Monday, October 01, 2007

Odd Interesting Reading

I am reading The Seige of Mecca by Yaroslav Trofimov. The book is an account of the events of the armed revolution in Mecca in 1979. My memory seems to recall the revolutionary vermi in Iran were blamed for this. The author claims this incedent and the inept Carter resposes led to the birth of Al Queda, thak you Jimmy Peanut.

I am oddly perplexed by an amazing display of stupidity on the blog of Beatroot. Beatroot is not a hack like Ren but suffers from a skewed verion of moral relativism/cynicism. One of his rabid Euroweenie anti american clowns implied I am a anti-semite because I want to denaturalize and deport George Soros. Obviously, this is another case of a lefty who has a rather low IQ and does not read this blog. More amazingly an apologist for Castro whose sole contact with Cubans is probably confined to sex tourism accused me of seeing Cubans as less than human. Perhaps this dolt has me confused with the Argentine imbecile and coward who shot unarmed and starving people. Obviously, this person knows zero about conditions in Cuba.


Jason_Pappas said...

Jeremayakovka listed his top 10 questions for Seinfeld and tagged me. I gave mine and tag you, Beak.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


I just picked up a book full of essays, many of which first appeared in Military History Quarterly that explores "what if" scenarios from counterfactual information in major world history events.

The book is called "What If? Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been" - edited by Robert Cowley.

From the jacket:

What if Pontius Pilate hadn't ordered Jesus Christ's crucifixion?

What if Abraham Lincoln hadn't abolished slavery?

What if a Confederate aide hadn't accidentally lost Gen. Robert E. Lee's plans for invading the North?

What if the Allied invasion of D Day failed?

What if Pope Pius XII had spoken out against the Holocaust?

What if the Mongols had succeeded in conquering Europe?

This book looks to be juicy.

roman said...

I have to agree with your analysis of beatroot's blog. Up to about a year ago, he had a decent site with interesting analysis about world-wide events and how they impact on Poland's politics and its adaptation into the EU. Currently, his site has devolved and he does seem to attract a lot of moral relativist trolls. Some of them, try as they may, are unable/unwilling to disguise their seething hatred of anything having to do with the political institutions of the USA. Elitist Eurocentric quasi-intellectuals spouting anti-American doctrine at every opportunity. Very tiresome indeed.

jams o donnell said...

What if is quite an enjoyable read. I do quite like musings of that sort. Also the odd bit of altnernative history novels such as Harry Turtledove's World War series (okay it's got alien lizards but it's an enjoyable series)