and never was a dedicated Cold Warrior.

Sorry, but this false claim to Conservatism by Yeagley is nauseating. If I want to listen to a Conservative I will attend a Tea Party function, listen to Mark Levin or read the Crank Files.

A very poor fraud

When one gauges the potential fraud of a writer one must look at the statements and
behavior over time. The Dr. has defended his so called Jewess who in almost certainty is a Stormfront type impersonating a Jew.

This failed creation starts off with an odd statement about Jews in the John Birch Society. There may be a handful, but this is an extremely rare thing. Most people, do
not bother with rabid cartoons and conspiracy theories. William F Buckley turned on this group when it insisted that President Eisenhower was a Communist collaborator.

This failed writers creation then claims like Yeagley to be 50%. The source of the 50% is not mentioned until I point out unless it is maternal you are nothing. Magically the story shifts that her mother is Jewish and that she has been DNA tested to have some genetic marker that designates her as Northern European. This last part seems to come from a person very familiar with Stormfront fare. In 40 plus years of living within the Jewish community I have never heard anyone make such an odd claim.

Wait the story gets more bizarre to the point of comedy club material. The person then starts the claim that she was raised Orthodox. She then goes on to repeat words
from ask Moses in parentheses as if trying to prove credentials to the genuine article. Sorry, but genuine Jews do not do this. For example I was on the blog of Zinla with Jingoist. Both of us have established our identities as Jews over a long period of time. We were describing a series of Communist and Arab sponsored odd balls known as Neturai Karta. Neither of us had to bother to show our knowledge in parenthesis. Our posts over time have been consistent with people who are very much a part of the Jewish community. On the rare occasion I discuss something from my community it is done naturally and only explained if a reader asks. For example if the word teffilin were used I would not even think to put a familiar object in parenthesis. My familiarity with the item would have me use it in passing and be natural.

The story has changed again and now the Jewess whose father has converted and is raised Orthodox apparently claims to have gone to Catholic school. The person repeats standard cliches about Christ Killer and feeling the need to identify with her Jewish family. Didn't we just hear days ago that she was raised Orthodox. Now the story is she was educated in a Catholic school. Her father is identified as an Adventist of Northern European descent who has married a Jewish woman, sent their kid to a Catholic school but decided to convert to Judaism. How someone is raised Orthodox but educated in a Catholic School remains unknown.

It gets stranger yet...... Cue the twilight zone music.

The fake Jewess starts off saying she is American first and denounces zionism. Then
she goes on to explain Israel was created by Communists and secularists and should not have been created until the arrival of the messiah. She then gives the site of the above named Communist and Arab terrorist sponsored Neturai Karta as representative of Orthodox thought on Israel.

A person who is familiar with the thought in the Jewish community would know that the
latter is only stated by an obscure group who are compensated and publicized and promoted by commies despite numbering fewer than 200 people. In fact one can see more
claims by commies of this group being authentic than their actual members. Even the Satmar have played down similar sentiments and do not allow themselves to be prostituted by communists. The Satmar are also widely unpopular for this view and are considered pariahs by other Jews. In interactions individual Satmar very frequently are apologetic to real Jews over this view and disagree with their leaders. This group represents a minority of the Orthodox. The Orthodox especially the Modern Orthodox are overwhelmingly Zionist in view point. A person claiming to be raised Orthodox would never represent the opinions of the Neturai Karta as mainstream.

Genuine Jews like myself and Jingoist do not feel the need to proclaim themselves as American first and denounce zionism. In fact genuine Jews never make those statements
and are rightly offended by any suggestion of dual loyalty. The statement reflects the opinion of a white supremacist antisemite when addressing Jews. Someone claiming
to be raised Orthodox would never address a fellow Jew in such a manner. This person
then went on to question the integrity of my service and suggested I was an infiltrator. Calling Captain Dreyfus !!! This alone should have caused Yeagley to be suspicious. However, as his knowledge of Jews is limited to books and brief visits and he is handicapped by fealty to foul notions of racial purity he missed this.

This fraud goes on to describe "liberal Jews" like myself as the source of antisemitism in the United States. This is quite amusing as the genuine article would tend to grasp that far leftist populist antisemitism has been a staple of the far left for about 150 years. This must also come as news to Mr. Beamish, AOW and Zinla and the many other fine Conservative readers of this site who understand the source of the most strident forms of antisemitism are on the left.

This very poor fraud goes onto write that she has met some Jews who literally hate gentiles. I have never observed this in four decades of interaction in the Jewish community. Even a militant Kahanist like MZ does not hate gentiles. He does hate missionaries that try to convert Jews. In general his views are that he is happiest with Gentiles if they respect their own traditions. I know some religious Jews who would not enter a Church or a Mosque. This does not infer hatred but an interpretation of our customs. I have entered and been welcomed into many houses of worship. I also have zero problem attending a wedding or funeral or just attending services with a girlfriend if asked. It is not something I seek out, but if social proprieties dictate I have no problems going there. I have never encountered a Jew who hated non-Jews in my experiences.

Lastly, this impostor who claims to be more Jewish and American than thou does not cite American values and the Constitution in her posts. My criticism of Yeagley's racist views are based on American values as expressed in the Constitution and in the historical lessons of the Holocaust.

A reader under the handle of TNT hinted that I would know that Yeagley's knowledge of Judaism is limited. He is very knowledgeable of scripture and those things that can be gleaned from books. However, as an outsider he does not grasp the substance of how we interact with each other or customs. The notion that a person who is quote
"Orthodox" would represent the views of the Neturai Karta as representative of Orthodox thought is comic. Even the Neturai Karta themselves are aware that their views are a distinct minority.

Abraham Lincoln had a quote about fooling the people. In that spirit I will make a Beakerkin spoof of the more famous quote. You might fool some of the people all of the time, but you can fool Yeagley all of the time. A fool like Yeagley is so attached to his odious views that he will either knowingly accept a poor fraud or be
fooled into confirming his foul beliefs.

Unlike Yeagley, I am 100% Jewish and was raised within the community. I understand the traditions and the norms of my community. While the Dr had a Jewish girlfriend or two and a few friends he has never been an insider. It is true that he has had plenty of Jewish friends and acquaintances and has read plenty of books but there are gaps in his knowledge.

In my life Holocaust survivors were family members, friends, neighbors and very much a part of the community. The reaction of the survivors were individual as some went onto wonderful lives. Others like my Uncle were bitter and remained frozen in time.
I suspect that if the Dr's friend whom he writes about were able to read his embrace
of Jared Taylor he would get a swift rebuke. This survivor would recoil at the mention of a person (Taylor) who thinks nothing is wrong with employment or housing discrimination and talks of odious racial purity. Holocaust survivors were individuals but even bitter ones like my Uncle thought preserving the history of this event was important. I was shocked to find that he apparently donated a significant amount of his wealth to the museum in DC. I questioned my mother ( his only known relative my grandmother was beyond capable of any decisions) if she had made the donation in his name. I was told by my parents that they had not made the donation in his name and made their own donations. Apparently, Yeagley did not spend
enough time with this person to grasp at subjecting anyone else to similar treatment
would be viewed abhorrent by real survivors.

When readers want patriotism there are many fine blogs to read, Bad Eagle is not one of them.


Now from Fox Entertainment Mr Beamish controls the Afterlife

Farouk: Ah I have made it to heaven where are my 72 virgins
Beakerkin: Sir did you read the fine print in that claim.
Farouk: What is this a Zionist dog in the after life
Beakerkin: No just a faceless bureaucrat in the afterlife machine. I am a mere step in the process.
Farouk: Then I am in that other place.... I am
Beakerkin: Not exactly, but you are going to have to see a higher authority.
Farouk: Oh noooooo it is the Great Gasmasked Patriot with the Kill Devil Ninja Grip.
He taught this to Ann Coulter and many a Jihadi went to Allah singing like Michael Jackson.

Mr. Beamish: The axiom in the after life is we get our wishes.
Farouk: What type of evil...
Mr. Beamish: Behold your Garden of Eden.
Farouk: This place is better than I thought. You are not so bad for an infidel. Where
are my virgins.
Mr. Beamish: They are right there.
Farouk: Noooooo Lyne Stewart, Bea Arthur, Janet Reno and Rosie ODonnel.
Mr. Beamish: Enjoy your after life Farouk. We aim to please you did get 72 virgins
Farouk: Noooooooooooooo.

Preview of Next weeks show.

Ducky: What this is the end of my existence... No non existence...No Obscure films..
Well at least there is no Fox News or reruns of the A Team.

Beakerkin: Welcome Ducky did you read the fine print before entering the afterlife...

Tune in next week on Fox for Mr Beamish rules the Afterlife

Sunday, February 14, 2010


There is some desire by many to see deportation of criminal aliens. In reality many countries notably Cuba and China refuse to take their criminals back. The process is long and difficult with appeals that go on for years.

There is some division in thought about what to do with serious convicted criminals.
Many want them to do their jail time here and then be deported. Others want deportation to be done first. The reality is that with endemic corruption in some

The problems with endless motions and appeals really needs to be examined. We are not served by cases going on for decades.

Deportation should not be an arbitrary process. The first question should be about public safety. If there is any doubt this person should be returned home.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holocaust Denial and Leftist American Versions

The Dr. is having second thoughts about going to the AMREN conference. He has expressed
concern that his career would be ruined by being tarred a racist. Obviously if he had those concerns he should have looked at some of his recent posts.

When news broke that he was going to address this bigots conference I told him if he must go then he should use the podium to discuss Holocaust Denial. Similar sentiments
were stated by The Pagan Temple who really confused the folks there. How white supremacists view his embrace of ancient European deities as "negro" is beyond comprehension. Than again when one advocates racial hygiene they have identified themselves as an imbecile.

The Dr. does grasp my concerns about a room that includes Holocaust deniers. However, he mistakes this as the sole source of my outrage. His complaint that opponents to this event are communists misses the mark. There are Bolshevik vermin opposed to this racist conference, but they are merely political opportunists.

The Dr. is fond of pointing out I am a Jew. My relatives were exterminated by advocates of the same idea he is espousing racial hygiene. The Nazis didn't wake up and decide to toss Jews in the ovens directly. First there was a long campaign to portray them as subhuman. There were laws about race mixing and Jews were prohibited
from certain types of jobs. There were hate publications notably Der Shturmer that shared the Dr's obsession with miscegenation.

A Jew with a sense of history would be mortified by the advocacy of the very ideas that led to the extermination of family members. This outrage would not be lessened
by the idea that Blacks are the ones being dehumanized instead of Jews.

As an American who took an oath to uphold the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic the idea offends me. I was talking with a friends at work and the subject of why I love this country so much came up. One of the tings I really love about this country is that there are no second class citizens. It is true that rich people like Bill Ayers buy their freedom and jobs. It is also true that some degree of nepotism does happen. However, we are all given a basic set of individual rights and liberties. As a person that applies law sometimes it is ironic and ponderous. I want to be the first to state my good fortune to work alongside people who take the
law very seriously.

The notion that government should involve itself in the private relations of its citizens is deeply offensive to me as an American. The choice of whom to love is deeply personal and really none of anyone's business. It goes for folks like Dr. Yeagley who preaches racial hygiene and Tyne Daly who couldn't go a paragraph without saying her husband is Black. My criticism is not that the latter married a person of another race. My criticism was her droning on about something that is really not a big deal endlessly. 90% of Americans really don't care about this. Furthermore, romance and love in the modern economy with two working spouses is tough enough without racial goonery.

The ideas at the AMREN conference offend me as a Jew. However, they also offend me in what is closest to my heart AMERICANISM.

On the communist site of Troutsky he complains that antiwar protesters in the 60's
did not spit at returning soldiers. He claims it is a false image burned into the psyche of Americans.

Antiwar protesters did abuse soldiers returning from Vietnam. As a young child I personally witnessed this. Soldiers were called baby killers and worse by Commies who were drugged and frequently unwashed.

Commies tried to peddle a myth that has no basis in truth that they were popular. In fact they were loathed by Americans. They were loathed for their lawless behavior and arrogance. Vandalism, arson and terrorism are not protected forms of speech. They are crimes that should have been punished aggressively.

A picture of how protesters were really viewed by the public is in the aftermath of Kent State and the hard Hat Riots. The troops at Kent State were clearly provoked by the students who threw rocks at armed National Guardsmen. This came days after the same lawless commies vandalized the town itself. If you see the statements from the public people were upset that more protesters weren't shot. While this is not my personal sentiment it is reflective of the anger at the time directed at commies. The sad part about Kent State was the people who were shot were a great distance away
and not the people who threw rocks at the guardsmen. The tactics of commies was to provoke a reaction and wail about it. The public was not fooled by commie tactics and if you don't believe me watch the NYT puff piece on Kent State where people were complaining the guardsmen didn't shoot enough protesters.

The hard hat riot in NYC was an episode where construction workers fed up with lawless commies burning the flag reacted. The actual blue collar workers despite being out numbered at least three to one kicked the crap out of commies. Some commies ran crying for protection to the "pigs" and the "capitalist exploiters of Wall Street". It seems the actual blue collar workers had spoken, but commies only heard their own fantasies about workers joining them. The crowd and public reaction at the time was overwhelmingly supportive of the construction workers.

Around the 80's the political winds shifted. The children of that era grew up in the age of Reagan. Much of the popular fiction reflected the disgust with protesters. The TV show Family Ties was supposed to be a vehicle for Merredith Baxter Birney. The public was enamored with a little Canadian actor playing a youthful young Republican in conflict with his idealistic but loving hippie bum parents. It also represented what much of the youth felt about the idiocy of hippies.

Rambo was one of many movies that showed a troubled Vet betrayed by his government.
The public reaction to these films was not what Hollywood expected. Rambo became a superhero almost akin to a troubled post John Wayne cross with superman. It was quietly also the rejection of commie vilification of the Vietnam Veteran who always were the real heroes.

Monuments to the Veterans were built in that era. Tom Hayden proposed building one to the protesters and was laughed at. Even Gomer Kerry tried to cash in on this act with a Movie review of Apocalypse Now and fake stories in the Senate while trying to aid the Sandanistas.

In college one outraged professor went on a rant about a horrible TV show full of lies glorifying Vietnam Veterans. This resulted in students forming parties to watch Tour of Duty with plenty of beer. Professors tried to peddle a myth of a nation that
agreed with the protesters. The students who lived in that era frequently told the professors that not how it was. I remember a wonderful professor talking about the idealism of her era. The students pointed out the massive amounts of drugs and laziness of her generation. She laughed and admitted there was a great amount of truth in those statements.

Even in liberal NYC the winds had shifted. The NY Post was in its glory days with wonderful articles by Briendel, Kerrison and even the Daily News carried some conservative op ed writers. The professors did not like the Post, but listening to Bob Grant on the radio was considered by some Satanic. An upstart named Limbaugh had a show in NYC that featured Caller Abortions. We paid tribute to that feature on this blog when we invented Troll abortions. The practice spread beyond this blog and others picked up on it.

The funny part is you can see Rambo, Family Ties, Forrest Gump with ease on cable. Even Tour of Duty which lasted two seasons is shown. One has to hunt for Born on the 4th of July, Reds or the Front.

The notion that Commie protesters were loved lawful and respectful to Vietnam Veterans is pure fiction. Commies need to come to terms with the reality that they were despised and still are. I see the paranoia in their ranks about the Tea Party movement and laugh.

The winds have changed and commies don't like the prospect of Coffee Shop conservatism. Coffee Shop conservatism is a mix of fiscal conservatism and patriotism. It is grass roots, practical and celebrates our founding spirit.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What is a conservative

The good Dr. poses an interesting question as to what a Conservative is.I am amused that he questions my morality largely because I am against discrimination against gays.
Being called amoral from a person who preaches racial hygiene is a very fumy joke.

Number one I do not describe myself as a Conservative. Many of my close friends are Conservative. However, where I fall on the political spectrum is very close to center right.

Now unlike the Dr. I have attended Tea Party functions. I can state with certainty if he ever read that racial idiocy he posts at a Tea Party event he would get booed off the podium.

The Tea Party movement is about financial responsibility and the role of government. It is not a bunch of kooks dressed up in bed sheets burning crosses like the American Renaissance movement talking about legalizing discrimination against Blacks, eugenics or racial supremacy. You can look at the writings of Dr. Yeagley and see next to no space devoted to those topics.

The Dr. does occasionally work with Communists like the folks at AIM when it suits his purpose. Yours truly literally makes their life miserable at every opportunity. The Dr. spends very little time on the subject. I am a well known Cold Warrior and he is a Gourd Dancer.

I advocate respect for religion. Our legal traditions expressly forbid the creation of a State Church. Our traditions also include intellectual freedom to find your own path to God or not to believe in anything.

The sum of biblical morality according to the wasted warrior is about the treatment of Gays. My position on Gays is that they should not be discriminated against in employment or housing. I also am in favor of civil unions as an alternative to marriage. The notion I am some type of gay rights activist or advocate is very amusing to Justin. What it really says is that my mainstream positions are considered amoral by a person on the lunatic fringe.

His claims to be more moral than anyone are amusing. What does he base this morality upon. I am a dedicated public servant who serves the people of the United States. What has Yeagley done for his fellow citizens? He might base this claim to be holier than Beakerkin on the basis of a lack of a sex life. This is not something most guys
brag about. However, Yeagley has stated he is asexual largely to answer the rumors that he is gay started by Betty Ann.

Conservatives also preach love of country and our traditions. This blog is recognized for its patriotic view point and respect for our traditions. The Dr. has shown zero grasp or respect for our legal tradition or American ethos.

While I am not a Conservative, I am far closer to this concept than the Dr. who is off the political map. In his case he abuses the term Conservative to push a foul agenda that has no respect for our legal traditions.

Who reads this Blog

The Knuckle head gourd dancer who fancies himself a mighty warrior has decided the readers of this blog are amoral fake conservatives. How the Dr knows this is beyond me
because my sitemeter has not recorded his visits.

Who are the people at this site

This group was founded by myself and Warren who is an ex Bad Eagle poster. He is one of the most widely respected people on the web. Is the Dr. calling Warren/ Longrange amoral? Warren is deeply religious and is a Liberterian/Conservative.

The Editrix is also a former Bad Eagle poster. Any claim she is liberal is hysterical.I have never observed anything amoral in her writings. She does not suffer fools easily, but when you are as foolish as Yeagley this is asking alot.

Mac posts here and was a Bad Eagle moderator called "the Black Watch". One can find many respectful comments about Mac in the archives of Bad Eagle. He is not a classic Conservative, but I have never heard him described as immoral. The worst I ever heard about him was dour. Not everyone is Shecky Greene. The decline of Bad Eagle occurred after Mac left and the racists ran wild.

The Gator and Ray are also former Bad Eagle posters who were never described as Amoral. The Gator was widely liked for his humor.

The Merry Widow posts here. She is clearly a devout Christian and is also a former Bad Eagle Poster.

Mr Beamish posts here and is clearly more Conservative than Yeagley. Mr Beamish does not advocate racial idiocy.

FJ is clearly a conservative and has never been called immoral. He has never advocated this stuff.

AOW is a real conservative, religious and does not advocate racial theories.

The Pagan Temple/Jack and Jill is not a transvestite and is a classic liberal and does not advocate racial hygiene. I have never heard him described as amoral

Brooke and Zinla are conservatives and have never been described as amoral.

Justin is an ex clergyman and Vietnam veteran mostly to the right and has not advocated racial hygiene.

Lastly we have the Duck. The Duck is an Owenite who defends every enemy of America.
He does have some Fowl ( pun intended) ideas but racial hygiene is clearly not one of them. A conservative could say his views are immoral, but compared to the stuff
Yeagley is advocating this is a toss up at best.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nazism 2.0

We used to spar with Communist clowns who promote Trotskyism as a form of communism without gulags or deaths. I deal with the folly of this argument on many levels.

Certain ideas are tied to certain events. Pseudo scientific racialism is tied directly to Nazism and the Holocaust. Communism is tied to Gulags, Killing Fields and planned starvation.

The Holocaust did not just occur overnight. Jews were dehumanized in much the same manner Yeagley dehumanizes Blacks first. There were rallies of Brown shirts in beer halls and vile hate filled sites. The closest blog that resembles Der Shturmer is a site linked by Commies called Liberal White Boy.

When the folks at AMREN advocate permitting discrimination against Blacks they are starting down a familiar path. Now some say calling anyone a Nazi is in bad taste. However, when this person is clearly promoting crank theories of racial worth this is substantively correct.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Why I left Bad Eagle

Dr Yeagley makes some odd claims and promises. He talks of embracing Conservatism and
boasts of his degree in Divinty. He has zero clue about what being an American or Christian is about.

I want to talk about Christ as a non Christian. I live and enjoy the fruits of Western Civilization. The freedoms and society I enjoy are largely a cultural inheritance that flow from Christian principles. In order to grasp my perspective one should read the wonderful book The Great Divide by Alvin Schmidt.

The ethos of a true follower of Christ is like that of America egalitarian. The message of Christ is open to all who believe regardless of race or gender. A true Christian serves the poor as a religious calling. They are the hearts and souls of their communities.

My country was founded as a part an parcel of an anti-monarchist revolution. Its message of individual rights and individual rights were unique. The Dr forgets the part "all men are created equal" and the concept of equal protection under the law because it conflicts with his racist agenda. However, some of us take these words seriously. When he terms these concepts liberal he makes a mockery of conservatism.

Reading Bad Eagle is like watching a demolition derby. One can read the writings of Amil Imani elsewhere. Imani was a young man who has grown over time. Much of the regrettable things he wrote was a reaction to people ganging up on him and being provoked by Yeagley's mongrel Batty Ann. I have communicated with him off line and he is a delightful person who loves America with all his heart. In most respects he is more American than the Dr. There is little worthwhile to read there other than the humorous writings of Mark Winters and Ajibik.

America has a tragic past with its inexcusable treatment of Indians. Sadly, many of us mystify them in ways that are just not realistic. Some of us do not grasp that individual Indians as members of a common humanity can be every bit as racist as other groups. This should surprise nobody except the genteel university anti semite Kulur as Indians share the same human condition they are prone the same weakness and strengths as the rest of us.

Yeagley presents a myth that many of us would like to believe. He presents himself as a scholar and a visionary who loves America. He quotes books he has not bothered to read. I have caught him doing this at least once and the Editrix has done so more times. He bandies about three dollar words in an attempt to make you think he is cerebral. However, those words are not done naturally. Truly, brilliant people like Monica Crowley, FJ and many others use these words naturally. They have no need to impress anyone as their words speak for themselves.

When you look behind the packaging you find a hateful person with an odd obsession with Black males having sex with white women. This obsession is eerily similar to that of Julius Striecher who had similar views about German women who slept with Jews. How does one even begin to explain American values to a person that loathes 11% of the population on the basis of DNA? Unfortunately, my people are too familiar with where these crank theories of racial purity lead. I will not be a party to any movement that tosses anyone into the ovens on the basis of their DNA.

I want to point out many of us are under the delusion that academics are above bigotry. One can find plenty of examples of noted scholars who are bigoted and promote foul ideas such as communism and Nazism.

Dr. Yeagley's views often fall into the realm of poor satire. What other dullard would present himself as a biracial man at a conference of racial supremacists. One need not look too far to find abundant evidence of conflict between the KKK and Indians. Perhaps his goal in life is to have a mental illness named after himself.

It would be wonderful if Yeagley lived up to his myth. Merely stamping new and improved on a bad product changes nothing.

Time to depart

The time has come to leave Bad Eagle. It is a site that is in no definition Conservative or in any definition Christian.

There are some who advocate a 2.0 repackaging of a socially acceptable form of Nazism.
This form does not denigrate Jews it denigrates Blacks. Jews weren't tossed into the ovens right away. First the Nuremberg laws were passed that legalized discrimination
and forbade miscegenation.

In the past I have left only to return after a private email or two asked me to comment on something. I chose to remain here where we will espouse real Americanism. We will still fight commies, jihadis and racial power kooks.

I will remain here and depart for good.

In order to love America one must grasp that we are a nation of individualists. Our traditions come from the Constitution and the wisdom of our founding fathers. One can not be an American patriot while denigrating whole swaths of our fellow citizens for the possession of melanin.

Monday, February 08, 2010

The Spirit of Nuremberg

Dr Yeagley is a fake Conservative. He does have an odd love for the Jewish people. That
being said his paranoia about race mixing hails directly from the infamous Nuremberg
laws. The good Dr. himself is a product of miscegenation as his father was German and his mother Comanche. Obviously, they were more enlightened than the Dr. himself. His embrace of racial purity is almost the stuff of a Shakespearean comedic fool.

Along the way, he has slandered a friend who has been right about him all along. I have known the Editrix for years and she is a hardened foe of this stuff and calls it by its right name. My friend Mac claimed Yeagley's site was always Stormfront lite. Kidst is also long gone as are many other good friends including Warren, TMW and Gator. There is little reason to read Bad Eagle other than for the comedy of Mark Winters and Ajibik and the writings of Amil Imani who can be read elsewhere.

If he can not grasp why a Jew is bothered by talk of racial purity than I suggest he knows as little about our people as he does about America.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Just who decided I am white

I want to know who determined that I am white. I do posses alabaster skin and green eyes, but the beloved Rav Roov shares the same parents and is much darker with curly hair. We are regularly mistaken for each other and easily recognized as brothers despite our different skin shades.

I reject all these idiotic racial nostrums and categories. My people are middle eastern and obviously along the way there were some encounters with Poles, Russians and others hence my light skin and green eyes. These are attributes and in reality I would prefer to live in a country where racial arsonists are treated like clowns.

A Jew does have some genetic basis. However, my niece is Jewish with Polish, Slavic, Semitic, Irish, Scott and Cherokee DNA. Nor is she unique as I personally know Jewish Italian, Philippine and a range of other crosses. A Jew is an heir to a tradition of learning, religion and culture. We are more than just mere DNA. We are breathing vibrant culture with our own unique traditions and folkways.

America was not founded on the basis of Culture. It was founded on the shared values
of individual rights and rejection of aristocracy. Our words and wisdom are open to all who share those values and respect others.

There are those who scream from the top of their lungs in white bedsheets and swastikas that they own America. These imbeciles do not have a clue about Americanism in any coherent definition of the word. My country does not have second class citizens. My country respects individual rights and liberties and who to love is a deeply personal choice that is nobody's business. In fact invasion of a persons
private life reeks of Marxism "the personal is political" bs.

I say this loudly and with great pride. I am an American. My birthright is individual rights and liberties. I do not accept racial arson. This is a nasty imported foreign idea that like Communism, Theocracy, Monarchy, Anarchism are unamerican. I do not seek to emulate the EU and I reject their moral arrogance. I am heir to unique traditions that include Washington, Hamilton,Jefferson, Lincoln, T Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan amongst others.

Were I in a room with racial arsonists and Holocaust Deniers they would get my wrath every bit as much as commies. I also want to point to the statement of Mazzola Marxist Kultur clown. Kultur clown is an imbecile who suffers from Pinter derangement syndrome. This syndrome is being so divorced from reality and absorbed in the cult of Marx that their utterances literally sound like Taliban spokesmen after multiple bong hits.

Kultur clown reveals his institutional bigotry against Jews when he claims I have an infantile attachment to my religion. No doubt if this were said to a Muslim or a HG practicing traditional Nature religion he would muster all his outrage. The fact that
he describes religion as infantile shows how divorced from reality he is. It also shows once again commies are not Jews and describe those who practice the faith as infantile.

Spring is not that far off

February is usually the worst month in terms of Cold. In NYC the winter has been mild
we haven't had one of those spells with below zero weather. In the era of front wheel
drive cars getting out of the snow seems easier.

In March the circus will be coming to town. The circus is something Marxist commies try to ruin for Americans. I will be taking a young child to see her first circus. This is a magic moment in a child's life. When I was growing up there were smaller circuses. There was a small parade when the circus came to Liberty NY. It didn't matter
that it was not Ringling Brothers, because the whole family was together. We sat on horrible benches, but nobody cared.

There are moments kids never forget and many of them are small. I went to the art museum and for me the special place is the Temple of Dendur. There is an Egyptian Temple in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. However, little girls are more prone to want to be little princesses and there is also a castle front. I had been to this museum countless times and forgot that the Greek Art was in between our destination.
Midway through cries of "theyre naked" and a very short explanation about how Greeks considered the human body itself an art form was my magic moment. I also reminded her that she is not Greek. She basked in the front of the castle and enjoyed the sculpture garden.

On the way home we went for a milkshake at an old style ice cream shop. I did have to explain to the staff how to make a Cherry Lime Rickey. I am learning this is some type of forgotten art. In fact I had to do this in VT. The locals including the owner
were amazed at the skills I had not practiced for 20 years. An authentic Chery Lime Rickey looks like a mad scientists creation as it has three separate color rings. The third is created when the syrup drifts downward. I remember my first one in Grossingers Hotel thirty years ago. I remember perfecting it at the Concord for the rare customer that would ask. I remember my coworkers thinking I was crazy as it took me a few attempts to perfect it. I had one at a street fair in Brooklyn but it was a crude imitation without the appearance an about 70% of the taste. Anyway much to my amazement I was asked "What was that?". I explained the lost world off egg creams, cherry lime rickeys and vanished Catskill Hotels to a sweet kid.

Oddly our magic moments don't cost that much. A trip to the museum and soda shop or when I was growing up the sping water at Parksville didn't cost much. However, the memories were priceless.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Raven

Most of us hold what I call our Raven in our hearts. Our Raven is the unreasonable fear or hatred of something. Many people delude themselves with rationalizations or pseudointelectual fantasies that they are genuine.

I am perplexed how someone who claims to love America and its ideals would turn around and promote kook theories of race. This is especially comedic when the person in question is biracial. Miscegenation seems to be in every other post of this writer. Perhaps as he is nearing 60 he was too late to enjoy it himself.

Love in the current era is tough enough. It got tougher when the economy dictated two salaries just to make ends meet. Everyone is more tired and stressed from a work place that is meaner than ever. In the previous era one could man up about errors because taking responsibility and fixing your mistakes was an admired trait.

In the current era maintaining a loving relationship is quite difficult. I will not lecture another or pass judgment on another for life's most personal choice. Obviously, this persons parents were more enlightened than they are. No doubt many of the racial arsonists that this gentleman will be speaking to would be critical of his parents choice.

Our Ravens consume us and make us look stupid. Non white white supremacists sounds like a circus act. FYI, I do not need nor desire to sit in a room with racial arsonists and Holocaust deniers. I am an American and there are no second class citizens in my country Black or otherwise. Those who fail to grasp this concept do not have a clue about American values.

I want to point out the words of a friend who points out that Jews do over achieve. This is because we are the products of a culture that prizes learning and scholarship. Even in Vermont in a small town I had accumulated 200 books in three years. One can visit a siblings with one exception and see stacks of books. It is not DNA that creates this but a culture that treasures learning that produces this. My niece and nephew literally go to school for eleven hours a day and then do homework. When the late Northwind visited my apartment in St Albans she asked if I were running a library. I was shocked to visit her family's home and see one or two books tops.

The Pagan is largely correct about a backlash against quotas and pc guilt trips created the soil for the kooks at AMREN. The response to the arsonists who are often commies seeking to divide and conquer is we are Americans. If you doubt this you can amuse yourself with the positive reception of the racist bile spewed by Pastor Wright on Renegade Eye's blog from the readers. It is no accident either as the racist kook cleric is a follower of Black Liberation theology a cross between Marx and Malcolm X. No doubt the Duck and many others who saw nothing wrong with a President attending a racist church and palling around with a communist traitor terrorist should not cast the first stone at Yeagley for attending a cabal of idiots conference. Nor does Yeagley's attendance mean he agrees with every person present.

That being said attending a conference of racists, Holocaust deniers and assorted other societal pariahs is poor judgment. No doubt commies like the Duck like to pretend that Commies like Pol Pot cheerleader Gnome Chimpanzee, Harry Belacommie and Michael Moron are somehow in a different category than the folks at the AMREN conference but they are not.

Beamish and Bardo in 12

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A very small man indeed

I want to point out with some amusement that the attempts by some to claim opposition to the AMREN conference is communist is amusing. This attempt by Johny come lately Cold Warriors who dedicate little of their time and space to anti-communism is amusing.
Any look at this blog indicates this is something we need not explain.

Communists like the folks at AMREN like to divide my nation into groups. AMREN by race and commies usually by class. That being said commies are prone to agitate racial grievances when it furthers their agenda and defend racist states like Cuba or slaughtering Indians when convenient as well.

Americanism is about individualism and all our rights are individual. My country has no second class citizens. Race is a mere attribute like height and shoe size.

This conference does include Holocaust Deniers. A true visionary would never sit in a room with such people in the first place. However, if the opportunity was there a larger man would take the opportunity to confront this type of historical malfeasance. This crowd has not exactly been fond of mixed race people or specifically Indians. Why a mixed race person would wish to speak in such a forum is beyond belief.

That being said Dr Yeagley for all his faults is not an anti- Semite and has spoken out loudly and in clear terms about Holocaust Denial. My point is that he fails to grab the true essence of the nation he loves. Oddly, these same people would deprive
the planet of future Dr Yeagleys because he is the product of a biracial union. In an odd twist of fate he has joined ranks with those who saw certain people as less worthy either from a racial or lifestyle issues. This is almost Shakespearean in its irony.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Amren and the Commie Follies

Dr Yeagley points out that the Amren conference in DC was moved. It seems that Union workers object to serving Holocaust Deniers, KKK types and Nazis. They do have a right of Free Speech, but I also have a right to react to that speech. The nuts at Amren will have to find another venue for their racial filth.

The Dr. has tried to point to the fact that Communist object to this fare. There is no person on the planet who is more anti communist than I am. However, the mere fact that commies are against something does not infer it is a bad thing. Merely, they are acting as they typically do in attempting to lead people unwittingly as they do at peace protests. In this case if there were protests organized and led by Commies I would not allow myself to be used.

Maybe Dr Yeagley will rise to the occasion and explain how evil Holocaust Denial is in a room with Holocaust Deniers. He has never supported this in the past and has spoken against this in loud terms. I have raised this potential opportunity to the Dr. on his site.

Funny, but when Holocaust Deniers point to Jewish scholars questioning the Holocaust
numbers they are almost certainly pointing to Maoist Norman Finkelstein or the fraud
at MIT Noam Chimpanzee. It seems that Nazis have use for Commies who are not Jews, but members of a fundamentalist death cult. Commies are more fundamentalist and less
reality based than the folks who watch the 700 club.

Noted Mazzola Marxist Kultur claims that I am the type of Jooooo responsible for anti
Semitism. This sentiment is reflective of entrenched bigotry in higher ed. No doubt Kultur could have identified me as an American, but elected to highlight my ethnicity. The choice was obviously reflective of far left bigotry that typically uses the word Neocon or zionist as cover for Jew. I did correct Yeagley for this mistake in referring to Reaganite Mark Levin as a neocon.

Anarchist fool Larry Gambone is typically the apex of ignorance. We have just found out that apparently he also posts under a female alias as well. He is obviously confused about many things. Perhaps he should pick a gender and stick to it.

The reaction from Commie Clowns is this

1) If you object to Communism and point out the crimes of communism you are narrow minded.

2) If you point out that the Eurosocialist approach to immigration has failed. Patting Abdul on the head, giving him welfare checks indefinitely and screaming bad jooo louder than he can has resulted in riots and real alienation you are a bigot.
If Abdul is employed and raising a family he is less likely to blow himself up.

3) If you are a Joooo, but object to Communism you are responsible for anti Semitism.

4) America under Obama is an emerging fascist state as Obama is a stealth conservative.

Make America a better place Beamish and Bardo in 12.

In Support of the Duck

I am utterly amazed at what it takes to get banned at Bad Eagle. I disagree with the statements of the Duck. However, his comments are no worse than the fare posted by many regulars. The claim that I encouraged the Duck or Pagan Temple to post at Bad Eagle is a lie.

The Duck is a well known commenter who has been at FPM for around six years and has been on various sites.

A braver man would take up the the challenge on the subjects and go forward. I have not had anything close to behavior at this site in six years that warranted anything close to a ban at this site.

For the record I do not know if Pagan Temple is living an alternative lifestyle. My hunch is that he is having fun at the Dr's expense. I would rather see the Dr. answer
how the subject of homosexuality should be treated under US law than go off on religious tangents.

Joking about dinner with AOW & TMW

I must have had an off night as I went out with TMW and AOW. Everyone had steak and ranch dressing and yours truly took the Mahi Mahi and oil and vinegar. I actually do like seafood especially if it one that is seen infrequently like Mahi Mahi.

The trip was fun as Amtrak is enjoyable. I had a blast on the trip and read Walter Laquer's take on the decline of Europe. His take is very fresh and unique so if you haven't read the other similar books this would be the one I recommend. His chapter on Russia alone is especially worth reading.

It seems that folks like the Duck live in a state of dementia. The mindless mental rot
pretends that everything European is enlightened and everything in the USA is backwards. Endless welfare checks and parroting bad Joooo has not worked in Europe.
Paternalism is condescending and all these pats on the head are meaningless.