Monday, January 22, 2007

We have no community

When I left Front Page Magazine and headed into the unknown it was a long time ago.
Pretty much it was Warren and myself against an army of Gay anti-semites from the UK.
Over time Warren and I met wonderful friends who I am very proud to call my friend like Mr Beamish and AOW. Jason is the best person to have in a scrap as Liberterians scare the pants off of Communists.

I have to be honest that I have often been disappointed in our community. The first mistake was mine. A serial spammer started a Klansman section and listed many of my friends. My immediate reaction was to ban John Brown and stand with my friends. Warren talked me out of it, but it was a mistake that I regret. Many of you allowed John Brown on your site to spew venom at your fellow community members. Is this a way a community allows its friends to be treated. One individual allowed over six months of non-stop crap. I was very annoyed at another person I went out of my way to help. When you join a community there is supposed to be solidarity, but many of us take that for granted.

I want to point out that some of you are perplexed with a recent dust storm. I want to point out that this issue goes beyong John Brown hijinks into betraying a trust and blackmail. Many of you are unaware I am a law enforcement official and like the rest of you I value my privacy. We have an immature stupid blogger who violated my trust and confidentiality. To make matters worse he had an accomplice who attempted to blackmail me. Now some of you think this is funny, but I don't. I can show you posts on this blog where the person in question I cut off chided me not cutting ties with the same individual who violated my privacy. I would be very happy if I were only dealing with people calling me a Nazi, this is more serious. The person I cut off knows the whole story and seems to think it is amusing.

From this day foward all of you will be given a choice. You may have Greg and Gert on your blog or me. I will not count interactions on neutral sites. It is very simple if Greg or Gert is on your blog I will sever ties. This may seem a tad harsh but we are talking about criminal blackmail.

I want many of you to think of who belongs in our community and who doesn't. A person who violated my privacy and attempted blackmail is not someone who can be trusted.

I learned a great deal today about who my real friends are. There are many people that talk a good game and there are those who are the genuine article. Each of you should be asking yourself who can I count on. The other lesson I learned is I can not outlast Nanc in an argument.

I do not know what the future of this blog holds. I have always said that I would fold the tent when it stopped being fun. I am nearing post 1001 and on that time we will hold a cyber roast for the 1000 post. My nephew did one post when I moved.

I have been thinking about new formats, and perhaps a less ratings oriented blog. If one good thing came out of this dust up it was that some of you who I felt let me down explained yourself.

I understand many of us want ratings but we really should think of our community. Pim I regret to inform you that Ducky is a free agent if I should decide to close shop. Many of you also are not really able to read me well at all. In all my professions I lived on the edge and under pressure you can't imagine. When I am jawing with the Duck this is business. Thus when I am really mad it is hard to tell.

Some of you think I run this blog on adrenaline. What you are seeing is the real me and in person I am very intense and I play to win. However, when the segment is done it is back to business.

I want to thank those of you I spoke to off line for your patience and AOW and Mr B.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes Beak it's better to remain quiet, i exercise this notion often, I have learned to not sweat the small stuff.

nanc said...

i wasn't arguing.

it was more like an attorney giving a summation to a disgruntled jury - it was really more like pleading with class!

now, nobody's going to want to visit with me...

beakerkin said...


Criminal Backmail and invasion of privacy is not small stuff. Nor should such a matter be treated cavalierly. This can be me or you or anyone.


You pestered me for hours to remove that post. Kindly ask the person in question to sever the link.

Anonymous said...

"A person who violated my privacy and attempted blackmail is not someone who can be trusted."

This brings to mind, a thought. A proposal by a local newspaper to host a meeting for local bloggers came up. Only problem is, for the reasons you discuss here, are the same reasons I wouldn't show up.

On a same note, I decided to allow open posts over on my forum.

You keep on doing what you do. I admire your tenacity and will to state what is on your mind.

beakerkin said...


We all take risks in cyberspace and there are some really disgusting people. This behavior goes beyond troll antics and has moved into the realm of criminal.

We either stand together as a community or we hang seperately. This could have happened to any of us.

I have no desire to be associated with a blogger that thinks blackmail is a funny matter.

Possum said...

"Criminal Backmail and invasion of privacy is not small stuff."

Seeing is hardly believing that someone would try to make nothing of that, and with a trite slogan, so that you would have say this.

beakerkin said...

Possum you can see it at Freedomnow's site under the hazzards of blogging.

We have a person in this community that is well aware of this episode
and seems to think it is funny. I have requested this person delist my blog and this request was denied.

When we accept people into our community we take risks. This episode could have happened to any one of us.

There are times we have to step up and this member of the community failed. I do not wish to be associated with people who allow criminals on their site.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Remember a few miles back when I tried to tell you you're taking things too far?

Good things come to those who sleep late.

Urban_Infidel said...

I didn't know you were in law enforcement.

Of course I have no idea if you are in the state, local or federal level, but please know that the FBI takes internet harassment seriously. It is now a federal offense.

In fact, my internet stalker is about to face sentencing in Federal court downtown in a just a couple of weeks. It is a long story with a happy ending thanks to the FBI.

Always On Watch Two said...

You, of course, saw my comment to the post you removed. You know that I stand with you, whom I consider family.

You have had a lot to do with my efforts in the blogosphere and took me in--a real newbie who didn't know what the hell she was doing, as you once said "an upstart"--and introduced me via the electronic bar.

For a while, I got involved with other endeavors in the blogosphere. But even when I didn't visit here as often, you continued to visit my site. And during that busy time, when I visited sites other than than those connected with the projects I was working on, I continued to come here to your site because this site, along with Social Sense, is HOME.

I owe you an apology, Beak. I couldn't contact you via email for hours yesterday because my laptop was upgrading its security system via a slow download because of yesterday's Trojan Horse threat. By the time I could get back online, much of what I wanted to say had already been said.

now, nobody's going to want to visit with me...

Not so!

Beak's presentation in this post is an excellent position for him to take, IMO.

The Merry Widow said...

Morning, Beaker.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!

BTW-I wouldn't want to get into a "discussion" with Nanc either!
She's 2 years younger and I think she has slightly better lung capacity...

beakerkin said...

Mr Beamish I want the link removed from that site. Attempted blackmail and invaision of privacy is no laughing matter. This is not something that is going away. Moreover, even if the person in question persuaded the superball of zion and the gay blade of Treddington to appologize I still want no contact. Crimial Blackmail
rises above John Brown hijinks.

This person has demonstrated several times no respect for our blogging community. I have defended this perso at least two dozen times. He was never a friend of mine in any description. Nor has he shown the slightest concern for members of our community.


I work for DHS but not with the FBI. Attempted blackmail is a serious matter and is beyond Troll hijinks.


Thank you for the praise and I did help several bloggers get started. I take pride in building our community. However, some of the people we expanded our greater community to include were mistakes.
I made a serious error in judgement
in linking and defending that blog.
The person in question has never once acted like a member of our community and is a friend to nobody.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


This is insane.

You are not anyone's master but your own.

Control yourself.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Please don't take this the wrong way, but...

MZ is running a blog about Israel, not Beakerkin. If we want Beakerkin, we can click right to here from his site.

MZ is a member of a close-knit circle of friends that includes you. Has grown beyond you. Of any of us. Everyone's got a ring of favorites, you and MZ are on my visit daily routines. Others I'm still discovering. Someone with a lot of time on their hands ought to map all the intersections and nooks and crannies this thing has. Maybe Al Gore has the blueprints.

Someone in another community, a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away once said:

"You can always tell an honest man from a knave."

Remember that community? You were there, I was there, Nanc was there, Tazzmax was there...etc.

And MZ was there.

Moonbat Central was the root of my "community."

Dammit Beak, I'd much rather be trying to facilitate an amicable solution to all of this than trying to talk you out of making wildly unrealistic demands.

Is MZ's link to your blog gonna give you cooties?

C'mon man.

You're bigger than this.

Mr. Ducky said...

When you left Frontpage and headed into the unknown?

Sounds like you think you're Davie Thompson or something.

beakerkin said...


I left Front Page because I was unhappy with the multiple alias bit. As Mr B points out most of us are Moonbat Central Alum. However,
Warren and I started this blog community from scratch. Along the way many people were added to the community.


I no longer want any association with MZ. I have been quite clear and yes I am aware of the history.
MZ has never been a friend of mine in any description.

I do remember the wise words of Richard Poe.

Many of our blogs have grown in size. However, I always maintained loyalty to that core group, unlike MZ. MZ talks a good game, but in my experience it is all talk. The time has come to end our association.

The Merry Widow said...

It might be for the best, but I'm an old MBC type myself, so I'm more at home with that crowd. And you invited me to join after finding me at Bad Eagle. Sooooo, there is a certain loyalty involved!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


American Crusader said...

Why am I always late to the discussion?

American Crusader said...

But I disagree with "We Have No Community".
Obviously I'm a little lost to the details and any form of blackmailing should result in immediate expulsion don't go down this path you seem set on.
No matter how tight there will always be dissension and disagreement. In most cases it's healthy.

Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.

beakerkin said...


A poster named Greg violated my privacy on Freedomnows site. His cohort attempted to blackmail me.

MZ has made the decision to host both these individuals. MZ is aware of what happened. In an ironic twist the entire fight started because I defended MZ who was being called a Nazi at the time by both clods.

MZ has made his choice and I have chosen to sever links. MZ is not and has never been any type of friend of mine.

This is far more serious than John Brown type trolling. MZ seems to find the matter funny. He has also refused polite request to sever the link at his end.

This dust storm is upsetting to some in our community. Neither MZ nor I would ever make our friends choose blogs.

Why MZ seems intent on prolonging this is known only to MZ?

Anonymous said...

I hope we ALL make it to Embassy Suites in Virginia on May 25/26. This will be an event to remember (IF we have everyone show up)!!!!!!

Can you imagine happy hour??

Always On Watch Two said...

I'll be there!

nanc said...

we do have community!

I PESTERED YOU FOR HOURS?!? you dished it right back, buddy!

i don't bend easily with the willows when my forest is in trouble...

beakerkin said...


I always thought we did. However, MZ has his own agenda and really is concerned with MZ. A member of the community would have handled the situation differently.

The situation is over. MZ wants to be a baby and keep the link fine. None of his comments or any of his cronies like KL will be posted here.

Steve I will try to be there.

The_Editrix said...

I still would like who Gert is. That's the one who called me a Nazi, right?

beakerkin said...


Gert is indeed the one that called you a Nazi on

I will go home and find the exact time. Do know Freedomnow trashed Gert. I was not present at the time.

Gert has also trashed Jeff Bargholtz, Nanc, TMW, Mr Beamish and others on that site.

He starts to cry as soon as he gets a taste of his own medicine.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Guess we'll give Gert his own medicine on MZ's site as necessary, without you.

Lord, I tried...

beakerkin said...

Mr B

MZ wants peace on his site and I respect it. Gert is a loathsome individual, but MZ feels for whatever reason needed.

If he opens his mouth let him have it.

Anonymous said...

Beaker,don't you go any where! Never give up the fight,never. You want me here more often;you got it.In any case,keep on keeping on and don't give in to these fecking trolls. J"Mac.

beakerkin said...


Thanks for your support and I have always been proud of the community
that I am a member of. I am really not bothered by trolls.

I regret any association I have had with MZ. MZ is a self centered
individual and has no regard for the community. He thinks attemted blackmail and violation of privacy are funny. I just hope it never happens to him.

Always On Watch Two said...

Steve I will try to be there.

:) :) :)

Elmer's Brother said...


bad day in the insurgent neigborhood.

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The operation, conducted from Jan. 4 to 13, occurred south of Balad Ruz in the Turki Village, Tuwilla and 30 Tamuz areas of the province. During the operation, U.S. Army and Iraqi soldiers isolated and defeated a terrorist group known as “The Council,” Col. David W. Sutherland, commander of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, told reporters via satellite connection from a news conference in Iraq.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2007 – Coalition forces killed 16 terrorists and detained 18 others in Iraq this week, military officials said, and troops discovered multiple weapons caches.
In Iraq yesterday, soldiers from the 3rd Iraqi Army Division, with coalition advisors, detained three suspected members of an insurgent cell during operations in the village of Ibrat As Saghirah in northern Iraq. The insurgent cell with links to al Qaeda in Iraq is responsible for coordinating and carrying out mortar and small arms attacks against Iraqi civilians, military officials said.

nanc said...

i must mention this here?:

i do not like hitlery clintoonyloons and do not want her as a member of this community. she shows up and i'm off like a bra in a drive in - you hear me, beak?

Warren said...

Beak is right, He was attacked by Greg for defending MZ.

Greg, then committed an act of dishonor by using private information he gleaned from an Email that Beak sent to him and published Beaks first name, Greg then forwarded that Email to Gert who tried to blackmail Beak by threatening to reveal his last name.

I have a feeling if the shoe were on the other foot, MZ would be singing a different tune.

MZ, if you read this, I would like you to think about this scenario.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm an honorable person and cannot be bought. I do the right thing even when its not in my own self interest.

You sent me an Email by mistake and it contained a lot of personal information. The why's of the situation are unimportant. The point is, this is factually accurate and I have a copy of that Email, buried, on my computer. (I keep copies of all my Email). If you think back, you might recall, I forwarded that Email to whom it was intended.

Now, suppose I were a few screws short and published your first name on my blog then forward that message to Gert who decided to blackmail you?

I wouldn't have any price to pay but the derision of my community and my own self respect.

Would it be so funny then?

beakerkin said...


MZ has always been about MZ. He has never thought of our community or his friends. He knew what the situation was and I can reproduce posts where he is chiding me for talking to Greg who was calling him Hitler.

The_Editrix said...

Beak, Gert is living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, but I somehow think he is not English. Very unlikely with a name like Gert Meyers, plus the views he expresses at his own blog are heavily weighed down by all the typical Eurabian (a term he detests) clich├ęs. I'd say he is Dutch or German.

Not that it matters much, but the eerie deja vu one experiences when seeing a blog that is allegedly about "the Internet itself, period!" and then contains mainly anti-American and Islam-apologetic posts reeks -- Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum -- of the blood of an Eurotrash man, not a Brit.

Why he has "Hear O Israel" in his blogroll is beyond me -- yet.

The_Editrix said...

I don't know whether it complies with the (American) legal definition of blackmail to threaten to reveal a person's name. It wouldn't with the German, at least not per se (I think).

However, I always thought that it is not very wise to insist on total Internet anonymity, because it is practically unsustainable over any length of time, because -- yes -- it subjects you potentially to blackmail and because the assholes will gloat once they have cracked it.

Get a Weimaraner, Beak, and tell everybody who you are.

The_Editrix said...

Who or what is MZ? (Just trying to understand the discussion!)

beakerkin said...

MZ is the blogger who runs a site beloved by many in our community.
The sie is MZ is a Kahanist and presents a pro Isreal view point.

Most of the core group of bloggers in this community are ex-moonbat central posters. Warren and I were Bad Eagle expatriates and we met many people that formed the nuclues of this community Mr Beamish, Nanc, TMW are all part of this group.

Over time our ranks were joined by
new friends like AOW, Brooke, Felis, Elemrs Brother, Rob Bayn and many others. The rupture between two of the key members of the community myself and MZ is upsetting to our blog family.

MZ has chosen to side with people who called him a neonazi many times
rather than the man who defended him. I chose to walk away and severed the link in a move that apparently rankles MZ far more than he lets on. He was here seven times yesterday.

I disagree with you about the specifics in this case. Greg was admitted into our commmunity and performed the unpardonable violating a trust. He has proven unworthy of acceptance. Moreover, he has not even appologized and accepted what he did was wrong.

The blackmail threat from Gert was more extensive than that. He threatened a whole string of Mass emails stating my name ethnicity
and position as a law enforcement officer to my email address and blog.

Gert is an odious creep who is also a homosexual. He writes under the alias Beakerpoop and has an unhealthy interest in my equipment.

The Merry Widow said...

Editrx-I usually ignore most trolls, they are nasty and counterproductive. But I did weigh in on Freedom Now's blog where this was occurring. Beaker as a law enforcement officer has family he needs and wants to protect, it isn't his own safety he's so concerned about, but their's! I know men, and they are very protective of those who mean a lot to them.
Greg was childish and needed a spanking, gert is nasty and vicious, think rabid dog!
MadZ didn't act to protect his blog from particularlly nasty trolls; i.e. gert, john brown, and john brown's alter egos who were also making criminal threats against another bloggers children! They are vicious, perverted, profane and obscene. I for one didn't care to post with such filth, and MadZ took forever to ban even one, who kept coming back and was not permanently removed! I don't like to have to wade through sewage to make a remark...


nanc said...

different people have different blog rules and i know madzionist would NEVER out even a troll. he is trustworthy and probably finds all this childishness appalling.

if this is indeed a community, who's rules to we live by? mine? yours?

there is not a SINGLE person in this COMMUNITY i haven't gone to bat for - not one.

if i have a personal beef with a FRIEND i go to them in private. that is how you test a friendship. i've had to apologize to a few for bad behavior - ask my fern, tmw and a couple of others.

not one of us holds THE blog rule standard - there is none.

madze is a very forgiving man and all this backbiting is unbecoming. let this incident die. moonbats are watching.

The_Editrix said...

"Gert is an odious creep who is also a homosexual. He writes under the alias Beakerpoop and has an unhealthy interest in my equipment."


TMW: Well, then we can only hope that Beak's anonymity is waterproof.

beakerkin said...


MZ is bothered by this more than he lets on. He was here several times and has kept my link out of spite.His tone is fairly easy to read. Many of us sometimes take their oldest friends for granted and he clearly did.

Ironically the only person who can break the deadlock is Greg. If Greg is " a changed man" as MZ and KL claim he needs to take responsability for his actions. Let him come here and say it was a inexusable error and the story is finnished.

Gert is a serperate matter and he needs to appologize to a range of people starting with the Editrix, Bargholtz and Mr Beamish. Then he needs to go away.

nanc said...

if he is here, it is because he's affected deeply by this mess, and may have been a better friend than you've imagined him to be.

you give these trolls too much weight and they know it. any apology they'd make would be hollow at best. i would have a hard time accepting wholeheartedly an apology from any one of them.

The_Editrix said...

Well, I personally think Gert can kiss my ass and I don't need an apology from the creep.

I just had a look at the MZ blog. What a pity. It's great in every respect. I'd blogroll it weren't it for one reason which I do not wish to discuss here. I noticed, too, that he has still blogrolled you. Why should he do that out of spite? (You don't need to answer if it bothers you.)

Spats between people who have a lot on common are always sad and counterproductive.

beakerkin said...


MZ and KL seem to honestly believe Greg has changed. MZ has placed alot of faith in this. If Greg has really changed he needs to own up what he has done. This goes beyond trolling.

I disagree about MZ. MZ has never once treated me like a friend. I went to bat for him countless times and he has never lifted a finger. He lifts a finger only for those people who called him Hitler many times.

Even John Brown never got the lecture I got. He carried the pedophile routine for more than six months.

beakerkin said...


Gert is interested in my posterior more than yours. MZ finally removed the link and that was my wish.

nanc said...

editrix? madze and beak have been on much of the same pages for the last couple of years. both blogs are extremely worthy with the exception of all these girly-boy fights!

they'll either mend their ways or they won't.

beakerkin said...


MZ has a great blog and I defended him even yesterday when Ducky dumped on him.

This matter is more serious than trolling.

Obviously MZ is bothered by this as he placed up a post and refused to sever links. If he weren't bothered he'd cut the links and wish me well.

Let MZ wish me well sever the link
and be done with it.

nanc said...

does he also need to return all the engagement presents?

The Merry Widow said...

So, I gather the wedding is now called off?


nanc said...

what about the children?

The Merry Widow said...

And I was so counting on attending the bris!


beakerkin said...

Nanc TMW

There is no common ground. MZ is a good person, but one who really was never any type of friend. We traveled in the same community and that is about all.

I hope he values your friendship and proves worthy of it. It isn't a huge concern of mine. Let him enjoy himself with Greg, Gert or whomever.

The incedent is in my past and the chapter is over. I no longer have a desire to associate with MZ or KL and that crew. I have turned my back and walked away.

Let them live in their own space
and I have mine. If he is under a delusion that I will walk through the door it is mistaken. The door is closed the episode is over.

MZ was never my friend and he only worries about MZ. Our community can handle this and will adjust.

nanc said...

that is not true, beak. i know that is not true.

he has valued all our friendships. you will both meet in the doorway sometime. i'm confident of that.

you forget he's had school, a job, a wife and two little ones since you two first met and began running into one another - in doorways beak. he also has a faith which he is married to.

if you are slighted because he's overlooked an issue YOU have, you may wish to put yourself in his shoes.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Nanc gets the "Thank you for saying so Beamish didn't have to" award today.

The_Editrix said...


Gert is interested in my posterior more than yours. MZ finally removed the link and that was my wish.

Well Beaky, he must have removed the link quite some time ago because I couldn't find it. That was why I thought I was looking at the wrong place.

However, it's not a very good idea to make pointed accusations and then have the proof removed, don't you think? (Rhetoric question!)

But whatever!