Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A post for non regular readers especially those abroad

I am always amazed at the number of far left types who come here every day. Most of you do not comment and it is just as well. For the record there are only two banned posters, one semi banned and one we asked to leave.

John Brown was banned because of spam. If he wanted to return his behavior afterwards ensured it is a lifetime ban,

Gertrude Myers criminal behavior earns lfetime ban.

Uptown Steve is allowed one or two on topic posts, Never ever have more comments than the host daily,

Greg was asked to leave as I tire of childish attention needy stunts. Moreover, his complicity and endorsemet in the criminal behavior with Gert has proven he is a shady charachter, He was offered the chance to appologize even though there are times an appology is insufficient and refused. On top of all else he is a moron.

All other comments are posted so long as they are not annonymous and I can identify
the blogger

Many of you come from states where there is a far left media monoculture and this is your loss. In the absence of competition you have grown lazy and weak. If you do see someone who disagrees they are apologetic.

This blog is an entertainment based fast paced site influenced in style by talk radio. I do not post longwined dissertation as there would be no readers. I post fire and vinegar unless I am in interview mode or am doing a book review. When I am doing an interview my role is that of a host who is looking to get intersting answers
on subjects we seldom discuss. If I were in fire and vinegar modenobody would want to sit for an interview and the feature would flop. I also host cyber roasts in a similar manner. One of the reasons I will never interview John Brown is that he is a predictable boor and other than what medications are you on and why were you arrested again there isn't anything there.

Many of you do not understand why I loathe commies. I can give you 100,000,000 reasons but class genocide, treason and theft are not things I favor. Communists are traitors and deserve all the abuse I can dish out. You are no better than Nazis and should be handled in the same manner one handles a scorpion.

I am glad that you read daily. As far leftist your ability for actual learning is impaired. Some may candy coat your terminal idiocy, just not me.

Beamish in 08


Anonymous said...

OK wait i'm suppose to be entertained?

Boy did i miss something there.

Are you really shocked that you draw so many leftist with constant topics about communism and such?

That would be like being shocked that writing about Nazi's would make racist rednecks show up.

In all seriousness though, sometimes i think your writing in some sort of Jewish code word that my simple minded self just can't conceive.

I do like your blog, despite trying to be like talk radio, since i think talk radio is a load of horse manure.

beakerkin said...


This blog has always had an entertainment first orientation. I am not here to give long winded posts on topics nobody wants to read about.

I never intended for my blog to become an international blog with the exception of a couple of cool Canadians Elijah & Otter, Felis in Oz and Mark Alexander in the UK. The vast majority of international readers who come here daily are far left types.

I have no problem with them being here. The probability of them learning anything is near zero. In reality when I am in host mode I put up with quite a bit. It is very hard to get banned on this site.

I also wanted to state my censorship policy.

American Crusader said...

I went to John Brown and simply asked him to refrain from making personal attacks against other posters and so far he has done so. He can attack my positions and opinions which are diametrically opposed all day for all I care.
His use of sarcasm is at times fairly witty.

nanc said...

who you callin' abroad?

morning, beak.

jams o donnell said...

Ach It s far too long since I've been back here. You pay me a compliment by visiting the Poor Mouth and commenting. I should return the compliment more often.