Sunday, January 28, 2007

Beakerkin 1001 For readers of Sonia's blog

Regular readers are encouraged not to read this post. It is intended for the newer
readers who have been visiting.

This blog is part of a larger community of friends who have their roots in Moonbat Central. I tend to be more secular and liberal than most of the community. However, this blog seldom ventures into domestic social policy. If I did it would put most of us to sleep. Healthcare costs, insurance reform and business policy would probably put everyone to sleep including me.

I will give a short bio so that you have a frame of reference. I am a patriotic American of Jewish heritage. My family is religious and I love and respect their choice. My frame of reference is honor and it is a colder starker outlook. This outlook was formed over years of contact with Sicilians.

I am a college graduate and I worked in many industries from selling steel to the Hotel industry. I spent the bulk of my career in the fashion industry in the logistics side. Sometimes I worked for the companies, sometimes I worked for the trucking companies and sometimes with the chain stores. A logistics man in the fashion industry is often the Abbot in a world of Costellos on Prozac. However unlike Costello my coworkers in the fashion trade were no loveable. Most would cut your throat for a nickel.

I have always been anti-communist as far as I can remember. I do not share associations with Communists even on the rare times we agree on an issue. My family is from the Polish/Ukranian region and we have seen Nazism and Communism up close and personal. The history of Communism itself is rife with reason enough for the sane to be anti-communist. A pattern of lies and deception has spanned my life with the familiar "the Rosenbergs were innocent" or the classic " the American Communist Party was independent of Moscow" and so forth.

I am an eyewitness to 9-11 and I was one of many who fled North. It wasn't the first time I had also been on hand February 26, 1993 for the other explosion. I am quite annoyed at the far left conspiracy freaks whose diabolical bigotries have gone into overdrive. These conspiracy freaks call people like myself cowards and insult the memory of the brave firemen whose haunting dutiful looks remain with me in dreams. These conspiracy freaks also insult the memory of those who died just because they went to work in the wrong place. A native New Yorker is a different breed and random
commutes can turn into high dram like a drive by shooting, industrial accidents, brutal crimes. A person of my ilk would not be disturbed by a dissheveled insane type leaping to their demise from a tall building. Seeing scores of well dressed people holding hands and exploding on the sidewalk is another story.

While my city lay attacked an unusual stench pervaded the air for weeks. My Uncle who was a Holocaust survivor used to talk about the smell. I always thought he was nuts but in the days after 9-11 the stench lingered over my appartment. Most of NYC was wondering who we knew who was no longer with us. The initial estimates were 15,000 dead and ranged up to 30,000. Almost everyone in NYC has a WTC connection and travel to the site was frequent.

Amidst the haunting smell of evil a surreal site took place in Union Square. In the distance trucks were moving debris from the scene. Rescue workers tried to unearth victims but four miles away the Communist knifed America in the back that Saturday after 9-11. Thousands of Commies gathered in Union Square Park and held a Nuremberg style hatefest. They blamed everyone for 9-11 except the actual perpetrators. Mostly they blamed the Jews and Israel. At that moment I had lost it and was prepared to do battle. I told my girlfriend to go and I would meet her at home. She touched my cheek and said " I am not going home without you". She obviously read my expressions quite well as it is very rare for me to be angry. She repeated the line and knew that my duty was to be at home.

The media had an orgy over some stupid comments by Falwell blaming 9-11 on gays. The media said absolutely nothing about 3,000 bigoted Commies blaming Big Oil, Neocons, the CIA, Likud, Mossad, Zionists, Jooooos and oddly Larry Silverstein for the events
of 9-11. Communists had knifed America in the back not far from Ground Zero while the buildings were still burning and the media said nothing. I became a reborn Cold Warrior and I will remain one for the remainder of my days or all of the sons of treason are planted.

In reality Communism in NYC is more a product of a cult and mental illness than a threat. In order to be a communist one has to toss history, economics and logic to the trash heap in order to buy the idiocy of the party line. The sons of treason infest our univerities via the Old Bolshevik network. Criminal Terrorism, Fake Native Americans wearing sunglasses, clowns teaching melanin theory and Joooooos ( a beakerkinism) calling Holocaust survivors liars and placing 6,000,000 in quotes are all hired because they are part of the Old Bolshevik Club.

Many of you read and see me slap around the Duck. This is all business and I do not consider the Duck an enemy. He has far more honor than some who agree with me, but the Duck has off the wall opinions. We do not present Disneyfied versions of Islamic history and culture here. Dissent is handled in the matter it is presented.

There are some other odd Beakerisms. We joke about golf, plaid, roadkill, cheap booze, over sexed plants with unhealthy alternative lifestyles and evil gourds. There are just somethings that are funny like green jello and the Detroit Lions.
Other items that do pop up are odd films like Superfly and dreadful music such as Barry Manilow.

I hope this helps newer readers.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Does this mean I have to explain why you support me for President even though everything I want would make everyone to the left of Ghengis Khan upset?

beakerkin said...

You may have to explain that one Mr B. we are having a series of guest. They must see the Ducky abuse and get nervous.

Anonymous said...

The Lions are not funny, sad would be the correct word!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Okay.. Beamishism in a nutshell:

if the government is spending money on anything that does not ensure that either mail or bombs get to wherever they're sent, it's operating outside its Constitutional authority.

Esther said...

Beakerkin 1001 seemed to sum everything up, Beak! Great job!!!! :) And thanks for the invite over has been crazy with my move and I miss you all so much. Rock on and enjoy all the new visitors! You all will learn a lot from beak so pay close attention! :)

beakerkin said...


You have no idea how much I am cheered by your visit. Many of us miss you. If you look on Thursday we just did an amazing interview with Batya of Shiloh Musings.


I stand corrected.

Mr B

That sums things up.

nanc said...

was that a drive-by esther?

Always On Watch Two said...

Esther??? Long time!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I don't care what any of you say. Ester has the sexiest knuckles on the internet.

nanc said...

you and your knuckle affliction, beamish...reminds me of nancpop and his for women with svelte yet buff arms...that and legs that go all the way up and make an arse of themselves...

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I can't help myself Nanc. Esther could punch me in the mouth anytime!