Saturday, January 13, 2007

Forgotten People The Left Ignores

The left is notorious for railing about the plight of fake colonial people prone to violence while spitting on genuine indigenous people. There is and never has been a Palestinian ethnicity. There are Arab colonial invaders who allready posses loads of stolen real estate and demand more from one of many people they opressed for 1400 years.

Quietly, an exodus from the Middle East is going on right now. Christians, Bhai and Zoroastrians are fleeing the region. The brain impaired left likes to talk about Israeli Aparthied and has an odd obsession with the Israeli Identity cards that are identical to those of the region.

Christians are leaving the Middle East and while dimwits like Jimmy Peanut talk about aparthied in Israel the region is being Ethnically cleansed of Christians. Carter idiotically talk about Pseudostinians not being able to get their message out.
This must be amusing to Middle Eastern Christians who are fleeing Islamonazi style oppression. The dememted leftists like the Duck will invent a rationale based upon Fanon or Chomsky but the reality is that Muslims have always abused religious minorities mostly Christian under their rule. The plight of dissident Islamic sects like Bhai and Ahmadis is often worse than Christians. For those of you that are interested my friend Amil has a few posts on the Bhai in his archives.

The demented Duck typical of brain impaired Communists likes to pretend that Psuedostinians are the only group seeking a state. In fact they have the weakest case of any of a host of groups seeking autonomy, except for the Kosovars. The Duck also igbores the overwhelming presence of Islam in the vast preponderance of ethnic conflicts around the world.

How many stories have you seen about Christians fleeing Muslim opression? The media
does seem to report fictional accounts of staged attrocities like Qana. However, the day to day indignities heaped on Christians never gets reported. The Arabs pile up stacks of dead blacks but there is no talk of ethnic cleanisng or aparthied when the pertpetrators are Muslim. The fight against Capitalism depends on nursing every Arab slight so the far left spits on the Sudanese.

The new Jews are Hindooooos in that the left ignores Islamo terror against India. India gave up teritory that became two failed ethnically cleansed states. Mulims did not leave India in similar numbers but now demand even more land. Far left bigotry playing into hysteria about IT jobs lost to India have made bigotry against Hindooos acceptable in many areas of the far left, The fact that Indian IT pros bust their behind and do a great job without reading Chomsky, Menchu or Marx is an cause for embarassment amongst the left.


Justin said...


The entire left is likened unto Ducky. I know his mother thought he was a real wit but then again she was only half right. :)

Islamo Terrorism is the new poster child of the left ever since their prized hammer and scycle got left in the dirt of democracy.:)

They have yet to realize that their heads will be the first to roll off the islamic chopping blocks if these Camel Jockeys ever attain any true power. :)

They hate the Indians because the god of socialism forbid they are a Democratic and Capitalistic society.

So to the left and the islamo facisits I can only say.

"There is no God but God" and Muhammed aint his son or prophet. That boy smoked just way to much of something up in that cave :P

Justin said...

BTW Beak:

It is no suprise to me that Christians are leaving the Middle East. In the book of Revelations God plainly tells all his people to get out of Babylon because he is about to be squish it like a bug on the sidewalk.

The Merry Widow said...

Yupper! HE very clearly said, "Come out of her MY people."
When G*D says it's time to go,leave!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

Also in Proverbs it states that when danger comes, the prudent hide themselves while fools run around(blind)!

Justin said...


Babylon because he is about squish it like a bug on the sidewalk.

Im still trying to shake off the vision of Rosie and Ducky sheeeeshhh.

beakerkin said...

What is the matter with Jimmy Carter. Christians are fleeing for their lives and he embraces the very people that cause the exodus.

I know Presidential Libraries need money, but never a peep about Christians living in the Middle East.

Da Weaz said...

Moron infestation.

Justin said...

Because Jimmy Carter is one poooor excuse for a human being and I would call into question his saying he is a Christian.

I think he has spent to much time with all them penuts. He has come to think like them. :)

beakerkin said...

The Weazie shows up and yes it is a moron infestation. Kindly, take KEvron, Janice the retard, Gertrude the gender cofused blade of Tredington and John Brow the Progressive drug dealer and have an idiot fest on your blog.

The Duck is our official troll and comedic prop.

Weazie we are not paid to listen to your delusions. I hear that your goal in life is to have your own mental pathology named after you. Sorry this blog does not cater to the insane. You should take your readership over to John Brown's site written for and by insane people.

Anonymous said...


While it is true Christians are being persecuted in Muslim nations, i believe that both the left and right ignore the horrible persecutions that Christians are under in Communist China, of course Marxist butt buddy Ducky won't ever admit to the horrible history communism has with people of faith, how they always persecute people of faith, especally Christians.

Justin said...

Aren't weasels just democratic rodents? Just wondering :)

Weazie is living proof of de-evolution in action.

To use Khunkats phrase:


Urban_Infidel said...

The left doesn't view global Islamic jihad as the 'establishment.'

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

"It has been said that terror is the principle of despotic government. Does your government therefore resemble despotism? Yes, as the sword that gleams in the hands of the heroes of liberty resembles that with which the henchmen of tyranny are armed. Let the despot govern by terror his brutalized subjects; he is right, as a despot. Subdue by terror the enemies of liberty, and you will be right, as founders of the Republic. The government of the revolution is liberty's despotism against tyranny. Is force made only to protect crime? And is the thunderbolt not destined to strike the heads of the proud?" - M. Robespierre, on subsidizing the guillotine industry

Elmer's Brother said...

rob - my in laws are "working" in China and we hear of the persecution there. The government in China is not consistent. Some areas of China are more tolerant of the underground church. Still...not a good situation.

The Christians in Muslim countries often suffer the chopping off of hands etc to force conversions.

Mr. Ducky said...

I'd like the names of all the people who scream about Carter's book.

Then you'll have a record of who objects to calling a spade a spade in the case of Israel.

If having special license plates for Palestineans and special papers and special fences and special living areas with buffer zones ISN'T apartheid, could someone please give me the correct word?

beakerkin said...

The correct word is the Middle East.

Unlike you I work with Identity papers from around the world and this is the norm. Unlike the adjacent Arab countries Israel is at war. Can the Dunce tell me why the exact same ID papers are in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon, Jordan and even in other countries that list ethnicity.

It seems like once again you don't have a clue and are talking to an expert.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Carter and Ducky have a point,

Israel is just to tough on these terrorists, in fact what would be really fair is if Israel just gather all their people together went into a gas chamber and died, because Lord knows a country can't defend it self against people KNOWN to support TERRORISM!

Mr. Ducky said...

The far left spits on the Sudanese? Can you explain that Beaker. Your known for pulling stements out of your ass but that one is extremely curious.

Also, would you please give a brief description of why you say that muslims didn't leave India? As usual, your hatred for anything islamic or Arab is in the way of rational understanding.

Also, will you please explain why Russian jews have a more valid claim to land occupied by Israel than the Palestinians. A short paragaph will do.

Yes Christians are leaving the Middle East, because they can afford to. If you have a choice would you want to live with the freakin' Kahanists invading every other year?

Justin said...

Ducky if you really want to name names perhaps you might start with all the lefties who have worked with Carter for years but left because even they couldnt stomach the lies in this book. Now that says something for the lefties.

Warren said...

"Palestinians", are not citizens of Israel nor is any foreigner entitled to unlimited access to a hosting country. Nor any access at all, except under the conditions of the hosting country. They may be required to carry special identification, visas, passports or anything else the hosting, (sovereign), country may deem necessary, just like any other Nation in the world.

But of course, you Nazi loving Anti-Semites and armchair Commies, believe that Israel should be held to a separate standard.

What are you duck, 57 going on 3?

Always On Watch Two said...

I was going to comment on one of the paragraphs in your posting, but I saw this comment, which nearly caused me to run my keyboard with a spew of beverage:

The Weazie shows up and yes it is a moron infestation.

Duck said, If having special license plates for Palestineans and special papers and special fences and special living areas with buffer zones ISN'T apartheid, could someone please give me the correct word?


Always On Watch Two said...

The entire left is likened unto Ducky. I know his mother thought he was a real wit but then again she was only half right....

They have yet to realize that their heads will be the first to roll off the islamic chopping blocks if these Camel Jockeys ever attain any true power.

Those in denial won't emerge from that denial until the atrocities against them come to pass. And even then, some will continue in denial. Think of Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. He was blinded by his quest for revenge, of course; the left is also blinded--by their obsession with taking sides with anything the right opposes.

beakerkin said...


While the Sudanese were dying at the hands of the Arab hordes some Christians and a few Jews were screaming about Sudan. Well the far left was so consumed with aparthied it ignored Genocide. Now the far left still ignores the Genocide while obsessing over fake indigenous people prone to violence. Staged attrocities are just more important that Arabs murdering blacks because the party line says so.

For years activists tried to get Jesse Jackson and Louis Farakhan to say a word but they don't. It seems they are more concerned with Arab dollars than dead blacks or real slavery.

While the Christians have been in Sudan for twenty years the far left spit on the Blacks as the genocide continued. Arabs killing Blacks is okay with the party line.

Lets see Duck Hindoood and Jews are supposed to give up land for an ethnically cleansed Muslim state. If Muslims got two states than all of the Muslims should have been required to leave India.

Where are the Hindooooos and Sikhs of Pakistan? Where are the Joooos of Jordan? According to the far left Mooooooslims have the right to create aparthied states.

Oh Einstein why do every single Mooooslim state list religion on its ID papers. The Christians are indigenous and not prone to violence. Aparthied is okay with you as long as it is Mooooslims opressing someone else. Have you said a single sentence about making non Moooooslims live under Sharia. Theocracy is fine so long as it is dem mooooslims choping limbs off of Christians.

The problem is not my hatred for Moooooslims. It is your denial of the reality of what Islam is. Claiming that Joooos, Christoooons, Hindooooos, Bhoooodists and Zooooroasssstrians
live peacably under sharia is as insane as saying Blacks enjoy living under Jim Crow or being enslaved. Sorry Duck Fanon, Chomky and any other Commie writer never veer from Rose colored lenses about the reality of Islam or its History.

kuhnkat said...


if a gang member does NOT kill, rob, rape, sell drugs, smuggle illegals... then he doesn't end up with a police blotter and jail time or SHOT while escaping. In fact, he is NOT CALLED A GANG MEMBER AT ALL!!!

The same can be said of the Palio's!!!! One man's apartheid is another man's police state, is another man trying to keep his family safe from MORONIC DUCK DROPPINGS!!!


I know you can not understand AOW or I, but I get a kick out of dangling the TRUTH in front of THOSE TOO BLIND TO SEE!!


kuhnkat said...

Oh, Ducklebutz,

sorry to hear some more of your CELL were picked up by the US in Iraq even though they were in an Iranian sponsored SAFE HOUSE!!

Not too damn SAFE was it??


beakerkin said...

More Communist agitprop from the Duck

When did dem Joooooos become Russian. Your heroes in the Soviet Union put Jooooo as Nationality. When and where did the party change its line.

Ethnic cleansing doesn't seem to bother the Duck when Jordan expelled all dem Joooos in 1920. Ethnic cleansing doesn't seem to bother the Commie Duck when dem Islamonazis harassed all dem Joooos into leaving Arab lands when they were there long before Islamocolonialism. Thus the Duck has no problem with colonialism or ethnic cleansing as long as dem Joooos are colonized.

Arabs are colonial invaders and have a wealth of stolen land. They should settle their own refugees like every other people on the planet and stop harrasing indigenous people into fleeing.

The vast majority of Pseudostinians arrived at the same time dem Joos did. There is no difference between Pseudostinians and Jordanians. Most of the residents of Gaza were Egyptian immigrants. The definition of what was a refugee included many people who were in Israel for as little as two years. Arabs on the dole for generations is just what Commies like. Keep the masses treated like animals and perpetuate fiction rather than tell Arabs settle your own people.

FYI Duck Poland, Germany and other places have right of return laws as well. This only becomes a problem to Commies when dem Joooos return to lands they and not Arabs are indigenous upon.

Unlike you Ducky I do not read fiction produced by Fanon, Chomsky or other worthless Comie hacks.

nanc said...

p.s. - the sidebar has a disclaimer which states:

"Links appearing on this site are submitted by users. The Cult News Network does not necessarily endorse or recommend the linked articles.

Not all groups called either "cults" or "cult- like" are harmful. A link on this page does not necessarily imply that a group is a "cult" or is dangerous."

i suppose it's up to the reader to decide.