Monday, February 15, 2010

A Very Stupid Man

The conference of white power racial kooks has been canceled. A wise man would count his blessings that he has been spared a career killing moment. However, few people would describe this person as wise.

The First Amendment is not dead. The First Amendment grants you the right to political speech. It does not guarantee anything about my right to react to it. Groups were offended by the vile message of AMREN and phoned their objection to the hotels. Taylor being a first class dope should have opted for a lower profile spot than Washington DC.A meeting in a rural section would have attracted less attention.

Yeagley sees the cancellation of this event as a victory for Communists. This shows how little this person grasps the political spectrum. The Dr sees nothing wrong with working with Communists at AIM when it suits his purpose. The Dr. is not and never was a dedicated Cold Warrior.

Sorry, but this false claim to Conservatism by Yeagley is nauseating. If I want to listen to a Conservative I will attend a Tea Party function, listen to Mark Levin or read the Crank Files.


CM said...


I was wondering why the location of the high profile DC area also...shame, they got stopped, yeah.

yeagley wants to be so popular, he might offer OKC or maybe the Adventis Hall he attends. His bestest friend could offer them the Sioux Reservation? The white male supremists leaders are just not as popular as yeaglley claims. yeagleys' views were formed sitting in his home behind his PC all his life. yes he is educated, yes he travels, but he is still one backward white boy from small town America....

I believe in keeping to your own too. Do it with Love not Hate!

I was watching a MoTown program this evening. All those American musicians, white and black all got along, protected and loved the Mo-town sounds, worked together in the 50s'. Separation, segregation and thinking someone is better than the next is what caused all the Black/White issues...time to live and let live.

America suffers with this dissention. Remember yeagley likes to chime, "Whats good for (fill in the blank) is good for America", well AMREN is NOT good for America!

No one should sacrifice/use their children as a means to promote the Race. Thats the American Renaissances' creed promote the white race for the white children. What about all the Children of the world, Red and Yellow, Black and White they are Precious in his sight...a person pro-creates because of love, not to produce and separate the Races.

yeagley could not have those feelings, he has no offspring, he's a virgin plus he despises the sound of childrens' laughter.


Alligator said...

CM growing up in the 50s and 60s, Motown artists were staple artists played at school dances and on the top 40 countdowns.

To this day, I still like to crank up the tunes by Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross & the Supremes, Otis Reading, Smoky Robinson & the Miracles, Marvin Gaye & Tammy Terrill, Gladys Knight & the Pips and on and on and on.

I can remember people who weren't too fond of blacks had no problem buying their records and dancing to them. But it even goes back earlier than Motown: Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Lena Horne, Pearl Bailey, Ethel Waters and on and on and on.

These people made significant contributions to American culture and they helped break down the color barrier and disdain for blacks that many white Americans had in the early 20th century. And certainly none of this music is "base" "vulgar" and animalistic. A lot of the white-oriented Grunge and Heavy Metal etc., fits that description much more aptly.

CM said...


Music makes you feel alive.

As much as I tried....close my eyes, at eyes will not be still...The Classical Opera, does NOT sooth me. Its not my kind of music, my older sister likes to drive with listening to it, me I have to tap my feet or sing along, or dance around the dinning room table. I like good ole Rock & Roll, Blues and Country, and love songs with a meaning. "Sweet Music Man by Millie Jackson" and "In Spite of Ourselves" by John Prine & Iris Dement are a contrast but bouncy and entertaining full of Joy and Life, another I put on when I need a boost is "Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone". I love Chubby Checkers and Sam Cooke and of course Seal. I will never outgrow my love for this music remembering that good time in my life.


The_Editrix said...

"The Classical Opera, does NOT sooth me. Its not my kind of music, my older sister likes to drive with listening to it..."

Interesting! I prefer classical music (not just opera) to listen to, while in the car it drives me nuts. Pop music has become too tacky (or maybe it's me who has become too old), so I have switched for good to a news channel in the car. The human mind is one funny thing.

Alligator said...

I like classical music now and then, bluegrass, jazz and most anything. However, I never liked opera. I don't care for the current crop of "pop" music. But then that is a sign I am aging.

Pipe & Drums and Southern Plains 49 etc. are really nice. I often play either while I'm the computer. My wife usually head to the next room after awhile.

CM said...


I really like the Apache Songs. Mescelaro and Ft. Sill Apaches still live around here and have dances during the late summer and fall, its usually cold at night but bundle up wear boots and you will have a good time. Fire Dance troops from out West come and join their relatives here in Oklahoma. Cold at night, but a gigantic fire is always ablaze. Its worth the visit to watch them and hear the catchy songs, makes you want to get up and dance.