Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Status Report

The first of four tests is over. I scored an 88 and am somewhat disapointed with that number.
My room mate was lost and I spent six hours minimum going over chapters that I was strong on. I was too tired to go back on the weaker areas. Four people did fail but three of the scores were close 68, (2) 64. The passing grade is 70.

I have three exams left and now need to average 64.

Beamish in 08.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Status Report

I want to thank those of you who sent a word to the man upstairs on my behalf. Things have quieted down somewhat, but I am laying low. The HQ types are lethal and I want to avoid them at all costs.

The courses are more interesting and relevant. I finished the section on asylum and refugees. Asylum is spelled with one s except when addressing Weazie who is the ass in the assylum in Helsinki. The instructor did try to recruit me to the asylum section. This is the latest of many recomendations for me to switch vocations. I would have to return for another five weeks of training. These officers frequently are sent abroad and that is not something I am interested in. Local marriage fraud is more interesting.

I am going to barbeque on Sunday. I would rather cook my own food than waste the time on base. I will make tail gaiting food before the NFL games Kielbasa and every type of meat covered in Stubbs Barbeque Sauce. I refuse to foul a grill with a Tofu burger.

Beamish in 08.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Notes from GA

I am on a semi military base with highly restricted acsess to email. I did get this correspondence off by hauling my laptop 2 miles in the rain. My book bag is over 50 lbs with a lap top.

A few classes do train with gasmasks. I thought it was a Mr Beamish in 08 rally but it was just the class from the department of prisons. An amazing group of them sat near me and my class mates were chiding me about not asking one of them out. Asking out a babe who has just qualified with an M-16 is best attempted by Mr B himself.

There are some amazing herps on campus. Students have been feeding these turtles for years so they swim up to you looking for food. There are three species on my walk Softshelled, Mobile (similar to the familiar Red Eared Slider) and a couple of massive snapping turtles.

My classmates are great people. I am in a suite but the person I share it likes the heat at 88.

Keep me in your prayers, but things are going much smoother after a rocky start.

I will detail some amusing misadventures when I leave in a spoof called Beakerkin Privates.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Next Stop Jacksonville or Follow that Dream

I am enroute to law enforcement training in GA. My path started on 9-11 and was mostly loaded with obstacles. Over time I remained focused and achieved my dream. I went to Vermont hundreds of miles from my family and my beloved home. There were many nice people I met along the path who helped me. There were some who tried to kill all hope along the way. There was also my time spent with Earl the always hungry cat.

The next phase of the dream begins today. I want to thank my many wonderful friends my brother Warren, Mr B, AOW, TMW, Nanc, Justin, Rob, Farmer John, Russet , Zinla, Jason Pappas, Urban Infidel and oddly the Duck.

This blog will continue on location in Brunswick GA.

Beamish in 08.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Beak's Road Reading List

Those of you familiar with this blog are aware I am going on a long road trip. I consider it an honor to serve my country. Five weeks in Brunswick GA will not be so bad. Perhaps, I may run into Florian or Russet. Remember, that I am on a military base with classes 6 days a week.

It is rare that I recomend a book so early into reading. However this quote from Why I left Jihad by Walid Shoebat should be a reminder to those who deal with Commies.

"Today, I see so many Westerners who, on the far left side of politics, demonize Israel and exonerate Islamic-Arab terror. And Americans love to psychoanalyze everything, trying to understand evil. You can not understand evil. You can not psychoanalyze evil. Why do these people think the way they do? They are steeped in hate. Finally, we must acknowledge the reality of Satan, of evil in this world."

That profound quote is worth the price of the book alone. The author and the rest of us should extend this to commies as well. Commies are evil even when personable and naive like G, well intentioned but clueless like Troutsky or the souless Renegade Eye.

Religion of Peace by Robert Spencer. Many of us need to know the difference between Islam and Christianity. The best book on this topic is the Great Divide by Alvin Schmidtt.

I am also bringing two authors who have fallen on hard times. Ann Coulter's statements on Judaism were silly. The traditional view of Judaism by Christianity is that it is the fulfillment of the Judaic scriptures. When the statements are viewed from that tradition they are not offensive. The interviewer did try and bait Coulter into the anti-semitic comments. These comments should never be confused with the rabid anti-semitism of Norman Finkelstein, Chomsky or any mindless far left dimwit.

I will make my own version of Coulter's faux pas. The Jewish people would be better of if MZ converted to Christianity. His hateful version of the religion of our people, including the beloved Rav Roov, bears no resemblence to Judaism whatsoever. His calls for the assasination of elected Israeli leaders and advocacy of a totalitarian theocratic Israel are insane. If he embraced Christianity he would not be so off the wall and learn to value life and be less hateful. Moreover, I would no longer support Israel is by some accident if it ever morphed into a theocracy with religious police much like a Jewish Saudi Arabia. No doubt MZ could form his own Cuban style block patrol with KL and hunt out dangerous Onanists or gays. In fairness MZ has never endorsed beating or jailing gays, just placing them back in the closet. The larger questions of the in your face expressions of sexuality favored by a militant minority of gays needs to be discussed in another post.

My stance toward the over the top expressions of hypersexuality as seen in gay parades is somewhat different. Everyone deserves respect except commies, Jihadis, Nazis and racial power nuts. However, do not ask or expect me to respect you if you walk around in a clown suit or leather underwear and angel wings. My persective is one of respect based upon reasonable behavior.

I will also be reading Dinesh D'Sousa's What is So Great About Christianity. I am a fan of genuine Christianity as opposed to the dolts of Liberation Theology, Progressive Dispensationalism or politically correct Churches. I sit in amazement at the many wonderful Christians who read this blog and I interact with every day such as TMW, Junglemom, Elmer, AOW, Justin and of course Warren my brother. We ( Americans) sometimes take for granted that Christians do serve the poor without Utopian political theft based schemes and set a priority on valuing human life.

The anti Christian attacks by a deluded elite are represented by the naive G who calls missionaries "the worst people on earth because they tell them how to think". This comes from a person who advocates a philosophy that rounds people up at gunpoint and forces them onto collectives.

I would have added Dr Yeagley's book but it will arrive after I return. I made a generous donation to Bad Eagle in return for an autographed book. I will also see if Dr Yeagley can send a picture of himself reading the Bible for my office. I have no idea where commies get this insane idea that Indians hate Christianity. It is certainly not reflective of any of the Indians I know, most of whom are very religious Christians. Even those who opt for traditional Indian religion do not loathe Christians.

I am still looking for an appropriate picture of Beakerambo for my office. The idea of having him wear a bow tie was not to popular. It was a sad reminder of his days as a low rent sex object at Chipendales before he was given a job as this blogs mascot and star in parodies. Maybe a picture of Beakerambo herding cats will prove more suitable.

Beamish in 08

Friday, October 12, 2007

Columbia Follies

The recent debacle at Columbia shows that there are offensive types of speech that go beyond the limits of acceptance. The noose placed on the door of a faculty member was disgusting. Yet we should not jump to conclusions as there have been some incedents where professors have vandalized their own cars to gain publicity. The incedent needs to be investigated and any claims about Columbia being compared to Jena is sophomoric.

Yet would anyone have noticed if a commie or jihadi burned our flag. Would the harassment of Jewish students by faculty have made page one. Would a KKK type advocating idiocy be granted a forum in the name of free speech.

The placement of a noose was a vile act. Yet certain vile acts seem acceptable so long as the targets are not on the Marcuse official victims pyramid.

Beamish in 08

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Now Departing Beakerkin

I will be leaving my family for around 11 weeks. This blog will continue to drive Commies and Jihadis batty from New Brunswick GA. I will be on a military base with restricted movement. Those of you who need to contact me off line can leave an email address. As I am in moderation it will not be published.

When I left Vermont I questioned what we are doing. However, district life is much tougher and public saftey is a top priority. The job is clearly not for everyone. On the front lines one's first and foremost duty is to the law we are sworn to uphold. You are the last person in the chain and you better be ready for the challenges. Ultimately our job is to protect public safety and uphold the law.

I am quite amused at the inane desperate comments of an insane Trotskyite that claims I am a killer. In actuality I am a law and order type bound by the Constitution alone. We do not send people to gulags and liquidate class enemies in the USA. Communism is the subversion of law, logic and morality to the arbitrary whins of a self deluded totalitarian elite who feel they are gods and are entitled to kill and steal accordingly. The record of Communism as a genocidal movement is overwhelming. Trotsky was a war criminal who met his justice mafia style from his fellow criminals.

Those who want to liberate themselves from Communist stupidity have our own symbol the Beamish style gasmask.

Beamish in 08.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Book Review The Siege of Mecca Trofimov

This is an amazing book on many levels. One begins to comprehend how inept Jimmy Carter was. One can only speculate about a failed President who weakness encouraged radical muslims to attack the US embassies with impunity. His weakness is also shown to have encouraged the Soviets to expand across the globe.

We also get an inside look into the history and workings of Saudi Arabia. We also see the Saudi brutal response to a Shia rebellion. Commie's tend to ignore Arabs killing each other while hyperventilating about any Israeli actions.

The author's attempts to tie the rise of Al Queda to the Islamonazis who took over Mecca are tenuous. More interesting is Saudi attempts to blame the Mecca revolt on Jews, Shiites and Commies. Oddly the religious nuts pushed the country into a more draconian version of Sharia and accomplished some of their goals.

Beamish in 08

Monday, October 08, 2007

The burning of the US Embassy In Pakistan in 1979

Many of us are under the delusion that anti American mania in Pakistan is something new. This is most often a delusion of far left commies who are clueless about actual history.

Around the same time of the American Hostage crisis in Iran, Islamic nuts tried to seize Mecca and the US embassy in Pakistan was stormed and burned by a violent mob. A US soldier named Crowley bled to death in a vault and a second was gunned down as he slept. The Pakistani military did nothing to disperse the crowd and was on hand. Calls to Zia Al Huq from Jimmy Carter were ignored.

Amazingly Jimmy Peanut credits Al Huq with a swift response to the crisis in his memoirs. There seems to be a consistent pattern of deception in the writings of Carter. Obviously, this crisis that is noted in the book lThe Siege of Mecca is described as taking place for the better part of the day. The folks who survived did so because the Islamofascists tired and went home and there was no Pakistani military action.

Nore interestingly the rioters believed the seige of Mecca was a US-Israeli invasion. The mindless Commies seem to think that idiotic Jewish American conspiracies in the Arab and Muslim world start on 9-11. This is clearly not the case.

Beamish in 08 !!!!!!!!

The Misguided G and more Commie Lies about Posada Carriles

I seldom talk about the nuts and bolts of immigration law. One of the very principles of Asylum is the question of is this person likely to be tortured if returned to the country of origin. In the case of Posada Carriles the answer is yes.

Thus we have unhinged commies who rail about Abu Gharib knowingly clamoring to send a person back to where he will be tortured. This proves that feigned commies self righteousness
is a second rate act. No doubt even if the charges were true to send a person back to face real torture, not to be confused with panties on the head of Muslims, is inhuman.

The US judge affirmed the basic principle's of asylum law. Commie wail and hold up very suspect cases of commie colaborators in El Salvador on far less certain stories than this. Perhaps Jams will explain the UK variation of asylum law. The fundamental basics are likely similar.

I might consider a swap for Joanne Chesimard provided Chesimard talks about those who aided
her flight to Cuba. The guilty parties should be given the maximum sentence under US law. I would prefer to see the guilty parties denaturalized and deported to Cuba even if born in tghe USA.

Ren adds a bit where he bets that I have commited murder. What the basis of this insane charge is remains unknown? This sounds like more insane commentary from a deranged dolt who venerates a war criminal Trotsky and celebrates Communist lawlessness in the USA even as he claims to be against such behavior.

I want to draw a comparison between Posada Carriles and Bill Ayers. Ayers was tried before an independent jury and not subjected to torture. Ren feigns ignorance of the thirty bombings Ayers was involved with. Moreover he presents him as an incompetant terrorist. The law does not provide mercy for such unprofessional types. Ayers also was in a country that allowed him the ability to participate in the political process and his crimes had zero to do with Vietnam. Oddly, previously Ren claimed to be opposed to Ayers. When and where this opposition is remains a mystery.

Unlike Ayers, a spoiled middle class couch potato Commie, Posada Carriles did not have the ability to participate in the political process. I do have a problem if his targets were civilian. However, I do not accept any evidence presented by Cuba or Hugo the Cocacommie. The evidence is not a slam dunk either. According to the Fontova article he has served time allready
and other sources say he has not.

This definition of what is terrorism according to Ren would have Tito's partisans and the French Resistance fighting Nazis as terrorists. Commies also called Nicaraguan Indians defending themselves from genocide at the hands of Eastern European and Pseudostinian mercenaries terrorists. The term as used by commies like Ren means anyone who opposes Marxist tyranny
is a terrorist.

My sole disagreement with Posada Carriles is choice of targets. Miliary and infrastructure targets are fair game. This is not to be confused with shooting school kids in the back and blowing up Jewish houses of worship in Argentina and Turkey and elswhere.

Beamish in 08

Jury Duty

Amazingly as it seems I will be on jury duty on the eve of my trip to GA. Of course it would not be my life if some curveball from the man upstairs were not tossed my way. I will bring Ann Coulter's new book and they will get rid of me in a hurry.

What attorney would put a man reading Coulter on a jury?

Beamish in 08

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Watching Mostel on TCM

Regular readers know my familiarity with Broadway shows. There are some actors who perform their role so well they become linked with the role for ever Anthony Quinn is forever linked to Zorba and Yul is linked to the King in the King and I. Zero Mostel is unique in the he is linked to two such roles as the lead in Fidler on the Roof (which I saw him perform on stage) and in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

Amazingly, I had not bothered to sit and watch his film work. I saw the recent disasterous adaptation on Broadway with the untalented Alfred Molina who botched the role. The producer also toned down the despicable Communist son in law. I was spared the even more disasterous casting of Harvey Firestein and Rosie O"Donnel in the leads.

I want to point out that he was an amazing talent who often made his material better than it was with his skill. The Producers is largely remembered for his performance and to a far lesser degree Gene Wilder. I did fall out of my chair laughing when he attempts to bully Wilder by using a classic commie phrase "enemy of the people". Many people died with that very charge and my laugh was how clueless the recently blacklisted Mostel was.

Mostel was a communist sympathiser whose career benefited from the myth. I want to address
the disasterous film the Front. Woody Allen playing an inept bookie is a stretch. How is this dolt going to get someone to pay the interest (vig) by thumb wresting or bad satire? The movie presents the victims of the Blacklist without addressing who and what Communists were.

The movie starts with a shot of the Rosenberg traitors. Commie's have elevated them to among other things martyrs to US government anti-semitism. In fact Radosh and Venona have proven beyond any doubt they were guilty as charged. Had they co-operated, they were given several chances, they would have been spared. They decided the "cause" (Stalinism) was more important than their own children and chose to become martyr. Amazingly the Rosenberg's master (Stalin) was murdering Jews on the most imbecilic charges of Zionist or Titoist conspiracies. The usual suspects claim to be Trotskyites but seem to forget this anti-zionist mania preceeded Stalin.

The movie never addresses that Communists did spy and commit espionage in the USA for a hostile power. The move also never deals with the fact that these idiots were agents for a hostile foreign power whose totalitarian governance resulted in genocide. Nor does the movie mention CSPA was funded and subservient to Moscow.

The movie also does not present the fact that these people went through great lengths to disguise their affiliations. They often formed front groups without explicitly stating who they were to get others to serve their goals. This tactic is repeated today as the leaders of ANSWER, UPJ and Code Pink do not tell their members about Communist afiliations of their leaders.

Mostel gives an excellent performance in a blatantly dishonest film. The best part is when Mostel jumps out the window. Sadly he does not take his fellow communists with him. Allen is presented as an apolitical nebbish, but the reality is that the rest of America loathed Commies.The thought of an apolitical type being outraged by the blacklist, much less telling them F-you is far fetched. Moreover, the movie perpetuates the myth that the goverment persecuted apolitical innocent people like Allen's charachter.

Mostel does a great job in a Funny Thing Happened on The Way to The Forum. The play is far better than the movie. If you have the ability to listen to the original cast on CD it is worth while.
The movie does star Buster Keaton in one of his last roles. Phil Silvers and Jack Gilford are also in the film as well. Gilford's role as Hysterium is underated with all the larger names around him.

Many of us seem to think that artistic skill confers wisdom or insight into other areas. The fact is it does not. Paul Robeson was an outspoken advocate of Communism even as the movement restricted artistic freedom of his peers and killed a friend or two. Mostel and the other Stalinists were at best indifferent to the genuine suffering caused by Stalin and others.

Mostel was a great performer with disasterous ideas.The usual suspects wail about blacklists and forget that Mostel would have found himself in a gulag or dead like his peers in the Soviet Union.

Beamish in 08

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Interesting Note From Trofimov's Siege of Mecca

Most of us including very well read coworkers assumed that the original violence in 1979 was an Iranian plot. This is entirely false, but given the chaos of the time remember that the first reports of major events are often not accurate. Holocaust deniers and 9-11 conspiracy cranks often take these first reports and build conspiracies based largely upon their bigotries.

Most of us are familiar with the theme of the hidden Imam and asume it is a Shiite theme. However, this utopian theme was behind the plot to take over Mecca by a band of disgruntled young adults who were under employed.

There are some examples of messianism that most typically is accompanied by some sort of extreeme persecution. Examples of this are Shabetai Zevi and the Ghost Dance were false Utopian expressions of highly persecuted people.

The key actors in Saudi Arabia in the plot to take over Mecca have more in common with Communists than the above examples. They were certainly not persecuted for their religious beliefs. They were self righteous intollerant know it all twenty somethings who felt with some justification that their leadership was corrupt. Their revolution was because they felt that their leadership was not Islamic enough. Amazingly these youthful firebrands felt Saudi Society was too permissive and that Shia were apostate.

They were convinced that one of their group was the hidden Mahdi based upon a physical resemblence between on of the members of the group and Mohammed. As they were convinced God would deliver them they fought against overwhelming odds and are forgotten in time.

Normal religious faith is a wonderful thing. We are very familiar with the wonderful work of Christians like Junglemom, TMW and other. Yet we should note they are commanded by Christ to serve the poor and the needy. Utopia for them, as well as the sane, is a concept for the next world.

All people who seek Utopia in this world are fools and many are dangerous.

Beamish in 08

Friday, October 05, 2007

Was 167 right about Gays in the PA

I am rather amused at they homosexual scandals involving Fatah and Hamas. In general many people make too big an issue of of homosexuality. There is something wickedly funny about Hamas leaders calling Homosexuality evil. The irony of a group that practices suicide bombings and murders political opponents calling anything immoral is classic.

Still laughing

I am more than amused that my subtle quips are often repeated months later. Those who dismiss my skill with words end up repeating them in their blogs.

I have been using the term usual suspects for a while. My use of the term comes from Bob Grant and I was surprised to see Sonia and Beatroot use the term in passing. I probably did invent Pseudostinian as the oldest use of the word in google searches isz my use in FPM. Oddly even bitter enemies MZ and the demented Greg who has left Israel frequently use this term.

One of the staples of this blog has been to dismiss far left anti-semites by spelling Jew Jooooooo. Regular readers have enjoyed outraged Commies like 167 and now Ren crying about excessive use of oooooooo.

I suppose the fact that Pagan Temple who is a critic remembers "Cafeteria Commisar" months later is a tribute. Sonia who is a friend repeated a theme and described antisemitism as an albatross across the neck of the left.

Now the usual suspects are complaining about my use of the term pop up books to describe the rather idiotic versions of history presented by Commies. These examples include commies talking about Anglo, American, Fwench and Nazi imperialism while ingnoring actual communist colonialism.

I will have to contact the great authors David Horowitz or Richard Poe about the creation of an actual popup book debunking Communist history. We can have pages with pop up gulags and the dimwit Che executing unarmed Cubans. This would be the ultimate gag gift that could be presented to Commies. Of course all proceeds would go to funding David Horowit's excellent work. This would be a double insult to the commie recipients and annoy them even more.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Odd Interesting Reading

I am reading The Seige of Mecca by Yaroslav Trofimov. The book is an account of the events of the armed revolution in Mecca in 1979. My memory seems to recall the revolutionary vermi in Iran were blamed for this. The author claims this incedent and the inept Carter resposes led to the birth of Al Queda, thak you Jimmy Peanut.

I am oddly perplexed by an amazing display of stupidity on the blog of Beatroot. Beatroot is not a hack like Ren but suffers from a skewed verion of moral relativism/cynicism. One of his rabid Euroweenie anti american clowns implied I am a anti-semite because I want to denaturalize and deport George Soros. Obviously, this is another case of a lefty who has a rather low IQ and does not read this blog. More amazingly an apologist for Castro whose sole contact with Cubans is probably confined to sex tourism accused me of seeing Cubans as less than human. Perhaps this dolt has me confused with the Argentine imbecile and coward who shot unarmed and starving people. Obviously, this person knows zero about conditions in Cuba.