Sunday, January 21, 2007

Rudy's Path to the Mayors Office part 2

The events that I am describing may only be recalled by Jason Pappas and Urban Infidel. In the end of the Koch years and the Dinkins era NYC was in decline. Its decline was hastened by a coalition of racial arsonists and Communists. Even Liberals like my own father and mother had enough after Crown Heights and voted for Rudy despite Bill Clinton claiming this was racist. My father is less charitable in his recolection of Dinkins, than I am.

In 1990 there was a black Boycott of Koreans stores because a woman alleged she was mistreated. The boycott went on for months and focused on one store The Red Apple in Flatbush. After media pressure led by Breindel Mayor Dinkins went in personally and made a purchase. Bob Grant on WABC radio was also very vocal on this story.

April 26 1990 Where is the Outrage

Breindel describes the anti-Korean protests in Flatbush that lasted for four months.
The protesters threaten other businesses that do not pay protection money with similar boycotts and protests. The leader is Sonny Carson who asserts that he is not anti-semitic, he is anti white. A brave Haitian American minister attempts to mediate the dispute and receives death threats. " Don't buy from people who don't look like us". This slogan could have been lifted from Nazi- Germany or the KKK. The NYT is silent on this story as Black racists do not fit the Marcuse based victims pyramid. Dinkins appoins a fact finding commision while the racist intimidation continues. The Dinkins administration attempts to negotiate with the protestors and fails.

May 17, 1990

The boycott is still going on but lawyers for the Korean Grocers association get a restraining order against the protestors. The police do nothing as they are at a loss as to how to enforce the order. The police rather than enfore the order elect to study it.

Eventually the boycott ends when Mayor Dinkins personally goes into the store and buy items.

The Waterloo of the Dinkins administration was Crown Heights. Dinkins was elected on the hope that he could bring the city together. The racial arsonists and their communist allies undermined an indecisive man who surrounded himself with lousy advisors and administrators. For three days an anti-semitic pogrom took place in Crown Heights while NYP did nothing. Angry black mobs chanting " Heil Hitler" and "Get the Jews" smashed windows of Jewish homes and beat eighty Jews. Two people were killed including Yankel Rosenbaum and an Italian man with a beard who was mistaken for a Chasidic Jew. Allegedy far left author and nut Jimmy Breslin had his pants stolen by the mob at Crown Heights, obviously they must have been Bugle Boys.

Ctd in Part 3


Farmer John said...

A love trilogies...

The Merry Widow said...

I was dealing with an ADHD toddler and new baby and a husband being laid off! BUT I remember this whole thing, not the details but both the boycott, which struck me as off-kilter, and the rioting through Crown Heights! That was a sick piece of racism based on nothing! I never could discover what set them off on the Jews living in CH! Whatever it was, left a bad taste in my mouth, and I really have no desire to visit NYC, and after all the mishandling of crimes there...I have no desire to put my life at risk.


Urban_Infidel said...

Everyone knew that Dinkins was the Mayor of Tennis.

Which is why I voted for Rudy 3 times much to the chagrin of all my lefty friends.