Thursday, January 11, 2007

The massacre at Damour and far left dementia

You have probably never heard of this massacre. However, you have heard numerous fictions about Sharon and Sabra and Shatilla. The fact is that the Maronites outraged
by the massacre of Damour and the assasination of another Gemayel went beserk. The far left has been on a blood libel attempting to blame Sharon who is supposed to be psychic and know ahead of time the intentions of the Maronites.

The fact is most of you do not know about Damour or any other of the massacres of Christians by Pseudostinians. A Psuedostinian gets killed largely by permiting terrorist activity and the whole world runs endless stories. Pseudostinians gangrape, mutilate and kill close to 600 people over a series of days and the world says nothing. Hamas animals assasinate the children of a Fatah rival in Gaza and the Poultry and Gertrudes ignore these attricities. They have to ignore any reality that doesn't fit in with their world view.

Mass rape and ethnic cleansing is evil when perpetrated by Serbs. However when Pseudostinians do this to Maronites ho hum. When Arabs do this to Black Christians or Muslims in Sudan we get a sigh. When Muslims massacre Christians in Indonesia it doesn't make most blogs. Pseudostinians call their women into the middle of a firefight and this makes news. Muslims killing Hindus doesn't make the news. Islamo-Jim Crow and Christians fleeing the middle east doesn't make the news. Only the plight of a contrived indigenous people prone to violent behavior makes the news.

Leftists do not study facts, history and logic they rewrite them. Gertrude and Poultry are fond of saying Jews got along just well with Muslims before Israel and the Zionists messed up the status quo. This is akin to someone saying blacks got along just fine and enjoyed slavery and Jim Crow in the South. 1400 years of Islamo colonialism and Jim Crow are facts. Only Communists versed in illogic could percieve of Muslims with a history of gratuitous bloodshed that rivals their own as "victims".

Muslims get to kill gays via a warped inhuman legal system, but MZ is a homophobe for being against a Gay pride parade in Jerusalem. How about holding this event in Mecca? Then Gertrude chimes in that all three faiths are equally homophobic. The number of gays killed by Pat Robertson and Falwell are 0. The last time a Jewish court killed someone for this is probably 2000 years ago. Pat Robertsons comments are not equal to kangaroo courts killing gays. No group is more homophobic than Jihadis a close second would be the far left thugs of Zimbabwe and Cuba who regularly abuse gays. Yet the far left say zero about Islamo antihomosexual tirades.

The far left oddly rails about theocracy. It does not say a single vowel about the imposition of sharia law on non-muslims in the Middle East. Why should a Christian be judged in a Jim Crow type theological Kangaroo court with arcane punishments like amputations. Yet the far left says zero about actual theocracy practiced on non Muslims.

The far left serves as the Islamo-nazis appologists denying reality. Did the Pseudostinians carry out a massacre of Christiansat Damour. Why haven't you heard about it? You haven't heard about it because the far left doesn't want you to know.


kevin said...

Good post Beak.
The left hates no sin more than hypocracy, yet thier attitude towards jihad Islam screams hypocracy.

Always On Watch Two said...

The left analyzes events in something like cafeteria style: pick and choose. I grow so weary of it!

Farmer John said...

Hey, when all you care about is sniffin' Upsidasium and flippin' life's game board...

beakerkin said...

Most people can not name a single Gulag or a refusnik but we should be sooooooo concerned that Leo Penn had to fire his maid because he was blacklisted for being a member of a treasous cult.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You give the left too much credit. There is no evidence, empirical or otherwise, to suggest that any leftist that has ever walked the face of the earth rationalized themselves to the political positions they hold.

The Merry Widow said...

Beaker- My comment to that is, "So?"
AoW-So am I!
Kevin-Hypocrits hate hypocrasy, what else is new? Liars hate other liars, and thieves hate theft! Irony escapes leftistas!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Brooke said...

Few things are worse than an obvious hypocrite.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, since you seem to be so interested in gay rights have you looked at the recent rulings in Spain?

Restitution for the brutal crimes committed against gays in notorious leftist Franco's Spain.

Anyway, good luck in trying to establish a realistic vision of right/wrong or whatever other dichotomy is your concern in your comic black and white world.

Of course since there was a massacre committed by Palestinians that's absorbs the Israeli's (they s**t chocolate ice cream and they piss perfume) of involvement in the Karantina massacre which occurred earlier.

beakerkin said...

Did Franco commit gays to mental hospitals or kills them.

No doubt we could go onto Pseudostinian massacres before the ones you mention. The Christian victims seem forgotten

beakerkin said...


Unlike Sabra and Shatilla this massacre was carried out by the Pseudostinians and took days. The Israelis were not involved except in the warped minds of the left.

There is also no talk of the mess the Pseudostinians made in Jordan in 1970 and Commie support of the reign of error. It is amazing how Hamas assasinating children gets no comment from anti-semitic vermin like the duck.

You will like tommorows post Duck
it is called the Idiot Passion of the Poultry.

Robert Bayn said...

The far left moans and whines about not having same sex marriage in the United States, while in Iran they are cutting people's heads off for practicing homosexuality.

What's worse being denied a right you want, or being murder by the Government?

Seems to me the far left has their priorities out of order.

American Crusader said...

Clinton in my opinion backed the wrong side in Serbia. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) is still listed as a terrorist group with ties to Al Qaeda. We should have let Serbia finish the job.
I noticed that WIKI differentiates between Palestinians and Muslims(?)in the Christian extermination in Damour. I can't even guess as to why?
We know that most media could care less about what happens in Sudan. They didn't care about Somalia until the Islamic Courts started getting their ass kicked off the continent. Now that the US has conducted airstrikes at known terrorist bases, the protests have already started. The slaughtering of Somalian people by the Islamic Courts wasn't worth mentioning.

I get a good laugh every time the so-called "Palestinians" are called the indigenous people of the region. All one has to do is Google a map of the region during Roman occupation to see how much bull shit that claim is.

Urban_Infidel said...

Just imagine the far lefties in Syria or Iran. Not so comfy, is it?

Mr. Ducky said...

I typoed. I meant "absolves" the Israelis.

Mr. Ducky said...

"Did Franco commit gays to mental hospitals or kill them."

... and confiscated their property and put them on trial. Why not do a little research.

beakerkin said...


Lets compare Franco with Castro. Castro takes many peoples property and put them on trial for bogus charges. Did you say a word about Castro and Mugabe's recent persecution of gays? Did you say a word about property theft of Mugabe, Castro and now Chavez.This property theft was on a much larger scale and makes you a phony.
Commies behave like this on larger scales daily.

Where have you composed a single sentence on imposing sharia on non Muslims?

American Crusader said...

And off the topic question...
I am interested in your opinion of the Kahanist movement.
How would you feel about Israel being run as a Theocracy?

Personally, I think it holds a lot of promise but my knowledge is severely limited to the available information provided over the Web.

beakerkin said...


I am somewhat glad you asked that question. The Duck seems to have Marxist derangement syndrome and calls any Jew who doesn't buy into his Pseudostine fantasy a Kahanist.

I have always supported Kahane's right to speak until the time where traitors like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and Rabbi Lerner were banned. Kahane never belonged lumped with the people I mentioned but he was an actual Rabbi with views I disagree with.

I am a secularist and am not sympathetic to the attemps to create theocracy anywhere. I view law and government as a balance. I also do not want freaks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the ACLU determining what my house of worship can or can not preach. Freedom of religion and speech ends at sedition, treason and incitement to crimanal acts.

I like the notion of a secular democracy akin to the USA. There are far more unobservant Jews like myself. Israel faces the same probems we have in the states with treasonous Commies who need to be deported.

The Duck and Queen Gertrude of the Pink Panther fan club in Tredington can not distinguish between a Kahanist and a secularist. A Commie anti- semite like Ducky or Gertrude wailing about Kahanists or Neocons is absurd. However, rational people are neither Commies or anti- semites.

Mr. Ducky said...

"I also do not want freaks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the ACLU determining what my house of worship can or can not preach."

I hope weaz catches this one. Beak at his most irrational. You really are insane.

beakerkin said...


Would you a country that mandated what can be said from the pulpit.
Sorry Duck, but I like to keep ACLU freaks like Ginsbergs and Commies like Lynne Stewart away from houses of worship. Keep your communism out of my house of worship. Better yet send Commies like the Duck to North Korea as soon as they break the law.

Residents of Helisnki mental hospitals are hardly the arbiters of rational thought.

By the way Duncy did you bother to look at the ratio of Catholics to Protestants in Germany. What was that you said oh bird brain "why don't you look things up? " Score another point for the man in the gasmask.

Mr. Ducky said...

If Beamish wants to argue that Lutherans were not more consistent supporters of Hitler than Catholics I would like to hear his arguments.

Meanwhile I'll have to content myself with your fever dream about Ruth Bader Ginsberg dictating semons. You really are insane Beak.

Ask gas mask boy for evidence that the muslims burned the library of Alexandria. That's his latest hobby horse. It's hardly a wonder that someone so ignorant can't get a job.

kuhnkat said...

Excellent post Beakerkin.

Of course the twisted Ducklenutz never notices the similarity of the Israelis to the Leftists that he supports!! He also totally ignores the depredations of the Muslim rapists, torturers, and murderers even BEFORE Israel was made a stste by the UN!!!

He also wants to absolve the Arabs and Muslims in general for their 1400 years of oppression of ALL peoples under their control!!

Ducklestein, no matter how far you go back, you will find that the Arabs were the agressors. If the Jews had been the agressors they would have KILLED Mohammed BEFORE he gathered a large power base instead of letting him go!!

Sorry Duckenstein, you were a MORON yesterday, you ARE a MORON today, and you are quite likely to still be a MORON when you die!!!

Are you going to beg for the last rites, if you have the chance, before you Qroke???



I do have one problem with the post.

"Mass rape and ethnic cleansing is evil when perpetrated by Serbs."

In spite of a lot of motivated Muslims and Europeans trying to prove all of this trash in the War Crimes Trials, little has been fully validated. Please don't help the Terrorists continue their myths to blame on Western races.

Mr. Ducky said...

Not by what goes into a man, but by what comes out of him, is a man defiled.

These fake Christians shit intolerance and piss hate.

Their semen is self-righteousness that they jizz out whenever they fantasize about their Rapture for their own little clique; but is even less satisfying in the end than a good wank ogling at fashion models photo's in Harper's.

They vomit their greed and spiritual pride all over every social institution they infest -- churches, schools, newspapers, radio and TV, universities, charitable foundations.

Their hypocrisy is what they exhale: it follows them about like a miasmal cloud, like someone who has eaten nothing but garlic sausages for two days.

beakerkin said...


The Duck is insane


Do you want to claim there were no Nazis who happened to be Catholic? There were plenty of Nazis who were Catholic. There were plenty of Nazis who were Muslim as well including a Pseudostinian leader who was directly involved in mayhem in the Balkans.

If you are deluded to think Commies like yourself are any better than Nazis that is your problem.

beakerkin said...

Lets roll the Duck's bigotry back.

The Duck makes every excuse for class genocide via Marx. The Duck is in denial about genocide and Jim Crow via Koran. The man in the gas mask is 100% correct about Muslim hordes burning libraries and religious sites. It is you who are ignorant of history with your anti-semitic obsessions about perpetual victimhood of fake indigenous people prone to violence and disorder wherever they go aided by the Nazis of the left.

Your comments about Christians are rife with the bigotry you are famous for. If Mr Beamish says fudge packer or disease vector it is homophobia, but the Commie Duck can use those terms. If Jeff Bargholz calls Al Sharpton a Civil Rights pimp it is called racism. The Duck can call Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah because Harry Belacommie does so. The Duck can also call MZ and myself Shoah pimps, Likudnicks or in my case oddly a Kahanist. However, if Jason Pappas, AOW, the great patriot in the gasmask or myself start talking about Islamic history the wailing starts.

The question of if the people smacking planes in the name of Allah are fake Muslims is not decided by Commie wacko Ducks, Weazels or gender confused Elmer Fudd types in the UK. Islam is as its practitioners do and all the wailing doesn't change a thing. There are plenty of people in this world who are oppressed by Muslims and they do not go around smacking planes into office buildings or sending people to gulags.

In the words of Kuhnkat " HAHAHAHA you MORON".

Tommorows post is the Passion of the Poultry read it and weep.

Elmer's Brother said...

Duhkkky - tell it to someone who cares what you think

Elmer's Brother said...

duhkkky the least you could have done is written something original...

Not by what comes out of Duhkkky, but by what goes in Duhkkky is he defined.

Duhkkky is a fake Catholic who shits and pisses on his boyfriend.
Duhkkky likes to get plated.

His semen that he jizzes out whenever he fantasize about their George Michael and the Village People. Duhkkky is even less satisfying in the end than a good Jihadi oogling at sheep in Jihadi Quarterly.

He vomits his greed and pride in his income all over every social institution he infests -- gay bath houses, Hollywood and NAMBLA conventions.

His hypocrisy is what he expels: it follows him around like a dog in heat, like someone who has eaten nothing but man sausages for ten days.

You must be so lonely Duhkkky.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


While I credit you for correctly labeling Franco a leftist like his fellow leftists Mussolini, Hitler, and Peron, I must say I'm surprised that you'd connect this concession that fascism is left-wing with the primary motivation of leftists - to convince rational people that leftists are idiots.

And so in that vein, you're off to challenge my statement (on AOW's blog) that Caliph Umar had the Library of Alexandria burned (the third and final time it burned in its history) in 640 AD. Never mind that Islamic historical texts recorded the event (where do you think I got the Umar quote?), never mind that until Alexandria fell to Islam it was THE intellectual capital of the West. Book copying was Alexandria's main industry in 640 AD.

Muslims record that the book burnings in Alexandria heated the bathhouses for months.

Never mind that the long history of fires in the Library of Alexandria ends with the last one at the hands of Muslim invaders who recorded the event for posterity, you're a leftist, and learning things is not what leftists do. Perhaps Muslims just imagined conquering Egypt and torching the library at Alexandria, and wrote it all down in detail, just to fuck with you.

Listen, Ducky. Perhaps when you're older and more mature, someone will introduce you to the fine art of historical analysis.

But given the firmly established fact that leftism is a political universe exclusively embraced by none other that utter imbeciles, like yourself, you may just want to stick to gay porn and masturbation references.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

If Beamish wants to argue that Lutherans were not more consistent supporters of Hitler than Catholics I would like to hear his arguments.

It wasn't Lutherans who spirited Nazi war criminals off to Argentina to hide among their fellow leftists.