Sunday, February 14, 2010


There is some desire by many to see deportation of criminal aliens. In reality many countries notably Cuba and China refuse to take their criminals back. The process is long and difficult with appeals that go on for years.

There is some division in thought about what to do with serious convicted criminals.
Many want them to do their jail time here and then be deported. Others want deportation to be done first. The reality is that with endemic corruption in some

The problems with endless motions and appeals really needs to be examined. We are not served by cases going on for decades.

Deportation should not be an arbitrary process. The first question should be about public safety. If there is any doubt this person should be returned home.

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Universal Realist said...

Are we talking about legal aliens or illegal aliens?

I can see the issue of countries not taking back and illegal so I'm not sure how to deal with that.

But if it’s legal aliens I think it’s simple. If they're found guilty of violating our laws then they should be punished accordingly. During the court process and while serving time they should be given every right to Due Process, filing motions and appeals. If there conviction stands and they finish their punishment and they are released their visa should be cancelled and kicked out of our county. They are not citizens of our country they are guest and they should be sent back to their home country. Of course I’m talking about felony crimes that are punishment involves jail time not finable offences. Capital offences should be up held whether it is life sentences or executions.

I’ve watched that show called “Locked Up Abroad” a few times and it seem other counties have no problem locking up Americans who commit crimes and once released sending back to America. So why shouldn’t we do the same? There should be no motions or appeals to stay in the county once you became an unwelcome guest.

Maybe I don’t understand our laws when it comes to legal aliens but the way I see it is our country should have ever right to ask/make a guest to leave if they don’t respect our laws.