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Part 3 How Rudy won the Mayors Race in New York

In Parts one and two we have seen the how the coalition of racial arsonists and Communists made life in NYC miserable. The threats of racial violence brought David Dinkins into office. He was a good man but he was walking a tightrope between the racial arsonists and the commies and the rest of the City. Black leaders like Charles Rangel said or did nothing to help the Mayor. Bill Clinton lectured NYC residents that not voting for Dinkins was racist.

For those of you unfamiliar with the events a tragic car accident with a motorcade ended the life of Gavin Cato a child. The driver was not impaired and sadly these type of accidents occur in large cities. A Jewish community ambulance arrived on the scene and offered to assist Cato. NYPD fearful of the angry mob directed the Hatzolah ambulance to take the driver to the hospital and get him out of there. Racial Arsonists whipped the locals into a three day riot. Local media attempted to equivocate between a tragic traffic accident and a mob of twenty blacks screaming "Heil Hitler, Kill the Jews and lynching Yankel Rosenbaum. To his credit Mayor Dinkins never equivocted the two incedents. However, he did not direct NYPD to stop the riots for three days. On the third day Dinkins went to calm the situation in person but was greeted with a hail of bottles. The NYPD took action at that point and stopped the madness.

Unlike the racial incedents at Howard Beach or Bensonhurst only one rioter was charged. Almost a decade later another named Charles Price was convicted of incitement to riot. Justice did not happen for the perpetrator Lemrick Nelson. In 1992 a mostly black and hispanic jury found Lemerick Nelson not guilty. The members of the jury then went out and celebrated with the defendant and his legal team. This Jim Crow like nulification of a crime by the jury as well as incompetence by the judge shocked NY. Janet Reno was nowhere to be found and refused to intervene in the case. Uptown Steve is still outraged that NYC paid money to the Rosenbaum family early in the Guliani administration. What Uptown Steve leaves out was Rosenbaums death was caused by malpractice at Kings County Hospital. The doctors missed one of the stab wounds and Rosenbaum bled to death in a hospital. In a surreal move Al Sharpton went to Israel and served a summons on the driver who was not negligent in any coherent description of events. Unlike Hawkins father Carmel Cato wanted no part of the racial arson and has worked to heal the divide.Carmel Cato has reached out to the Rosenberg family and stood with them and is a living portrait of courage.

April 13 1989. Before the riot

Breindel describes the horrible crime of an African American who slashed a Chasidic womans face and then slashed her young son. The criminal Christopher Gilyard was chased and beaten by a racially mixed posse of locals.The police charged an anti-crime activist Rabbi Shemtov with assault and took the case to a grand jurry.

People were getting fed up with crime and a far left judicial system out of control.

The next collumn is the most famous of Breindel's career. There was a certain distance that many Jews especially those in Manhatan felt from their Chasidic corelionist. Communist Jews were extreemly unsympathetic to the Jews in Crown Heights
if not hostile. The attitude of the affluent towards the religious is one of heightened arrogance a live in girlfriend used to mock the religious as "those people". The same crew would mock my younger brother an Orthodox Rabbi as well as my brother and sister in laws who are career naval officers. Needless to say I am not with that girlfriend and her arrogant family was the key factor. For Breindel as well as yours trully our people included the religious. My people excludes Communists who are defacto traitors and are worthy of scorn and abuse.

The title Kristalnacht in Brooklyn on September 5, 1991 shook the city. Breindel described the event as a pogrom on the week before the high holidays. Breindel was aware of the impact of what he wrote.

" Pogrom,by the way,is very much the right word for what happened; not all pogroms in the Old World were government sponsored. What they tended to have in common was the failure of public authorities either to allow the police to put down the violence or even issue condemnations."

Breindel's column forced those more afluent types who look down the nose at the Chasidic Jews to look at themselves. He confronted the silence in the print media and noted the exceptions Ed Koch, Pete Hammil and Mike MaCalary all worked for the NY Post. Joe Klein or the New Yorker and AM Rosenthal of the NY Times wrote about the Crown Heights debacle. Breindel did not mention that Bob Grant the apex of talk radio was on this story from the onset. Rush Limbuagh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Howard Stern are among those who have honored Bob Grant as a pioneer. Grant and Steve Malzberg would frequently have Yankel's brother Norman on as a guest. When Grant retired Norman Rosenbaum thanked Grant and his audience on one of the last shows of the Bob Grant Farewell tour.

At the time there was a heated discussions swept the city over Breidel's use of the term Pogrom and Kristalnacht. The discussion swept across the airwaves from the trendy fashionable salons to ordinary working areas. Breindel had argued persuasively that what had occured was indeed a pogrom. The Communists were having a hard time with this as opressed blacks were victims according to the Marcuse based victimology pyramid.

The article continues with Breindel accusing Prof Leonard Jeffries of creating the "intelectual climate in which the pogrom took place".

Breindel's next paragraph forced many of the Manhatan Jews to look in the mirror at their arrogant disdain for their bretheren.

"In the days ahead, Jews need to ask themselves some painful questions.Were they slow to react-individually and orginizationally- to the violence because Hasidim somehow make assimilated Jews uncomfortable and self-conscious? Do Manhattan Jews think Al Sharpton and Sonny Carson hate them any less than they hate Lubavitcher Hasidim? Is it really appropriate to dismiss Carson and Sharpton and every other agitator as marginal? Who speaks for New York's blacks if not the Crow Heights race riot inciters? Who apart from Dinkins, took issue with the race baiters?"

In the next section Breindel wonders where the Feds are

"Why has there been only one murder indictment in the Yankel Rosenbaum lynching?(And the Hasidim are meant to have disproportioate influence!) Some twenty youths attacked and murdered this innocent young man. Where is the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department- don't cries of "Get the Jew" and "Heil Hitler" suggest a civil rights violation?"

Breindel's next sentence is aimed at the Commies with the familiar poverty excuse.

"And if we consider that poverty and misery in which many blacks dwell somehow excuses racial bigotry and anti-Semitic violence,doesn't it make sense also to remember that the lynchings perpetrated in years past against blacks by, say, the Ku Klux Klan were crimes commited by the poorest whites against the one group even less well off than they: rural blacks?"

Breindel also pointed out that Gays were apt to be targeted.

"As for recent lassons white homosexuals should remember that Leonard Jeffries has denounced their allegedly corrosive influence on contemporary culture that annimates his anti-semitic pronouncements"

Breibdel also points out why it is incorrect to ask the Commie question "Why do they hate us". The commie question propeses logical thought among those who are illogical
such as commies themselves. The world does not fit Marcuse's scheeme with perfect victims on top whose faults are obsolved due to whater the current script is. Blacks
were historically oppressed in this country and other than Ducky we have no fans of Slavery or Jim Crow here. The Duck sees nothing wrong with imposing Sharia which is far worse than Jim Crow on nonmuslims. The Duck is also a big fan of neo-slavery in gulags. The history of black oppression does not grant blacks the liberty to mistreat
Koreans, Gays and Jews. Yet the left fails to address serious racism in the black community. Similarly those in Europe mitigate the extreeme hatred eminating from Mosques and Universities.

"As the Jewish community ponders whether or where it failed in recent days , it would be wise to refrain from asking wrong questions, such as why so many black leaders dislike Jews. After all why did Hitler dislike Jews? Why did Stalin? Why did the KKK? Who knows? Jews are always easy scapegoats for other people's problems.

Wrong questions yeild incorrect answers and promote false solutions. Blacks do not spend a lot of time asking what causes anti-black racism. Nor should they attempt to modify their behavior to mollify racists. Nor should they.

Blacks know that anti-black racism is wrong, and they search for ways to fight it.

Jews should know that anti-semitism is wrong and inexcusable, whether the perpetrator is Julius Streicher or Father Coughlin or George Licoln Rockwell or C. Vernon Mason. And they should fight it. If they fail to do so, who will?


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Due to the snowstorm here, I haven't yet read Parts 2 and 3. I've got some catching up to do!

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Memories,, like the smiles we left behinnnnd. Smiles too painful to remember,, of the WAY we WERE!

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