Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Is Obama's past drug usage relevant

The media has some funny hangups. There were rumors about George W Bush's past problems with drinking. Some have offered with no evidence that he had a cocaine problem.We had stories on the subject and Bush was asked. The media still has not gotten around to asking Bill Clinton who had the same rumors of coke usage. In fact he has never been seriously questioned about the I smoked but didn't inhale or I did this in the UK lie.

The darling of the media Barak Obama has apparently admitted he used cocaine in High School and Colllege. Now Ducky will point to Rush Limbaugh who is an entertainer and perscription drug abuse is a different subject. Limbaugh is not running for President and Obama is. The truth is that this does not matter to me. Obama's problem are shared by many and is less troublesome than other foibles. Will Hilary cast a stone at Obama in light of her numerous corruption issues? How about Ted from Chapaquidick or the traitor Gomer Kerry? How about joining the KKK in your youth or running a brothel from your townhouse. How about a wife who mysteriously gets a job as a college President and gets paid six figures for questionable campaign work? How about questionable campaign contributions from Budhist Monks? How about using junk science in court rooms to line your pockets or chasing ambulances?

Whatever Obama's problems were they are nowhere near as serious as the majority of Democrats. Let Obama answer a few questions and the subject be finnished. Obama unlike Hilary or Bill does not need or desire the kid glove treatment.

Obama's problems in any rational account are far less serious than his peers. Prior drug use is less offensive than personal corruption or being an ambulance haser. There are plenty of reasons to take issue with Obama, such as his ideas and far left agenda. Obama's personal foibles are far less then that of his peers.


The Merry Widow said...

Or the issue of his being a closet mohammadin! I take exception to that! In a country founded on Judeo-Christian values, a mohammadin is a slap in the face. Because those values are so contrary.
Ask about his middle name!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Mr. Ducky said...

No, I'll point to George "Chucklenuts" Bush and his use of Colombian Sinus Medication.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

One day someone's going to ask a prospective Presidential candidate if he's ever smoked marijuana and he's going to reply "Hell, I'm high right now."

beakerkin said...

Bush has been asked and no evidence of his drug addiction has ever been put forward. There was plenty of evidence of Bill Clinton having a serious problem with cocaine but he was never asked.

The charge of Bush being a cokehead is one of the many PC idiocies espoused by commies. Lets see indigenous people should have rights except when they are Jews. Communism works and the body counts are just high because you don't understand nuance. The real danger to this planet comes from Randoids and Kahanists. The classic Bush equals Hitler and Condi is aunt Jemimah. Jews who support Israel are " shoa pimps".
From the dumbass who visited the real aparthied kingdom to study caligraphy "Israel is the aparthied state". John Kerry did not commit treason by meeting with the NVA in Paris while a member of the US Naval reserve. Ted Kennedy did not commit man slaughter at Chapaquidick. The charges about Barney Brothel were trumped up due to right wing homophobes. Being a KKK member is a youthful indescretion. Charlie Rangel is not weak on communism because he praises Castro at every opportunity.

Shall we add any more stupidity to the Passion of the Poultry.

Left wingers can use homophobic terms like fudge packers because we are above bigotry.You sound like a red redneck who has spent too much time watching film and not enough in reality.

Da Weaz said...

Beaker still runnin' this propaganda site for morons? Clinton on coke, Bush not? Puh-leeze. Moron Beaker needs to stick his head in an oven, and turn on the gas.


beakerkin said...

Da Moron wisits again with his low class musings. In fact there are plenty of credible alegations of Bill Clintons cocaine usage. The statements of the State Troopers do seem to clearly point in this direction. Bill Clinton has also never been asked about the rape of Juanita Broderick. There is far more evidence of the Broderick rape than any indiscretion of Clarence Thomas. The media has its own agenda.

There is no evidence that Bush had anything more serious than an alcohol problem. The matter has been investigated and Bush has been asked.

When have the Clintoons been asked about anything?

Weazie keep dreaming about your blog. The only time you get comments is if I visit.It seems even Socrasleeze find you a bore.

We are not paid to put up with your delusions of granduer. Back to the Finnish mental health facility. What night is tapioca night? If you are a good psycho do they give you an extra portion.

Anonymous said...

Research Bill Clinton's favorite cocaine dealer Dan Lasater if you ever want to know how much blow you've got to toot to think appointing a dental hygienist to the National Security Advisor position is a good idea.

77 drug dealers pardoned by Bill Clinton. All of which were friends, family, and fundraisers for Clinton.

Anonymous said...

(Mr. Beamish posting anonymously while the techies at Blogger screw something else up)

Anonymous said...

I see Weaz still dreams of sticking Jews in ovens.

Anonymous said...

There is plenty of Evidence that Bush has lost some brain cells, somewhere, it's all speculation whether Bush used cocaine or not, as it is, but that goes for anyone in politics, like Bush puts to rest this idea of Evolution, the very fact he looks like a monkey, says we could have not evolved that much, and than look at Kerry, i'm convinced his Mother had immoral relations with a Horse during her pregnancy with him.

Let us be fair and honest, Mistakes people have made in their past, should not hold them down, I'm sure if we all take a moment and look at ourselves, we will see things we have done that we are not proud of, but we have also moved on from it, as has Bush from his addictions, although Clinton has yet to be able to stop that addiction to Fat Chicks.

Obama will be demonized by the far right, as they make up things about him, to stroke their own GOP ego and agenda, and Democrats will blindly follow whoever is anti-war and pro-baby killing.

We should focus more on where people stand on issues, not Political Pundit made up "Controversies", and not what a person did in their Past.

Brooke said...

I think the only question applicable is if Obama is clean now, and has he been clean for a long enough time to make him acceptable to the American public.

Funny how it seems that libbies are full of sympathy for a Democratic addict, but unforgiving of someone on the right who has dried out.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

I am glad you caught that ovens bit. Weazie then wonders why people call him an anti-semite.

See if you can get today's NY Post political cartoon. It has a drawing of the Statue of Liberty in a gas mask. It would seem this is a great campaign stunt by Team Beamish.

Anonymous said...

I think its' time we require legislators, executives and judges to pass random drug screening tests...

We're not talkin' steroids, here.


Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, just for you

Anonymous said...

Leave it up to Leftist to Canada to take a Wholesome show like Little House on the Praire and turn it into a leftist crap show like that.

Mr. Ducky said...

Have you seen it ?

Is it subversive and filled with mohammidans (sic)?

beakerkin said...

I suppose the Duck is ignorant of the cases of Canadians, Britts and other Western European immigrants being found amongst Al Queda in Afghanistan. Maybe the Duck thinks that terrorists are funny when they live in Western Countries. Maybe next TBS will make a comedy about Ayers and Dorn. According to the Duck communist terrorism in the USA with the rationale of the Vietnam war is no big deal either.

Dorn and Ayers should be tried for treason. However, if they explain who hired them they should be spared the death penalty and merely deported to North Korea.

Terrorism is not funny to someone who has been there twice. Maybe it wouldn't be funny to you if it was an ACLU or a Code Pinko office blown up, but it isn't funny to the rest of us.

beakerkin said...


I would like to see a film that portrayed the Vietnam Protesters as drug impaired Commie traitors. So far the only movie that has ever shown Vietnam protesters to be vermin was Forrest Gump. The truth is America hated the protestors and most of the books are guilty of revisionism. Unlike some I lived through the era and as a young child applauded construction workers beating the tar out of Commies. In fact the reaction of the crowd was to cheer the construction workers.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, there's an excellent documentary available "The Weather Underground". Rent it or wait till it comes 'round again on PBS.

We focused an enormous manhunt on them and came up virtually empty. Instructive.

beakerkin said...

Actually the Nixon administration was tepid in their pursuit of the vermin. The Ford Administration did not have their hearts in the matter.

The fact thatDorn and Ayers should have been executed. The people responsable for their hiring should be fired and all student loans and grants for their colleges on hold until Ayers and Dorn and the people responsable for their hiring are terminated.

Always On Watch Two said...

What's been going on with Blogger today? I come home from work and couldn't sign in for hours, no matter which way I tried. **sigh**

About "Little Mosque on the Prairie," from this source:

some media have questioned whether the show might insult Islamic fundamentalists -- as did the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad

"Some media"? Which ones might those be?

Also from the above article:

It may not be about 9/11, but it often feels like it. In the first episode, a handsome young Muslim man is dragged by police from an airport line after he barks into his mobile phone: "If Dad thinks that's suicide, so be it. This is Allah's plan for me."

He is talking about his decision to leave his father's Toronto law firm and become the spiritual leader of the small Muslim community in the fictitious prairie town of Mercy.

Humor about Islamic terrorism? That escapes me.

As to Obama's self-proclaimed drug use in the past, I'm not much concerned about it. But maybe he should undergo some piss tests to see if he's still tooting or lighting up.

Were seats on Capitol Hill to be contingent on the occupants not having a history of some kind of substance abuse, we might see a lot of empty seats--on both sides of the aisle.

beakerkin said...


I agree with you on Obama. However, he should explain the circumstances of the drug use.

Ducky seems to think terrorism is funny. He misses the point in that there is a serious problem in Canada with radicals turning up in Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq.

I may do a Beakerkin parody with Ducky as Archie Bunker and with myself playing a legally married Jewish son in law. Uptown Steve will play George Jefforson. We will even kick in Gert as the gay Britt leftwing redneck ala a less afable Bentley. I will make Gloria a religious Christian as well as Edith.

All in the Poultry.

Always On Watch Two said...

I look forward to your next foray into creative writing.

I just found the following buried in a stack of emails:

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is an apostate Muslim. He was educated in
>>> madrassas in Hawaii and Indonesia from an early age, up until high
>>> school.
>>> His natural father and namesake, a Kenyan Muslim, was associated
>>> with one of the most corrupt and violent organizations in Africa,
>>> the Mau Mau of the Kenyatta regime. He divorced Barack's mother when
>>> Barack was two years old, according to Moslem law. Barack's mother
>>> remarried, another Muslim and took Barack to Indonesia, the most
>>> densely populated Islamic country in the world.
>>> When his mother divorced her second Muslim husband, she and Barack
>>> returned to Hawaii where he attended high school.
>>> Later, he attended Columbia University where he majored in
>>> political science then worked for Business International for a year
>>> and then was a community organizer at a Chicago housing project. It
>>> was during his time spent there that Obama joined the Trinity United
>>> Church of Christ.
>>> Obama was a Muslim for over twenty-five years.
>>> In his 1995 memoir, "Dreams from My Father," Obama admits to using
>>> marijuana and cocaine. At one time he ran his credit cards up so
>>> high that the credit card company denied him access to further use
>>> of his card.
>>> He supports homosexual marriage, racial preferences, gun control,
>>> socialized medicine and the absolute right to abortion, including
>>> partial-birth abortions. He is anti-war, voted against the
>>> reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act and opposes the death penalty
>>> and school vouchers,
>>> He has said he loves Jimmy Carter and is the 18th most liberal
>>> member of the Senate, receiving a 100% rating from Americans for
>>> Democratic Action, NARAL Pro-Choice America, National Organization
>>> for Women, the NAACP and the National Education Association.
>>> America will never elect an uber-liberal, apostate Muslim and
>>> self-admitted drug user to the Office of the President of the United
>>> States.

Thought the above might be of interest.

KEvron said...

"Limbaugh is not running for President and Obama is."

pull your facts from your ass, do you?


beakerkin said...


We have a commie stooge with genuine talent. If you are going to be a boor kindly use better material and no crying.

Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer and his drug abuse should be cosidered the same as Matt Lauer or other entertainers. Obama has admitted a serious problem should face the music and be finished with it. Unlike Hilary he seems to not need an army of suck ups. His drug use is not as serious as the Clinton/Gore corruption or being an ambulance chaser.

AOW there are many reasons to be against Obama. However, above all I loathe fake people controled by PR hacks like Hilary. The sadest part is Bush also has this problem.
He does well when he speaks unscripted from the heart like at the WTC, but the spin miesters and insiders got to him. What he was thinking by appointing Vernon Jordan and Jim Baker to any type of commision is beyond me. Vernon Jordan is great at fixing a parking ticket but not much else. Baker is a paid Saudi lobyist and has his own vested interest.

KEvron said...

let me put a finer point on it:

"Obama is."

citations, please, else unhand that defenseless straw man....


beakerkin said...


Lets do this slowly as you are devoid of higher thinking. Being on the far left such as praising NOW or Jimmy Peanut Obama allready has enough ammunition for anyone with a triple digit IQ to oppose.

Obama has admitted a problem and should answer some basic questions about it. His prior drug use is less relevant than Hilary/Gore corruption issues, John Kerry's treason, Ted Kennedy's manslaughter,Byrds junior membership in the KKK or Barney Frank running a brothel out of his town house.

Hilary Clinton calling Obama inexperienced is a joke in itself as Obama had far more experience as a politician than Hilary had. However, you can expect a series of negative stories as Obama surges in the polls. The Clintonista machine will smear Obama, but the far left will blame Republicans. Even Howard Dean blamed the Clintons for the stories about the scream.

Obama has demonstrated the support for Hilary is weak. The question is will her opponents do what is needed to capitalize on it.

kuhnkat said...

Obama's home purchase and consorting with criminals will be plastered through the NYTraitors and other Leftard outlets as soon as Hitlery and team feel it is time to destroy him.

Since that has come out so early I feel fairly certain there are other more interesting stories that will be shopped. They may even be sold to the R's to cover their tracks back to the Clintoon machine!!

I love it when they eat their young!!


kuhnkat said...

Oh, and Little Che Ducklenutz,

at least Bush didn't have a brother caught on a videotape telling a drug supplier that he needs more of that stuff cause his BROTHER HAS A NOSE LIKE A VACUUMN CLEANER!!!

And that video tape was used to send Rodger Nosejet to JAIL where his BROTHER belongs!!! Of course, his brother pardoned him so he could get him more Colombian snuff!!


You MORON!!!!

Yeah, and tell us about the Mena Airport and Barry Seale and the Infected Blood Sales to Canada from Arkansas prisons and.........

KEvron said...

christ! you're thick.

obama has not announced his candidacy. sorry, but i just couldn't bear to watch you further compound your straw man fallacy.


beakerkin said...


Then you should call the Clinton people who are shitting in their pants over the Obama polls. Shrillary Clintoon wasn't running for Senator in NY when the godfather Charlie "Red" Rangel summoned her for a listening tour.
It seems Obama is having his own listening tour.

Thank you for visiting and demonstrating that leftists/commies are devoid of basic intelligence.

KEvron said...

"Then you should call the Clinton people"

why? they didn't write this post. you did.

"Thank you for visiting and demonstrating that leftists/commies are devoid of basic intelligence."

my pleasure. and thank you for getting your facts screwed up and calling it "basic intelligence".


beakerkin said...


The Clinton people are scared by Obama, so give them your valued insight.

Moreover, it is not gramatically correct to start sentences with conjunctions. You should also use capital letters when starting a sentence. I do not lecture others on such matters, but being you are such an expert practice what you preach.

KEvron said...

"The Clinton people are scared by Obama"

is it because he's black?

"so give them your valued insight."

it'd appear you, with your factually flawed post, would be better served by that insight.

"Moreover, it is not gramatically correct to start sentences with conjunctions."

and you point is?

"You should also use capital letters when starting a sentence."

i'LL gET oN tHAT.

"I do not lecture others on such matters"

that's because your own spelling and grammar are so atrocious, to correct others would be laughably hypocritical.

really, is it too much to ask....?

"but being you are such an expert"

i went to the hollywood upstairs school of good grammar.

"practice what you preach."

i feel so moded....


beakerkin said...


You are an super sized idiot with no talent.Read my statements slowly as you are slow of mind and devoid of coherent logic.

My post never mentioned the race of Obama. This is a hangup probably due to all that pot that you smoke daily. Your lack the intellect to provide any insight.

Your advice on grammar is akin to asking Bill Clinton about marital fidelity.

KEvron said...

"You are an super sized idiot with no talent."

my mom says i'm a catch.

"Read my statements slowly"

have been.

"as you are slow of mind and devoid of coherent logic."

at least jesus loves me.

"My post never mentioned the race of Obama."

i have a keen eye for subtext.

"This is a hangup probably due to all that pot that you smoke daily."

"hourly" is more like it.

"Your lack the intellect to provide any insight."

is it asking too much....?

"Your advice on grammar is akin to asking Bill Clinton about marital fidelity."

that would explain my divorce....