Monday, February 08, 2010

The Spirit of Nuremberg

Dr Yeagley is a fake Conservative. He does have an odd love for the Jewish people. That
being said his paranoia about race mixing hails directly from the infamous Nuremberg
laws. The good Dr. himself is a product of miscegenation as his father was German and his mother Comanche. Obviously, they were more enlightened than the Dr. himself. His embrace of racial purity is almost the stuff of a Shakespearean comedic fool.

Along the way, he has slandered a friend who has been right about him all along. I have known the Editrix for years and she is a hardened foe of this stuff and calls it by its right name. My friend Mac claimed Yeagley's site was always Stormfront lite. Kidst is also long gone as are many other good friends including Warren, TMW and Gator. There is little reason to read Bad Eagle other than for the comedy of Mark Winters and Ajibik and the writings of Amil Imani who can be read elsewhere.

If he can not grasp why a Jew is bothered by talk of racial purity than I suggest he knows as little about our people as he does about America.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you would be less forgiving of the good doctor were you to understand the nature of his error. His affinity for the Jewish people is merely sympathy for a fellow autochthon.

The politics of Evo Morales has no place in a modern world.

The_Editrix said...

Beak let him go. Not just to that AmRen conference, but out of your mind. He is not just a nutter, he is a religious nutter and you can't convince those people with reason. He is quite clever in that, because one doesn't notice it at first. Maybe it is instinctive, maybe he really HAS, after all, two braincells to rub together which tell him that it isn't a frightfully good idea for a "political pundit" to subscribe openly to a wacky religious cult and make it thus official that he bases each and every detail of his worldview on it. Take his hatred of blacks, take his hatred of Catholics, take the fact that he has no stance re abortion -- a crucial conservative topic. That is because his church hasn't. I remember that I once, when my presence at BE was in it last throes, tried to get a reaction out of him pro or con abortion and didn't get one. At that time, I thought that he might have been in a predicament once himself and didn't want to become a hypocrite before himself. It turned out that I credited him with much too much ordinary human feelings.

I had no idea that he was a religious nutter before the 'gator who made me aware of it not too long ago. I think he has posted some information about it here as well.

I am 100% sure that, if you search for the Adventist stance on Jews, you will find, to put it brief, that they like them. (What that is worth can be judged by the fact that the same Adventists think that blacks come from a union of man and beast.)

You are wasting your time. Time spent on religious nutters is wasted time. Full stop. You can as well try to convince my dogs to become vegetarians. It is as futile, but more fun.

Ducky's here said...

What is your fascination with that moron?

Anonymous said...


Beak would be better off looking up the Adventists' stance on Adolf Hitler's Germany.

Something worse than sinister.

I drink and smoke, which means, bad Adventist.

The Merry Widow said...

He isn't worth the time and have given him ore chances than I have. And I am accounted as ridiculously patient.

You have fresher and better fish to fry...spend your time and talents where they will be the most fruitful, for yourself and others!

Besides, there is enough stress in everyone's lives, why add to what we can't control?


The_Editrix said...

Tragedy, thanks for the hint. Frankly, the topic disgusts me, so I hadn't looked into that part of Adventist history. It seems that they are not all that buddy buddy with the Jews anymore if the "state religion" rather frowns on it.

Cateran said...

From the University of California, Santa Barbara - SDA and Nazi Germany

beakerkin said...

I did read that before you posted it.
I was floored by the support of sterilization and euthanasia for the disabled.

I have never heard of any Christian supporting abusing disabled people. The traditional view is to help such people as a religious calling.

The_Editrix said...

"The traditional view is to help such people as a religious calling."

The operative word is "traditional".

"There is no such thing as life unworthy of living."

Cateran said...

I have never heard of any Christian supporting abusing disabled people.

So, now read something about the SDA's prophetesse, White, and her views about miscegenation. Then go through Yeagley's "Conservative Christian" stance on race and politics, and it should become crystal clear to you where all his theories come from.

I know, it's difficult to admit you've been duped by a religious nutjob. But it's all there if you've the eyes to see it. And the courage to admit it to yourself.

The_Editrix said...

"I know, it's difficult to admit you've been duped by a religious nutjob. But it's all there if you've the eyes to see it. And the courage to admit it to yourself."

Mac is right. I can't speak for him or the 'gator, but the worst thing about it is to admit that one has been abysmally stupid to believe even one word coming from that man. I had my fair share of ridicule from my German correspondents ("But didn't you say he was good?") and deservedly so. I still think his mother had a lot to do with it. I remember that it was when his mother was very ill and then died that my frustration reached its leaving-BE-level. I remember that specifically, because I thought at that time that he might be confused due to his loss. Only much later I realized that she was probably keeping him relatively sane.

I had my travesties to vent my frustration, you do your venting here, Beak. Just accept that you have been duped. I'd still not know what hit me had not others enlightened me about the SDA cult. Now this may sound frightfully pompous, but one day you'll see it as an experience that taught you a lot about many things, including, but not limited to, human nature. And which made you meet interesting people. The funny thing is that, while Yeagley does his precious best to sow discontent between his posters (case in point I and the Scots), it ended up in many cases with making new friends.