Saturday, January 20, 2007

Entertainment and the blogosphere

Far left types do not understand markets or consumer behavior. One of the things that amaze me is the lack of understanding about the blogosphere itself. There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there on every subject. However, a good blog gives you a reason to return weekly or daily.

I have no shortage of detractors and even had two blogs dedicated to my satire. Both are ham handed as far left types have no skill at genuine comedic satire. I think John Brown gets better ratings spoofing me than his boring predictable blog would otherwise get.

Far left types do not want to even read their own blogs because for the most part they are a bore. Thus we have Weazie with five boring blogs complaining weekly about this site. I do not visit Weazie or even care about his posts. He hasn't the social skills for interesting repartee and his posts are mostly cut and paste long winded bore. Ducky doesn't have a blog, it might be interesting to see who would visit his site other than me. We have the so called expert at how to "Develop Your Web Presence" who doesn't get more than one or two commens. He also is too lazy to write original content and he visits daily.

This blog draws much of its style from Mark Levin and Bob Grant. Part of the problem with many on the far left is that they seldom play defense at all. Thus a deranged person like John Brown can rant and rave and most people will yes him to death to shut him up. People tend to avoid rabid dogs and mentally unstable people. Brown can rant and rave about Vanilla Sam and the plantation all while worshiping a variety of drug dealers and spouting off zany 9-11 conspiracy theories and most people will ignore it.

We do not ignore idiocy here and we do not cater to the deranged. We handle dissent mostly in the nature it is presented. MZ and I disagree often, but it is a respectful disagreement. I do not coddle anti-history, conspiracy theories, utopians and racial power nuts. I see the racial power nuts mostly on Bad Eagle as few have shown up here. Uptown Steve is a Marcuse victims rights nuts who doesn't bother to read the text book.

One of the amazing complaints of the far left critics is that we are entertainment focused. A blog that is not read serves no purpose at all. We get our message across
and have a fun time doing it. Some of you think that in actuality I hate Ducky. There are pople I do loathe but Ducky is not one of them. I make my point and when the post is finnished it over.

Many of you think that a person who loves art and film and poses as a man of the people can not be a bigot. It is easier seen with a rabid dog like John Brown calling Native Americans Sambos and Jooos Nazis. Brown is more mental patient than Marxist and there is often plenty of overlap between the two. We have seen the Duck call a world respected author and educator a "Shoah Pimp". We have seen the Duck call Condi Rice " Aunt Jemimah". The Duck isn't exceptional in that there is and always will be a certain element of the left that is hateful. We are used to the stereotype "Archie Bunker" bigot. Yet there is also an unhinged deranged left that is out of its mind.

I do read some very far left blogs and not all far left types are hateful, certainly not Jams and some of the others. I was reading a blog who shall be nameless that wrote a post about the political views of porn actress Nina Hartley as a serious subject. Hartley is a far left nutjob who proclaims herself a Jew but no zionist. The fairly deranged posters of this blog seized upon that as a relevation or symbol of courage. Excuse me I do not take the political views of celebrities seriously those of porn stars are no exception. The episode stands out as an example of the obsession the far left has with Joooos and Israel.

One can delude themselves with a myth that I can post long winded discertations and that people will sit back and read chapter size post. If you want to have a lively blog respect your readers and remember less is more.

Beamish in 08


Always On Watch Two said...

I realize that I need to learn how to trim down my posts. I think I'm going to have to go to Part I, Part II, Part III, etc.

I know, I know. Long-winded women! I'm one of them.

beakerkin said...


Your blog is among the three best I read in no order.

1 Freedomnow
3 Possum very under rated.

Honarble mention
a Jason Pappas
b Mark Alexander

Most Fun Hands down

Mr Beamish

Vastly Under rated

American Crusader
The Editrix

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Okay Beak, before we go any further, I just gotta know...

How in the hell did you get the Huffington Post blog to get on the Ducky bashing bandwagon?

Farmer John said...

You definitely have the best satire blogs EVER!

beakerkin said...

I am only sorry we can not dredge up Uptown Steve for the next post.
I am going to discus how Rudy Guiliani became mayor of NYC.

He gets very animated over the topic.

Always On Watch Two said...

Thank you. But I do run on. I have a terrible time posting at TAB, where posts are limited to 250 words.

Warren is going to help me learn how to do extended posts. No, not longer ones! But ones with the "Read more" option. I want to trim down my front page.

Beak rules with his satires. But I'm going to try one next week--education being the topic.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

That isn't me. I am sure the usual suspect will be out in force.

Always On Watch Two said...

Off topic....Way back when, I saved a list of problems with Hillary running for Prez. At least, I THINK I saved it. I'll have to hunt through some of my files. If I find it, I'll post it--with proper attribution, of course.

beakerkin said...

AOW that list was with running for Senator. Some of those points are NY Centric.

I may just do an updated version after the road to City Hall and Rudy.

Always On Watch Two said...

Yes, the list was NY centric. But I posted it anyway. Most of the items on the list pertain, IMO.

After all, jumping into the race for President opens up the candidates' pasts.

If and when you post an update, I'll link to it.

American Crusader said...

Thanks for the mention..I've stated several times that I thought this was easily one of the best blogs going particularly because of it's original content.
In my experience, most far left blogs ARE hate filled rants filled with delusional conspiracy theories. If you know of any that contradict my description, I'd be interested in checking them out.

beakerkin said...


I like Jams ODonnel at He is on the left but an idealist as opposed to Ducky's dogma and hate.

I am a different animal myself closer to Possum or Freedomnow than commonly assumed.

We treat dissent in the manner it is presented. When Jams is anti Death penalty or against the Iraq War he does not rail Bush=Hitler or insane conspiracy theories. I treat his dissent differently because he doesn't present a Disneyfied portrait of our enemy.

I disagree with him on several things but he is a decent fellow. I am concerned about his naming his cats after Brittish media figures and he has a section of plants doing the unmentionable. Plants are just in reproductive overdrive and involve other species.

Diversity Project said...

Is this place for entertainment?
Or are you just another capitalist afraid of Moslems?
Can you not see the future for you that is coming.
You and your friends spend all your time writing about your fantasies but you hide behind your keyboard.
What will you do when the socialist revolution reaches America. Chavez is knocking on your door now.

Anonymous said...

I been labeled a far left or liberal blogger many times, but I take pride in the fact that in a matter of days I was accused of supporting Islamic terrorism and hating Muslims.

Beak, it's been my experience the far left and far right just don't like people who don't drink the kool aide they dish up. I don't fit on either side, because I have this strange ability to think for myself and develop real opinions.

beakerkin said...

Rob you have evolved in many ways as well. I remember when Robert Lindsay was explaining how Stalin saved lives, the reaction of Justin and myself.

Part of the problem is that many times far left people like a Ducky or a 167 will masquerade as a Liberal and they really aren't. I remember the priceless Tookie Williams diatribe. A nameless commenter claimed the US is the worst country in the world because Tookie Williams got the death penalty. This person went on to claim Iranian elections and justice were fairer than their US counterparts.

Peversity project you need better reading skills. This is where your kind are self actualized as comedic props. I have no mercy for your kid and Rios Montt and Pinochet had the right idea. Do onto others before Commies commit class genocide on you.

I am an unabashed Capatalist and you are an imbecile. People vote with their feet to get away from your workers paradise. Chavez like all others will fail as one can not reinvent the wheel.

Why would I be afraid of Muslims? They allready blew me up twice and I am still hear. Lets see those kids in Beslan were killed by people chanting "Pass the copy of Mother Jones". One can find decent Mulims but I do not sugarcoat their historic crimes and maladaptations.

Unlike the decent Muslims there are no decent commies. Now when you step out of line and break the laws of treason and sedition I will be personally happy to prepare the denaturalization and deportation papers. How about a nice trip to Kim Jong Mentally Ill one way and bring plenty of condiments. Your fellow commies might use them when the workers get a decent meal. Does rat with Safron and Nutmeg appeal to you, it will.

Always On Watch Two said...

Crusader said, In my experience, most far left blogs ARE hate filled rants filled with delusional conspiracy theories.

Key word = most

Mr. Ducky said...

I'm sorry I forget to congratulate Beak for the progress he made yesterday.

Comparing Elie Wiesel to Yasser Arafat... even I wouldn't have gone that far but it;s good to see that Beak is starting to think.

American Crusader said...

I was looking through your site meter. You will recognize me as from Milford, Massachusetts even though I live in N. Westchester County NY. Why? I have no idea but I recognize my IP address. I did not see DP IP's address...even though I'm sure it's from Pennsylvania.
Maybe I was wrong(?), but I don't think so.

The Merry Widow said...

AC-I was wondering who was viewing from Milford! Nice to see you "drop in" every once in a while. Stop and have a glass of iced tea, I know in this weather it's probably hot coffee, I can do that! LOL!
Now I do stop in a Beaker's with my cuppa joe, helps me wake up!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


jamsodonnnell said...

Ha Beakerkin I will have you know ALL of my plants are modest and full of plantly virtue! Thanks for your view of the Poor Mouth. Unlike some bloggers I welcome dissenting comments (the most regular commenter is a conservative christian).

I have just added you to my Blogroll