Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Straight ahead

We will be posting the much anticipated Sonia Interview shortly. I will remind people that this is a PG-13 segment. Those of you offended conversatons about nudity
and architecture are encouraged to skip this segment.

By overwhelming popular demand we will host an interview with Kuhnkat on Monday. There will probably be some comedic mayhem involved so bring your sense of humor. This segment will be NM or Morons need to be accompanied by an adult.

The most current most wanted interview list

1 Jason Pappas
2 Mark Alexander
3 Woman Honor Thyself
4 Pims Ghost
5 Cubed
6 Jams ODonnel
7 Zinla
8 The other Batya
9 Johny Mac
10 Redwine

Not so happy with my Union

Most of the readers are aware I am a Union member. Wherever possible I do join the union if possible. I am familiar with most critiques of unions. However, I have seen enough companies wrecked by mismanagement to be aware of the other side.

The Union is gearing up to fight the detailing of workers to Iraq. The Union does point out that we are civilians who did not sign up for combat. It is not opposed to voluteers, but this is part of what is wrong with unions.

Many people including myself signed on knowing what agency we were working with. The reality is that one of the problems after Katrina was a shortage of trained workers.
The reality is that we are honored to serve and this is one of the things we know when we take our oath. We should be aware that if an emergency breaks out in Iraq or at home we could be called to serve. There are more than enough people who would likely volunteer anyway.

Oddly I was turned down for these details because I did not take sensitivity training. This is what happens when lawyers and HR types are given too much say in day to day operations. In reality many small companies show a two hour video and function just well.

Post blog notes

I will post the interview with Sonia tonight. This interview is intended for mature adults only. We will be discussing some topics that are seldom discussed. I do not
recall many posts or questions on art and architecture. Certainly nudity is not a subject that would appear on this blog under normal circumstances.

Those of you who are offended by NC-17 fare are encouraged to skip that post.

Steve Sonia claims that picture is her.

We may be getting some odd visitors with this visit. I urge my loyal readers to resist the urge to slap anyone around other than Ducky.

Ducky if you have odd film questions try to keep them concise.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My take on todays Spencer Article on FPM

I want to point out that I respect Dinesh D'Sousza as an author. I have read three of his prior books and they are first rate offerings. Nobody should mistake D'Souza with the Lew Rockwell or Pat Buchanan crowd. His dissent is in the vein of Stephen Schwartz and should be handled differently.

The notion that Muslims are enraged because of American pop- culture has been a staple of the Michael Savage show. Yet what Muslims say for public consumption and do in the privacy of their own homes are seperate. The notion of blood crazed Jihadis partying at a topless bar the night before 9-11 is not unfamiliar to people with an interest in the events. This also has to do with relaxing the laws before one becomes a martyr.

D'Souza gets the role of the far left in the Islamo-Commie Axis half right. The commie left and Jihadis have much in common. They have worked together to topple the Shah and then the mullahs offed the commies. A broken clock is correct twice a day. Both Commies and Jihadis seek global hegemony and Utopia in this world. Commies and Jihadis divide the world into the house of war and peace. Both have a history of subversion and terror is seeking hegemony and their Utopia. Both are internationalist
movements and both attempt to erase nationalism. VS Naipul describes the reality of Islam as a form of colonialism where only some imagined Arab ancestor and the sands of Arabia are sacred.

The role of the Commie left has been to Disneyfy the realities of Islamic history and cuture. Moreover, the far left nutures every grievence, no matter how absurd and inane. One can easily find Lynne Stewart or Ron "Commie" er Kuby preparing their defense in court. One will find Noam Chimpanzee or the thrice fired Commie joke from DePaul preparing their talking points. The Commies have placed Muslims atop their Marcuse based victims pyramid. How a colonial people with 1400 years of brutality became oppressed remains a mystery. Then again how college professors are paid to espouse melanin theory and get jobs right after walking out of jail on terrorism charges speaks vollumes about the Marxist gulag or old Bolshevik network in higher education.

D'Souza is not 100% wrong in that the ultimate enemy are Marxist left. One can not deal with the threat of Jihadism with far left types undermining every step. Nor was the Cold War myths about American leftists true. There were Commie spies in America
and plenty of front groups. The American Communist party was run by the Soviets. Hiss and the Rosenbergs were guilty beyond doubt. Members of the Peace movement did meet with Communists and serve in their propoganda campaigns.

The Cold War mistakes are all the more reason that domestic spying and trials are needed. The notion of privacy has never covered criminal acts such as treason. Moreover, being a Communist or a Jihadi or a member of front organizations itself meets the standard of probable cause.

The government should place people who violate laws on trial. Who at Code Pink gave the instruction to give funds to our enemies in Falujah. The penalty should either be death or denaturalization and deportation to North Korea. Jihadis punishments should be proportional to the crime. The key mistake of the cold war was not placing
commies on trial for their actions. This failure has allowed a myth of innocent victims of a cruel government to flourish. The reality is Communists are part of a genocidal movement that seeks the violent demise of the US government. Nor does the Fisrt Amendment cover treason or sedition.

The Government can aid itself by eliminating all student loans for all majors that do not lead to probable employment. The loans and research grants should be eliminated for all Universities that do not reformulate the Liberal Arts base to incude 24 business credits. If you want to be a sociology major you will do it on your own dime.

D'Souza correctly points out the dangers of the far left. He jumps to the wrong conclusions about the future of our country. Most Muslims in this country are not blood thirsty Jihadis. We need to cut off all foreign money going to US religious institutions and lobbying groups. This will allow men like Stephen Schwartz to reclaim the mosques from the jihadis. We need to reduce the number of Muslim immigrants.

Let CAIR and American Universities find domestic donors to fund their messages. The result will probably be the creation of subsidiaries of foreign firms trying to circumvent the law.

Beamish in 08

Monday, January 29, 2007

Can't fool Earl the Cat

I made dinner and I tried to trick Earl the cat. I made myself a Boca burger with no meat. I made Northwind a couple of Hebrew National Hot Dogs. I placed the Boca Burger out first and he looked at me like I was crazy and headed for Northwind. Well I just made an extra one and gave 1/3 to Earl. Apparently Earl is not stupid and is smart enough to skip Boca burgers.

The Media is asleep on the job

Some of us have been in a rush to criticize Olmert. Many of those criticisms are 100% valid. Yet the media has done a lousy job reporting the Civil war in the territories between the Corrupt Commies of Fattah and the Islamo-Nazis of Hamas. This was a fight I predicted long ago and the best thing Olmert can do is stay out. The subtext to this fight is not Israel it is about power, money and corruption.

Many of us lament that a Pseudostinian voice of reason has not called for an alternative. If someone did call for an alternative the armed factions would lynch them as a colaberator. How many of the colaberators really were colaberators remains unknown. The lynchmobs do not put people on trial and if they did it would be before a shrieking Islamic version of a Peoples trial. The far left tended to gloss over such lynchings in South Africa. These stories did not make news until a racist mob killed one of its own Amy Biehl who had no business in South Africa. The far left seems to think it has the authority to interfere in foreign policy. Nobody elected Rachel Corrie, Amy Beihl, Tom Fox and Lori Berenson to conduct foreign policy. Moreover, if a disorder known as the Commieknoll nuns takes sides in a Civil War they
may pay the price.

Where are the scearming headlines now that the Pseudostinians have turned their guns
on each other. Where are the headlines when Hamassssss asssssasssinated the children
of a Fatah member on their way to school. There is a notion on the far left that it is Israel holding back the Pseudostinians. The reality is it is the foreign aid fostering corruption and dependency among the Pseudostinians. The Israelis are gone from Gaza have the missiles stopped? Have the Pseudostinians made an attempt to build
an economy? The Pseudostinians have no reason to build an economy because their political elite depend on slush funds from misguided countries including the United States. If the victims built companies and employed people they wouln't be victims and the money would stop. It would be nice if the money reached the people, but it never has and likely never will.

The recent demonstrations in Washington were organized by Commie Front Groups. Did you read about that in the media? I have gone to these protesters in NYC and asked if they knew who sponsored the marches. When the protesters were told of the organization and role of Communists they were shocked and appalled. Another problem that allowing Communists to organize these protests is they add messages that have nothing to do with the march. What does Free Mummia, affordable housing, bashing KFC and the plethora os Pseudostinian flags have to do with Iraq? The commies can not even stay on message. We should ask the political figures who spoke at the event how long they have supported Communism? Of course one can expect the refrain of reflexive McCarthyism and Blacklisting from the left. Yet the far left has an abundant record of treason and lies in this country.

There is a bias in the papers against mentioning unsavory political groups in PC Marches. Do sane Gays support NAMBLA, of course not. The gays I know are mortified by association with pedophiles and groups that advocate that horror. The media does a lousy job stating who these organizers are. Contrary to the Ducks opinion Code Pink, United for Peace and Justice,ANSWER and the National Lawyers guild are all well
known Communist front groups.

Would the media be as charitable with a march for visitation rights for fathers organized by the KKK? Would a pro-troop rally look coherent with 1/10 of its members holding buckets of KFC or Second Amendment placards? In any coherent understanding the KKK is an odious group. However, those that support a philosophy that produced
Killing Feilds, Gulags, 100,000,000 dead are just as odious if not more so.

Beamish in 08,12 and on Mount Rushmore in 16. The Beamish monument on the Mall would be shaped like a football stadium. Visitors would be see the man in the Gas mask holding an M-16 in one hand and an assortment of Football food near the other. A lifesize scuplture of Beakerambo tearing the spleen out of a terrorist will be in the back.

Contrary to popular opinions Beakerambo is an employee of this blog. This is not my self portrait. He is hard at work in the B Team studios practicing for his next role.
He will be in the new production of DonKerryiote. He will be the sidekick of the man who has more waffles than the Eggo company. Theresa will will be playing Dullwithoutprozac.

A Clip.

Donkerryiote: Loyal Panchobeaker, why is it that Bill Clinton can lie but retain the support of the American people? Why is it the American people do not understand nuance?

Panchobeaker: Mi Mi Meep Waffle Mee Meep.

Dullwithoutprozac: Dahlink who cares what the sheeple think. Now perform your husbandly duties. We haff ooodles of cash from my other husbandk


Panchobeaker I chafe at performing those duties will you do them for me as a good follower.

Panchobeaker: Me Me Mi Meep No way Jose Me mi meep Gold digger meep meep.

Don Keryiote will be arriving at a blog near you. This film is rated NP or No Poultry permitted.

Straight Ahead

The interview with Sonia is scheduled for Thursday. Those of you offened by nudity are encouraged to skip this post. Sonia blog requires careful reading and does have
excellent political posts. The blog also covers art and film and is not a site for peeping Toms. The questions will be directed towards the themes allready mentioned.

The Current Most Wanted Interview list

1 Jason Papas
2 Mark Alexander
3 Woman Honor Thyself
4 Kuhnkat
5 Pims Ghost
6 Jams ODonnel
7 Urban Infidel
8 Batya from FPM
9 Zinla
10 Johny Mac

An interview with Kuhnkat would be fun. I could find myself on the wrong side of his catch phrase.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Beakerkin 1001 For readers of Sonia's blog

Regular readers are encouraged not to read this post. It is intended for the newer
readers who have been visiting.

This blog is part of a larger community of friends who have their roots in Moonbat Central. I tend to be more secular and liberal than most of the community. However, this blog seldom ventures into domestic social policy. If I did it would put most of us to sleep. Healthcare costs, insurance reform and business policy would probably put everyone to sleep including me.

I will give a short bio so that you have a frame of reference. I am a patriotic American of Jewish heritage. My family is religious and I love and respect their choice. My frame of reference is honor and it is a colder starker outlook. This outlook was formed over years of contact with Sicilians.

I am a college graduate and I worked in many industries from selling steel to the Hotel industry. I spent the bulk of my career in the fashion industry in the logistics side. Sometimes I worked for the companies, sometimes I worked for the trucking companies and sometimes with the chain stores. A logistics man in the fashion industry is often the Abbot in a world of Costellos on Prozac. However unlike Costello my coworkers in the fashion trade were no loveable. Most would cut your throat for a nickel.

I have always been anti-communist as far as I can remember. I do not share associations with Communists even on the rare times we agree on an issue. My family is from the Polish/Ukranian region and we have seen Nazism and Communism up close and personal. The history of Communism itself is rife with reason enough for the sane to be anti-communist. A pattern of lies and deception has spanned my life with the familiar "the Rosenbergs were innocent" or the classic " the American Communist Party was independent of Moscow" and so forth.

I am an eyewitness to 9-11 and I was one of many who fled North. It wasn't the first time I had also been on hand February 26, 1993 for the other explosion. I am quite annoyed at the far left conspiracy freaks whose diabolical bigotries have gone into overdrive. These conspiracy freaks call people like myself cowards and insult the memory of the brave firemen whose haunting dutiful looks remain with me in dreams. These conspiracy freaks also insult the memory of those who died just because they went to work in the wrong place. A native New Yorker is a different breed and random
commutes can turn into high dram like a drive by shooting, industrial accidents, brutal crimes. A person of my ilk would not be disturbed by a dissheveled insane type leaping to their demise from a tall building. Seeing scores of well dressed people holding hands and exploding on the sidewalk is another story.

While my city lay attacked an unusual stench pervaded the air for weeks. My Uncle who was a Holocaust survivor used to talk about the smell. I always thought he was nuts but in the days after 9-11 the stench lingered over my appartment. Most of NYC was wondering who we knew who was no longer with us. The initial estimates were 15,000 dead and ranged up to 30,000. Almost everyone in NYC has a WTC connection and travel to the site was frequent.

Amidst the haunting smell of evil a surreal site took place in Union Square. In the distance trucks were moving debris from the scene. Rescue workers tried to unearth victims but four miles away the Communist knifed America in the back that Saturday after 9-11. Thousands of Commies gathered in Union Square Park and held a Nuremberg style hatefest. They blamed everyone for 9-11 except the actual perpetrators. Mostly they blamed the Jews and Israel. At that moment I had lost it and was prepared to do battle. I told my girlfriend to go and I would meet her at home. She touched my cheek and said " I am not going home without you". She obviously read my expressions quite well as it is very rare for me to be angry. She repeated the line and knew that my duty was to be at home.

The media had an orgy over some stupid comments by Falwell blaming 9-11 on gays. The media said absolutely nothing about 3,000 bigoted Commies blaming Big Oil, Neocons, the CIA, Likud, Mossad, Zionists, Jooooos and oddly Larry Silverstein for the events
of 9-11. Communists had knifed America in the back not far from Ground Zero while the buildings were still burning and the media said nothing. I became a reborn Cold Warrior and I will remain one for the remainder of my days or all of the sons of treason are planted.

In reality Communism in NYC is more a product of a cult and mental illness than a threat. In order to be a communist one has to toss history, economics and logic to the trash heap in order to buy the idiocy of the party line. The sons of treason infest our univerities via the Old Bolshevik network. Criminal Terrorism, Fake Native Americans wearing sunglasses, clowns teaching melanin theory and Joooooos ( a beakerkinism) calling Holocaust survivors liars and placing 6,000,000 in quotes are all hired because they are part of the Old Bolshevik Club.

Many of you read and see me slap around the Duck. This is all business and I do not consider the Duck an enemy. He has far more honor than some who agree with me, but the Duck has off the wall opinions. We do not present Disneyfied versions of Islamic history and culture here. Dissent is handled in the matter it is presented.

There are some other odd Beakerisms. We joke about golf, plaid, roadkill, cheap booze, over sexed plants with unhealthy alternative lifestyles and evil gourds. There are just somethings that are funny like green jello and the Detroit Lions.
Other items that do pop up are odd films like Superfly and dreadful music such as Barry Manilow.

I hope this helps newer readers.

Straight Ahead

I am working on setting up an interview with Sonia. I do get all sorts of international hits on this blog from her site. Those of you offeneded by nudity are encouraged to skip this particular interview.

Sonia is an articulate woman whose anti-communism may surpass my ouwn. The interview will focus on anti-communism and a range of topics that do not appear on this blog often. Sonia is very interested in art, architecture and films. She tends to favor those with nudity.

One of the challenges of doing an interview is presenting interesting information that informs and entertains the readers. I do not know how this interview will go over with regular readers. However, I can honestly predict that people who do read will certainly not be bored. Note to poultry we will not spend much time on obscure foreign films.

I am also changing the pattern of my visits. I intend to spend more time with AOW, Mustang, Rob and on Democracy Frontline. Communities evolve over time and it is amazing how long the peace lasted in our core community. The recent dust storm is over and we will move ahead.

Many times I wonder if a man I consider to be a hero, Richard Poe, knows that his cast of charachters still exist as a community. Maybe someday he will drop in and say hello to the many old friends and greet the new ones. The other day someone asked a question about theocracy. Yet when we try to define the ancients in a modern context something is lost in the translation. We have similar arguments on what were
Native Americans on Bad Eagle all the time. Far leftists paint a neo-marxist light
on Native American societies. Yet there was also trade and self reliance was practiced by Native Americans long before there was contact with the Europeans. Mr Poe handled such abstract ideas with ease. He is building a new site and I will keep all of you updated.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Cyber Roast

This is a chance for the readers and commenters to inflict comedic revenge on me. We
have a fresh supply of cheap booze and roadkill. Who brought in those botanical sex organs. Oh sorry TMW I forgot they are called flowers. Jams this is a cyber roast not
a mafia burial.

Today we celebrate 1000 posts on this blog. Unlike some of my critics every single post is done by hand. We do not do cut and paste jobs here. There are some throw aways like the Next posts. My posts are all hand made. Some of you have noticed a Beakerism when we spell Jew Jooooooooo. For some unkown reason this upsets anti- semites. Warren and I used to laugh at the contortions of 167 who was upset over a minor matter. He would go on at length about the extra ooooooo. Just recently Ducky complained about this.

One Beakerism has escaped this blog into odd places. The term Pseudostinian was my response to a term I didn't like on FPM Paleostinians. I find even my trolls have adopted this term and add the inept Fakestinians on other blogs. My trolls poultry excluded are not imaginative. I have found the use of that Beakerism on blogs that have nothing to do with the site.

I have a blog that is dedicated to satiring me. I do have a sense of humor and I did enjoy the John Brown satire of my posts on the Left Behind series and Superfly. The fact that his satire of me is better than his standard fare is just a fact John Brown will have to live with.

This blog for whatever reason even from its inception has always been a troll magnet. We do have an audience of far left types who read each and every day. However, I treat dissent in the manner it is presented. Now when Nanc talks about plaid of golf.... or when Ducky bashes Renoir...well you get the point.

I am honestly perplexed when far left types do not understand my disdain for Communists. Hello 100,000,000 dead, gulags, killing fields treason, but it must be me.

Now I know many of you are just waiting for your chance to inflict comedic revenge.
So I am prepared with a laundry list of all your secrets that will fall into the axis
of poultry.

Elmer told a knock knock joke in the sixth grade
Nanc wears "plaid" nooooo
TMW owned bunny slipers
AOW read used books. Imagine reading preread books at libraries.
Florian; Drank imported Beer.
Mr Beamish: Used munitions lower than .44
Ducky; Is a closed Renoir Fan
Justin: Has a Speedy Gonzales figurine
Warren: Drove a four cylinder vehicle
Kuhnkat; Did his trademark HAHAHA in lower case as an error
AC; Eats childrens breakfast cerals when nobody is looking
Rob: Uses Oneply toilet paper.
Freedomnow: Owned an Archies Commic
Farmer John; Grew the dreaded evil EGGPLANT
Jason Pappas: Remembers Wonderama and the theme song

Now that the forces of evil have all these tidbits you may begin to skewer me

Beammish in 08.

Post 1000 The refllections

In 1000 posts there are alot ups and some downs. The site has a wealth of information and ideas that mostly come from the readers. The site was designed as a comedic vehicle and my critics will swear to this day I never left my roots.

There have been many amazing moments but far and away the most touching moment was the outpouring of support from our posters when my friend Rob underwent a change in life. I always considered Rob a friend, but members of our community reached out to Rob. The reactions of our readers shows the best of what we can be. The reaction was almost entirely universal.

I am going to talk about sports and my fried Rob. Many of us are sports fans and we seldom bring it here. Readers know that I am a fan of the New York Yankees and the Alkaseltzer NY Giants. Rob had his up moment when the lowly Detroit Tigers defeated the Yankees in the playoffs. A running gag on this site is the Detroit Lions who may be the worst team in professional sports. Rob did point out the NY Knicks are worse and he is right. The Knicks are overpaid around a decade or more from the playoffs. They also are the only team in sports history ever to have a GM in court over criminal conduct.

The interview segments are standouts on this blog. My skill has improved in this area and I would like to thank AOW for being the first to sit in the Hot seat. Many times I am aware of the comedic potential of a question. Most of the time the joke goes off as planed except for the Disgrunted Chemist who answered blandly about Free Radicals. More interestingly are the moments when the joke is on me. I interviewed Freedomnow who like me is a tad to the left of most here. Possum also approaches matters from a similar perspective. I asked a question about safety nets that most of us are aware are Welfare, Unemployment and Social Security. Well Freedomnow cleverly turned the question into a response about circus performers. Another example is when I asked Batya the question about Kadima.

There have been many excellent interviews but to name a few off the top of my head
the interviews with the Editrix, Possum,MZ and She Designs stand out. The most erie moment came in a Bad Eagle interview with Amil. Amil described how the mullahs used religion to whip children into human cannon fodder. The description of children being given the plastic key to heaven and marched en masse to die on the field of battle was surreal. I do not know that the readers benefit from these haunting images, but they are real.

I do like the cyber roasts as do many of you. However, many of the toastes still aim their quips at the host sometimes not the guest of honor.

As far as my memorable posts the 9-11 and WTC93 memories are near the top. We do have some idiots like John Brown and Weazie claiming these were insider jobs. Yet I try to convey how routine trips in the WTC were for NYC residents. A trip to buy theatre tickets ends up with me getting blown up. In a twist of fate the the person I was dating chides me as a cheapskate, because that is where the discount tickets were located.

We have had some memorable foils but the Duck gets the award for best troll. He never
complains or cries like Gertrude or 167. He has his own sense of honor, accompanied by dreadful ideas. The dumbest troll is Janice whose next intelligent thought will be
the first. The lowest of all of these types is Greg of Hear O Israel.

We have a few trademark lines Beamish in 08, but the best is that of a reader Kuhn Kat with the soothing HAHAHAHA you Marxist moron.

I would also like to post a note about friends who aren't around much who I miss.
Lady Esther who I shared an Email with recently was a class act. Felis of Democracy Frontline was always a friend whose insight is missed. I miss hearing the Thunder of Jeff Bargholtz. I do not know who he upset in Jordan but every few weeks someone looks for him by name. I miss having Bib Bubba visit and if I ever figure out how to
get into his site I'll let him know.

I want to talk about the friends I have beside me Justin, Rob, Nanc, TMW, Freedomnow,
AOW, Florian, Zinla, Donal, Jason, AC,Elmer, Farmer John, Kuhnkat,Tazzmax,Possum,The Editrix, Steve H, Mustang, Brooke, both Batyas, Amil and of course Mr Beamish. I may have left a few out and I put Mr Beamish last as an honor. However many people misconstrue my relationship with the Duck and he is a friend of sorts, just one with dreadful ideas. This blog would not be possible without the leader of our community and a man I proudly call my best friend in the blogosphere Warren. Warren is like a big brother to many of us and most of you meet me through Warren or AOW. Warren defines honor and the nature of being a friend. He is always there with his hand out in friendship. He probably will not be here today as he has more serious matters that dwarf this community. A man is known by the caliber of of the friends and the company he keeps. I am a lucky man who counts his blessings each day for the wonderful friends that fill our community.

Beamish in 08

The Best spoofs are probably the ones that did not make the blog. There was the Man in the Iron Gasmask and a Sanford and Son Spoof with Me as Fred Sanford and Ducky as Lamont and with the cast of our community in cameos. We never posted the oft talked about Queer Eye for the Jihadi guy segment either. Maybe someday reworked versions of those satires will be posted.

I will add an ask the Beak segment where you get to interview me.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Example and Wisdom of Rob Bayn and Florian

One of the reasons I m feeling somewhat better about blogging is the example and memories of Rob's history here. Rob and Justin are two of the most beloved and respected members of our community, but it wasn't always so. Rob and I met on a left site run by a decent fellow John Howard. I never expected Rob to follow me to this site. I never imagined that he would be so widely loved and respected.

Maybe at the Cyberroast on Sunday Rob will explain to us his first impressions. I think that some people who are outside he community like Rob was get the impression that this is a small site.

Recently, Rob underwent a major change in his life. I was worried at how our community would react to that change. Worse yet I was wondering who was going to be our popular culture emissary. Would the new Rob still watch American Idol and would he loose that sharp wit. I could not have been more wrong the reaction of TMW was expected. However, the entire community accepted Rob as a brother. Many of us are not aware that Kuhnkat sent Rob a message of support. I am still the recipient of many of Rob's puns, so any fear of Rob being dehumorized was misguided.

Florian pointed out the early history of this site. There were many critics of this site. The most nasty was a creep from FPM Socrates and another named 167. Sock is still on FPM haunting the boards. This site has bloomed and Donal has set up a decent site that is growing. 167 has been through several blogs and sadly fell victim
to his own arrogance. His blogs had the most hits when he was fighting with me. However, when he banned me and deleted posts his site became predictable. He went through a few sites. Sadly, he has health issues and politics aside I wish him a long remainder of his life.

I have always mentored Florian and tried to help him grow. His interviewing skills have improved and I have to see if I can arrange an interview or two there. There are still plenty of people I would like to interview.

1 Jason
2 Mark Alexander
3 Woman Honor Thyself
4 Jams
5 Sonia
6 Pim's Ghost
7 Mike of Mike's America
8 Zinla
9 The Other Batya
10 Kuhnkat.

An interview with Kuhnkat might set a record for calling me a moron. I can assure you that we will not need a laughtrak if that interview ever happens.

None of this would all be possible without the support of Warren who is a brother to all of us. For now I will have to assume more of a leadership role. Those of you who
I communicate with off line are aware of the circumstances.

Mister Beamish in 08.

Beakerambo was dejected about being turned down for the job of Bad Eagle Mascot. It seems Dr Yeagley has higher standards than we do and will not employ an incoherent mascot.

Where D'Sousza is wrong

Most of you out there are Christians of various types. All of you have different positions on different items. However, none of the Christians I know would edorse violence agaist non-believers or Gays. Many on the far left like to equate stupid statements by Falwell or Robertson with the rhetoric of the Islamic radicals, but it is rather stupid. In fact most of the comments the media highlights are just stupid rather than dangerous.

If Islam is going to stay in the West it must adapt to our traditions and not the other way around. It is perfectly fine for an Imam to preach about infidels going to hell. It is not okay to advocate violence or criminal acts. Free speech has never included incitement to riot. Moreover, holding Falwell's statements under a microscope and not placing Imamic clerics and spokesmen under similar scrutiny is hypocritical.

There are some on the left who try to equate Kahanist with the idiocy comming from Mosques. Kahanists do not have anywhere near the continual track record of violence
of the Muslim terror groups. Leftists will rail about Baruch Goldstein but that was how long ago. I find it remarkable that there are not dozens of Baruch Goldstein's given what Israel puts up with. Kahanist have a vision that is more goofy than dangerous. The left will rail about deportations, but perpetual war is also just as insane.

The far left does not like when its own temples are held under scrutiny. I am sure the Duck can explain why melanin theory is taught in American Colleges. All of us would be against a white professor using the classroom to claim Blacks are inferior.
Yet one can go to an American University and pay to hear the rantings of a tenured professor rail about Ice and Sun people.

Islam is as Islam does and Disneyfing its history and current events is counter productive. D'Souza is a respected author who got this one wrong.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The community is alive and well

I want to say that I am encouraged by the responsesof the readers. However a wiseman in a gas mask pointed out the community has grown in size much larger than is commonly assumed. Yes the community has its base when Warren and myself set out to the blogosphere.

The early founders like myself are not the be all and end all of our community. It starts with each and every one of you out there. We built our community by being open to new members. Members like AOW, AC, Rob, Justin, Elmer and Farmer John are all part of our family.

I am approaching post 1001 and I was thinking about scaling back or becoming a homeless blogger. This blog will continue but as a less mass ratings driven format. I am going to shift gears. Either Monday or Tuesday will be the cyber roast for post 1001. I hope someone can dig up Felis and Jeff Barholtz. I will place an APB for Esther, she is doing well.

The funny thing is when I post outside our community people may get the impression that this is a tiny site. When I first started people started to laugh at this site
but it is part of something bigger.

I did alter the satire company. Beakerambo has a personal service contract to this blog. The previous owner did get all the lunchboxes and action figures. B Team studios will continue the tradition of satire. We retained all the creative people
from the last company.

We may do a few more interviews. I have to see if I can get Sonia to put clothes on her avatar for an interview. Maybe she will humor us and don just the Mr Beamish style gasmask. I am certain that an interview about art, nudity and anti-communism will go over real well. I will also see if we can get Jams to sit for one of these in the near future.

I want to point out when I do an overseas interview I shift gears. The questions are aimed at local issues. In many ways an interview with Batya or an Editrix is a rare treat indeed. Even the Duck seems to like the interview segments.

We have a cyber roast to prepare for the usual suspects will be around to take shots
at me. However, the next one will be Elmer or Justin.

Beamish in 08

Interview with Batya

Batya lives in Israel and writes an excellent blog Shilloh Musings. Her wit wisdom and passion eminate from her post. Unlike our domestic interviews, I take a different approach. My goal is to give you something you don't know. There are many excellent blogs that focus on Israel such as Shiloh Musings and of course Pam of Atlas. The focus of this interview will try to remain on every day life. By now if we aren't aware of the issues you haven't been reading the right blogs.

1 You recently returned from a trip to Kever Rachel or Rachel's tomb? Did you have to arrive on a special bus. Does one have to make reservations or can anyone just get on board the bus.

2 Have you been to the Cave of the Patriarchs. Is this a much larger site than Kever Rachel that seemed somewhat cramped from your pictures.

3 In the American Political Stystem we have two major parties Brand A and Brand B and a series of oddball parties. In Israel you have a coalition system so minor parties can have some influence through coalitions. Most of us are familiar with Labor, Likud and the religious party can you describe some of the smaller parties
that are less familiar to Americans?

4 This may sound odd but I haven't been able to discern exactly what the Kadima Party stands for. I understand Sharon founded it, but I am seriously at a loss to pinpoint what their philosophy is?

5 Americans are very familiar with the kibutz. However, many have never heard of the term Moshav? What are Moshavs and are they still around.

6 What American TV programs can you watch on TV? Are there any that stand out?

7 In America we have a phenomena of talk radio. This describes a type of radio show where the format is mostly political. The host takes calls from the public on the hot topics of the day. The debate can get fairly heated. Does this type of radio show exist in Israel?

8 In America post highschool education is paid for by the student or his family. Does the state pay for higher education?

9 Isreal does have socialized medicine. Do you wait in long lines to see the doctor?
Do you pay for pescription drugs or is this included in the plan?

10 How does the Israeli government raise funds? Do Israelis pay an income tax or sales taxes? Are taxes a major political Issue?

11 Israel like America also has immigrants, are there major problems with immigrants
failig to learn Hebrew. In the United states there are enclaves where English is seldom spoken.

12 Israel has mandatory military service. There are exemptions for some very religious types. Is there an exemption for childern in single parent families? Is there a type of psychiatric disqualification for the mentally unstable.

13 In Israel a new driver must take a twenty hour class. Is this all classroom time or does this include time on the road with instructors?

14 What is the red sauce that Israelis put on their falafel? I rarely see this red sauce even in NYC?

15 How far is the Dome of the Rock from the Wall? I am told the wall is much smaller in person than it appears in pictures.

16 Is the environmental movement in Israel a major political force.

17 Are there any tourist attractions that you think people over look, because there
are so many sites to see,

18 Many Americans do not have a firm grasp of the Druze and the Bhai. Can you describe them for those of us who are unfamiliar with those terms. Do the B'hai serve in the military?

19 If I were visiting your community what types of resturants would I find?

20 Are American films in Israel shown with hebrew subtitles or is the dialouge dubbed
into Hebrew?

21 I sometimes am frustrated by Americans who think they are all experts in Israeli politics. Is there a mind your business type of attitude amongst some Israelis. I remember telling of some Europeans in NYC who were lecturing me about George Bush?
Do Israelis experience similar reactions to mine when foreigners lecture them about
their own internal politics?

22 Do you feel the world holds Israel to lofty standards while holding the adjacent states to none?

23 What are Mizrahi Jews? I am familiar with Askenazim and Sephardic types. Is this a new term used to describe Jews from Arab lands? Is it used in Israel itself?

24 In NYC there is some disdain from the more secular types towards the religious. Does a similar situation exist in Israel?

25 Are there still some minor tensions between Sephard and Ashkenazim? Are intermariages between the groups common?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Final Chapter

One of the interesting things over the last few days has been many of you do not understand where I am coming from. I find it odd that Ducky and I have been going at it for two years on countless sites. My closest friends Warren, AOW and some of you I talk with off line know some of the story.

I do not talk about my life enough for many of you to get a clearer picture of who I am. You know the broad outline and it sometimes doesn't seem my outlook matches the outline. The broad bio is that I am a Rudy Republican from NYC and Jewish many of you get an image but only a Jason Pappas or the Urban Infidel as Gotham residents will understand this.

NYC is a huge place and a Jew living in Gramercy Park will be markedly different from one living in Staten Island. Each of the communities in NYC is unique the mix of cultures are unique. People who grow up amongst these different cultures are impacted more than one commonly assumes.

My parents are what is known in the Jewish community as Baal Teshuvah. This started to happen when I was around eight and the beloved Rav Roov was five. Rav Roov adapted to the new world easily and is an Orthodox Rabbi. Yet I was older and yearned for the freedom of my earlier life. I do support my parents and my brother as religious people and in general I respect them. Around 15 years ago I stopped going to temple for personal reasons. The sole exception is if I am desperately needed for a group of ten so that people can say prayers over their relatives. I go home for the Seder mainly to keep peace in the family. Some of being Jewish is fairly hard wired and on 9-11 as I fled the scene I sang Ani Mameen and that is an afirmation of faith. Feel free to read into that whatever you wish. I do fast on Yom Kippur every year and on Tish A' B'Av when reminded.

I grew up amongst Italians in NYC and my speech paterns and manerisms are Italian.
My outlook and values are more reflective of that of my Sicilian friends than that of a Jewish person from the Ukraine. These traits and values were strengthened when I went to work for a very Italian company in the Fashion Industry.

Where as the religious live in the world of halacha. I live in the world of honor and many of you are sometimes surprised by my reactions and outllook. The world of honor is a cold tough world and it serves me well. It is a harsh but practical way of looking at things. This may shock you but in many ways but the Duck has honor, its just accompanied by off the wall ideas. People always misread my relationship with the Duck. I do not hate the Duck and the tone is genuine but I can lower the dial and it is almost businesslike.

Some of you are interested in saving souls. My honor based approach respects that in most instances like TMW indulging Janice the retard. However, when a person has proven devoid of honor I do not hesitate to remove the tumor. Many of you hear long and convoluted I appologize and last minute confessions, the Beak doesn't buy this cheap remedy. If you mess up you own up to the error and appologize to the person directly and without any excuses. In time one may regain honor but it is an earned process through good behavior and not flowery words.

I hope this clarifies who I am to some of you who have been saying I do not understand the Beak.

Israel is it's own Country

Israel mostly comes up on this blog when the Duck goes into frequent Anti-semitic mode. Many of you misread my relationship with the Duck. The Duck and I have been having these arguments for over two years. The Duck does have a code of honor and while I vehemently disagree with him it is not personal.

Members of the far left like to chide the USA about meddling in other countries affairs. Of course they turn this logic on its head when it comes to Israel that is supposed to do what we order it to do. My position as a American Patriot of Jewish heritage is let the Israelis handle their own matters.

Jams and I were talking about the UK Guardian's letter writing campaign to Ohio voters that backfired. It seems people in Ohio did not like people overseas lecturing them about what they should do.

On a personal level one of my odd leftie friends sent a journalist from France to interview a Jewish Republican. We met in my girlfriend's appartment on lower Fifth Avenue. The interview started with an accusation that America just told the rest of the world to go to hell. He went on to say it is unfair that the people of the world have no say in the American election. Those who know me off line can predict my response. However, I was quick to remind the journalist that the only opinions that matter on election day are those of US Citizens. If he wants a say become a US Citizen. The discussion did not go well and I reminded the journalist that US Citizens have no say in French elections and to be honest most Americans don't care who your leaders are.

Our friend the Editrix is a very sharp customer. She points out the contradictions inherent in Gert's blog that is supposed to be about the Internet. The blog consists of Eurabian anti-Israel hit posts with a few attacks on pro-Israel Jewish bloggers
and disneyified whitewashing of Islam. Yet the blog hosts a link to Hear O Israel a blog allegedly run by a Right wing Jew. Greg is really a superball who bounces with whatever crowd is around him. His positions tend to change with whatever company he keeps. Around six months back he was a Kahanist who rejected his past to embrace peace. He had a friend Saba who was a Palestinian living in Canada. By all standards she was a decent person, but not someone I agreed with. Greg was mourning because Saba was victimized by terrorist threats. This of course did not stop Greg and his henchmen Gert from making threats against me. Greg of course is a perfect foil for Gert as he has no spine and allows Gert wide lattitude to spout anti-semitic venom.
Left with no friends other than Gert, Greg is attempting to reinvent himself in an act MZ and KL buy hook line and sinker.

The point is that Israelis are a capable people, except for some vile garbage on the far left. A capable people should decide their own future without our smothering them. This doesn't mean that Americans and others shouldn't have opinions. However it is said that opinion are like #%$%^h6 and everyone has one. In this case the only relevant opinion are those of the Israeli people.

Greg illustrates the problem in Israel perfectly. He is so worried about being liked that he makes accomidations for an overbearing Communist anti-semite. The reality is that one can not please this crowd nor should they be obligated to try. Israel should do what it feels is in its best interests and ignore the Elmer Fudd obsessed
far left.

Beamish In 08

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A new link

I will be adding a new link to a blog I like and read often. The Poor Mouth is an interesting blog on many levels. The blog is run by Jams Odonnel who is on the left but doesn't resort to slogans or dineyfing the third world.

However, Jams has something for many of you ladies as every Friday he posts pictures of his cats. Jams has four of them Robyn,Ted, Mimi and Bebe.

Jams is also into botany and here is where we have issues. I am one of those puritans who thinks plants are oversexed and practice third party sex acts involving birds and insects. Maybe one day we will have jams and Farmer John joke about over sexed plants. Okay all you lants take a cold shower and practice safe sex.

I disagree with Jams about many things. He is an idealist and I am a get it done type.

On to personal matters. I am feeling much better about our community and I thank all of you who sent emails and comments. Some people do not take the community bit as seiously as I do and that is okay. I know many of you really want to see MZ and myself patch things up for the sake of the community. This is not going to happen
and we must move ahead.

Lesson for the Duck Special Ed Time

A kahanist is a person that desires a theocracy imposed on Israel. A secularist who respects religion but has not been to services in a decade is a poor candidate to be a Kahanist. I have several posts where I expressly advocate a form of Civil law that respects religious terms like marriage. How those posts and my areligious personal life can be construed as Kahanist is a comedic classic?

Kahanists also disrespect the institutions of Western Democracy. Kahane has pointed out there is nothing Jewish in democracy.A perosn who wants to protect those institutions from Communist subversion is not a good candidate to be a Kahanist.

I am also quite open about my desire for Gay people to be left alone and civil unions. These are hardly the positions a Kahanist would take.

Kahanists tend to govern their politics by religious law. For example I view Communists who happen to be Jewish as dangerous death cultist. Kahanists follow the talmudic law when common sense dictates these people are natural traitors.

The reality is that old texts, be they the Koran, Talmud or Manifesto are not the basis to run a productive society. Religious law is meant for our personal lives and hinders economic productivity. The manifesto like all commie creations is best placed in landfills along with their authors.

Kahanists are exagerated by Commie Vermin who see them a Jewish Counter Part to Hamas. This is a hysterical exageration on the part of commies. One has to do a genuine search to find Kahane inspired violence. Barch Goldstei was how many years ago? One can readilly find hundreds of Muslim terror attacks in that time.

I have been approached by these types for two decades. I am not into silly Utopian dreams in their case. However, they are far less dangerous than your kind. I place the notion of creating a Jewish theocracy right up there with the hemp crowd.

Ducky Kindy explain what views expressed on this blog qualify me as a Kahanist?

Monday, January 22, 2007

We have no community

When I left Front Page Magazine and headed into the unknown it was a long time ago.
Pretty much it was Warren and myself against an army of Gay anti-semites from the UK.
Over time Warren and I met wonderful friends who I am very proud to call my friend like Mr Beamish and AOW. Jason is the best person to have in a scrap as Liberterians scare the pants off of Communists.

I have to be honest that I have often been disappointed in our community. The first mistake was mine. A serial spammer started a Klansman section and listed many of my friends. My immediate reaction was to ban John Brown and stand with my friends. Warren talked me out of it, but it was a mistake that I regret. Many of you allowed John Brown on your site to spew venom at your fellow community members. Is this a way a community allows its friends to be treated. One individual allowed over six months of non-stop crap. I was very annoyed at another person I went out of my way to help. When you join a community there is supposed to be solidarity, but many of us take that for granted.

I want to point out that some of you are perplexed with a recent dust storm. I want to point out that this issue goes beyong John Brown hijinks into betraying a trust and blackmail. Many of you are unaware I am a law enforcement official and like the rest of you I value my privacy. We have an immature stupid blogger who violated my trust and confidentiality. To make matters worse he had an accomplice who attempted to blackmail me. Now some of you think this is funny, but I don't. I can show you posts on this blog where the person in question I cut off chided me not cutting ties with the same individual who violated my privacy. I would be very happy if I were only dealing with people calling me a Nazi, this is more serious. The person I cut off knows the whole story and seems to think it is amusing.

From this day foward all of you will be given a choice. You may have Greg and Gert on your blog or me. I will not count interactions on neutral sites. It is very simple if Greg or Gert is on your blog I will sever ties. This may seem a tad harsh but we are talking about criminal blackmail.

I want many of you to think of who belongs in our community and who doesn't. A person who violated my privacy and attempted blackmail is not someone who can be trusted.

I learned a great deal today about who my real friends are. There are many people that talk a good game and there are those who are the genuine article. Each of you should be asking yourself who can I count on. The other lesson I learned is I can not outlast Nanc in an argument.

I do not know what the future of this blog holds. I have always said that I would fold the tent when it stopped being fun. I am nearing post 1001 and on that time we will hold a cyber roast for the 1000 post. My nephew did one post when I moved.

I have been thinking about new formats, and perhaps a less ratings oriented blog. If one good thing came out of this dust up it was that some of you who I felt let me down explained yourself.

I understand many of us want ratings but we really should think of our community. Pim I regret to inform you that Ducky is a free agent if I should decide to close shop. Many of you also are not really able to read me well at all. In all my professions I lived on the edge and under pressure you can't imagine. When I am jawing with the Duck this is business. Thus when I am really mad it is hard to tell.

Some of you think I run this blog on adrenaline. What you are seeing is the real me and in person I am very intense and I play to win. However, when the segment is done it is back to business.

I want to thank those of you I spoke to off line for your patience and AOW and Mr B.

Straight ahead

I will be setting up my interview with Batya of Shiloh Musings tommorow. Batya is a well spoken genuine Israeli patriot. The focus of the interview will be on everyday Israeli life.

I also want to point out that despite my dust up with MZ I do not consider him to be my enemy in any description. My support for Israel and my positions remain unchanged
and unlike many I do not say things I do not mean. MZ and I see things differntly, although I contend his heart is in the right place. Many of you have never understood
that my support of MZ was in spite of our major differences. Sometimes we come to a fork in the road and decide to move on.

Many of you read this blog without a clear notion of who or what I am. I am not a Conservative or a zionist nor do I call myself by either term. I am a pro-American Jewish patriot, but I strongly defend Israel. Most of my posts or commentary on Israel are in response to far left bigots like Ducky who insist on comming here with their bigoted bag of Communist fecal matter.

Sorry to say but MZ and Kahane loyalist are exceedingly naive at who are the enemies of the Jewish people. It is easy to point out a blood crazed Jihadist, but they do not always look like dark skinned versions of Jack Elam mumbling Allah Ahkbar and carrying a vest full of explosives. Some of these enemies are well spoken and dress like the person next door. This is not to say that all Muslims have the desire to smack planes into office buildings. Islam itself is unlike any other religion as it seeks global domination and seeks to impose a barbaric theology on non-beleivers.
Viewing Islam through the prism of your own religion is a major mistake in that there is no demarcation between the realm of theology and politics. Islam is also a Utopian religion that seeks paradise in this world. Utopians that believe paradise is acheivable in this world will do horrible things to achieve their goals.

Our enemies also include Communist vermin who are Joooo obsessed. MZ and KL cling to halacha and as they are religious this is appropriate. Halacha was written long before the age of deadly internationalist phenomena like Marx was concieved. Thus a person like MZ or KL does not understand what Michael Lerner is. Michael Lerner is a fake Rabbi and a genuine cancer. He masquerades as a Jew while seeking to impose his communistic utopia on us. Commies like Norman Finkelstein, Chomsky and Koevel have no loyalty to Jews or America. Their loyalty is to the death cult they willingly serve. A communist is not a Jew or an American and treason for them is as natural as breathing. Yes many of our enemies have Jewish heritage, but just as a doctor severs a tumor from the body Americans and especially Jews must sever our tumors like Finkelstein. Comparing Finkelstein to a tumor is probably an insult to tumors everywhere. Sometimes our enemies wear pony-tails and tie die shirts or watch idiotic obsure movies. Many of you do not take the enemy within seriously. Some of you attempt to reason and rationlize, but as Breindel points out wrong questions lead to wrong solutions. Trying to talk facts and logic with commies is a waste of time and is absurd as trying to make sense of a KKK nuts fulminations or that of a Neonazi who are closer to Communists than generally assumed.

Most of us understand what a cartoon bigot is. They come by in white sheets and robes
or with shaved heads and Nazi regalia. Yet the new bigot is apt to be spouting oddities such as Melanin theory or ranting incoherently about Zionist. Similar to Islam they divide the world into haves and have nots. There is a heirarchy of victims that amazingly has Muslims on the top as the most oppressed people on the planet. How a civilization with a continual record of 1400 years of almost constant colonialism and constant disregard for hman rights is the official victim of the world remains unknown. The Duck is typical of this communist dementia. None of us would argue that the perspectives of Native Americans and blacks are invalid when studying American history, they are a part of American history. Yet we sometimes go overboard as Jeffersons relationship or lack of with Sally Hemmings really is a tangent. I will add the Gay Abe Licoln theories as irrelevant tangents. The Duck argues that Jewish and Christian perspectives under Islamic rule are invalid. He also dismisses that Bat Yeor was ethnically cleansed and justifies the expulsion of Jews from Egypt based on terrorism. He rails about MZ but justifies the same action perpetrated on Jews.

Communists from their earliest days have always been obsessed with Jews. In order to justify their utopian idiocy they must create a level playing field and that comes at the expense of the Jew and others that sucseed. Stalin directed intensive spying efforts aimed at the Jooish community. Moreover the Soviet Union banned one language, and we all know what language that is.

However, Commies have become more inclusive in their bigotry. Now religious Christians and oddly Hindus are considered fair game. I have chaffed at the descriptions of religious Christians as stupid. If one were to apply the same terms on blacks as commies do on religious Christians one would toss a white robe over them. There has been a level of anti-India and China anger that is eminating from the left. India is sometimes called the new zionist entity by nuts on the left. No doubt as the tech jobs disappear because our colleges failed to adapt anti China rhetoric will quickly follow.

The enemies of the American people as well as the enemies of the Jewish people are the same. Most of us have litle problem identifing the Jihadi, but ultimately our most deadly enemies are the communists. Communists work through deception and deceit
and we need to take them far more seriously.

However, there is good news on the horizon. The cost and poor product turned out by our institutes of higher learning has made changes in the near horizon inevitable. Gone are the days where Prof Leonard Jeffries could make a career out of fraudulent scholarship in the guise of political activism. Within ten years the University as we know it will either adapt to a competitive market place or die. Technology is making the prospect of American students learning from high quality Indian professors affordable. Professors would have to compette in the market place and there will be little or no demand for Chomsky clones

The choices in media meen that we are no longer locked into a cabal of alphabet channel spoonfed liberalism. The last gasp of the left is to impose the fairness doctrine on radio. If the democrats do this it will kill the talk radio business, and send many of us out to by Satelite radio. The government will have less say in what goes on there because people subscribe. Any attempt to muzzle the blogosphere will be mission Improbable.

Beamish in 08

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Part 3 How Rudy won the Mayors Race in New York

In Parts one and two we have seen the how the coalition of racial arsonists and Communists made life in NYC miserable. The threats of racial violence brought David Dinkins into office. He was a good man but he was walking a tightrope between the racial arsonists and the commies and the rest of the City. Black leaders like Charles Rangel said or did nothing to help the Mayor. Bill Clinton lectured NYC residents that not voting for Dinkins was racist.

For those of you unfamiliar with the events a tragic car accident with a motorcade ended the life of Gavin Cato a child. The driver was not impaired and sadly these type of accidents occur in large cities. A Jewish community ambulance arrived on the scene and offered to assist Cato. NYPD fearful of the angry mob directed the Hatzolah ambulance to take the driver to the hospital and get him out of there. Racial Arsonists whipped the locals into a three day riot. Local media attempted to equivocate between a tragic traffic accident and a mob of twenty blacks screaming "Heil Hitler, Kill the Jews and lynching Yankel Rosenbaum. To his credit Mayor Dinkins never equivocted the two incedents. However, he did not direct NYPD to stop the riots for three days. On the third day Dinkins went to calm the situation in person but was greeted with a hail of bottles. The NYPD took action at that point and stopped the madness.

Unlike the racial incedents at Howard Beach or Bensonhurst only one rioter was charged. Almost a decade later another named Charles Price was convicted of incitement to riot. Justice did not happen for the perpetrator Lemrick Nelson. In 1992 a mostly black and hispanic jury found Lemerick Nelson not guilty. The members of the jury then went out and celebrated with the defendant and his legal team. This Jim Crow like nulification of a crime by the jury as well as incompetence by the judge shocked NY. Janet Reno was nowhere to be found and refused to intervene in the case. Uptown Steve is still outraged that NYC paid money to the Rosenbaum family early in the Guliani administration. What Uptown Steve leaves out was Rosenbaums death was caused by malpractice at Kings County Hospital. The doctors missed one of the stab wounds and Rosenbaum bled to death in a hospital. In a surreal move Al Sharpton went to Israel and served a summons on the driver who was not negligent in any coherent description of events. Unlike Hawkins father Carmel Cato wanted no part of the racial arson and has worked to heal the divide.Carmel Cato has reached out to the Rosenberg family and stood with them and is a living portrait of courage.

April 13 1989. Before the riot

Breindel describes the horrible crime of an African American who slashed a Chasidic womans face and then slashed her young son. The criminal Christopher Gilyard was chased and beaten by a racially mixed posse of locals.The police charged an anti-crime activist Rabbi Shemtov with assault and took the case to a grand jurry.

People were getting fed up with crime and a far left judicial system out of control.

The next collumn is the most famous of Breindel's career. There was a certain distance that many Jews especially those in Manhatan felt from their Chasidic corelionist. Communist Jews were extreemly unsympathetic to the Jews in Crown Heights
if not hostile. The attitude of the affluent towards the religious is one of heightened arrogance a live in girlfriend used to mock the religious as "those people". The same crew would mock my younger brother an Orthodox Rabbi as well as my brother and sister in laws who are career naval officers. Needless to say I am not with that girlfriend and her arrogant family was the key factor. For Breindel as well as yours trully our people included the religious. My people excludes Communists who are defacto traitors and are worthy of scorn and abuse.

The title Kristalnacht in Brooklyn on September 5, 1991 shook the city. Breindel described the event as a pogrom on the week before the high holidays. Breindel was aware of the impact of what he wrote.

" Pogrom,by the way,is very much the right word for what happened; not all pogroms in the Old World were government sponsored. What they tended to have in common was the failure of public authorities either to allow the police to put down the violence or even issue condemnations."

Breindel's column forced those more afluent types who look down the nose at the Chasidic Jews to look at themselves. He confronted the silence in the print media and noted the exceptions Ed Koch, Pete Hammil and Mike MaCalary all worked for the NY Post. Joe Klein or the New Yorker and AM Rosenthal of the NY Times wrote about the Crown Heights debacle. Breindel did not mention that Bob Grant the apex of talk radio was on this story from the onset. Rush Limbuagh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Howard Stern are among those who have honored Bob Grant as a pioneer. Grant and Steve Malzberg would frequently have Yankel's brother Norman on as a guest. When Grant retired Norman Rosenbaum thanked Grant and his audience on one of the last shows of the Bob Grant Farewell tour.

At the time there was a heated discussions swept the city over Breidel's use of the term Pogrom and Kristalnacht. The discussion swept across the airwaves from the trendy fashionable salons to ordinary working areas. Breindel had argued persuasively that what had occured was indeed a pogrom. The Communists were having a hard time with this as opressed blacks were victims according to the Marcuse based victimology pyramid.

The article continues with Breindel accusing Prof Leonard Jeffries of creating the "intelectual climate in which the pogrom took place".

Breindel's next paragraph forced many of the Manhatan Jews to look in the mirror at their arrogant disdain for their bretheren.

"In the days ahead, Jews need to ask themselves some painful questions.Were they slow to react-individually and orginizationally- to the violence because Hasidim somehow make assimilated Jews uncomfortable and self-conscious? Do Manhattan Jews think Al Sharpton and Sonny Carson hate them any less than they hate Lubavitcher Hasidim? Is it really appropriate to dismiss Carson and Sharpton and every other agitator as marginal? Who speaks for New York's blacks if not the Crow Heights race riot inciters? Who apart from Dinkins, took issue with the race baiters?"

In the next section Breindel wonders where the Feds are

"Why has there been only one murder indictment in the Yankel Rosenbaum lynching?(And the Hasidim are meant to have disproportioate influence!) Some twenty youths attacked and murdered this innocent young man. Where is the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department- don't cries of "Get the Jew" and "Heil Hitler" suggest a civil rights violation?"

Breindel's next sentence is aimed at the Commies with the familiar poverty excuse.

"And if we consider that poverty and misery in which many blacks dwell somehow excuses racial bigotry and anti-Semitic violence,doesn't it make sense also to remember that the lynchings perpetrated in years past against blacks by, say, the Ku Klux Klan were crimes commited by the poorest whites against the one group even less well off than they: rural blacks?"

Breindel also pointed out that Gays were apt to be targeted.

"As for recent lassons white homosexuals should remember that Leonard Jeffries has denounced their allegedly corrosive influence on contemporary culture that annimates his anti-semitic pronouncements"

Breibdel also points out why it is incorrect to ask the Commie question "Why do they hate us". The commie question propeses logical thought among those who are illogical
such as commies themselves. The world does not fit Marcuse's scheeme with perfect victims on top whose faults are obsolved due to whater the current script is. Blacks
were historically oppressed in this country and other than Ducky we have no fans of Slavery or Jim Crow here. The Duck sees nothing wrong with imposing Sharia which is far worse than Jim Crow on nonmuslims. The Duck is also a big fan of neo-slavery in gulags. The history of black oppression does not grant blacks the liberty to mistreat
Koreans, Gays and Jews. Yet the left fails to address serious racism in the black community. Similarly those in Europe mitigate the extreeme hatred eminating from Mosques and Universities.

"As the Jewish community ponders whether or where it failed in recent days , it would be wise to refrain from asking wrong questions, such as why so many black leaders dislike Jews. After all why did Hitler dislike Jews? Why did Stalin? Why did the KKK? Who knows? Jews are always easy scapegoats for other people's problems.

Wrong questions yeild incorrect answers and promote false solutions. Blacks do not spend a lot of time asking what causes anti-black racism. Nor should they attempt to modify their behavior to mollify racists. Nor should they.

Blacks know that anti-black racism is wrong, and they search for ways to fight it.

Jews should know that anti-semitism is wrong and inexcusable, whether the perpetrator is Julius Streicher or Father Coughlin or George Licoln Rockwell or C. Vernon Mason. And they should fight it. If they fail to do so, who will?

Rudy's Path to the Mayors Office part 2

The events that I am describing may only be recalled by Jason Pappas and Urban Infidel. In the end of the Koch years and the Dinkins era NYC was in decline. Its decline was hastened by a coalition of racial arsonists and Communists. Even Liberals like my own father and mother had enough after Crown Heights and voted for Rudy despite Bill Clinton claiming this was racist. My father is less charitable in his recolection of Dinkins, than I am.

In 1990 there was a black Boycott of Koreans stores because a woman alleged she was mistreated. The boycott went on for months and focused on one store The Red Apple in Flatbush. After media pressure led by Breindel Mayor Dinkins went in personally and made a purchase. Bob Grant on WABC radio was also very vocal on this story.

April 26 1990 Where is the Outrage

Breindel describes the anti-Korean protests in Flatbush that lasted for four months.
The protesters threaten other businesses that do not pay protection money with similar boycotts and protests. The leader is Sonny Carson who asserts that he is not anti-semitic, he is anti white. A brave Haitian American minister attempts to mediate the dispute and receives death threats. " Don't buy from people who don't look like us". This slogan could have been lifted from Nazi- Germany or the KKK. The NYT is silent on this story as Black racists do not fit the Marcuse based victims pyramid. Dinkins appoins a fact finding commision while the racist intimidation continues. The Dinkins administration attempts to negotiate with the protestors and fails.

May 17, 1990

The boycott is still going on but lawyers for the Korean Grocers association get a restraining order against the protestors. The police do nothing as they are at a loss as to how to enforce the order. The police rather than enfore the order elect to study it.

Eventually the boycott ends when Mayor Dinkins personally goes into the store and buy items.

The Waterloo of the Dinkins administration was Crown Heights. Dinkins was elected on the hope that he could bring the city together. The racial arsonists and their communist allies undermined an indecisive man who surrounded himself with lousy advisors and administrators. For three days an anti-semitic pogrom took place in Crown Heights while NYP did nothing. Angry black mobs chanting " Heil Hitler" and "Get the Jews" smashed windows of Jewish homes and beat eighty Jews. Two people were killed including Yankel Rosenbaum and an Italian man with a beard who was mistaken for a Chasidic Jew. Allegedy far left author and nut Jimmy Breslin had his pants stolen by the mob at Crown Heights, obviously they must have been Bugle Boys.

Ctd in Part 3

Beakerkin puts you to sleep with a short history of how Rudy G became Mayor

The srarting point is the third term of the Koch administration. Ed Koch was plauged by rising crime and a series of political corruption scandals in the NYC Democratic party. There was also a bunch of racial arsonsonists in the media and the grassroots level. There were some genuine racial hate crimes, but the media tended to dwell on those where whites were the perpetrator like the Bernie Goetz case. Bernie Goetz was an eccentric NYC persson who had been mugged. Skinny and wearing aviator glasses criminals saw him as an easy target. Goetz new a crime in progress when he saw it and when he was asked in a malicious tone for five dollars he opened fire and shot his potential assailants.

The racial arsonist seized on a white man shooting four blacks and mayhem in the mostly far left media made the situation worse. The racial arsonists were aided by a cadre of NYC Communists notably William Kunstler. The team of Kunstler and Kuby would go onto later invent the infamous Black rage defense when a Black man allegedy becamed unhinged and killed six people on the LIRR. This incedent propelled a more sane version of Cindy Sheehan to run for conress as a anti-gun activist much beloved by Steisnad.

Durring the last gasps of the Koch administration there was a tragic racial incedent in my own community Bensonhurst. I lived with my grandmother durring my college years. There was a tragic shooting of a teen Yussef Hawkins who allegedly was in the area looking for a used car. A local Italian girl was very unpopular for dating a black man. The crowd mistook Hawkins for Gina Feliciano's boyfriend and he was killed
by a mob led by a teen named Mondello and the trigerman Joey Fama.

Jesee Jackson entered the mix and is widely purported to have cynically stated that this case would elect David Dinkins. Al Sharpton led a not so peaceful march through Bensonhurst. These were not peaceful protesters, nor was there any excuse for the many locals who held up huge slices of Watermellon and Eggplants. I never saw anyone holding up fried chicken. This is a dangerous feat around me and you may lose a limb.
The protesters certainly did taunt the locals and visa versa. A frightened city tired of the corruption, rising crime and afraid of real rail riots put the wrong man in office David Dinkins.

I want to state that unlike a corrupt Bill Clinton or a bigoted useless Jimmy Carter David Dinkins is a fine man who tried but was over matched. Dinkins was the City Clerk and had severe Tax problems that would have doomed a White Candidate. Nobody should really question David Dinkins heart as it was always in the right place, he just was not a leader and surrounded himself with dreadful people like Laura Blackburne. Blackburne was the inneffective HRA head who was fired after spending lavishly on a gaudy Pink leather couch. She would gain later fame as a anti police judge.

The racial arsonist thought their moment had arrived under the Dinkins era. Sadly, their antics doomed a dignified man who honestly tried to do the right thing, he just wasn't a leader. The antics of the racial arsonists swept Dinkins to power allegedly on his ability to calm the city and the antics of the racial arsonists doomed him when he failed to deliver.

Before Rudy came to mayor there was a sense of desparation in the city. There was the tragic death of Lisa Steinberg who was beaten to death by her well heeled fake lawyer father addicted to drugs and her mother a far left writer of childrens books Hedda Nusbaum. Their two children were also illegally adopted. The case really focused attention on the real problems of child abuse and the bungling Human Resources Administration led by political hacks with over burdened case workers. As the later case with Nixmarry Brown would prove the problems were never addressed. Sadly in a City as large as NYC there will be many cases of Child abuse and neglect.
NYC is too large for genuine community policing and these tragedies do happen in smaller communities as well. However, in a small community the local cop does know the residents and is quite apt to visit the parents of a kid that appears battered. The layers of government do not exist so that in theory as well as praqctice.

The following stories are capsulized from the brilliant but talented writter the late Eric Breindel.

March 22, 1990 A jury awards Bernard McCummings 4.3 million dollars for being paralyzed as a result of a mugging. McCummings was the perpetrator and had attempted to strangle a seventy one year old man named Jerome Sandusky. Police arrived and McCummings fled along with his two accomplices. The perpetrator alleged he was fleeing and the police officer shot him in the back. The officer claimed McCummings lunged at him.

August 5 1993

A homless man claiming to be a Vietnam Veteran exposed to Agent Orange harassed people on 96th street in Manhattan. The NYT reported his Vietnam veteran status five times. Conservative reporter Chris Ruddy found out that not only had the wild man of 96th street Larry Houge not been to Vietnam he had $30,000 dollars in the bank and a large disability pension. The homeless mentally disturbed Vietnam Vet myth is a creation of the communist Peace movement aided by Gomer Kerry. This myth is debunked in the book Stolen Valor by Burket and Whitley. The most famous cinematic variant of this backfired. John Rambo became a hero in the film First Blood. In the second film he talks about Nixon selling out the POWs. By the third film he is kicking Commie behind in Afghanistan.

October 11, 1993 The teacher from NAMBLA

NYC parents demanded a teacher Peter Meltzer with decades long ties to NAMBLA be removed from the classrom. Meltzer was never charged with or accused of a crime and was given a desk job away from children. The NYC Teachers Union defended Meltzer's right to teach for the entire time.

December 16 1993 After Rudy had recently been elected The LIRR Killer

Collin Furgeson shoots 23 people but only Whites and Asians. Communists would later invent the Black rage excuse.

Jesse Jackson is quoted claiming that the race of the shooter would prompt " a rash of irrational conclusions." "undermine progress" . Jackson went on to chastise politician Tom Gulotta for calling Furgeson an animal. According to Jackson Furgesons actions were not a "race rampage", but a result of " a fit of sickess".

Jackson should have consulted with Ron Kuby, noted Communist Lawyer, who co-authored the Black rage defense. The Dynamic duo of Commies Ron Kuby and William Kunstler would depart the case due to the inability to work with Furgeson. The two along with traitor Lynne Stewart would soon be involved with defending the WTC93 terrorists in the near future.

Part Two on deck

Breindel has three stories on the Billie Boggs saga. The Saga started on Koch's watch
but is important. We see the aiding and abeting of Communists in fostering a climate of social chaos.

November 19 1987

There was a crisis of homeless people living in the street. Many of these homeless people were harassing people on the street. In the winter in NYC staying on the streets on cold nights can be deadly. Mayor Koch sought to involuntarily hospitalize
mentally ill homeless people. The Communist ACLU rushed to aid Billie Boggs as it used a mentally ill woman in much the same manner the far left abuses Cindy Sheehan today.

Billie Boggs real name was Joyce Brown. She was an African American woman who was a secretary and lost her job and her sanity. She oddly named herself after a local TV personality Bill Boggs, much to his bewilderment. Boggs lived on a heat vent on 65th street where she defecated on herself hurled obscenities at passerbys, burned money if she did not like the way it was given to her and made a nuisance of herself.

The far left judge Lipman ruled that Boggs was sane and aquited herself well on the stands. The judge also ignored that unlike the times Boggs was in the streets she had been taking Haldol which surpressed her symptoms of mental illness. Psychiatrists from NYU also rushed to defend Boggs right to commmit suicide and harass her fellow NYC residents in the process.

Feb 25 1988 Joyce Brown goes to Harvard.

The Communists at the ACLU continued to abuse a mentally ill woman. She was given a job in their office. She was taken by her ACLU benafactors to the fanciest NY resturants and gave a lecture on Homlessness at Harvard Law School.

Brown claimed she was a "political prisoner kept at Bellvue and her crime was that she had no place to live". Her lawyers who knew the facts let this fiction pass. Communists never care about facts that conflict with their narratives.

Once again the ACLU types leave out that Brown was medicated at Harvard and in the hospital. She was cleaned up and far more presentable to Commie dopes at Harvard Law than when she was on 65th street babling incoherently defecating on herself and harrasing passerbys.

The ACLU was well aware that three seperate NY doctors and one in NJ all diagnosed Brown with schitzophrenia.The ACLU also knew that despite geting Brown a job, wardrobe in Bloomingdales and a room in a SRO hotel that this was a troubled woman.
they used her anyway. Joyce Brown the symbol was more important than Joyce Brown the human. Yet the ACLU maintained that Joyce Brown was perfectly sane.

February 2 1989 Brown returns home to the streets to the same heat vent

The fiction of the ACLU was back to square one. Joyce Brown had come full circle after being abused by the ACLU. An Appealate court ruled NYC did have the authority to remove Boggs. Joyce Brown was soon panhandling near the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The ACLU climed it was because Brown was too embarassed to ask for money from its local NYC heal Norman Siegel.Brown's odd behavior was noted by her roomate. She shouted at nobody in particular and in the previos September she was arrested for drug possesion and disorderly conduct.

This is a clear case of the left abusing a seriously mentally ill woman to further its own agenda. Has anyone asked Norman Siegel of the NYCLU where Joyce Brown is or if she is still alive.

Central Park Jogger Case

This case was controversial in its time and remains so. The facts are the following
a woman was beaten almost to death and sexually assaulted in Central Park. DNA evidence did not match the evidence of the five youths. The youths were part of a pack that commited a series of crimes in Central Park on the same day. How these punks gave detailed confessions and one of them has semen and grass in his underwear is a mystry. Ann Coulter's theory was the youth was "fertilizing the lawn".

Breindel writes about Father Louis Gigante, brother of Vincent the Chin Gigante of mafia fame notorious for faking mental illness for decades, bailed out a suspect in the case Kevin Richardson by taking out $25,000 of his own money for bail. This act was unpopular with many of the fathers parishoners who felt that the victim was being ignored.

Richardson was greeted jubilantly by dozens of his neighbors who descibed the event as "it is as if he was a hostage freed from Lebanon". There was no thought or compassion for the woman beaten near death. In an unconscionable move the citys largest Black Newspaper printed the Victims name and sugested she was beaten by her boyfriend, there was not one scrap of evidence to support this. Even today respectable media does not print the name of the Duke accuser.

July 26 1991

Breindel notes the lack of sympathy for the victim. Her name was published in the Black media The Amerstdam News and The Daily Challenge and frequently stated on WLIB Radio. At the trial her name was chanted by supporters of the defendants.

Breindel notes the hostility of the crowd towards the defendant. They want to know if she " in the Park looking to buy drugs". Several also repeat the angered boyfriend theory.Breindel notes that the activists are solely motivated by the racial angle calling it a "legal lynching", questioning if an "actual rape took place". Breindel wonders how the media would react to Whites questioning what Yussef Hawkins was really doing in Bensonhurst the night he was killed.

The funny part is if the lawyers argued the case without the racial arson their clients might have been set free. A more rational defense would have been my clients commited the crimes here, here and here and time and travel makes commiting the rape of the jogger unlikely. The defendants laywers were racial arsonists with their own agenda.

The next part will be a seperate post

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Entertainment and the blogosphere

Far left types do not understand markets or consumer behavior. One of the things that amaze me is the lack of understanding about the blogosphere itself. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there on every subject. However, a good blog gives you a reason to return weekly or daily.

I have no shortage of detractors and even had two blogs dedicated to my satire. Both are ham handed as far left types have no skill at genuine comedic satire. I think John Brown gets better ratings spoofing me than his boring predictable blog would otherwise get.

Far left types do not want to even read their own blogs because for the most part they are a bore. Thus we have Weazie with five boring blogs complaining weekly about this site. I do not visit Weazie or even care about his posts. He hasn't the social skills for interesting repartee and his posts are mostly cut and paste long winded bore. Ducky doesn't have a blog, it might be interesting to see who would visit his site other than me. We have the so called expert at how to "Develop Your Web Presence" who doesn't get more than one or two commens. He also is too lazy to write original content and he visits daily.

This blog draws much of its style from Mark Levin and Bob Grant. Part of the problem with many on the far left is that they seldom play defense at all. Thus a deranged person like John Brown can rant and rave and most people will yes him to death to shut him up. People tend to avoid rabid dogs and mentally unstable people. Brown can rant and rave about Vanilla Sam and the plantation all while worshiping a variety of drug dealers and spouting off zany 9-11 conspiracy theories and most people will ignore it.

We do not ignore idiocy here and we do not cater to the deranged. We handle dissent mostly in the nature it is presented. MZ and I disagree often, but it is a respectful disagreement. I do not coddle anti-history, conspiracy theories, utopians and racial power nuts. I see the racial power nuts mostly on Bad Eagle as few have shown up here. Uptown Steve is a Marcuse victims rights nuts who doesn't bother to read the text book.

One of the amazing complaints of the far left critics is that we are entertainment focused. A blog that is not read serves no purpose at all. We get our message across
and have a fun time doing it. Some of you think that in actuality I hate Ducky. There are pople I do loathe but Ducky is not one of them. I make my point and when the post is finnished it over.

Many of you think that a person who loves art and film and poses as a man of the people can not be a bigot. It is easier seen with a rabid dog like John Brown calling Native Americans Sambos and Jooos Nazis. Brown is more mental patient than Marxist and there is often plenty of overlap between the two. We have seen the Duck call a world respected author and educator a "Shoah Pimp". We have seen the Duck call Condi Rice " Aunt Jemimah". The Duck isn't exceptional in that there is and always will be a certain element of the left that is hateful. We are used to the stereotype "Archie Bunker" bigot. Yet there is also an unhinged deranged left that is out of its mind.

I do read some very far left blogs and not all far left types are hateful, certainly not Jams and some of the others. I was reading a blog who shall be nameless that wrote a post about the political views of porn actress Nina Hartley as a serious subject. Hartley is a far left nutjob who proclaims herself a Jew but no zionist. The fairly deranged posters of this blog seized upon that as a relevation or symbol of courage. Excuse me I do not take the political views of celebrities seriously those of porn stars are no exception. The episode stands out as an example of the obsession the far left has with Joooos and Israel.

One can delude themselves with a myth that I can post long winded discertations and that people will sit back and read chapter size post. If you want to have a lively blog respect your readers and remember less is more.

Beamish in 08

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Civil law and You and Building a Healthy Economy

We have had this discussion before but I have always advocated Civil law with respect of property rights as the foundation of sane governance. I have no desire to live under a theocracy, nor do I want people in black robes anywhere near my religion. God and religion by nature can not be politically correct and an anything goes religion would be more of a circus act than a religon. A religion will always have a set of beleivers who are part of a divine wisdom and outsiders.

Some of you on the left laughed when I stated that I want to keep judges away from religion. In New Jersey part of the concern was that the Civil Union law would require clergymen to perform gay marriages. Marriage is a religious term and most religions have eloborate rules and regulations. One day Jams who was an immigration inspector in the UK will have to explain how they hadle polygamy in the UK. In the United States it creates major problems. Someday, I might bore all of you with a discussion of family law.

One of the deep seeded problems with the Muslim world is Sharia. Imposing theocracy on non-believers is 100% wrong. Sharia does have provisions that treat women and non-Muslims as second class citizens. There is no way to justify Jim Crow treatment in the law of anyone.


Certain religions and cultures react differently to authority. A religion whose basis is subnission is exploited with ease by strongmen. A Moroccan friend laughed about the following broom joke and said there are elements of truth. An authority figure tosses a broom at a Moroccanand tells him sweep the street. He will sweep the street until he is told to stop. Toss that same broom at an American and he will probably toss it back at you. A Jewish person like myself would probably ask why?

One of the racist notions is that Muslims are incapable of developing a modern economy. One needs to look no futher than you local Pakistani immigrant to see this is dead wrong. However Pakistanis and other Muslims are more likely to leave and find sucsessthan to find it at home. One of the problems is Shariastarts off with its prohibition against interest and that hinders capital formation. Political instability, violence and corruption scare foreign investors. Why place my factory in Pakistan when I can place it in Belize or Costa Rica? Sharia also confines the productivity of women and religious minorities to a certain extent.

The limits on religion should be exhortation to criminal acts. I have zero problem with person X preaching as an unbeleiver that Jews are hellbound. I have a severe problem when this goes to Kill the Jews or Gays as this is incitement to a criminal act. Freedom of speech never protected treason, sedition or any type of criminal conduct. This is a part many of those on the left forget, notably poultry.

The keys to building a modern economy and a free nation are simple. The reality is that in many ways Natural resources deter the growth of healthy societies. Comwad Chavez will fail but his oil revenues will prolong that failure.

These are the keys to building a healthy economy.

1 Civil law
2 Political Stability
3 Respect for property rights
4 Investing in human capital
5 Keep official corruption low
6 Encourage Capital Formation

Do note that a healthy economy and a free society are not the same thing. China is a
politically stable cleptocracy that respects property rights. Chavez has scared investors and may have set back the economies of Latin America decades.

Do note that one of the problems in France is number 6. Excessive taxation and work rules combined with exorbitant social programs have hurt French economic growth. One of the reasons for the Muslim riots is the high unemployment rates. People who work do not tend to riot. France can not be described as an economic failure like Haiti but it growth has been low for a long time.

Beamish in 08.

Word to Ducky being a Kahanist would be a form of self improvement in your case

Every person should aspire to improve themselves. The ignorant Duck seems to think Kahanism is something people hide like his own Communism. Real Kahane followers do not nor have they ever hid their identity, they have no reason to. Kahanists do not have a record of spying on the United States and contructing false martyrs like the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss for five decades. They did not nor have ever recieved money from a hostile foreign government and knowingly lie about it even after the Soviet Archives confirmed the fact. Kahanists have not set up a whole network of Front Groups to do their bidding like Code Pink, ISM, CIPES, ACLU, National Peace Council and the National Lawyers Guild to name a few. Kahanists also do not live on the public dole setting up accademic gulags and worthless research while working 10 hours a week for six figure salaries.

MZ is a Kahanist and in every description he is your superior. He is quite open about what he envisions the State of Israel to be. Compare this to your dishonesty about being a communist rat. Then again Commies like yourself have to hide under labels like progressive, green, anarchists and some call themselves incorrectly liberterians but the correct term is anarcholiberterians or spineless. MZ has no need
to revile the system of the United States and is a genuine US patriot. You need to make excuses for every enemy of the USA, because the party line says so. You have the need to justify every maldy of the enemies of the USA. For example colonialism, slavery and Jim Crow are evil so long as they are practiced by the west, but are fine under Islam. The comparison of Jim Crow to Shariah is an insult to Jim Crow as it did not authorize amputations. Theocracy is evil except when Muslims impose it on others. I am also amused of your claim and that of 167 that homosexuality is commonplace in the Muslim World, apparently some of you commies think Saudi Arabia is San Fransisco with sand. Do not make a big deal about killing gays it is only few
and the ones who get lashes enjoy it, in Tredington they have to pay for that kind of fun.

Kahanists are quite honest about their desire for a Torah state. How the bird brained poultry mixes up an outspoken secularist with numerous posts praising secular law remains a mystery. The Duck bends over backwards to rationalize Arab terror as being caused by Israel or the West. The Koran is quite open about what to do with infidels and terror has been at the center of Islam since the begining. Give us 50% of your crops for the right to live in Jim Crow status. Shooting schoolkids in the back, smacking planes into office buildings, blowing up public transportation,
beheading infidels are not aberations caused by poverty or opression. The bombers in London and on 9-11 were not poor, nor were they chanting free Mummia or pass Mother Jones when they commited their mayhem. Any attempt to coflate Kahanism and Islamic terror is intellectual fraud, common place for Maxist Vermin.

On a personal level MZ is also your superior. He is loved by many and has dozens of friends and is welcomed wherever he choses to go. I say this in spite of my many disagreements with MZ on a political level and notably about the superball of zion.
MZ is a forgiving man with a big heart and is far more patient and less combative than I am. He has the traditional view that crazed jihadists are the worst enemies of our people. I am more American in outlook and see the greatest enemy of the American people and Israel as Communist vermin. One can find decent Muslims with no problem, but Commies like yourself always like to whip them into a frenzy. One can not find a decent Communist as being an accolyte for class genocide, sedition along with deception is a charachter defect. Treason and bigotry for you is as natural as breathing. No doubt you try to couch your rhetoric in flowery words, but it is all about power and theft. You know what is best for the unwashed masses, except they recoil and flee your tyrany and you need walls to keep them in. While they starve on fisheads and rice, you will eat caviar and feast in the party cafeteria.

Wanting to create a Torah state in Israel is not something I desire. However, as an American patriot my focus is here and the Israelis are capable of handling their own problems without my advice. In your case being an actual Kahanist would represent a form of self improvement.

Beamish in 08